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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Group Connections

group Vo0d0oGirl 2018-07-21

The biography is long and drawn out, as they always are, so I scan the text and after finding ‘We have an open relationship’ and ‘often invite couples and groups into our sex life’ along with things like ‘bisexual’ ‘anal’ ‘multiple penetration’ and ‘exhibition’ I’m getting the wonderful warm sensations between my legs again, and my nipples are painfully erect against the rough poly-cotton fabric of my tank top. Behind the black haired girl, a tanned, wiry blonde guy is pushing his large cock into her, the soft light curves of her ass glistening with her cum and sweat against his rough stabs. Pushing the dildo deep inside myself, imagining one last hard thrust and grunt, and wanting to feel the hot trickle of a man’s ejaculation running down my thigh, I force my eyes open.

A Kinkier Workout Option 01

group Azuldrgon 2018-07-21

As she slowly showered herself in readiness for her daily workout, she decided to run a razor over her pussy just to ensure that it was nice and bare just in case Rick wanted to repeat his performance from the day before. Ginger began to lick Sonia's pussy in earnest to taste her climax as Rick started to slide in deeper. Sonia opened her mouth wide and buried her tongue deep inside Ginger as Ginger slowly sucked on Rick before guiding it into Sonia's pussy. This time, Sonia was sitting by watching the couple fucking as she fingered her pussy before she heard Ginger tell Rick to shoot it on her ass.


Complex Family Ch. 11.1

group PaulStevens 2018-07-21

In a tough spot Brandon came to the decision not to circumvent Mel's order and therefore had to, as Leah's dad, tell her that it was Mel's call. Brandon heard a knock and looked up to see his eldest daughter standing there and smiling said, "Hey Leah, your mom working late again?" When he didn't respond Leah said, "You know what I think Mr. Metcalf?" She asked glaring at him, her face hard and unforgiving, "I think that was my sister Kara. They all sat like that for a while, except that halfway through his fucking of Katy, Ashley and Mel switch and Brandon watched as his wife was teased by the sexy redhead.

Bad Boy

group Bumblebeezus 2018-07-21

She stopped eating and smiling and suddenly looked a little hesitant, like she was about to say something. She told me to come by on a Saturday night, on a weekend I knew Jeff was out of town golfing with his buddies, who were basically like the frat boys we knew in school, just older and somehow even richer now. We hugged like we always do, and when she saw that I looked pretty nervous, she asked me if I wanted something to drink. "You think you can do whatever you want, huh, you little punk?" Her voice never lost its sweetness, and for some reason being so close to them got me even harder.


Nancy The Banquet Tease

group NiteWriter 2018-07-20

I was seated at the table next to Nancy's with four other couples and couldn't help noticing the way her dress exposed her pretty legs. It only took a minute and Nancy was spread across the table with her panties pulled off and her dress up around her waist. The next time he pushed through her lips he kept going and stuffed his stiff cock down Nancy's throat. He sunk his body completely against Nancy burying his rigid black cock all the way up her tight ass. "You classy bitches just love black cocks don't you?" "I knew right off you were a hot little ass whore."

Two Couples, One Cabin: A Seduction

group SolarRay 2018-07-20

A mixture of nervousness and excitement kept me up, thinking about Selena in the next room, and wondering what would come of the secret plans that April and I were devising. "Okay, I think it's time to turn in," April said later that night, yawning. Fortunately, Matt said, "Okay..." He hesitantly began to lower his boxers, the thick head of his cock pressing firmly against the soft cotton fabric as it slid over him. Having registered what was indeed happening, Selena turned to me with the same serious look that April had given Matt. April and Selena began laughing together as they climbed atop our exhausted bodies, exchanging giddy looks with each other as they each grabbed a cock, guided it between their legs, and sunk down onto our bodies.


The Sailing Club

group cantdog 2018-07-20

"I want you to suck me while Kaspar is punishing you." Her husband's father placed himself before her, kneeling, and held his cock up, gesturing for her to come take it. "You will have us all, Andrea, including this!" Fritz waved the huge cock at her, they all laughed again, and she smiled a slutty smile, just as another flash came from the opposite side. On hands and knees now, with her naked hips exposed, she felt the questing tip of her father-in-law's cock at the door of her pussy. The shame came later, in a great wave while she was trying to find where Gerhardt had thrown her panties, when she heard Kaspar laughing with Fritz about her.


Transit Trio

group DivineMissKitty 2018-07-20

My pussy gets wetter as I stretch out across the seat, giving myself a good view of you, my red-faced new friend, as you stand there, slowly stroking your cock, right there, with everyone staring. The blond guy stares at my wet pussy for a moment and licks his lips, slowly taking your swollen cock-head into his mouth. I watch as the blond guy slowly takes more of your hot hard cock into his mouth, his hand furiously jerking his own thick cock. You pull your cock out of my pussy and the blond gets down and starts tongue fucking my tight hole as you stand over me, jerking your cock hard and fast, ready to cum all over my firm tits.

Vegas: The Dirty Dozen Ch. 07

group Benny024 2018-07-20

When the young man thought I had looked long enough, he began rubbing his big, white cock across my face while sporadically slapping it against my nose and cheeks. Determined to prove me wrong, the young man placed his hands over my ears and began to pull my head back and forth over his cock. When the young man pulled his cock out of my ass, a loud suction sound echoed in the theater and I felt cum splash out of my soupy ass. It was so exciting to feel her ass responding to my mouth that I spit even more saliva onto her anus and continued to fuck her asshole with my tongue.


Triple Play

group moltenice 2018-07-20

I want to pull away but can't bring myself to as she unzips mt pants and slides a finger in my panties to finger my clit. I am so aroused by this that an orgasm that has been building rips through my whole body, starting with the warmth in my pants and all the way to the top of my head. At this I push her back and undress her finding it pleasurable to play with her tits and suck on them. In no time as you slide in and out i am breathing short and heavy as my whole sensitive body feels each and every movement. We say our goodbyes to Sue. All of us smiling that you are being introduced and saying good bye at the same time.

Used & Abused: The Katie Chronicles Ch. 02

group Gethsemane 2018-07-20

I didn't know what to do, what to say, or what part of my body I should cover, so I just stood there in my slinky little outfit like a dumb little slut, watching as the flashlight beams traveled up and down my body, pausing for lengthy moments as they passed across first my breasts, then my exposed gash, the clitoris still swollen from its earlier violation. A deep, low moan escaped the janitor's lips as I opened my mouth and started pounding my throat rhythmically, hard and strong, down onto the janitor's meat. The janitor rammed his cock deep back into my throat as Adam began smacking his rock-hard shaft against my cheek. But as the janitor grabbed my hair and yanked my head back, so that my face was pointing to the ceiling, I began cumming hard as a result of the rough treatment.


Kara's Cuckold Bitch

group HerLittlePiggy 2018-07-20

"Can you feel it baby?" Kara moaned as I sank two fingers deep inside her soaking wet cunt. "It's official baby," my hot wife moaned as she watched me suck another man's cum from my fingers for the first time. I lay on my back as my sexy wife straddled my face and lowered her cum filled pussy to my hungry mouth. Jeremy came deep inside my wife's pussy and Kara came several times as well, which was something she had never done with me. Jeremy pushed my wife onto her back and plunged his dick inside her very wet pussy. He wiped his cock off and fucked my wife's cunt hard and fast from behind until he blasted a second load of cum inside her well fucked pussy.

The House Call

group VelvetPeaches 2018-07-20

Feeling their way up each others beautifully long nylon encased leg, up past the waist and then to the breast where the brunette pulls out one of the blondes juicy 36C breasts and begin kissing, nibbling and sucking her nipple whilst all the time maintaining eye contact with me. The smell in the room is electric an exotic mix of perfume and pussy, as the brunette's pussy continues to get wetter and wetter through the blondes toying foreplay as suddenly she pushes one and then two fingers into her and she begins moaning a sweet birdsong of pleasure as the blondes second hand maintains the momentum on her clitoris.

Tenting It

group loverofgirls 2018-07-20

The slippery sounds of my cock in your pussy, mixed with our low moans and the crackling of the fire masked the sound of Nick coming out from his tent. I was reaching around, fondling your tits and pinching your nipples as you lifted your skirt a little higher so Nick could get a better look at your slutty little pussy as my cock slid in and out. On your knees with Nick's throbbing cock in your mouth, I moved behind you a stuck my tongue back into your dripping pussy, licking and sucking at your little clit. Wet sounds of your lips on Nick's hard cock were filling the air as Nick started to buck his hips forward, fucking your sexy mouth.

All the lust I can get.

group 2018-07-20

"Suck my cock some more" he said pulling on it "and let me lick your pussy." I threw my leg over his face and dropped my pussy to his mouth. He returned to licking my juicy pussy as soon as Paul moved over to me and I slipped his cock into my mouth. "You want to fuck your little sluts arse?" I said to Paul as he stroked his cock "Fuck me nice and hard" "Oh fuck, oh fuck" was all I heard Paul say as he pulled his cock from my arse and shot a load of cum all over my open pussy and fucked arse.

My Girlfriend's Slutty Roommate Ch. 02

group writemarksmith 2018-07-20

I felt a little grubby, with the smell of sex from two girls still on me, but I knew Billy was not the fussy type. Kate answered something or other about an oil she used and I interrupted, telling Billy to feel how nice her skin felt. Kate moaned as if this were too much effort, but quickly put her hands on the waistband of her shorts and wriggled back and forth as she bared her ass for me. I felt slightly pissed at Billy for manhandling her so aggressively and a little at Kate for allowing it. As we walked in the door Abby saw Kate lying on the couch, looking a mess, dressed only in her thin t shirt and panties.

Teaching Susie

group midnightfalcon 2018-07-20

I sort of chastised her for not taking him down her throat far enough and had Rick hold her cheeks as he began to fuck his cock into her mouth. Yeah sure, I get wet, and sure I sometimes do ejaculate a little, but I think Rick knew that because just as I came, he stabbed his tongue deep up into my pussy and began to wiggle it in and out. I screamed, Susie screamed, and Rick began to bounce up and down trying to shove his cock deeper into her pulsing cunt. It was sort of a sixty nine position, but with Rick fucking me and Susie trying to lick his balls as they swung back and forth over her open mouth.


This Old Cock Ch. 03

group GentleGeorge 2018-07-20

She went to the bedroom (it was hubby's bowling night), got undressed, and started to rub her clit while holding open the lips of her pussy. Donna just sat there, letting me give her a massage while Carla and her husband ended their kiss, and Bob started to unbutton Carla's blouse and rub her tits. I asked Donna if she would like to lie down on the bed, but she told me that she just wanted to watch Carla and Bob right now, but don't stop my breast massage. As Bob and Carla fucked on the bed, I had Donna sit up as I removed her panties, then I began to finger her with one hand while rubbing her clit with my thumb and pinching her nipples with my other hand.

Dear Doreen

group alex_boycd 2018-07-20

I start rubbing his panties ass as he fucks you -I want his cock!!!- you smile and the hot ass dude in bra and panties stops, he grabs me and pulls me on the bed and gets on top of me, he is fucking kissing me deeply, lapping me with his tounge, I cant get enough, he starts to kiss my body and goes down on me, starts to suck on my throbing cock and you come over me and start to kiss deeply.

The end to our wild weekend

group triphammer73 2018-07-20

“well since you have returned in one piece and did not get arrested on your weekend of strippers and drink we thought we would reward you two with a little afternoon delight.” She stepped back and took Cassie by the hand, turned and kissed her too. “go Marie go you nasty tart he is got that look in his eye” She knelt beside her brunette friend and played with my balls as Maria continued to suck me hard. “jesus thats hot” Rick said sitting back on the sofa and watched as the two hot girls worked hard to finish me off.

A Fantastic Night Ch. 03

group KirstenSpringer 2018-07-20

I was getting very close to coming when she suddenly began to suck on my erect clitoris with her soft tongue at the same time she continued to massage my puss from the inside. Katie scooted up next to me and laid on top of me, our breasts pressed together as our mouths found each other and we indulged in a long, soft, deep kiss, rocking slightly in her big soft bed as we did. I pushed my face into her pussy and began to suck and lick it and her clit into my warm, wet mouth. After a few more minutes I moved up next to her on the bed and we embraced and shared some long, deep kisses, pressing our breasts together, resting in each other's arms.

Complex Family Ch. 09

group PaulStevens 2018-07-20

So on a calm June day in Boston Brandon, Ashley, Katy, Mel, the five kids, and Kelly went to the beach for the afternoon. "Still though, what kind of low-life scumbag would walk out on an angel like Leah here?" Frank said taunting Brandon. You know what he asked me the last time I saw him?" Leah shook her head and Brandon said, "He asked me to help take care of you and your sister in his place. You're a special guy Brandon and if Leah scoured the earth looking for a daddy she wouldn't be able to top the one she's already got and that goes for Kara, Annie, and those adorable twin boys you got. Of course Brandon, Katy, and Ashley had definitely noticed the small increase to Mel's tits that hadn't faded after having Leah.


Game, Set And Snatch

group STEPHENA 2018-07-20

He recognised her as Hannah and her fellow Ball Girl Laura. 'This is not the conduct befitting of Wimbleton Ball Girls!' Said Alex sternly. The two Ball Girls smiled nervously and looked at Alex uncertainly, before turning around slowly. Laura had turned a little red, but Hannah had a big smirk on her face as she gawped at his erection. He fingered her pussy lips with his left hand as he turned to Hannah's ass and kissed her pink, round buttocks. He tugged at his cock as more and more spunk shot out and he managed to share it equally as the girls had now opened their mouths and each got a good gulpful of his semen, which they happily swallowed.

Latin Not Spoken Here

group John_Spivey1966 2018-07-20

I get on the bed with her and hold the dildo in her ass in place with my knee as I use one hand to fuck her pussy and the other to rub her clit. Rachel and Libby are both sitting on the bed talking when I return and I hand them each a dildo. Rachel raises her head in order to suck two fingers that then end up slipping inside Libby's pussy. Libby doesn't hesitate as she grabs hold of my hard cock and quickly moves over me and lowers her soaking pussy down my length. Libby has bent forward a bit while riding up and down my cock and she grabs Rachel's breasts and pulls each nipple taut.