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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Cum Queen

group r543d 2018-07-20

My best (Male) friend Jimmy and I were out one night having coffee (We were in our late teens at the time) and just kind of hanging out when Marie just happened to be in a booth nearby. "Ohh Mike, after all this time we've known each other, I can't believe you've been hiding this from me" she said with a sly grin as she slid her hand up the shaft of my cock outside my shorts. I began to slow down my thrusting and leaned back and turned around and once again started sucking my cock with her back turned away from Jim. Not letting a good opportunity go to waste, Jimmy began fucking her from behind as she was giving me head.

Becky Ch. 04

group Many Feathers 2018-07-20

"Thanks," she said looking down at them, the traces of Peter's cream now dried and caked on her breasts, already looking forward to a new supply of fresh juice as Becky reached up, chasing away Brad's hand, replacing it with her own as she began slowly working his shaft up and down. "Oh fuck yeah!" He responded back looking down at her large somewhat floppy looking breasts, though he found the idea appealing as Becky drew him further down to her level, where she now wrapped her tits firmly about his straining cock, cradling it as she held, pressing them together about his shaft, once again working it slowly up and down.


Summer Growth, Part II

group SirSpewalot 2018-07-20

Gladys smiled, “It’s a Welsh name,” a frequent comment she liked to make that had often seemed just about her speed in the past but somehow didn’t seem irrelevant at all when she said it with such bright eyes, and we poured our drinks and went into the living room. I sat on her right, Bill on her left with a puzzled look, and I whispered, “She’s left-handed.” He smiled and she laughed happily with a beautiful blush, “He knows me so well.” She added, “No need to sit quite so far away. I’m not your toy.” And she said nothing else but looked at each of us in turn, and in response we leaned in and began kissing her jaw, one on each end, working our way to the middle, as we each caressed one of her firm breasts.

Mr. Pearson and I

group midnightfalcon 2018-07-20

I wanted him to cum in my mouth and I wasn't going to let him go, so I reached around him with both hands and pulled his ass forward, holding him in my mouth as he came. Seven or eight spurts later I was swallowing in big gulps and it got sort of sticky, like my tongue was sticking to the top of my mouth, but god Susie, it was him, and I really liked it." She stared at me and mumbled, "Well, if the time's ever right and you know, he might like to have two girls work that big cock of his over, and return the favor, you know, it's possible, don't you think?"


Dark Room Fuck

group 2018-07-20

Soon, while still being jerked off at the front, another hand had found my ready and waiting ass, primed for a good pounding. Someone else shoved their cock in my mouth and I sucked like there was no tomorrow, so totally overwhelmed by being in the middle of this hot tangle of sex. The cock in my mouth was starting to cum, coating my face in his sticky white fluid. Then I came - my cum squirted into the anonymous mouth and down his throat, and he kept on sucking, leaving me groaning loudly, and in absolute fits of pleasure. The cloud of sex hung over me, and then I felt the giant cock shoot its hot load deep inside of me.

Paradigm Shift Ch. 06

group SteveWallace 2018-07-20

We also observed that this group might be a little wilder than at some of the other parties, since despite the early hour several women in the Jacuzzi and pool areas were already topless and the guys they were with seemed intent on capturing the other parts of their bathing suits before too long. She disappeared into the house and came back two minutes later wearing the hot looking bathing suit. I think she took his first shot in her mouth, but then let the subsequent shots of cum cover her face, neck, and breasts - and Dude came a lot. Dude looked over at us and said, "Pretty hot way to start the night, huh?"


Halloween Fun

group wildwolves75 2018-07-20

Then the real fun started coming out, when Jack dared Kristen to suck on Angie's nipples. Next thing you know, Jack looks at Kristen, gives a nod, and she dropped down and crawled up to Jeff and started to devour his cock with a passion like she had been craving it all night. I sucked her clit into my lips, and rubbed a finger up and down her wet lips, hearing a moan come from her mouth before I felt her lips wrap around my cock. When Angie realized what was happening, she looked down at Michelle getting fucked, and lowered her mouth down to taste pussy for the first time.

Willing Student, Willing Teachers

group TallEric02 2018-07-20

If Stephanie had more than that in mind in inviting her cute blonde friend, was everyone still going to be okay with this when Troy brought Kyle into the mix?? After a quick glance to Morgan for approval, Stephanie said "Morgan and I have gotten really close in the last few months." Both Troy and Kyle's expressions gave away their interpretation of "really close," and Stephanie quickly said "Now now, don't go jumping to conclusions...I mostly meant that she's become my best friend, and in many ways like a little sister to me." The qualifiers in her sentence were not lost on either of the men, but they opted to leave the ambiguity in the air and let Stephanie continue.


Chasing the Orgasm Ch. 02

group thepussylyst 2018-07-20

Just keep on moving, we are here," a manly voice replied and Katie began following the lead to the pool area. Katie tried to slip her panty down, but Jeffrey stopped her. He moved his hands teasingly along her spine ending on her ass hole, feeling the plug. Jeffrey continued caressing her red hot ass, which was gradually turning violet. You are my master!" Katie replied, her ass paining like anything. He grabbed her warm ass and began playing with her butt plug, tilting, pushing and pulling it much to her discomfort. Slip out of your clothes," he said pulling her panty from her knees, while Katie stripped her torso.

bb 2

group creativeendeavors 2018-07-20

Alex brought back a few items – busily each person sought to duct taping her upon each of the legs of the table so she couldn’t escape, all the time I continued to bring that wooden stick against her swollen pussy – she cried out the loudest I had ever heard her, and when I unintentionally smacked upon her swollen, exposed, sensitive and pure clit. I had grown tired of abusing her thighs and ass and even that wet swollen engorged pussy mound coupled by wounded assaulted pussy lips, and so instead chose to take one of the chalks for the wooden pool cue and place it in between clit and hood, making sure the blue part was entirely upon the sensitive place before I jammed it inward and twirled.

College Cathouse Ch. 05

group DaviBlack 2018-07-20

"Tonight is gonna be a little different," I said, "A bachelor party will be arriving shortly, and they have paid for Stacy's services for the evening." I pulled a big box of condoms out of the grocery bag and an economy size tube of lube as big as my forearm. Stacy got all the way up on her knees and leaned over James' leg, kissing the guy's cock. Stacy paused for a second, to look back over her shoulder as one of the guys got down on the ground and started rubbing her pussy through her thong. "Oh, fuck," Stacy said as he started to push his cock against the lips of her pussy.


Samanth's night at the London Club

group minty69 2018-07-20

At no time did she offer the guys condoms....she wanted every cock bare back and pumped into her til they spunked. I think it took about a hour and a half before she was finished, and all she had where a few 2 or 3 minute breaks for a drink of wine......she reconned she had 10 guys spunk up her arse and pussy and she swallowed another 10 cockls and all their spunk........she was in a real slutty mess, spunk everywhere and dripping out of all her holes..............thats when I added my load to her arse and WOW what a great fuck, all that spunk up her she was lubed and open as I fucked her arse and another guy fisted her pussy.

My 18th Birthday

group mytruestory 2018-07-20

She put her hands on my shoulders, and said, "It's time to show everybody what you love doing with that beautiful mouth of yours." She gently pushed me down to my knees in front of Mark. So I was let down when he quickly pulled out of my mouth and said he didn't want to cum just yet. She enjoys watching me with other women." "Good" I replied, and I leaned down and took his cock into my mouth. I finally looked into his eyes and said "Do you want to fuck my ass?" "More than anything." was his reply.


The Interview Part I

group 2018-07-20

He ignored me, Thomas, a black man, said, “Damn she is fucking hot and sucking on your cock like a pro.” Dave nodded and added, ‘I think we need to interview her as well.’ He looked at Sam and Dave, “You guys don’t mind if I fuck Jessica’s big tits” They both grinned, Dave said ‘nope, I’m going to be tasting me some of her sweet pussy.’ Sam looked at me and said, ‘I’m sure Jessica won’t mind sucking on my cock again as you fuck her nice big tits.’ “Oh yeah Jessica, now you are getting the best of both worlds, my cock fucking your big tits and my cock just getting into your mouth.” Sam held my head grinning, ‘I’m glad I saved Jessica for the end of the day interview.’ Thomas was pumping his cock between my boobs faster and faster.

Kelsey's World Ch. 09

group riverboy 2018-07-20

The second time Kelsey posed at Koop's, Richie's mom stayed and watched instead of just dropping him off. Kelsey smiled at two things — the nice long length of the hug, and the nice lump she could feel swelling in Richie's pants. "Yeah, I can sorta tell that with Richie," Kelsey said. "You know my cute photographer at Koop's I've been telling you about?" Kelsey said. "Charity, you wanna fuck a cute boy on his eighteenth birthday?" Kelsey asked. Her outfit was carefully thought out — she wanted to look more like a girlfriend than a sex bomb, so she wore a lacy bra and panties under a sleeveless button-up shirt and some cute linen shorts. "Sure!" Richie said, thrilled that Kelsey felt that way.


The Big One

group Jerry5 2018-07-20

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Chris had slipped his hand up Samantha's robe and was gently stroking the inside of her thigh. Samantha took Susan's hand and placed it on Chris's cock. Susan looked at me and before I said anything Samantha added that she would be missing the experience of a lifetime. "You will need to get her very wet" Samantha said to me indicating Chris's huge cock bobbing around inches from our eyes. I looked round to see Susan licking away, her rear was in the air and Chris was positioned behind her clearly fucking her from behind for the second time that night.

Lanzarote Ch. 02

group naturist_couple 2018-07-20

June took a hold of Becky’s hand and started to lick the juice off each finger in turn. Becky was still licking June’s cunt and clit, I could see that June was getting ready to orgasm. Once June had come Becky raised her self up onto all fours, Mike was still pumping her cunt with his fat cock. I’d sat back down on my chair and as Mike moved away from behind Becky I could she that Mike’s fat cock had once again stretched her cunt. June announced that she wanted to get fucked, Becky would have to wait as she had already had two cocks come inside her already. June stayed on top of Mike, I could feel his cock start to shrink inside her pussy.

One of the best sexual experiences I ever had was

group ILoveBigBush 2018-07-20

Because they started a little earlier and already experienced each other a few times before, Kevin and Katie were a little ahead of us, and were fucking while Denise played with my cock and I fingered her. At this point, I started articulating my passion so that Kevin and Katie might see Denise in a new, sexier light. When Kevin didn't turn the light off as quickly as Katie thought appropriate she remarked, "Hmmm, he does have an awesome cock." To that, Kevin said, 'Alright, alright," and turned the lamp off. Needless to say, even though I made quite a mess, both Katie and Kevin laughed out loud, and Denise said innocently, "Oh my God, did I cause that?" "Oh my God, yes, I couldn't hold back," was my reply.

Island Fever 6: Sanctuary Ch. 18

group Jeremydcp 2018-07-20

Pamela told me that the moment I left to go to the supermarket, she began having contractions again, and had a feeling this time around that they may actually be the real thing. Scarlett rushed out of the room and came back with an I-V telling us that not only would Pamela be staying, but the baby was coming soon. Dr. Reitan was the longest-tenured physician in the labor and delivery ward at the hospital and, amazingly, he told us that Peyton would be baby number 7,447 he would deliver. "Will I get to hold my baby right away?" Pamela asked Dr. Reitan an hour later, when the time was almost at hand. "So close, you're doing so good, baby!" Kristanna sobbed, tears in her own eyes, kissing Pamela's hand.


Multiple Girl

group The Winter Kiss 2018-07-20

And one of our fantasies involved group sex." Tara's hand clenched Ray's, telling him silently to be quiet. She was surprised when Alicia had mentioned it, but just the night before, Ray and Tara had been giggling about what it would be like to have a threesome. But when Alicia brought it up, the tone in her voice and the sexual aura that she presented began to turn Tara on. Surprisingly, Alicia made the first move by kissing Ray. Her lips were soft and gentle, much like Tara's. "I want..." Alicia began, moaning as Tara's hand moved to her clit. Alicia continued to lap at Tara's pussy, feeling Ray's cock thicken and pulse. Ray exploded with a giant moan, his cock exploding with large spurts of hot cum into Alicia's pussy.

The couple in the woods

group MassMan669 2018-07-20

Donald took the initiative and pulled my shorts down, causing my prick to spring out in front of Candy's face. Candy took my dick in her hand and pulled me enthusiastically into her mouth. I pulled out from Candy's mouth and put my dick on Donald's cheek. When I pulled out, Candy said, “That was INCREDIBLE!” Then she leaned in and licked my cum off Donald's chin before kissing him hard, sharing my cum as they sucked each others lips and tongue. I guided Candy's face to my dick and she enthusiastically sucked the last of my cum from my prick. As I pulled my spandex shorts back up Candy said with a coquettish look, “So, I guess you won't be telling my parents?”

Crack of Dawn

group sirpowerstroke 2018-07-20

You can say that in their girl talks my wife had mentioned my love of eating pussy and the size of my cock and Dawn had asked her for permission to try me out. As she tried this my wife began to remove Dawn's bikini and rub her tits and lick her hard little nipples. Her tight cunt felt like a vice around my cock and in no time at all I was shooting a load of hot cum deep inside her. Brandy looked right into her friends eyes and asked "How do you like my husband's tongue buried in your little snatch?" Dawn moaned again and squirted her cum all over my face.

The Restaurant

group Willow_ 2018-07-20

As silently requested, I drew his finger into my mouth, tasting the chocolate and sucking deeply as my free hand traced nails lightly up his chest, starting at the waistband and making sure I brushed his flat nipples on my way up and down. After a minute I let him go, dropping to my knees next to her instead and resuming the play of my fingers between her legs while we licked his shaft and took turns taking him into our mouth, kissing intermittently.

Discovery Ch. 04

group D H LAW 2018-07-20

Jen said she had surprised herself with the lust she felt when she first saw Matt and Mike's pricks for the first time. "Suzanne and Sara are very good friends and I must admit more than a little curiosity about Jack and Rick." Jen offered. As I slowly entered her rectum, the sensation of Rick's cock pushing in on the other side of the thin membrane separating Lisa's pussy and anus, was one I had never felt before. She also had Mike's cock in one hand and Matt's in the other, but what I really could not believe was that Sara had her face buried in Jen's cunt.