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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Gangbang In The Country

group LuvsAShow 2018-07-20

The two guys who started out with Jaimie were waiting patiently with their cocks in their hands, while Ray continued with his slow, loooong strokes. With her long legs taking big strides and her high heels clacking on the hard floor, Jaimie headed for the other couch with two cocks in hot pursuit. Fuck me now!" With that the second guy crawled up on the couch and after fumbling a minute or two getting positioned, he apparently pushed his cock into Jaimie's tight little ass. The show finally ended when the guy fucking Jaimie's ass pulled out and ran over to release his load on Erin's now drenched tits.


Trucker tales

group hotmedic 2018-07-20

That got a big smile and she pulled my cock out of my shorts to show her husband it was rock hard by that time and she made quick work of getting it into her hot mouth and sucking it about half way down. He made a few more strokes in and out and then asked if I would like to come to their house with them it was only a couple of miles away and they would bring me back whenever I wanted I said that sounds great and stuffed my hard cock back into my shorts and we got out and went to the car.


group MaxiMounds 2018-07-20

I stood up and moved so I was standing in front of them, moving in time to the beat, leaning over so my breasts were swaying right over their heads as I cupped them with my hands, offering them invitingly to her now eager gaze. I laughed and moved away, making my way around the stage, taking tips and smothering people between my boobs, just generally having a great time. We stopped outside the dressing room door and as I turned to say goodnight to them she surprised me again, wrapping her arms around me and kissing me. For some reason it hit me just the right way and I started kissing her back, letting my hands roam over her body.

Doctor, Who's That?

group ilikeithot6308 2018-07-20

They even had a small, family law office, for the days things got out of hand at one of the four local pubs. She was looking forward to getting her married, bald pussy stuffed by as many hard cocks as she could handle. The tongue joined the finger, licking and plucking at her rim, before she felt the head of his cock hard against it. Lilly and Richard headed for the clinic to get things set up. Olivia and Bryan arrived, toting food and alcohol, and while they were putting their stuff out and turning room A into a bar, Lilly did her photocopying, then folded the pages and inserted them into small, empty pill bottles, which she put in a little basket, and set aside.


Room 202

group AEPoe 2018-07-20

Mark walked up behind Brenda and pressed his still covered hard cock against her ass and reached around her to massage her tits. Mark stood at the foot of the bed, now undressed and rubbing his hard cock all over Brenda's pantyhose covered feet and legs. Brenda rubbed Jason's balls with one hand, licked his cock in long, slow strokes with her tongue and reached backward to play with Mark's cock. Mark moved up on Brenda's body and was rubbing his hard cock all over her ass, precum getting onto the pantyhose. Jason got behind her and rubbed his long, thick cock all over her ass and dripping pussy, teasing her by pushing just the head in and pulling it out.

Oiled Up & Ready...

group marriedpervs 2018-07-20

Steve just kept in pumping, and I leant forward and kissed Rachel's nipple tenderly, before reaching back with my hand to cup my husband's balls as they shook from the fucking he was giving the gorgeous short blonde. These totally shiny oil covered men, their bodies glistening in the sun, fighting and grappling with each other trying to be the first to reach the finish line and win the apartment. All us women went in to the pool changeroom, and once inside, Rachel, the little sexy minx that I had caught fucking my husband earlier on, suggested we make the competition more interesting for the men by all competing naked!


Saturday Morning

group TrixKat 2018-07-20

I nod and feel your hands reach around to my stomach as you continue to kiss my shoulders and neck. "Like hell we're stopping," I try to reply, my protest cut short when he takes my face in his hands and kisses me. "Take out my cock, I want to feel your hands on me." I unzip his jeans and tug them lower on his hips. Do whatever you want, get her..." your voice trails off as I feel your cock explode in my mouth, feeling your cum sliding down my throat. This feels so good!" You place your free hand behind my head and kiss me as I begin to relax.

Fred and Wilma Go Bi

group MonicaJane6969 2018-07-20

"Oh fuck yes!" cried out Wilma as she started to cum all over Bam Bam's big cock as her excited husband watched on, rubbing his one hard cock through his pants, only a few feet from her. She started to cum very hard again on Bam Bam's young cock as her husband tried in vain to lick her pussy at the same time. Bam Bam began to fuck Wilma hard from behind for a few minutes when he pulled his big cock out of her pussy. Fred was stunned as Bam Bam pulled his cock from Wilma's ass, got off the bed and started to get dressed and said, "I will see you both next Saturday!" He then simply left.

Helen's Adventures Ch. 1

group Obsidian 2018-07-20

I even made sure she got a good look at me rubbing my dick." His cock was by now fully hard and he moaned a little as I slowly stroked it. "Yep." he said rather unenthusiastically, "He and Carol are having one of their dinner parties tonight and he asked if we wanted to join them." Ed looked up from the paper, his eyes suddenly alight with mischief. Mark was there helping them and it didn't look like they wee paying any attention to us so I began slowly rocking myself back and forth, making Ed's cock slide in and out of my box a little at a time.


Never Enough Ch. 12

group Sweetcheekss 2018-07-20

"Besides, if I lived on the lake all the time, I'd probably get tired of it." Frank said. Frank handed me two sets of keys to the house when we got there. Jackie got in touch with Ryan and Paul to see if they could help move the rest of the office furniture and equipment. I noticed David seemed a little down, maybe from our conversation about kids and divorce. "Chris tells me you're video production company is scheduled to start shooting next week." He stated. "We still set to shoot the first video Monday as planned?" Frank asked. "Frank, are you sure you and Jackie don't want to move in here?" I asked.


Kelly and Ella Spoil Alec Orally

group KellyBee 2018-07-20

"Let's make out with Alec's cock when he gets home," I said, and started to rub her pussy. Ella licked all the way from Alec's anus, up his perineum between his legs, and over the sack with a wide, relaxed tongue, letting lots of spit drip out onto his skin. I handed the cock to Ella, and she moved it a bit further down, so that now when the tongues flicked out, they would lick the head instead of the shaft. I licked up the top of his shaft and kissed Ella's lip, and she started swirling her tongue around his cock, with the tip slightly peeking out from under her lip.

The Prey

group luv2sedcwife 2018-07-20

She is usually ashamed for her indiscretions, but the fact is, the more remorse she feels, the more she thinks about it, the more she thinks about it, the more turned on she gets, and the more chance I have at getting in between her silky-smooth legs time and again, until she is accustomed to having another cock opening the glistening lips of her pussy. "It could be anybody, even another married woman just like you who has a husband who won't let her suck him." "And to answer your second question, yes I have been the other man. I told Kim my plans, and she offered any help she could give, saying it would be fun helping her husband to seduce a girl like Melissa.


It Started As A Conversation Ch. 2

group WeJaySal 2018-07-20

Ken gathered his wits first and quickly got out of his clothes and with his hard cock pointing the way stepped over to Ann. Taking her head in his hands he turned her face towards his cock and as I watched she took his thick length deep into her mouth. " Carol looked from my slamming cock to Ann's hand and Ken's fingers. Her hand pressed Ken's head down and as I moved out of the way I watched him suck the cum from her pussy, then move back to her erect clit. The feeling was incredible and my cum erupted across Carol's breasts and covered my fist and Ken's cock.

the softball party

group bauerj75 2018-07-20

Let me just start by saying that my husband is hot. He pulled up my skirt and started to playing with my pussy, right there by my clit. And he walked me back to the living room, filled with hot men full of testosterone and started removing my clothes. I looked at him with his dick in my mouth and other men's cum all over my body and all he did was smile and pull my hair, jerking my face onto his manhood as far as he could. As I was being fucked from every direction, someone pulled out a video camera and told me to smile.

Pool Night

group LovesNipples 2018-07-20

I wanted my man/master to wonder just slightly if my heavy tits would overcome the bra and come spilling out. The four men at the table, now the only ones in the room, locked their eyes on my legs, reaching up from the high heels and extending under the barely-there mini. His fingers immediately found my nipples, and as he pinched them rhythmically, he lifted both tits free of the bra and lace that covered them, and locked his lips over first one, then the other. I slid from the stool, and walked around the table, letting them view my tits, which now hung outside the bra, and my leather covered ass as I balanced on the high heels.


Three in the Bed

group Randan1976 2018-07-20

I lay silently in bed and looked forward to an early morning blowjob in the next-door bedroom after Caroline's parents and little brother headed off to church. I was horny as hell now and had forgotten that my girlfriend's younger sister was still lying in the bed next to us as we continued to kiss and started to pull at each other's clothes. Claire was wearing small cotton shorts and a tee-shirt and Caroline helped move things forward by pulling up her sister's tee-shirt from behind and tugging it over her head to expose a small but perfectly pert pair of tits. She squealed and rolled away but Caroline had control of my cock and took aim as jet after jet of my cum splashed over Claire's tits and stomach.

And for Dessert: Fantasy Fulfilled

group Emperor_Nero 2018-07-20

Still, my mind kept going back to everything that happened on that night over 20 years ago and made me wonder just what Julia had in mind when she said we could play some games like in the old days and maybe have a little dessert. The girls didn't need as much time to get things going again and Julia knew this and had already decided this was her chance to try the next step with Susan. After several minutes of kissing and stroking each other's breasts, Julia began to start that familiar slide south – stopping and kissing each breast before working her way down between her legs and plunging her tongue deep inside Susan.


I talked her into this!

group neilmc123 2018-07-19

Another flash lit the room and he could clearly make out his wife on all fours with what looked like her lovers cock at her face. Her husband watched mesmerised as his wife gratefully accepted the entire length of his cock deep inside her stretched ass. Her orgasm arrived quicker than envisaged as she removed her lovers cock from her mouth; her screams of ecstasy were drowned out by the squelching sounds coming from her finger fucked pussy. Knowing full well that her lover would be bragging how he fucked his wife up the ass in full view of her husband and that the guys would either be inside his wife or soon would be he decided that it be best if he left the scene and returned to collect her the following morning.

Second Honeymoon Ch. 03

group Roboboy 2018-07-19

I took his hand and, before Gerry and Sue could get out of the boat, walked up toward the hotel hand-in-hand with Tom. I felt the proprietor's eyes on us and exaggerated my hip sway just a little. As Sue rocked happily on Gerry's cock, I dropped the towel and walked over to Tom. Kneeling on the edge of the bed, I took his still partially inflated cock in my lips and started to work on it. Well, let him look, I thought, as I returned to my job of resuscitating Tom. Maybe Tom would be hard soon, or maybe Sue would get tired of Gerry's cock inside her and let me have a go at it.

Saturday Night at Jane's

group biseattlegirl 2018-07-19

In addition to me there was Rob and his wife Diane and Chris with his wife Miyu. I told her "Look, you know they do it, just sit and have fun watching." Her and Diane sat on the couch. Nobody is going to know except for us." Miyu put her hand in Chris's. He led her over so they were both standing in front of Rob. Chris slowly unzipped Miyu's dress, took it off of her, folded it and placed it on the floor. Chris then leaned forward and started to lick Rob's clean shaven balls. I want to taste Rob in your mouth." Miyu came over and I felt her sit down on the couch. Rob and Chris looked like little twin pussy lickers.

Her husband pissed her off, so she blew me

group jv7 2018-07-19

I did notice that Kirk spent a little too much time checking out one of the girls I worked with, Tabitha, who was tall and slender with perky tits and black hair. Cut to a couple of months later: One afternoon at the office, it's empty except for a handful of us in the shipping department and Cristy up front. "At least he's got a little dick," Nate says. She says to Dom, Nate and I, "My shitty husband has cheated on me with at least half a dozen girls. I thrust into her mouth for a few minutes and I'm about to come when the door opens and Dom and Nate walk in. "Oh my fucking god that feels good," she says, as Dom pulls her head back down.

Jill Ch. 02

group caprine 2018-07-19

Jim then took his dick and rubbed it all around and up and down Mary Sue's pussy, slicking it up on the mixture of her pussy juice and Dave's cock cream. Tension built until Jim slowly, ever so slowly backed out and let his dick hang, twitching against Mary Sue's thighs and pussy as he mouthed her tits with passion. After swallowing all of Jim's offering, all she could choke out was, "Oh my God, Ooh My Goooddd!" While Jim and Mary Sue had been fucking like rabbits, Dave had been stroking his cock to the rhythm of the action he had been watching, and he now motioned Jim to back up just a bit.

Jamaican Delight Pt. 01

group RogerWinters 2018-07-19

I wandered past the lounge chairs and suntanners, down the length of the beach, but no Anna. Sure enough, about fifty yards off, I saw Anna, reclining in a lounge chair, waving at me. She was reclining in the chair, completely naked except for a ballcap and her gold anklet, with a fruity drink on the table beside her. "She's a wild one." He set Anna's drink on the table and handed me mine. Anna laughed and flopped back down on the chair, her towel falling to the ground. Before long I had slipped my hands between her legs, and she spread them even wider as I rubbed her clit. It was Jen, the hard-drinking chubby brunette from the bar last night. "You're just jealous," Anna said.

My Wednesday Night

group sockjobstar 2018-07-19

I know you love my big black cock!" I kept swallowing him and he skull fucked me a few more times before sliding his cock out and slapping my face with it a few times. He pulled out from between my feet and asked, "are you on the pill?" I responded yes, and I felt him slide into my pussy. I sucked on it a few times before the owner pulled out and pumped a big load onto my face. Another cock began shooting cum onto my face. He pulls his cock out with a plop and begins rubbing it on my cum soaked socks.