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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Sunday Pasttime

group iwantruss 2018-07-19

I look at his hard cock, take it from my friends mouth and start to suck this young Greek God. He starts to moan, his cock starts dripping with pre cum. I move away, fetch my dildo and lie in front of them while my friend sucks his cock and he watches me fuck myself with my dildo. The Greek takes control, opening my pussy wider, shoving his cock into me hard, fucking my dripping pussy, while I scream, coming over and over. He picks up the dildo, my gay friend watches and comes, moaning as he watches the Greeks cock and the way he teases and drives me insane and makes me and scream. My gay friend watches, getting turned on by the Greeks cock.

First Contact

group Liquidscrew 2018-07-19

I turned back to the water and was rubbing the rest of the lather over my breasts and down my stomach between my legs with the handled sponge, when she told me that she liked the way I paid attention to all the curves on my body when I shower. I could feel her hard nipples slide down the backs of my legs as she knelt down and took control of the sponge handle and pushed it slowly in and out in long strokes. Our eyes locked and you watched her lick the back of my legs as she moved the long sponge handle deeper inside causing me to catch my breath.


group moss1 2018-07-19

Older men did not want to fuck her if her mother was around and Marg would hear later how they taught her everything from taking it in her ass to deep throating their cocks. It was around this time that Marg had been laying on her bed fucking her pussy with a dildo when she realized Shelly was watching. The idea of a daughter and mother made Shelly even more popular and Marg was soon fucking more than she had when she was in school. Later that night he watched Marg eat Shelly’s pussy before he ass fucked them both. At one of the parties a man talked about fucking both Shelly and her mother and Shelly knew where the money was.

The Packages

group Eroviking 2018-07-19

My dick is retracted from you mouth and you can hear my voice again: "Fuck her really good, fuck her until she comes!" The cock goes faster and faster, you feel a big tension building up. You hear my voice saying: "Now suck on this!" You expect that big cock to slide into your mouth but instead you feel a soft breast and a hard nipple pressing against your lips. The woman says to you that it feels really nice the way you lick and suck her titty but now she wants you to taste her pussy. You are so caught up in licking your first pussy that you almost don't notice how a cock slides inside your cunt and start to pump away.

Illicit Fun at the Campsite

group EroticDiscovery 2018-07-19

Terry looked a couple of years older, handsome guy with just a touch of a beer belly and a hairy chest, wearing a white Cancun T-shirt and basketball shorts. I guided Brad's hand right up to my big tits, encouraging him to fondle and squeeze them through my white T-shirt, making sure Andre could see what his friend was doing. I turned my head back toward Terry, as I ground my clit hard against Andre's thigh and pushed my tits into his face for my satisfaction, while Brad ran his hands all over me, kissing the back of my neck. Andre undressed rapidly, revealing his muscular, toned body and gorgeous cock - not as long as Terry's, but thicker, with nicely trimmed dark pubes.

My Hubby, Me and My Lover.

group SassiGirl 2018-07-19

I sat up next to them and leaned over so I could lick and suck James' cock and sure enough he was hard as a rock, this is what I wanted, I put one leg over him and took hold of his prick and as his hands went for my breasts I guided his thick hard cock into my soaking wet pussy the feeling as the tip of it entered was fantastic, all I wanted was his full cock in me and in no time at all I was riding his full length as he pulled and sucked at my breasts and nipples.

Mi, Jonny & an 18 year old guy have sex.

group Bigyin4u 2018-07-19

Tell me do you want to get fucked hard with no foreplay right now." "Oh Jonny I love the sound of that. He grasped her hips with both hands and having placed his cock at the entrance of her cunt (Mi still hated that word but she knew Jonny liked her using the crude words so she started to think them). Now Mi. Lower your cunt onto Rob's cock and when he is fully in lie on top of him." Jonny had mean time removed his clothes and his cock was fully enlarged. Jonny said "Rob continue as long as you want in her ass. Mi was horrified by the thought of Rob's cock that had been up her ass being put into her mouth.

Bastille Day Ch. 12

group leBonhomme 2018-07-19

He and Marge drank from the water bottle, and then he raised the bottle of wine to Anna with a smirk and remarked: Sans snorted and took another sip of wine, passing the bottle to Anna again, and remarked: I was a little surprised that Sans' hands stayed on the edge of the table, when Anna was clicking the keys; it seemed so natural that he would want to hold her nice breasts. Of course, we agreed, then all wanting a good drink of water, and got in bed with Marge and Anna between us, lying on our backs, looking up at ceiling in the dim light.


New York Gangbang

group JillyJenn 2018-07-19

I feel like I connected with 30 of the hottest cocks in the area. As the cocks pulsed and ribbons of cum flooded my holes... I trembled without control as my hyper stimulated nerves continued to produce intense aftershock orgasms. While my love for the intensity and animalism of a brutal gangbang is without question, lately I have enjoyed the uniqueness of on one meetings... to observe and read my partners reactions, to totally abandon myself to one man's pleasure and to focus on movements, positions and motion uniquely satisfying... each totally different, focused on one man's needs... offering my tight ass as a cum receptacle and my warm wet pussy as the Final destination of his discharge. Saturday night was more of a freelance affair...

Helping Hands

group Cat_photobuff 2018-07-19

Just great, I thought to myself, I'm laying here naked (the doctor doesn't allow me to have any clothes on during the examination) with my feet up in the air, my legs spread as wide as they will go, shaving cream lathered all over my privates. Once he finished, Dr Jerry dampened a towel with warm water and wiped the excess shaving cream off my crotch, paying special attention to my pussy. Ignoring me, Dr Jerry said, "Ben, do you want to take care of the regions you worked on, then we'll switch and I'll do my part?" With that said, Dr Ben began to assault my ass with his tongue, licking and slurping his way to my little pink hole, darting his tongue inside.


Jack and Jill Ch. 3

group millieteases 2018-07-19

I mean, we drove up to the gate and Clare showed her card and said I was her guest and they let us in, and the first thing I saw was an old couple - as old as my grandparents, walking down the road, naked. Amy, Larry and Alan asked a lot of the same kind of questions that Pam and Mitsy had, and after dinner they all went to the computer lab and looked at the resort site some more and at the association site, where there was a lot of information about first time visits and how they should behave and what to expect.


A Trip to Vegas

group night_cat 2018-07-19

At this point, hearing Jessica refer to the little encounter we had at the corner of the bar where I very casually put my hand first on Jessica's knee and slowly migrated under up her dress to her panties and finally slid my finger between her soft pussy lips to discover how incredibly wet she was really starting to get me turned on. One hand was holding the phone and the other was stretched down like it was between her legs which was just outside the bottom of the shot." As Kelli looked into the phone, it seemed that she was admiring a lot more than just Jessica's clothes.


Camp Happy Landings Ch. 01

group mrpuk2u 2018-07-19

"You bet," I said, lowering my voice, which I knew carried well across the water, "especially when foxy young women flash their pussy in front of me!" She gave me this enigmatic grin, released my cock and swam back over to where Millie and Suzie were still floating. I reached out to grab her bottoms, but instead my hand caught the strap of her top across her back and as she swam away, my pull apparently unsnapped it for it came free and floated off into the water. Millie grabbed her top and then hung there in the water for a moment, her breasts swaying in the blue-green water, her eyes traveled down to my crotch where my cock was still exposed, and now, with another half-naked girl in front of me, was beginning to come to attention.


Buy One, Get One Free

group candytales 2018-07-19

I'd first met Angela and Sarah at one of the 'Playthings' parties that my mum hosts for girls wanting to spice up their bedroom activities with seductive underwear and sex toys. Angela replied, "It's just fun Sarah, Gary's a lovely guy but this is just hardcore entertainment, am I right Candy?" Calvin was probably the best looking black guy I'd ever seen and he had a velvety voice which said, "We hope you enjoy this evening, please accept these flowers with our compliments." Only stopping briefly to let Angela suck her juices off it, Calvin ambled round to the left of the bed slowly stroking his cock and when he arrived, it was exactly at the right height to penetrate her.


Shared Cindy: Judy's story, part five

group uklvr69 2018-07-19

Holding her legs up and apart by her ankles – clearly her favourite position – Joe began long, slow, full-length strokes in and out of Judy's cloying cunt, her slick honey was clear and shiny on his rigid cock and made it look even thicker than it is. Hearing her copious juices making wet, sticky noises was very hot also, but after my monstrous orgasm with Judy, I was set to fuck my wife for a good long time, as Joe and Judy rested and began watching us. Not at all jealous of her long-time lover and his new lover Judy, fucking right in front of her, and anxious to feel her husband's hot sperm pulsating deep inside her, Cindy urged us all on with her dirty talk, between ragged breaths of, "Joe's gonna cum in you Judy.

Juventas...Take A Cutie and TURN HER OUT!

group 2018-07-19

Sexually Teaching A Young Exquisite Goddess Eroticism, Romance, and Spirituality My beautiful Head Goddess and everlasting soul mate Venus telepathically sees you Juventas I promise with all my inner spirit to enthrall Juventas with risqué passion. "All you want in this mortal life, is to awesomely fuck me and hot chicks my warrior. For if you’re not woman enough like me, the Goddess Venus, then just say so Juventas! This is exactly how I will roughly drill our Juventas in her sweet girly mouth, While a gorgeous goddess as poetically romantic as I French kiss them at the same time? For when I bent you over doggy style my Venus to harshly pummel your heated sweet ass hole,

Three's Company

group Raymone 2018-07-19

Sheryl puts her arm around Jill and whispers, "Sweetie, you can come home with us." Jill smiles and hesitates, looks at both of our shit eating grins and then nods her head yes. I start navigating our way home when I notice Sheryl's hand moving around the inside of Jill's thigh. Sheryl moves her hand away moving her face to Jill's pussy and begins licking her clit. Sheryl moves up to Jill's face and kisses her, sharing the lovely pussy juice freshly gathered. Jill moves her hand down to Sheryl's pussy and suddenly stops when she touches my head. Jill kisses around the base of my cock while Sheryl moves to the top, kisses the head and running her tongue around the rim.

Brunette Hotsy

group Boxlicker101 2018-07-19

He knew Bill could look out for himself, so Harry devoured all of Kelli's fresh nectar and his tongue started stroking between her other pair of pussy lips. When she had stopped sucking his cock before to concentrate on her own orgasm, Kelli had already brought Bill fairly close to his climax, and she had him at the same point in a matter of a few minutes of slowly stroking his hard shaft between her lips and taking the head down her throat. Kelli slowly stroked Bill's cock with her lips, feeling the head force its way down her throat until she felt it start throbbing against her tongue.


Champagne Kiss

group ukstockinglvr 2018-07-19

Members of the sales team were at a table; Sarah on her iPad, Paul alone with his thoughts watching the scenery pass and Mark immersed in social media on his phone. Sarah thought Mark was a good looking young lad, nicely groomed and fashionably dressed and had found herself thoroughly checking him out on more than one occasion when in the right mood. The rooms were on the same floor, Paul and Mark were opposite Holly and Nicole and Sarah was further away at the very end of the corridor. Reaching Sarah's room and opening the door Holly grabbed her towel at the back and looked over her shoulder saying, "Yes I do," and she gave him a split second flash of her bare bum before dashing inside.


My first group suck

group puyallupman 2018-07-19

As I recounted in an earlier story my new friend David f***efully fed me my first load of my request. He said he had told them about me and he wanted to know if I would suck all 3 of their cocks. He finally confessed that he had a fantasy and that it was to see how many loads of cum the 3 of them could shoot in my mouth through a whole weekend. David and his 2 friends, Mark and Steve, had been talking about how hot it would be to plan for a weekend to remember. He told me how hot it was to watch me suck all 3 cocks and swallow all that cum.

All Day Sex Session...

group d4david 2018-07-19

was skillful in what he was during, once my trousers were down below my knees, he undid his pants and exposed his solid rock hard penis and placed it between my thighs saying '...I just want bust a nut, keep your legs together so I can feel the tightness of your fake pussy.' He pulled from my butt and I stayed still till the last guy crawled up on my back and kissed me in the small of my back and whispered '...turn over, I want you to wrap your legs around me like a real bitch.' He raised up and helped turn me over and lifted my legs up to his waist. He sucked on my tongue as he sexed my bung till he unloaded once again in my rectum and held me as tight as he could whispering into my ear '...shit this some good pussy you've got.

Sexy Slumber Party

group GrneyedKitten 2018-07-19

Dan reached up and slapped my ass and then moved my hips further down so he could eat my pussy while he finger fucked Tammi. Dan knew what I wanted, and he slid his cock slowly in and out of Tammi's pussy so I could watch. Thank goodness Tammi was on top of me, I grabbed tight to her thighs as she played with my nipples and I came hard into Dan's mouth. I had a second to recover before I felt his cock head rubbing against my clit and heard him kissing Tammi, filling her mouth with my juices too! Tammi started licking Dan's juices from my soft tummy and breasts, my nipples still hard.

Tales of Dirty Old Man Ch. 02

group Andyhm 2018-07-19

Simone smiled at them and said, "No, you've got wrong, I need him, and I'm going to turn him into my wonderful dirty old man." I turned to Julia and said, "I'm not sure, I need to talk to Simone before I can agree. That brought smiles to Mike and Julia faces, and a look of shock to Simone's. Simone looked at me "I knew the moment I saw him sitting in the village square, that there was something special there, and he was the one I needed." She looked at Julia and continued, "I know I've only known him for a short time but I know I love him, and I can see that you do as well.


My Missus fucks a good friend.

group dan1927 2018-07-19

We were talking about sex and I told Carl how Sally my stunning girlfriend has been giving me some awesome foot wanks laterly. I said to Carl "come on Carl let's not be stupid." If you win I'll give you £500 if I win I want one of them foot wanks off Sally". I thought Sally might change into a pair of jeans to save Carl having a good view of pussy under her knickers. She then stopped the foot wank took her knickers off slowly and started rubbing her pussy all over Carls face. Then Carl took his cock out her arse put back in her pussy. The both stayed at a hotel room and Carl by all accouts fucked Sally again for up to three hours until she had to stop.