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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

In Bed With Greg & Tina

group M_Sirk 2018-07-19

Greg - if it was him - took hold of his dick, which was losing its hardness, and pointing it at Tina's face began to piss on her. We followed her in there and Tina, having peeled her panties off and tossing them on the floor, jumped onto the bed on all fours, then lay with her face in the pillows and her bum in the air as if to say, "I think my ass needs some attention, guys." "Greg," she said languidly, turning towards him, her long blonde hair, which had come loose from the ponytail, falling over her face, "Get the lube. As he was saying this he had moved up to the top of the bed, positioning himself in front of Tina's face, and now he slipped his cock into her mouth.


End of School Party

group blndEE 2018-07-19

Every time we hit a bump she made sure to bounce a little more than necessary in order to let her big boobs bounce and her ass grind up against Shane’s manhood. Bryce ran his hands along the outside of my bathing suit bottoms playing with my snatch as he grinded his dick into my ass. Once I got the whole shaft in my mouth and down my throat I would pull off of it slowly all the way to the tip, then jam my head down again. He wasn’t sure how to take it, but after some time he started to enjoy it and began plunging his dick back in and out of my mouth.

Satisfying Cassie's Curiosity

group ShannonGoodreade 2018-07-19

Before long I found myself fantasizing about Cassie, remembering Jon, and wondering about Ben. Finally in position, Cassie took Ben deep into herself and began to vigorously bounce on his spirited cock. I clamped Jon's cock in my slot tightly, and arched my back to increase the feel of Cassie's hands on my body. Cassie did the same for Ben. I began to fondle Jon's balls with my free hand and lick his helmet encouragingly. Ben opened his eyes just in time to see Jon's third shot of cum nearly obliterate Cassie's left tit from view. Cassie, in turn, aimed Ben's cock at me and I felt blast after blast of hot cum hit my tits and neck.


Ron's Journal 03

group Hypoxia 2018-07-19

My 6'5" body emerged after showering, my face closely shaved but for a mustache, my long black clean hair tied back in a neat ponytail, dressed in jeans and a khaki shirt. Eventually, we awoke, pulled out of our spooned positions, looked in each other's faces, and said: "Race you to the toilet!" Lucinda grabbed me for a quick kiss, and Sally did too, and then they both ran out the door. A few days later, Lucinda and Sally drove me to the next town eastward and kissed me goodbye, and I was on the road again. One of the Cree guys brought in his girlfriend Carole, an older Ojibway Indian gal with a round face and straight black hair who taught physical therapy.


getting steamy

group manfed 2018-07-19

The lady was feeling real nervous now and wanted to leave - just as she started getting up, she felt their hands push her back down. Not wanting to upset them, she decided to submit to their commands as she sat back down and had more to drink - the guys to took as an opportunity to get more bold with their hands - one hand went inside her bikini bottom brushing up against her clit, the other grabbing a breast and massaging it. It didn't help but the lady started screaming as both men fucked her real hard, ramming in and out, filling her holes, completely and so deep.

Sharons first dogging experience

group jamespatterson 2018-07-19

I visited it one Monday night in March and spoke to a couple of guys who were hanging around and explained that I would be bringing a woman along on the coming Wednesday at 20:00 which is early for dogging but Sharon attended pilates from 20:00 to 21:00 so it was a case of needs must. The first guy positioned himself and just slammed his cock into her and encouraged by the others he started to fuck her hard and fast. Somebody else started to fuck her cunt and then she received a cock in her mouth. I was also on a deadline so I just fucked her arse whilst pulling her hair and calling her a dirty slut and a cheating married whore.


group Just_U_Write 2018-07-19

They were a stunning couple, and Lauren's was not the only head that turned to watch them move towards the bar. Perhaps the wife wanted to get a kick out of watching the husband bang another woman. A warm strong hand reached beneath and parted her lips. Beneath Lauren the wife began to thrust upwards, and using her hands she held Lauren's head to where she most wanted her. Lauren slid two fingers into the wife, her other hand reached up to massage the wife's firm breasts. The husband began to thrust quicker and harder as he drew near, driving Lauren into his wife. Lauren began to ripple her muscles along the husbands cock, she heard him gasp and felt him increase his speed.

Long Lost Friend

group fae_bella 2018-07-19

"Hi, Lea." Cee smiled as you sat down, placing her left hand across the table as her right slid through her short brown hair, playing with the dragonfly hairpin that held it in place. I slid into the seat, Cee coming in from the other side, her hands immediately moving about my waist and neck, pulling me closer to her as she planted kisses against my breast. "There's a good girl." She shoved her hand against my shoulder once more, pressing me against the window of the jeep as she leaned down, her mouth parting enough for her tongue to trail the path where my bra and dress strap once rested, continuing to push the original occupants further down my body as she moved.


Ann's Surprise From Santa Ch. 1

group Hitchhiker 2018-07-19

"Yes milady" said Don, and he Peter and left the Kitchen for the hot tub that was in an extension connected to the main house. Peter said, "Now you may continue and trim, Milady's pubic hair short enough to be shaved as smooth as silk. Peter said to Don "If you would like to take the left side of Milady's beautiful body I shall take the right." Milady said, "Please remove the blindfold I want to look at my wonderful lovers." Peter took off her blindfold, Ann blinked looked deep into his eyes and said, "Oh that was fantastic.

Visiting Friends

group susurrus 2018-07-19

While I watched, I found myself eagerly anticipating the sight of Mollie kneeling before me, her lips wrapped around my cock head, giving me the kind of blowjob Bill was enjoying at the moment. My attention was so riveted on the sight of Mollie’s mouth invaded by Bill’s cock, and her hands doing their wonders on the rest of his lower body, that I’d become mesmerized by the immediate display. How he could pry himself away from a woman as focused on sex as Mollie appeared to be at the moment escaped me, but she slowly rose from her erotic haze and glanced in the direction of her husband's nod, never once taking his cock from her lips.


Polyamory Ch. 01

group ElegantFire 2018-07-19

"Fuck, I love you," I tell her, lowering my mouth to kiss over the rise of her breasts, my hands working her tank top off at the same time to expose more of that deliciously exotic skin to my tongue and lips. I love the way Cilla's eyes roll back with pleasure as our naked bodies writhe together. "Kinky as Seth and Lara are, they might not mind." Still, I grab a cloth and wipe down the counter, then pop the towel at Cilla's ass. "That's what I like to hear." Seth squeezed Cilla, picked her up, and deposited her right in my arms before flopping down comfortably on our couch. "You look like an artist," Cilla said, smiling at Sydney.

The Social Season

group WildaRaven 2018-07-19

I loved to sixty-nine and feel his tongue lick my cunt as I lowered my mouth down over his cock. I was in front of my dresser looking for a clean bra and panties when Kenny said "Wilda my love we have been invited to a party next Friday." Kenny sat up on the edge of the bed and looked at me and said "Wilda we have been invited to a real swinging party. Kenny moved some how and his cock head was slipping into my cunt. But I must say I enjoy threesomes with Kenny and my husband better than any other I have ever been into." I started to like Linda and I hoped she felt the same.


Sue, Play Time

group Justtoold 2018-07-19

Needless to say after her telling me we could play that night, I walked around with a hard on for the rest of the afternoon as I ploted how to get her off as many times as her body could stand. They went back and forth for a while and Fred was still uncertain because he didn't know if this was one of his friends pulling his chain trying to make fun of him or if Sue was actually serious about allowing him to use her body that night. Fred went to his cabinet to get some of his instruments for us to use on Sue. That's when we seriously got into playing the game of a doctor treating the patient and then did a thorough examination of her body.


Wifes Holiday Party

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-07-19

I watched my wife's sexy walk as she followed Greg and Kevin down a got my wallet, I saw an unusual sight: Mary, Greg, Kevin and Adam face to his cock and said "Suck it." Mary started opened her mouth as Kevin was enjoying having my wife suck his cock, but Adam wanted more. Greg and Adam worked out a system where his cock would be going into her wife's head and said "Your mouth is all mine, now." Mary turned and hottest thing I had ever seen-My wife with a cock in her pussy, ass, my wife took a cock that had just fucked her ass into her mouth. "What a slut" Kevin said as Mary sucked Greg dry. Mary let Greg's limp cock slip

The Resort

group EroticWolfie 2018-07-19

I give them a playful sigh as the guys laugh out loud, clearly amused by their actions, before taking the hands of Alexa and Giselle, walking up ahead. Lance pulls Giselle's bikini bottoms - she got rid of the shorts when we arrived at the beach - to the side and starts rubbing his thick shaft all over her juiciness. I glance back, noticing Shirley starting to eagerly blow Harry while Alexa skillfully deep-throats David. I get pulled back into the kiss, starting to alternate between Shirley and Alexa while feeling how Harry slams his cock back into me. Alexa drops down to her knees and starts licking my clit eagerly, while I feel her hand bumping against my pussy as she's probably fondling Harry's balls.


Fiancé for all: A story of cuckoldry and lu

group jakerawr 2018-07-19

"My turn," boomed a deep voice from the back of the harem of men who were still basking in the afterglow, oozing happiness from the tips of their half-flaccid cocks. The Adonis threw his head back in delight, smirking at my hard and neglected cock at the corner of the room. She upped the pace, bobbing up and down on his cock with vigor, as her pussy flowed with fertile moisture and her eyes watered from the fullness of his manhood. With her hand still firmly wrapped around his dick, she whispered something into his ear. They moved in perfect synchronization, the pace quickening until the tell-tale tense of his buttocks confirmed his seed inside her simultaneously orgasming pussy.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 74

group SteveWallace 2018-07-19

Five o'clock was when the door would be opening the next night, for an official start time of seven p.m. I gave a little speech, praising their efforts, expressing my appreciation for their future focus on making our customers have a great experience while they were with us, and also acknowledging the special efforts that Stacy, Lee, Alice, and Elsa had put into making the Club Infinity a reality. Stacy was going to be playing emcee all night long - one of her new jobs - and would be sure the audience knew that our routine shows would be a little more risqué than what they were seeing at our opening, especially since so many people brought their wives or partners along to the gala.


More fun with Kathy ( continuing story of car fun

group Wanderer53 2018-07-19

There was my wife still sitting on the sofa with Kathy on her hands and knees between Dianne's legs sucking on her pussy lips and clit! Kathy's eyes were glazed as she licked pussy and watched me feed Dianne my dick. As Kathy bobbed her head up and down on my meat, thrusting my dick in and out of her throat, Dianne began savagely licking and sucking on Kathy. I grabbed a tit in both hands, leaned forward and greedily sucked it's nipple into my mouth, as Dianne removed her hand, placed it on my ass and pushed feeding my dick up Kathy in a long slow smooth dick tickling stroke!

Two for One

group Fantasy4203 2018-07-19

I watched as he removed his fingers, fist still ramming hard into her pussy, and he inserted the wide head of the dildo into her ass. He pushed the dildo in farther, two inches in her tight ass, he moved it slightly, twisting a wiggling. I moaned loudly with pleasure, and with my head in her juices my husband moved to stand behind her. I moved my tongue rapidly in and out of her pussy, over her clit and down to the ass my husband was fucking. With the dildo almost a full ten to twelve inches inside her pussy, and my husband's eight in her ass while I was licking his shaft and his balls.

The horny Germans

group TheFirm 2018-07-19

With Anna riding my cock and me watching Max it was not long before I asked Anna why Max was not fucking ether Gita or Shona only to be told none of them could take it fully as it was 12 inches but 7 inches in girth quite a monster it fit up there cunts, I got Anna on her knees facing Max as I slide my hard cock into her tight wet cunt my balls slapped against her it got Max's attention he started starring at us.

We include another female in our newfound freedom

group davidramsey 2018-07-19

Julie suddenly grabbed my hand with the pussy smell on it and sucked my fingers into her mouth. As my wife engulfed my cock, Julie pushed me on my back and move her pussy up my chest until it was planted on my face. As I sucked and licked my wife was busy getting her sundress off, then she started removing Julies dress too. She licked, sucked, put her fingers in Julies cunt, put a finger in her asshole, but never lost tongue contact with her pussy or her ass. Finally, Julie squirted in my wife's mouth and I never saw so much fluid come out of a cunt in my life.

Buyer's Real Estate Market Ch. 01

group Orgin Grinder 2018-07-19

God, is that all men think of, sex all the time?" Ellen, who was about six inches shorter than me, moved within a foot, and was looking me in the eyes. Unlike a lot of blow jobs, which are nothing but hand jobs with your dick resting between a girl's lips, Ellen was full-throttle head, deliberately bobbing up and down, three four inches at a clip, then once again taking all of me into her throat. Eyes closed, Ellen bit down on her lower lip, and started to work her clit with right hand, and demanded I pay attention to her breasts with both of mine.


Annie's First Swinger's Party

group 1LuckyRob 2018-07-19

Annie smiled at Steve and said as she fingered her pussy thru her thong, "I'd love for you to fuck my ass too and cum inside me like that." Steve was standing next to Annie with his arm over her shoulder, his hand was inside my wife's blouse playing with a nipple as Mark went on to say to us with a smile on his face, "Don't worry, Elanna is 28 years old even though she doesn't look like it". I looked over to see that my wife had Steve's cum running down her legs as another guy moved behind her and stuck his hard cock into her wet cunt as he massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples.


What's A Girl To Do?

group maggie2002 2018-07-19

She was stroking herself with her skirt up around her waist, her hand deep inside her panties, and almost ready to come when she heard the siren and saw the flashing lights. He opened the door and helped her out and to the side of the road, where she leaned against the car, making no attempt to pull down her skirt or button her shirt. They nodded and taking her back to the passenger side of the squad car they opened the door and pushed her down on the seat with her head buried in her arms. He pulled out and Brett stuffed his cock deep into her pussy to wet it and then carefully pushed against her stretched anal star.