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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Meet Cute

group empty_coffee_cup 2018-02-01

Rachel tried not to get caught up in competitiveness at things like this, but she couldn't help that her confidence took a little knock when she saw the guy she wanted heading off with someone that cute. John's hand was on her head and Rachel knew she had no choice but to keep mouth-fucking his member, but her heart pounded to know that the two women, young and old, were kneeling behind her examining her cunt and her asshole. "Hey, I'll fuck you later," John grunted, making no move to stop Rachel even though she could feel him twitching, and knew he couldn't be far from loosing his thick load into her mouth.


Angie's Adventure

group mitchawa 2018-02-01

She groaned continuously when he probed her mouth with his cock until she accepted it while at the same time he moved to her body pushing his head between her legs and his tongue, like a snake, sought and found her clit. Looking in their direction, he saw Ned's mouth clamped on the end of her breast and his arm and hand between her legs. They sat in a booth, Ned and Angie played kneesie and Rick rubbed his arm along the side of her breasts as they ate. "Rick, you're really good at living on other guy's money," Ned said, picking up the check, patting Angie on the butt and punching Rick on the arm.


A Great Day!

group OrdinaryAverageGuy 2018-02-01

Jamie slid closer to me and began to rub my cock through my jean shorts. I inhaled deeply as Jamie slid down slowly taking my cock into her mouth. Jamie had her hand on my right thigh and Jennifer's was getting closer and closer to touching it as she tickled my cock. Jennifer looked into my eyes and said that sounded great! She smells great, she said, and then put my entire cock into her mouth and sucked all of Jamie's and mine juices from my cock, bringing it to full erection again. My eyes rolled back into my head as Jennifer began to suck on my cock with expertise I moaned softly.

Ed & Joan Ch. 02

group mtnman2003 2018-02-01

Ed grabbed Joan's head, shoving her mouth down into Chris's cunt as his cock pulled back. As he plunged in, Joan grabbed Chris's clit, nipping, tugging, and as he pulled back, her tongue slid along his cock, licking her juices. Chris grabbed Joan's ass, pulling her mouth deep into Joan's cunt. Ed grabbed Joan's hip bones, his fingers digging into her flesh as he pulled her savagely to him, pounding her butt repeatedly, slamming his body forward, his hips smacking against her hard. Fucking her mouth wildly, I thrust hard to her ass, driving my cock deep. Grabbing her head, I humped my hips upwards, pushing my semi-rigid cock into her open, waiting mouth.


Wife Turns Slut For Husband Ch. 02

group Dirty Slut 2018-02-01

“It looks like everything is a go for the gang bang next weekend,” Jamul smiled down at me as he continued to pump his big black cock deeply in and out of my well oiled fuck funnel with Billy jerking off next to us in his maid’s outfit. And as my eye lids slowly closed the last thing I saw was Jamul bending Billy roughly over the end of the bed, and lining his still hard cock up with my husband’s tight white puckered little asshole. I had never really thought of myself as being a voyeur, but watching my lovely, recently converted, She/male husband getting fucked as Jimmy slipped his big black dick into my pussy once again was a real turn on.


The Meeting Ch. 02

group SoNaughty 2018-02-01

So I hung up and called Robin and he answered on the first ring and I told him that my husband was going out of town for a few days and would it be ok if I stayed with him for a few days so we could get to know each other better and have more time together and he said yes. Robin screamed, "OH FUCK YES Dawn, lick my ass and stroke my cock! All of a sudden I squirted cum out so much that it looked like I was peeing and Robin leaned over and started licking my pussy clean as he was fingering my ass.


A Childhood Game Ch. 02

group babyred99 2018-02-01

She flinched, "Please, babe stop teasing me!" She grabbed by face and pushed me against her. Maddie was giving him head, while Mr. Williams played with my pussy. Mr. Williams stopped Maddie and turned his attention back to me. "Go get your toy!" he snapped at Maddie, who soon came back with the vibrater. I moaned at the increasing pleasure from my pussy and ass and the scent and taste of Maddie. "OHHHH god!" I screamed but was muffled by Maddie's pussy. "Maddie you slut, get over here." Mr. Williams grunted. Mr. Williams put a hand over my mouth to muffle my sounds, since Maddie was no longer in front of me. Maddie pulled the vibrator out and turned it off.

The Silver Seas Ch. 01

group OneSilky 2018-02-01

Like,-- the place you drive the boat -- steer, whatever -- is the "cock pit." George didn't find that nearly as funny as Jess & I did; the main sail? We were "motoring" which means driving --sailing -- going on the stupid boat- with the engine on, like any normal person would, when George & Doug decided in some special manly way that we had gone far enough "offshore." So they turned off the engine, and we sat there, bouncing up and down, and the wind made all the ropes-lines-sheets go whap-whap on the pole (mast) that the main sail (mainsail - main'sil, argggh!) attached to.

Date Night

group TheNaughtyWife 2018-02-01

While you brace for my impending orgasms you begin to slam your knob down the man's throat, making sure the he is going to swallow every ounce of your cum. Between the sounds of us women kiss and moaning into each other and you sucking he is hard in no time and begins to thrust into you. As soon as you begin to press back on him he thrusts into you hard, sending you plunging into the woman's pussy and making her scream. As I cum all over you I can feel you knob swelling inside of me, you quicken your pace and I begin to buck my hips to match you.

Cop Shop Slut

group Acal 2018-02-01

Letting Craig's cock slip out of her mouth she grasped it with one hand and began stroking it while her other hand masterfully unbuckled Steven's belt and opened his pants. Mike growled as she aggressively took his cock into her mouth and sucked him hard, he grabbed the back of her head and pushed her down on him making her take his full seven and half inches. A strong hand then grasped her arm and pulled her up "Ok Miss Crosstown, you had your fun it seems I'm going to take you down to the cells," She couldn't believe it the officer, Craig still wanted to take her down.


Scientific Observations

group evil evil man 2018-02-01

Female is thrusting hips in manner similar to movements made when mounted by male in order to excite her chosen partner into mating with her. Male has reached around and is attempting to ensure that his mate stays in heat as he deposits his seed into her by playing with her breasts." Brad could feel Anne getting turned on. "Aren't those two of your students?" Anne asks, "John and Emily?" Brad nods affirmative as Anne's hand begins rubbing his crotch. Her eyes were closed, her lips flushed and slightly parted, and she let out small gasps as her body slid up and down the tables surface as Brad ravaged her cunt. Dan stood by the table where he sprayed his cum over Anne's ass while Emily was by the wall.


A Special Treat Ch. 03

group flying_nugget 2018-02-01

Just as Heather started to bring her head down to fellate the head of the penis between her bountiful breasts, Darcie interrupted and leaned over to give her friend another full and passionate kiss. I have a feeling this isn't going to work." Darcie looked up from the hamper filled with dirty laundry to see her girlfriend facing her boyfriend. "Just be careful not to stretch them out or anything." Darcie's man stood there and watched the girls pull the black t-shirts over their heads and proceed to roll the hems down over their chests. Let's finish getting dressed." With that, Darcie and Heather were on their way to the bedroom, their leather jackets barely being able to contain their newly grown breasts.


My Halloween Party

group jus8tine 2018-02-01

With people offering suggestions from all around the room, Joe took the night stick and placed it between Bev's legs. The room got quieter and quieter as Joe lifted the stick, raising Bev's little skirt at the same time. My God, I thought I was going to cum on the spot seeing this beautiful young girl, her breasts hanging down, her luscious ass pointing up at us below her handcuffed hands. "Every guy in this room wants to fuck you," Joe said just loud enough into Bev's ear that we all heard it. She said she almost let a guy fuck her while watching Bev and Joe. I mentioned the hands on my ass and she laughed.


The Poker Party Ch. 03

group tv46 2018-02-01

Jane moaned with the unexpected pleasure she received from David's tongue in the crack of her ass, and buried her face into Lucy's recently fucked cunt, finding Lucy's clit with her tongue. Lucy was close, but Jane was the first to reach orgasm, triggered by David's rigid tongue pressing ever so slightly into her tight virgin asshole. Kevin pulled his cock out of his wife's mouth, lifted Lucy's legs up and back towards David, exposing Lucy's asshole to his waiting boner. Jane felt David press the head of cock against her asshole, pushing open the tight sphincter trying to keeping him out. "Yes mistress, I will lick your ass until you tell me to stop," David said, using his best impression of a subservient husband, "do you want me to press my tongue against your asshole."


Adult Movie Theater Gang Bang

group dave110256 2018-02-01

I love the look on a man's face as I swallow his hot cum, his cock deep in my throat. As I watched and got more turned on by the minute, my mind wandered again to that damn forbidden theater. Maybe this guy was really turned on by the idea, knowing where I was going dressed like this. I slid his cock into my mouth, consuming all of him, He wasn't that big so I had no problem taking him right to his balls, guys love that shit. His next shot of cum wasn't as forceful as it oozed from the head of his cock, covering my hand with his hot, sticky fluid.


Summer Foursome Ch. 01

group DanteInferno6 2018-02-01

Mark would get hard thinking of Derrick fucking Amy, and would imagine himself worshipping Shantell's big black round ass. Mark watched intently as Derrick rubbed the sunscreen over Shantell's exposed skin, looking at the firm roundness of her caramel-colored breasts and round waist, hoping that no one noticed him staring. They had not even closed the door when Shantell went over to Mark and gave him the deepest kiss he had ever had, and then said, "You want me, white boy?" Mark was so overwhelmed with lust that he returned the kiss, cupping Shantell's large breasts and rubbing his hands all over her ass, playing with her tongue with his.

Dressed to Thrill

group VeniVici 2018-02-01

John worked his long middle finger up Zil's saturated pussy lips and she obligingly opened her legs just enough for him to slip into her and feel for himself her total wetness. "Right you horny whore, I want to fuck you this time" John told her taking a sip of his drink as he still forced his long middle finger up Zil and worked on her G spot which he knew she couldn't say no to if she once got it's little corrugations all tingling out of control. They both laughed outrageously and Helen told Zil in a hushed voice, "You are she was such a dirty little Sherlock Holmes, I find it hard to keep her hands off you some days, but God I do love you!"

Thunder Crashes

group True North 2018-02-01

Michael moved back down her body a little as Bridget lowered her legs to the bed and pulled a couple of pillows under her head. With Michael's tongue in her mouth, Lance moved a hand between Bridget's legs to caress her pussy. Bridget was so wet that there was a slapping sound as Lance went deeply into her pussy and at his penis, she was slurping noisily at him, lips wrapped firmly around his shaft as she moved. Both men were moaning now and Bridget was panting with her efforts, bucking against Lance, who now held her with her legs right off the bed as he fucked her, while she balanced on one hand and stroked Michael with the tightly clenched fingers of the other.

Fantasy Vacation Ch. 01

group Silverfox0551 2018-02-01

"I guess our neighbors must have decided they wanted their privacy and went inside?" Mike said as he sat next to Terri and took a sip of beer. The young man stood up and turned toward the door now facing Mike and Terri and they could see the head of his cock poking over the top of his red thongs. Terri and Mike continued watching the couple as the girl released her grip on her partner's member and tilting forward, placing her glass on the floor then bent forward toward her lovers' lap while he continued stroking his hard shaft. In the quiet of the night, Mike heard a deep moan escape Terri's lips when the girl released her lovers' cock from her mouth.


Halloween Party: We Open Up

group sexyparty 2018-02-01

The man was flirting with Bridget, successfully I thought by the look in her eyes and the way she moved her legs to let her skirt ride up. Though we hadn't played in a while, Bridget had sucked Max's cock, he had licked her pussy and had fucked her hard after I had fucked her and before Alex did. After I closed the door Charlie and I watched transfixed as Franklin slowly undressed Bridget until she was completely naked. When she turned to look at Bridget and Franklin she said, "He's into restraints and slow buildup. I didn't know if Franklin had come but when I looked over at Charlie she was twitching the end of her orgasm.

Richie and Mummy the final episode

group AussieSam 2018-02-01

You're supposed to be the best cunt around so I want to prove it!" Richie kept snapping away, and as the two cocks moved in unison in and out of my swollen, puffy hole, the sensation became more and more pleasurable.A third cock was shoved down my throat and the guy was face fucking me without mercy. Spurt your beautiful boy cum up the cunt you came from, and the cunt your i********s c***d will be born from." "Fuck I love you Mum. It makes me so incredibly proud to see you make all of those doctors hard, to make them all want to fuck my pregnant mother.

Island Fever 6: Sanctuary Ch. 07

group Jeremydcp 2018-02-01

I think she is playing with Kaden and Ariel right now." Indeed, today was Kristanna's birthday. When strolling by the sun room, I happened upon Kristanna and our two year old son, Kaden, as well as our seven month old daughter, Ariel. Coming across Kristanna and Kaden, as well as Ariel, had taken some of the sting away from the little episode I had with Scarlett earlier when she asked me several times to leave her alone. But I had to, because today was Kristanna's birthday and I actually had major plans for 7it (and thus why, Pamela was also angry at me as a result).


First Day at Adults only Resort

group kykpl 2018-02-01

So I approached a woman leaning over the bar drinking a glass of wine, I put my hands on her hips and slid my cock in her pussy and began working her pussy for a few minutes another guy comes up and asks me if he can have some, so I move on to another woman as he begins fucking her. I heard my wife cum, she was having a big orgasm just as the guy shot his load deep in the pussy, as he got off her I heard her say, I need another cock, somebody fuck me, quickly another guy got on her and started fucking her slowly.

The Summoning

group GoldenCojones 2018-02-01

Besides I would have had to start twenty-six years ago." Alice gave Jack a playful slug in the arm, but her eyes drifted back to the illustration. "Oh come on, Alice, are you saying that if I had a cock like that you wouldn't let me fuck your brains out?" "I know, Alice, and I'm really okay with this." He forced a smile onto his face and picked up the large cloth grocery sack. He'd watched as Adam, the highest ranking warlock in the coven, lined the witches up on their hands and knees before fucking each of the witches in the coven, in their order of standing; Alice first, then Olivia, and finally Megan.