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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My girlfriend initial story

group Sexiting 2018-07-19

We love having sex together and sharing fantasy’s, hopefully some of those fantasy’s will come true, we will certainly both work to fulfill them in every way. We decided to hit the scene after having an initial first swinging foursome together with some friends, had some amazing nights which only involved foreplay between us all, which is all that we wanted and agreed to do at the time as it was something that was new to all of us and none of us were entirely sure if it would work and how we would feel about it. We use our time off together wisely and make the most of every minute, but im certainly looking forward to a summer full of love, parties, sex, d**gs and new swinging experiences!

The Faire

group OldWriterDude 2018-07-19

She blamed the erections on Jane and her lithe little body so Tim came up to her and rubbed the tip of his cock all over her nipples, leaving behind a trail of pre-cum and said, "See, I stayed good and hard by touching those melons of yours. As soon as Katie's orgasm subsided Jane and Tim did the same thing without bothering to spin. Tim came by pumping his dick with his hand, Katie from Tim's expert pussy eating, me from the skilled mouths working my dick over and the fact that Jane shoved saliva lubricated a finger up my butt hole, and Katie from my tongue and fingers. Jane started to suck Tim's long dick and get him good and hard and Katie did the same to me.


Misbehaving: Day Two

group Eagle1 2018-07-18

Thankfully, Mr. Campbell and I were about the same general height, although my broader shoulders and build caused the fabric to be pulled extremely tight across the muscles of my chest, and my much thicker arms filled out the short sleeves, so the shirt left very little of my torso to the imagination. I took a sip of my coffee and asked my new best friend Dave the question that had been on Mr. Campbell's mind the night before. A little sun seemed like a good idea, I thought, so I went upstairs to change out of my uniform and into a pair of shorts and a tank top that I'd brought with me.


Cara's Story

group scrummie 2018-07-18

I wasn't sure about this turn of events, but he was low key about it, letting Sam move between the two of us, keeping his hands light when he touched me. Jeff kept moving his hands from my hips and waist over to Sam; the two of us were gripping each other when I leaned in to kiss her again. After a brief discussion of how I took a cab and how they could take me home in the morning, Jeff slid into the driver's seat and Sam hopped into the back with me, remarking that "we'll have more room back here." I was appreciative of that and gave her my thanks by kissing her again. As Sam got the water to the right temperature, I gave in to my curiosity and began to lightly stroke Jeff's cock.


A Fishing Day

group littlegeorgie000 2018-07-18

Among many other things he told me, he said his young wife wanted to watch him give another guy a blow job. Rob pulled the front of the bikini’s down over my cock and balls and dropped to his knees. “I hope you don’t mind, but Tina would like to feed your cock to me. I like that!” Tina said admiring my panties. I felt Tina pull down the front of my panties below my balls, then her hand grabbed my dick and began slowly stroking it. She was really excited watching all this and one of her hands dropped behind Robs head and I guess she was rubbing her pussy. I announced I was ready to cum and Tina told Rob to swallow it.

A Cousin and Carpet

group SunnyxD 2018-07-18

He's sucking my nipples, while fingering my wet pussy, I moan and squirm as he teases me. He moves his mouth towards my wet center and sucks my clit. Suddenly, his warm semen fills my hole, and as he pulls out, my 20 year old cousin, Jordan comes home and finds us on the floor. I kiss it from her mouth while Jon fingers her, and soon, she's screaming her release and we both are subject to Jon's will. Jon grabs me from behind, flipping me over, and Jordan slips 3 fingers inside of my warm center. Jordan grabs the vibrator on my computer desk and inserts it into my pussy.

Two Very Nasty Girls Ch. 1

group Erlikkhan 2018-07-18

As Jill was finishing her tale, the girl on the TV spread her cheeks and took a cock up the ass while sucking on two waving in her face. Okay, Shiel, you can start fucking me slowly now… oh fuck, that's it… uuuuhhhh… I know I'm gonna cum from being ass fucked, Shiel… oooohhhh… but it'll be more incredible if you make my… aaaaahhhhh… pussy feel good tooooohhhh… lick me, Shiel… uuuhhhh" Occasionally she would pull him from her pussy and clean him with her tongue and mouth, then reinsert his cock into Shelia's dripping cunt. And that was how Shelia found herself riding Bob's eight inch cock on the same couch where Jill was propped on the armrest getting fucked dog style by Fred.


My wife Janine and Amber gang me!

group imornery81 2018-07-18

That was when I felt a well trimmed woman’s sex rub against my other hand and I heard her say, “Didn’t I tell you his fingers are magic!!” And then the laughs revealed that there was also a third woman in the room!! Her hand wrapped around the base of my shaft and squeezed tightly as her lips slid smoothly over my head and then back to the tip.” Like this?” I heard her ask in an attempt to sound innocent and then all three women burst out laughing. A pair of lips I knew in an instant to be my wife’s began to lick and suck on my cock which left me wondering what Amber was up to.

Bar Whore Ch. 2

group Kimber37 2018-07-18

At that moment I felt his hand plow under my skirt and grip the edge of my wet pussy roughly. My fingers plunged sloppily in and out of my wet hole in anticipation of being showered with his hot cum while this woman watched. I felt his legs tensing, and heard him growl "here it comes!" The woman whipped the cock away from my mouth, and before I knew it, aimed it right at my face, covering me with his hot, explosive load. I buried my fingers inside myself as I came along with him, enjoying the feeling of a stranger's cum coating my face, neck and tits. I snapped back to reality when I felt his hand grab my hair and pull me towards his cock.

Lady of the Manor - In The Garden

group Brung 2018-07-18

She opens her mouth and sucks the tip of it into her, her hands running beneath him, touching his balls, rubbing the base of his stalk where it joins. Turning from the gardener now, you lean towards her and begin to lap at her wet pussy, feeling her respond to your tongue, feeling that she feels like you do, feeling that she wants you to love her. The gardener moves away, but before your disappointment is realised, you feel the hard nub of his cock pressing against the entrance to your body. You want to come and you continue to lick and suck the maid, her hands pulling you hard onto her, her pussy in your mouth, her juices flowing down your chin.

Abby Turner #2: Friends Become Lovers

group bobcox69 2018-07-18

She brought her in and we all giggled as he struggled to take in the sight of 4 naked girls sitting in her s*ster’s bedroom, she turned to her s*ster to ask what was going on but just watched as she dropped her dressing gown to the floor and steered her over to the bed. The girls picked her up and with Ellie and Jess licking and massaging her pussy she was soon ready again, this time Jess lay on the bed and she stood at the foot of the bed and pulled her onto her with her free hands she stared to finger Ellie and Bex while me and Alliee straddled Ellie and Bex's heads allowing them to lick us out.

Lesley part 15.

group 2018-07-18

Haha" Rob was all smiles as Lesley drove away in her clapped out old car, knowing that tonight she was going to get nearly as many cocks in one night, as she'd had in her entire lifetime. A cardinal sin...worst of the worst...sent to the gas chamber...or...the forfeit....flash your knickers for the lads, and maybe...just maybe...they would let her live..."hahahaha." Rang round the packed bar as the lads were really getting there thoughts concentrated on Robs plan of seducing Lesley back to there hotel room. Five minutes later she had a cock fully imbedded in her throat, her cunt,and her arsehole, she had a cock in each hand and as she was face down, she couldn't see the now awake Ryan, holding an iPhone, streaming it by face time, to a man sitting in his house, drinking a glass of malt whisky.

Erotic Adventures of Brandon & Cheryl Ch. 08

group timewarp69 2018-07-18

Cheryl took a second to gather her senses, smiled, and said "Come on in bitch, you've got a long day ahead of you." Wynona walks in. "Start sucking like you mean it, bitch!" Stacy gets off on this a minute when Cheryl walks in. After a long, agonizing while of Cheryl applying more and more lube to her back door and trying harder and harder, she heard another crack as it slid right in, making Wynona whimper. I'll bet they'd love to get in on somr of this action." Cheryl had Wynona clean up and made some phone calls and that night, about ten girls show up. Cheryl laughs and watches as Wynona starts sucking hard at the breast in her mouth.

Beer Busts: Suds, Songs & Sex

group LeoDavis 2018-07-18

My fraternity provided its actives, pledges, and a handful of carefully-selected female guests with truly outstanding outdoor drinking parties, called beer busts. As I quickly found out, Stage Two would usually begin around 10:00 p.m. Pledges had to leave, as did anyone escorting women who were attending one of our beer busts for the first time. I could picture a naked Rachel sitting astride me with her breasts bouncing, my penis in her pussy, as she made those sounds that I'd heard Kelly making. The fraternity had a Halloween party, and since I was a pledge without a date, I was required to guard the upstairs bathroom in case one of the many women at the party found the one-hole official ladies room on the first floor occupied.


Don't Wake Her

group momo_lady 2018-07-18

"Promised?" Eddie asked, surprised at seeing Carly, her small, soft breasts and completely shaved pussy. Her pussy splayed open as she pumped into herself like a piston, Madison watching and fingering herself while she does. Cumming!" Eddie looked down, watching as his cock pumped fast inside her, her juices suddenly flowed out like a waterfall, splashing all over the floor. That was good." Carly panted as she crawled onto the bed, letting Madison take the reigns again. Carly sat up, watching as Eddie slid deep inside Madison again. "It feels so fucking good!" Madison moaned, leaning her head back onto the bed. "Oh fuck!" Madison whines as Carly's finger thrusts inside her.

Study Partners

group Kruel One 2018-07-18

"Mmmmmmmm....I groaned as her hot mouth enveloped my cock." Kat was sitting beside me now watching intently as Angie deep-throated my stiffness. I was getting close to cumming and told Angie "I'm going to cum and I don't want you to drop any of the cum, do you understand me little slut?" She took her mouth off my cock long enough to look me in the eyes and say "Please let me swallow your cum?" Her mouth went back to my cock and bobbed for the cream. Kat's eyes flew open and her knees almost buckled when she realized she was cumming against Angie's tongue.

Educating Karol

group WillingWolf 2018-07-18

When we started looking for flats Allie Bled and I thought it would be a good idea to share with a couple of boys. Of course within half an hour and another couple of bottles, Bob said 'So you are a natural blonde then.' And we all laughed except Allie and added a few more challenges into the pot. It was next day before we saw her again when she said that she was sorry that she had over-reacted and that she had added another couple of challenges to the pot in the hope of getting even with Bob. Her Teddy had suffered no terminal damage and was not even pregnant she revealed with a grin.


Halloween Disaster

group SafeSexting 2018-07-18

Then Denise said to me "you coming honey?" David looked at me, then my pj's and said "he already has." Then he said to me "you enjoyed watching me fuck your wife....didn't you?" I stammered "I guess I did." David continued "you liked watching her get fucked by a real man’s cock… stretching her pussy like it should be know she likes it, because she want's more. I asked her "can I at least watch, to make sure your safe at least?" Denise thought about it a few moments then said "as long as you don't get in the way....sure." Then Denise came and sat on my lap, David's cum dripping on my lap.

Viking Charm

group dundalk 2018-07-18

By the time they were leaving us, Maggie was more curious about Angelica and Kristen, and their boss Eric, then the diving they were offering. I saw that familiar look in her eye as she watched Kristen and Angelica hold hands as they walked. "Oh don't worry Stuart," said Erik, "Kristen and Angelica will show you the Swedish cure for that, you might even enjoy it" Erik turned to face Maggie and I could see her eyes dart to his monster cock. To my right was Kristen and to her right was Angelica, to Angelica's right was Maggie and to hers was Erik, standing there with his cock looking like a baby's arm.


Sex at Work Ch. 3

group JenJo 2018-07-18

When Jerry returned Rick was out of town at a meeting. I didn't even know that Jerry was back. Sheila was sucking on one of my tits so she didn't even notice Jerry until she turned around and saw Jerry standing there naked. Things progressed pretty much the same way that they had with Rick. Jerry prefers to take me doggie style to Sheila and Rick prefers Sheila. Rick prefers me for straight sex and Jerry prefers Sheila. To be alone we tell no one where we are going we usually go to a hotel. That way Rick and Jerry can't find us. The same goes for is we want to be alone with one of the guys we tell each other as the other one is occupied.


Truth and Dare Ch. 02

group funandsex_2 2018-07-18

My love of my life tied to the bed with one cock sliding in and out of her mouth, another enjoying her bountiful tit’s while sliding his cock between them, the sexy Brooke between her legs lapping at her juicy cunt and driving Brea into a new place of pleasure she had never experienced before, but was definitely enjoying it now. Bill had moved from between Brea’s heaving breasts and was sliding his cock into her sopping cunt; Brooke was assisting Brea and her attention on Steve’s massive tool. Bill and Steve were both about to come as Brea exploded into her orgasm and her dirty mouth took over “ Fuck me, don’t stop you week fuckers fuck me harder, go on FUCK MEEEEEEEEE, drive your cocks into me NOWWWWWWWWW!”

The Workmen

group rockgoddessuk 2018-07-18

He did not need telling what to do, he knelt down and began to lick at her pussy slowly at first, but as she got wetter and laid back, spreading her legs he sunk his tongue deep inside her, licking and sucking as she got wetter. The black guy must have noticed his friend there as suddenly he pulled his cock from her pussy, and motioned for his friend to take over. It felt so good, the black guy pushed his cock into her mouth as she moaned with pleasure, she had never had such a large cock inside her before, and she was loving it.

How to be a voyeur and get people to watch you.

group comadrejar 2018-07-18

As the person climbed the last steps Jenny took me deep into her mouth and and let me start fucking her face. Right before they got to our window Jenny let out a mouth filled moan. Jenny felt it growing in her mouth so she pulled it out looked at me and said "Cum for me baby." We both heard a sharp intake of breath from outside the window. Jenny let my dick slip out of her mouth then started to lick the sensitive spot again this time holding my cock so it wouldn't jerk away. "You know I love to eat my cum out of your pussy baby so I'll make sure you get an extra good fucking tonight!"

Different Strokes

group Softly 2018-07-18

Later, I would come to feel that he was one bold man to come to my home, meet my husband, shake his hand, and leave with his wife, knowing full well that he intended to screw me. Yes, I would like to freshen up.” Later thinking back on that conversation, I thought, yes, dear Dr. Tomlinson does not want to eat a pussy that has been fermenting in its own juices since six this morning. That, Boys and Girls, if you have never experienced it, is the zenith of sex, to have eight, thick inches of cock pumped into your pussy by a horny, hot, fresh man, as you are in full orgasm, with your cunt, swollen, constricting, your body shaking, with your breath coming in gasps.