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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Porn Heavy: Hotel Whores

group Sean Renaud 2018-07-18

Bret opened the door without looking inside and started backing into the room pulling his cart with him. "You should lie down before you fall down." The black girl teased yanking him down onto the bed where the two girls started taking turns licking and sucking his now rock hard cock. He gripped the black girl's ass prying it open just a bit farther and slammed his cock into her pussy in a single stroke that nearly knocked from the bed. Neither girl expected amount of cum that exploded out of his cock the first two blasts actually landing on their chins before the rests started to drip down their chests while they leaned back letting him go.

Master Decides to Share

group Sirforher 2018-07-18

As he stood there beside her as he watched his good girl cum while this stranger was sucking and licking on her pussy. She looked over at her Master and he smiled as if to say "good girl" When she saw it was pleasing him she turned back to the stranger and started kissing him and whispering "make me cum" When the stranger heard her he started sliding his cock in and out of her giving her a little more each time. He shoved his rock hard cock in her mouth and exploded when he heard her moaning and knew she was cumming on his cock. When she sat on his cock her eyes rolled back in her head and she immediately started cumming again.

The Elevator Incident

group CRWestminster 2018-07-18

Carmen noticed nice bulges in both of the men's suit pants and it sent a tickle through her clit imagining what they would look like unfettered. Tom's hand slowly edged upward taking Carmen's breath as Ramon deftly unbuttoned several buttons at the top of her blouse. Without a word Ramon pulled out as Tom pressed his steel cock to Carmen's ass. The feel of Tom's spent cock slipping from Carmen triggered Ramon to spill his seed as he felt Tom moving inside of her. Shaking, Carmen rose to her feet releasing Ramon's long thick cock to fall heavily on his stomach with a wet, juicy plop. The men were again dressed as Ramon ran his hands through his tousled hair and Tom adjusted his tie.

After The Dance

group Sweetness001 2018-07-18

Karen was enjoying it all, the touch to her body the kisses upon her skin and then the fingers that were probing at her pussy talk about wet... Exposing my breast he squeeze and told Karen to look at the full mass of me as he wrapped around with the other arm and started to stroke my abdomen and then down to my pussy. Karen was experienced in the art of giving another pleasure ..Stephen came over and put his cock in my mouth and I enjoyed the fullness of him and felt him getting hard all over again, this time this cock was mine.

A Trip To The Mall Changed Me

group WayneGibbous 2018-07-18

"Excuse me, miss, um, I want to let you know that every time you bend down or look in your bag, well, you're exposing yourself to the group of guys who seem to be following you." There I did my good deed for the day, I thought. He took several turns and soon we were back behind a myriad of warehouse-style buildings where he stopped and we both quickly got in the back seat and he fucked me just like I wanted to be fucked, hard, fast and deep. Then, on the way to the mall one Sunday afternoon, I told Rich, "You know that guy that keeps coming to the mall to follow me around, then comes out to the car when I leave?"


Mardi Gras Madness

group DarkVentures 2018-07-18

"You don't need these." he roared for the crowd as he ripped away my wet panties, leaving me completely exposed for a second before his big hand covered my mound, causing me to jerk as he plunged a huge finger into my sopping hole. He roughly pushed me face down on the table, one big hand holding the back of my neck while the other alternately spanked my exposed butt and then reached between my spread legs to fondle my sopping sex, probing me deeply with two thick fingers, opening me for the coming assault. "You like the way my big black dick is fucking you, bitch?" he growled, his hand twisting in my hair, turning my head until I was staring through drunken, lust glazed eyes at my stunned husband.

The Holiday Ch. 03

group Kellylifestory 2018-07-18

As I watch her quickly walk off it occurred to me, I now had to go and ask a guy that I did not find attractive and only just spoke to 5 minutes ago if he wanted to come back with me and fuck while sharing a room with our friends. We got into the apartment and as we walked in Steph announced that She and Martin could go in the living room while we went in the bedroom. Gareth looked nervous and waited for Martin before he started to pull his down. I watched as Steph who was now fully naked started to put the condom onto Martins dick. Martin started to do a mock cheer and Steph was looking at me in the eyes smiling.

Adele's High Seas Adventure

group midnightfalcon 2018-07-18

Blake was moving his cock in and out of my ass as Garry matched his thrusts, plunging in and out of my cunt. Then someone offered me his cock and I greedily reached for it and turned my head as he began to ram it down my throat, over and over again until he suddenly convulsed and sobbed out as he spew warm sperm into my sucking mouth. Take it all in your tight little ass!" Then he too began to suddenly thrust deep, lifting me up slightly as he filled my bowels with his cum before falling back down, where he lay, panting in my ear. "Pull out slowly Garry, I want to let your cum run out of her and into my mouth.


The Show Ch. 02

group jim313 2018-07-18

The germ of an idea started to form in my brain involving Tyko, Don and Suzanne and, by the time I reached home that evening, I couldn't wait to tell Tyko about Bob's story and then discuss my idea with her. Next day at work, I talked to Bob and asked if he remembered the names of the host and hostess of that party he went to and he told me that it was Doris and Charles Malle. I encouraged anyone to feel my organ and as I got to the left of the stage a good looking young guy reached out and grasped my thickness in his hand and told me he wanted to get to know it better later and I smiled as I returned to the others.


Holiday Whores

group cruiser_2015 2018-07-18

As I sipped it I couldn't keep my eyes off the bulge of Julie's big boobs with the peaks of her nipples under her thin blouse and those tight bum clinging white shorts showing the outline of her panties, looking even sexier than Linda in her bikini. As Linda sucked Richard off Julie stroked my shaft rhythmically up and down full length, with her finger and thumb in a loose ring catching that sensitive spot on the base of my penis head just the way I like, and she fondled my bum and thighs with her spare hand. Richard was asleep instantly, but with my erection straining over thoughts of Linda's soft smooth bum and the memory of Julie's hand round my shaft fresh in my mind I managed to wet Julie's panties one more time.

The Fishing Trip Ch. 04

group marleywasone 2018-07-18

As I sucked Buddy's cock and enjoyed the sensation of his mouth on mine I took his balls in my hand and rolled them between my fingers. Buddy started sucking me faster and deeper and I knew what he wanted, a mouth full of my hot salty cum. Buddy kept working my cock sucking me deep into his throat milking ever last drop of my cum into his mouth as I did the same to him. "Buddy it looks like rain let's skip fishing today and just stay in the cabin and enjoy our last day together," I said as I knelt down and took his hardening cock in my mouth.


In the Flesch

group 13thChildofLeeds 2018-07-18

The girl casually swallowed what she could and moved over to catch what she could from the second cock shooting cum in the direction of her face and t-shirt covered tits. As she started to work on these new sperm straws, she began to focus on grinding her pussy on the cock buried in her. The whole crowd had been jerking off to this spectacle and my whole view was filled with cocks of various sizes being stroked, pre-cum dripping from a good number of them, including those that the girl impaled on my dick was now reaching for. When she let that mouth fall from her lips, a string of cum spanning the gap momentarily, she grabbed my head, pulled my face to hers and kissed me deeply.

The Party

group wenz1968 2018-07-18

As your hand moves between my legs, I moan and tell Mark that I want him to taste you... Mark looks incredible as his cock slides in and out of your mouth, and I cant help noticing that you really look like a pro doing it! Im going to come...' you broke apart at that moment, Mark to kiss me, and you to hold me, as my body felt every bit electric... Mark continues to hold your hips, his hard cock still fucking you, until every last drop of come is gone, until your body stops heaving... and I tell him 'Mark I want you to come for me, all over Michael's ass...

Fun with My Wife's Two Sisters

group WayneGibbous 2018-07-18

Oh, my pussy feels wonderful, come up here," she said as she pulled me up and began kissing my face all over as she reaches down and shoves her hand inside my shorts and grips my cock. As Janna retold what we had been doing earlier, each sister interrupting, asking for more juicy details, giggling, groping me, and, finally, Wendy, who I had last fucked several years before, pushed me down, swung a leg over me, gripped my cock and went right down, burying my cock deep inside her, saying, "I'm not waiting, I want you right now, Will." I keep asking Becky when Wendy and Janna are coming back but it doesn't look like they will be visiting together again any time soon.

The Awakening Ch. 05 Her View

group InsatiableDesire 2018-07-18

As I stroked Sam's cock with my mouth John commented about how great it looked and he asked me if I liked the taste of Sam's hard cock. But as I continued to suck on Sam's cock, John began to pump his fingers in and out of my pussy and I started cumming. I could hear John moving around to get a better view and I could hear him commenting and telling Sam to fuck me with his cock. I took Sam's cock in my mouth and started sucking on it again and I could feel John touch me once more, very gently, though he did not do more.

Not In A Million Years Ch. 2

group Lee Stam 2018-07-18

Lilly's hand traced its way down her flat stomach, through her silky bush and plunged two fingers into her waiting pussy. My eyes met Lilly's and she winked, touched my lips with her sticky finger and pointed to India's hot, wet cunt. She was flicking her tongue about Lilly's pussy and Lilly was sucking my stiff, hot cock. Their torsos touched, Lilly's right breast and India's left breast rubbed together as their hands moved about each other's bodies. The sound of my hand beating my hot, wet cock faster and faster was all that could be heard, except for the heavy breathing that filled the room.

Karaoke Night

group Sedah 2018-07-18

As you start to get close, working your way through the mass of bodies, you see the guy that Avi had pointed out earlier, more clearly. As you watch the passion escalate, you feel Avi touching you, and you silently turn towards her and begin to kiss again. She lowers herself down onto you, grinding her leg into your sex, slowly rubbing up and down as she kisses you and you lose yourself in the feeling and the excitement. Seeing me treated this way and feeling her face fucking you suddenly drives you over the edge again, and this time you can't contain the noise as you call out your orgasm incomprehensibly.


Sex Therapy

group bamboomoon 2018-07-18

“Doctor Gerard, this is Mrs. Brown, our client for the next two days.” Julienne introduced me to a beautiful woman in her mid-twenties. That was why Julienne received Mrs Brown wearing only a black garter belt, black stockings and black high heels shoes, and her lovely smile. As Mrs Brown sat down, Julienne took her place next to me on another couch facing our client. “As you can see, I’m also dripping,” said Julienne, opening her legs for Mrs. Brown to see the wetness seeping through her pussylips. “I can only concur with Julienne’s praise of the pussy,” I said as Julienne shaved Mrs. Brown’s mound and between her legs.


Charlie's Summer Cabin

group j3zza 2018-07-18

After tending to one, then the other, she moved slowly down, pausing here and there for a little kiss or lick and eventually began hovering over my cock, blowing little puffs of air gently on to it. I moved her hands out of the way and began sliding the slick head of my cock up and down between the cheeks of her ass. As she moved down, the feeling of openness and uninhibited arousal that I experienced the past few nights with Jenn slowly took over. I didn't know if it was the sound of her voice, her sure but gentle touch, or the feeling of her hands and breasts and mouth moving against my skin that caused me to live in the moment, but I was.


Adam and Sharon. Sharon Explains...

group Aussiemale50 2018-07-18

She knew what to do Adam; I know you are amazing at licking and sucking me off but this was, well; different. It took a while to ditch the drugs, but as I wasn't turning tricks, it was easier that it might have been I went close to twelve months without having sex with a partner, it was really nice to spend time on my own. I know you think I've lied to you, yes, some of the things I've said about my sexuality haven't been the absolute truth, I knew in my heart that I'd have to tell you one day, I just didn't think our relationship was strong enough until now."

History of wife sharing. (I previously posted on a

group 2018-07-18

One night, we all went out together, myself the ex wife, the two b*****rs and the guy from the second time we shared her, (the early cummer!). There was a pretty good sized group of us, myself and the wife, the fella from the alley and his girlfriend at the time(one of our regular friends at this point, not his girlfriend though), his b*****r, (another regular friend) as well as another couple and two more of our single male buddies. As night wore on, we all started to get pretty buzzed, bbq was blazzin and after supper, we got a good poker game going.

The Baurute Daily

group vierge 2018-07-18

You're so wet already," Marcos asked, taking my hair in his hands and pulling my head to the side. I hope someone got the shock on her face at seeing the one male writer she trusted over everyone else at this event, ready to see her fucked raw like everyone else," Marcos said with a laugh, walking over to me. My breath had become ragged after awhile, and I could barely see anything as light continued to flash all around me, taking pictures of my face when I cringed, capturing my breasts as they jiggled around from my bouncing body, and my spread eagle pussy, dripping with cum.


Wish Cums True Pt. 04: Wife Takes Adv

group Bender_is_Great 2018-07-18

After a few steps I was face to face with him on the edge of the locker room and Point Guard and Center were looking on and Small Forward was packing up his bag with his back to me. I began to time my strokes with Shooting Guard's strokes so in effect he'd be shoving Center's cock in my mouth with each thrust. He started to rhythmically thrust his hips ever so slightly on each down stroke and after a few more seconds, he grabbed the back of my head with his left hand and pulled his cock out of my mouth and began jerking it while his low moan turned into an almost roar.

my hot wife and her boytoy lee

group dusty48180 2018-07-18

Peggy had told me about his cock the lat time he dropped by at a late night bonfire and she fucked him in front of another friend. He then leaned over and slid a finger in next to lees cock while peggy was beginning a climax. I then dropped to my knees and sucked on his big thick cock as he fingered Peggys pussy. Then Lee began groaning and moaning as he was obviously enjoying have Joes finger on his ass and next to his cock. Joe then removed his finger and watched as Lee slid out revealing his gorgeous crooked cock. Lee sat there stroking his cock back to life and then stood next to the edge and steered his cock to my lips as Joe fucked Peggy, I sucked lee.