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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Lust Filled Aspirations Ch. 06

group sothickwidit 2018-07-18

I turned the corner near the park that Jase and I sometimes played basketball at. I pulled into my usual parking spot that was near the end of the basketball court and shut my truck off. "Man, let's play!" he said, pulling his shirt off and tossing it to the far right side of the court. After about an hour of competing with each other, Jase and I walked over to the bench near the parking lot and I sat down. I mean, I can't lie, I'm feeling her and wanting whatever she has to offer but girls like Giselle don't want anything serious, they just want to have fun." Now that was the truth. Giselle never made me think she wanted anything serious.

Rabbit Fun

group splodger 2018-07-18

Lindsey used her own hands to open the entrance to her pussy, allowing Collette to take the shaft of the vibrator, tease the entrance to her cunt for a while, run it back and forth over the slippery outer lips and ease it into the very wet tunnel. Collette withdrew the rabbit through the lips of her vulva, taking the soaking shaft and easing it in and out of Lindsey's anal sphincter, gently in then carefully out, until the rear passage was well opened and could take the whole of the vibrator without trouble. I want to feel you come with my cock inside your arse." As he continued to stroke her Lindsey had taken control of the rabbit and was frantically fucking herself, occasionally licking Collette's vaginal lips to aid John's back and forth rutting into the other woman's anus.


Wife Gives In

group HHMann 2018-07-18

Oh my God, NO!!» Anja ignored her and kept sucking on her breasts, and I think my cock jumped watching her hand slide down Natasha's tummy to her naked pussy. After Natasha's second orgasm, Anja kissed her way up my wife's body. Next thing I knew, Anja crawled up my wife's body and hooked her legs under Natasha's shoulders. Anja was focused on my wife's pussy, running her hand between Natasha's legs and, judging from the look on my wife's face, fingering her good! When I went back into the bedroom I found my wife sprawled on the bed, her back arched in mid-orgasm, and Anja between her legs with at least 3 fingers thrusting into Natasha, and her mouth clamped on my wife's clit.

The Eye of the Hurricane Ch. 03

group LeMondial 2018-07-18

I need your hot mouth to do a little work." She rose, steadying herself on my legs and then my trunk, took my hand and turned to the king sized bed. A rather extraordinary woman I thought, but in truth all conscious thought was beginning to leave me as I gazed on her parted pussy lips, glistening with wetness and then was suddenly overcome by the heady scent of the desire coming from between her legs. Now after teasing her a bit, my mouth rested on her mons and my two fingers began to massage the swollen sides of her pussy lips on either side of her clit.

Party of Four Ch. 02

group Raynne 2018-07-18

I laughed and said: "Only at first, sometimes, but then it feels really good, especially if another hot cock is in my other hole." Dustin smiled and pinched my thigh playfully. "You want me to fuck you?" Dustin asked as his fingers replaced Steve's, rubbing my natural lube all over my cheeks and holes. "We are gonna stick this into your wet little pussy while we take turns fucking your ass, Raynne," Said Tom. What a dirty idea! Dustin watched as Steve lubed up my ass and Tom started to slide the fake cock up into my hole. He screamed and moaned with me while he fucked, and the fake cock slowly started sliding out of my ass.

Life Lessons

group PinkIris 2018-07-18

As Sam and Jake set down the pizza and beer on the counter, Craig grabbed Nina close and gave her a hot kiss. Sam had pulled his t shirt over his head and dropped it to the floor, his muscles rippling as he walked over to join the cuddle he said, "Girl we been watchin' you for years, just waiting for the time when we could get in your pants." He laid a hand on her bare ass and gave a little squeeze. I may not get any pussy if Jake takes too long I'm gonna blow down her throat," Craig wheezed, his hands in Nina's hair, guiding his prick in and out of her mouth.


First bisex encounter

group jps4444 2018-07-18

She took J's cock out of her mouth just long enough to say "fuck me harder and cum in my cunt" before pushing it back between her lips and sucking it like a whore. With the fingering and licking it had already received, the cock head slid in easily and after a couple of thrusts Michael was all the way in, his balls pressed against J’s, “Oh God yes” coming from her husband’s mouth. When he withdrew and rolled over, she climbed on top of him and took the semi hard, spunk covered cock in her mouth again, licking and sucking every bit of fluid from it before turning her attention to her husband's ass.

Private Party

group LiquidPearl 2018-07-18

I let Jesse's cock slide out of my mouth and just lay there, gasping and panting at the delicious wetness of David's tongue lapping the length of my swollen cunt. As David began to slowly move in and out, I slid my mouth down over Jesse's throbbing member, swirling my tongue around the velvet flesh as he gasped and moaned, his hands gently guiding my head up and down faster and faster as his orgasm became imminent. David reached around and slid his fingers between my sopping wet lips, stroking my rigid clit as it pulsed and shivered its way through one of the hardest orgasms I'd ever had.

Out-of-town Visit Ch. 02

group ninalee312 2018-07-18

"You're beautiful," Jin whispered breathlessly as she leaned up to meet Lisa's parted lips, using her other hand to pull her hips towards her body, rounding over her ass and grasping lightly at the fabric of Lisa's dress, until her hand felt the bare skin of her ass heating her hand directly. The thought of his hard cock and where she most desperately wanted to feel it penetrate in her pushed her to be more aggressive with Lisa, sliding up between her spread legs while pulling her dress down to expose her chest, the small curve of her breasts and pink pencil-sized nipples inviting her to suck on them with abandon.


Penny's Second Day

group Pleasurist 2018-07-18

Both the guide and Mrs Johnson couldn’t help but admire Penny’s creamy pink cunt and both couldn’t resist a little lick and clit rub. Bridget the guide had just taken the plug out of her arse and made Penny lick it clean and was about to re-insert it into Penny when Mrs Johnson said no. Mrs Johnson gently twisted the butt plug in Penny’s arse and it was enough stimulation to make her cum soiling Mr Johnson’s trousers with her ejaculate. Mr Johnson then announced Penny had completed her first day at finishing school and had mastered anal cum slut training with an A and for her homework she was to be anally gang banged until her arse was over flowing with semen.

Three Days in Arcadia Ch. 03

group becky23kiss 2018-07-18

Brad was nothing if not confidant, and couldn't conceive of a possible world where Rebecca wouldn't give him the chance to put his cock in that perfect ass of hers. As she did so, Inga raised her head momentarily from Brad's cock, and turned her head to glance over with a slightly challenging look in her eyes. Brad grimaced in displeasure as his cock flopped out of her mouth, and was about to speak when Rebecca stepped closer and got there first. He had no idea where this was going, and if it was going to end with him banging Rebecca, but either way he liked how it was shaping up - it was going to be interesting no matter what!

Me and Wife at the Holiday Inn

group quutoo 2018-07-18

Clarence took a look at the credentials displayed there and just went on to the next person in line behind us as Lisa and i were led to a small room by the man from the train. "Well now look at that I have both the sweet little married people sucking on my cock," he started to laugh more as I showed Lisa how to get the cock head in her mouth. I took Gibbons finger and brought it between my wife's leg's, "She liked to have her cunt finger fucked while she's sucking cock," I told him. Then to Gibbons I said, "Looks like she is loving your big cock down her throat," Lisa was now swallowing half of his length.


Crossroads Part 2 (fiction)

group michaella_cd 2018-07-18

At some time Alice and Rachel moved their heads close together to share a juicy bit of gossip and I looked down at to female heads above my sex. "Don't talk to me about that Mike" Alice said with some concern "That phone call was to let me know the police are stopping a lot of cars tonight near where I live, I should be okay with what I have had to drink, but "a" I don't want to get stopped just in case and "b" I didn't bring a change of clothes so it could get a bit awkward". Alice looked deep into Rachel's eyes and said lets make some rosé wine and with that they both took a sip of their wine and then went into a hot and sexy passionate kiss.

Are You Sure?

group Darkinside 2018-07-18

"If we go, there's no undoing it," she told him, and she watched his face intently, making sure the words were getting through, studying him to insure there was enough blood going to his brain. And the more we talked, the more excited I got, the more I started to imagine it ..." Once again her words trailed off, and she studied him for his reaction, but he seemed frozen, and she had a flash of fear that they would not go through with it, they would go home, have wild sex and shout their fantasies at each other as they wailed in passion, as they had done for months now.

Mai and Lucky Meet the Neighbors

group Conrad Simon 2018-07-18

The woman, a tall good looking redhead, with an incredible body, called to us: "C'mon in if you want to join us." We shed our towels and got in, watching for a few minutes as she fucked one and sucked the other. "She's very good looking", Mai said as we lay in bed, out of our robes, her body stretched out, a tired languid look in her eyes, smiling as I rubbed her lovely feet. Sometimes Billie or Mai would say or do something that would prompt Ginger and me to share a glance, usually with our eyes rolling or trying to cover a smile or suppress a laugh. "Mai, I'll talk to you in a bit." They shared a smile and I thought I saw a conspiratorial look pass between them before Ginger left.


Taking Control

group each_to_each 2018-07-18

My back was to the rest of the bar, and the barman was down the other end, so I was fairly sure nobody knew what was going on, but the knowledge that I was in a room with so many other people while a man I just met played with my pussy was making me even more turned on. Each time my orgasm started to fade, a thrust from Will's fingers renewed its vigour, leaving me moaning on the bed as the sensation gripped my entire body. I licked from the base of James' shaft to the head, then wet my lips and took his cock in my mouth. James' hands gripped my hips, pulling me onto him, and Will gasped each time my mouth encircled the head of his cock. With that, James started hammering into me, his cock going deep into my cunt.

Neighbors Across the Park Ch. 04

group still_goin 2018-07-18

It felt wonderful, especially when his cock head pushed against the top of my pussy and I could feel it pushing at the balance point where it could go in or slide up and over my clit; then the time came when it slid in just the slightest little bit. Slowly Randy slid in but he didn't go in to the end—only about three inches and then he pulled back until he could feel the lips of his cock head come to the inside of her pussy's sphincter. "Quit your bitchin'," Randy panted even as he started to give Anne another inch, now pumping in and out with five inches of still rock hard erect banana curved cock, its red head glowing in the dark cunt that it was plundering.


In Days of Olde Ch. 09

group Leetah 2018-07-18

As much as she would love to take the girl and cut her throat at that very moment, she would gain much more enjoyment knowing that Flower was suffering in body and mind at the hands of the man who had taken her village from her in the first place. Storm moved to join them, taking the girl's other breast in her mouth, and teasing it with her tongue. Holding tightly to Flower, Storm felt her cousin's cock as it slid over her, getting coated with wetness, then she felt him parting the other girl's ass cheeks. She felt Water's mouth moving between her pussy, and up to Flower's as Lynx slid into the tight star of the girl's ass, slowly burying himself to the hilt in her.

Meeting My Best Friend Down Under Ch. 02

group littlemissysweet 2018-07-18

Marcus's hands were running up and down my arms and hips as he continued to kiss his way around my neck and grind his now obviously hard cock into my ass. Luke lifted his mouth from mine for a second and then guided my body around so that I was facing Marcus. Marcus lifted his mouth from my chest, turned his head to give Luke a long passionate kiss and then broke away to whisper something into his ear. Luke groaned, grabbing a fist full of Marcus's hair and began bucking his hips, forcing Marcus to continue to take the large cock deep into his mouth. As my orgasm subsided, Marcus lifted his head and shifted his body so that his hard cock lined up with my pussy.

My first threesome when I was 18

group 2018-07-18

I had these men sitting so near me, stroking my legs and my shoulders and neck, telling me dirty jokes, and I was feeling nice and warm inside after I drank half of my first drink (doesn't take much to make me d***k) and I could smell these men, smell their skin and they smelled good to me. After letting him give me a world-class licking all over, I wanted to give it back to him...loved his cock with my mouth for a good long time, sucked on his balls and got him so nice and slippery with my spit, had him lie down on the bed with his legs spread so I could toss his salad.

The Castaways Ch. 02

group castawaydave 2018-07-18

At one point I went over to where Bob was returning from a natures call, I told him I was beginning to think that we were going to be stranded here for a long time and we needed to do something for ourselves, we needed to shift into survival mode and take charge of our situation and make the best of it. Untie them and I'll be right back!" With that said she went in the hut as Sue and Sarah untied us and Sonia had us get on our knees facing away from each other, as she whacked our asses with a ling thin stick.


Ms. Marca Ch. 10

group Ms. Marca 2018-07-18

The two men looked at each other in amazement as she moaned and began to hump back on the water and in a low voice said "Oh my god, yes Oh YES!" Marca was getting the same feeling she would get from her water pix when she uses it during her shower, I'm going to go off oh god I can feel it coming. She moved her left hand higher up the big black guy leg to get a better hold as she tried to hump back more to caught the nozzle in her pussy, she wanted it up her just like her water pix.

Husband's Coercion

group mitchawa 2018-07-18

Little did Seva know how much her life would change when she was introduced to Hugh Hoffman. Following a number of pictures he said, "Now drop the sheet to the top of your shoulder." He took more shots, and told her to lower the sheet an inch at a time. Seva was not tempted by any of the many propositions she was offered during her four years in college, because she was in love and her sex life with Bill was what she'd always wanted. Seva was a stay at home mom, and she loved being a mother, content with breast feeding, changing diapers, going through all the illnesses and emotional trauma of raising children, while at the same time cleaning house, doing laundry, and cooking.


The Birthday Surprise

group bondage_fetish 2018-07-18

Chris watched in amazement as Laura began to kiss Jen's lower stomach while Jen continued to whimper and run her fingers through Laura's long blonde hair. Laura got down on her knees and began to lick Jen's clit while shoving two fingers deep inside of her pussy. Chris began to jerk his cock to get hard again while his girlfriend continued to eat her best friend's pussy. "Laura, I want to taste you," Chris said suddenly, and pulled out of Jen. He laid down on his back, and Jen stopped licking Laura. She got off him and slid down on the bed over to Jen. She began to lick the spot where Jen's pussy and Chris' cock met.