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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The New Beginning

group ohgirl1 2018-11-23

Mikey had given me his permission to return to my lifelong profession as an e****t, even allowing me to become fulltime, so that I could quench my sexual appetite, but I had been currently fucking and sucking a large number of men each day and getting high every night. I had tried to deny my arousal at seeing Shawn’s cock explode on my daughter’s face, but my sexual addiction had overpowered my mind and soon I was enjoying his long, black cock in my cunt as I gripped the sheets and moaned out, just as my daughter had 10 minutes prior.


group mranonymous7 2018-11-23

Travis and I, now both naked, I laid on the bed and said, “Ok time for you to return the favor.” I spread my legs as far as they would go and asked, “Do you want to taste my sweet pussy?” Travis sat up, put the head of his cock on my pussy lips and said, “Tell your husband to tell me to fuck you.” So Charles came over and looked down at my swollen pussy lips and Travis's cum dripping out of me, that’s all it took. As I lay on the bed, Travis now dressed shook Charles’s hand and kissed me gently on the lips and said, “I’d love to meet up again.”


My Maria Scene 6

group frogprince 2018-11-23

She was lying there smiling and giggling, moving her head around, her breasts heaved with every excited breath, her hips moved up and down as if she were having sex, her legs spread revealing her hot wet pussy glistening in the light from the window. Maria took the silk scarf and tied Olivia’s wrists together and then to the bed frame above her head. Maria sat on Olivia’s face putting her pussy against her mouth. I put two fingers deep inside her and she stopped moving while a small orgasm took hold of her body. We were banging so hard the bed was shaking and Maria was getting bounced on Olivia’s hungry mouth.

Twenty-five Year Old Virgin (part four)

group Green_Man 2018-11-23

We did manage to get to classes and get passable grades, but our focus now was eating pussy, sucking cock and fucking, hard and long. I wanted some of the hairy pussy that Beth had been diddling while I fucked Mandy's asshole. Beth would love to eat some of that pussy of yours Mandy. Mandy wrapped her hands in her new lover's hair and moved Beth's face to her yearning cunt. I could see that Beth's pussy was dripping come juice down her luscious thighs so I knew she was lubed and ready for a hard cock. It did my heart good to see Mandy pull up her legs, get on her knees, and start to lick Beth's pussy from behind, along with giving her a rim job.

Down in Mexico

group HappyInTN 2018-11-23

Each night upon hitting the room I would smother the moist, wet lips between Lindy’s legs with my mouth as she would quickly engulf my cock in her mouth, until we both came with gusto. Paul saw us moving around and I noticed he gently laid Lindy down on the bed as he continued to rub and pull her erect nipples. Lindy was on her back and Paul stood, moving next to Lindy’s head and sliding his hand down between her legs. Donna and I watched Paul’s hard cock next to Lindy’s face; she moved her head close to his cock and began to take a little at a time into her mouth. Paul pumped his hips into Lindy, moving more and more of this cock in her mouth.

The Bachelorette Party - Part 1

group NVMii 2018-11-23

"My pussy is so wet, Robert, let's take one of the empty beds, I want to fuck right now!" I liked walking along the beach and telling Robert, "Look at that couple or look over there, a threesome with one woman and two obviously bi guys. His soft cock slipped from my pussy and he sat up, looked at my cunt and saw his cum leaking down my ass crack. I'm sure one of them will have good luck and knock me up!" Jacob smiled and moved off the bed leaving me, Sarah and Robert. Robert slowly kissed his way down her body, working his finger in her pussy while rubbing her clit with his thumb.

Rachel Fucking To Make A Sale

group Scorpio2015 2018-11-23

He slowly started to fuck me, fucking me faster and faster as I moaned louder and louder, making me cum in a powerful orgasm John stopped and pulled out. Just then, John started to fuck Lauren faster, increasing in speed every time Lauren moaned, making her cum in a powerful orgasm. John put his cock back in my pussy and continued to fuck me making me cum again seconds later. John then inserted his cock into Lauren’s pussy and started fucking her making her moan loudly. As we took another break, I asked, “So John, earlier you said that Amanda is going to kill you if she found out about you fucking us.

Four Wheeling Ladies - Chapter 1

group MysticMike3204 2018-11-23

I said back, “Hope you beautiful ladies don’t mine if I take some shots while you get more comfortable,” almost drooling with my words. “Not at all, I think you will like what you see Mike,” said Gill, sliding her moist tongue across her ruby lips. “Oh yes, he does,” Kate reached for my throbbing member, she grabbed my hard shaft in her hand and Gill squeezed and cupped my cum filled balls through my shorts. “Oh my, what a big cock you have Mike, mmmmmm,” Gill said licking her lips. Both these sexy ladies were going to town, Kate taking all of my pulsing cock deep in her mouth, sucking it like a lollipop and Gill touching, licking and sucking my smooth balls into her streaming mouth.


A Divorce For Christmas

group Gabrielsbabygirl 2018-11-23

I have a pretty good buzz going and Bob can see I am starting to loosen up a lot, so he leaves for a few minutes and comes back with a bag then says, "For the second part of our evening, why don't you go change into what is in this bag?” the way he looks in my eyes when he talks to me is a real turn on for me, I can't say no to him. I decided it was time to have a little fun, I start giving Craig a lap dance, which quickly gets Bob and Jeff's attention.

Boys and Girls and Boys, Part II

group BrandyWynne 2018-11-23

I didn’t look at him, knowing he wasn’t completely comfortable with what was happening, and concentrated on Roger. Barry opened his eyes and looked at me, then at Roger. I noticed that Roger was a bit more forceful with Barry, holding his head and moving it where he wanted. Barry was moving faster on Roger’s cock and I could tell that Roger was very close. Barry’s cries began again until Roger yelled, coming hard, thrusting his impressive dick into Barry to the hilt. Barry immediately pulled out of me and I cried out “No!” in protest, but Roger was immediately filling Barry’s place. “But not like this,” Roger said and yet again, my nice cock was pulled out of me.

Cary Complete

group aldenbradley 2018-11-23

When Andrea finished, she said, “Welcome to our family, darling.” She kissed her on the cheek and actually gave her breast a little squeeze. “I guess I need to make sure you know,” Andrea told my wife, “we don’t do pain, scat, watersports, or anything like that.” “I’m going to put the blindfold on now, Cary,” Andrea said. “I’m right here, darling,” I told her, “And I love watching you like this.” “Can you feel the love, darling?” Andrea asked her. Cary groaned, as Andrea gently pulled Rich away from her attentive mouth. “We all want you to love it, Cary, just like we do,” Andrea said. Cary, Denise, Jennifer and Rachel are my sisters, and I love them.

Test Driving Wendy - Part One

group stockingsandgarters 2018-11-23

During a beautiful, warm Indian Summer week in late September Melanie called Steve, Jake's cousin of Airtight Night fame, and invited him and his wife Wendy to join us, along with Jake and Sue, our neighbours, best friends and extended family, for dinner on the upcoming Saturday night. Just as Steve was telling Jake how much he was looking forward to sticking his dick up Sue's ass while she was wearing that sexy rainbow dress the lady herself came strolling back into the kitchen, clearly having heard every word. Melanie now had her head down on her arms, but was otherwise still in the same doggy-style position, with Jake still just moving gently in and out an inch at a time while teasing her tits, which now had inch-long, rock hard nipples.

Bisexual Black Policeman

group Samuelx 2018-11-23

A six-foot-six, 240-pound former U.S. Marine and Boston City Police Sergeant who happens to have an open mind and a twelve-inch, uncut black super cock. Marianne sucked on my big black cock while Luther licked my ass. Man, having Marianne sucking my dick while her husband Luther licked my ass was definitely turning me on. A few moments later, Luther did some joyfully solo screaming as he came in his wife's mouth, thanks to her expert cock sucking. Taking twelve inches of hard black dick up your ass isn't easy, whether you're a man or woman. I parted from the wonderful, and pleasurable company of Luther and Marianne, the friendly, and sexually adventurous Jewish couple from Milton.

Introduction of Katie

group EnjoyBoth 2018-11-23

When it was time to go and let Holly, Nick, Sandra and Dennis get ready for their night out, I gave Katie a kiss on the cheek to let her know I needed to move. Katie’s body shivered as Jennifer and Jerry slowly ran their hands up her inner thighs to her sweet spot, teasing her each time without penetrating. As the DVD showed Tom slowly pulling his massive cock from Jess’s man pussy, Jennifer must have slid Katie’s panties aside. Jennifer jumped up and darted for the bar where the video camera sat and came back telling Katie not to move because she wanted to capture the moment the cum began dripping from her pussy and ass.

Black Muslim Swingers Association

group Samuelx 2018-11-23

Rashid Muhammad whimpered as I thrust my cock up his tight Black ass, much to the delight of Azizah Jones, who cheered me on as I fucked her husband in the ass. Azizah moved to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, to be with her husband Rashid Muhammad, a Black man of Somali descent whom she met in the City of Toronto a while ago. Man, this big Black dude was seriously lucky to have a gorgeous wife like Azizah who's okay with him being bisexual and all. Next, Azizah got on all fours and Rashid eased his cock into her pussy while I fucked her in the ass. Rashid and I slammed our cocks into Azizah's holes, making the big sexy Black lady scream.


I Gave My Husband A Threesome He will Never Forget

group scy20 2018-11-23

It was only minutes later that I began to orgasm all over my husband’s big cock as I cried out, “Oh, God!” over and over. A few seconds later Nick pulled his big cock out of my wet cunt and turned his attention toward Amanda. I began to move Nick’s hard cock back and forth across the lips of Amanda’s wet pussy as she cried out into extreme excitement. She was now close to a massive orgasm as I flicked my tongue hard across her swollen clit a number of times as my husband’s big cock tortured her swollen pussy. I quickly grabbed a hold of my husband’s big cock and said to Amanda, “You want my husband to cum all over your face!

Black Studs Crave Strapons Too

group Samuelx 2018-11-23

The Massachusetts Commonwealth University Department of Athletics sponsors Men's Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Tennis, Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, Archery, Fencing, Gymnastics, Rowing, Sailing, Wrestling, Ice Hockey, Football, Lacrosse, Water Polo, Rifle and Rugby. For female student-athletes they have Women's Intercollegiate Softball, Basketball, Rugby, Soccer, Swimming, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey, Gymnastics, Fencing, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Wrestling, Water Polo, Rifle, Rowing, Sailing, Pistol, Equestrian and Archery. A video featuring sexy black women fucking white guys in the ass with strap on dildos. I watched as Shaw and Rachel did their thing while Ramona went to work on me. Shaw sat down, his eyes closed as Rachel sucked on his big Latino cock. Rachel screamed like a woman possessed as Shaw filled her ass with his cock.

Brett and Amber - Part III

group NVMii 2018-11-23

I was sure Brett liked seeing me fucked hard, another man's cock spurting cum deep in me. I looked at Brett, his eyes showing surprise that such a large black cock fit so nicely in his pretty white wife. Brett was still watching when fifteen minutes later, Harold pulled his now semi-limp cock from my pussy. I must have slept soundly, I dreamt Brett was fucking me, but it felt like Harold's black cock was in me. If he asks if I said anything, tell him this, “His big black cock was the best cock I have ever been fucked by, and I'm looking forward to the day it is again buried deep it in my cunt.”

The Boys of Summer

group tonidelasalle 2018-11-23

Stan’s shorter but thicker dick pressed between my ass cheeks as his hands gripped and massaged my tits. I felt full of man and worried a little that I wouldn’t be able to feel Brett’s in my sweet vagina when Stan was done. As I sank his dick into my mouth, I could feel Stan starting to work his thick prick into my anus. I wrapped a hand around the base and licked his throbbing head like a lollipop. He groaned his pleasure as I took the head into my mouth and sucked, the heady mixture of the tastes of ass and semen seeping into my mouth.

Dirty truck stop group fun

group laradirtygirl 2018-11-23

After a few seconds he began to ride my ass, pain soon gave way to pleasure as he fucked my tight brown hole deep and hard, every so often he would pull his cock all the way out showing my gaping asshole to the other drivers before thrusting himself back inside me. Watching this proved to much for the driver giving me the mammoth ass fucking and he pulled out, leaving my ass gaping wide open, before thrusting his cock into my face, I forced his helmet into my mouth and began to suck him for all I was worth.

Sarah Goes Dogging

group njdom 2018-11-23

I'd been once before, and had loved seeing a queue of men by my car window, all looking in at me and all wanking....wanting me to stroke them or even suck them. Rather than just making men cum from the driver’s seat, you could really have fun if you went to a quiet area away from the cars. I'd seen a German woman on a sex site called XNXX who went dogging and seemed to love this sort of sex, several men taking turns with her. One thing she loved, was to make as many men as possible cum over her breasts and her face, something I was also enjoying now. I also have no idea how many men came over me, but my face, hair and breasts were covered in cum.

Pam Sandwich

group Jaymal 2018-11-23

We can’t come here on a day like today and not go for a swim.’ Patrick and Aiden were transfixed as Pamela brought her fingertips to the straps of her dress and coyly pushed them off her pale shoulders. Patrick and Aiden did not even do their mutual checking glance this time, they just plunged ahead into the clear, sharply cool pond and strong-armed their way through the water in pursuit. Call it an Earth Day present.’ She drew them both to her again and gave Aiden, then Patrick a moist, lingering, open-mouthed kiss, letting her tongue tantalise just a little between each guy’s lips. Aiden stared on at the sight of his brother’s strong back straining, his well-developed buttocks flexing tight, as he plunged his cock hard into the wildly moaning Pamela.

An Ordinary Couple - conclusion

group pandsal 2018-11-23

Harold and Charmian are not swingers, but every now and then they like to spice up their sex life by letting another couple watch while they fuck. He had seen what Charmian and I hadn’t noticed while anticipating the grand finale: Laura had slumped in her chair, half reclining, her skirt raised and her hand gliding inside the white knickers. “Yes, but the idea wouldn’t go away,” Harold said, “and after a lot of failures with time wasters, we made contact in a chat room with a couple who seemed like us. I’ve seen her do this when Harold was fucking her earlier and I sense that she is willing herself into the final phase, feeling the tongue and fingers charting the path to fulfillment, picturing in her mind Laura’s head nestling between her legs.


group Cephas 2018-11-23

There was a long, tense moment; Felicia grinning satanically, Melanny covering her mouth, Lance feeling a conflicting mix of pleasure and horror, and Kellsey lost in what seemed like absolute bliss. As they worked their gentle ministrations on his cock, Lance felt his balls start boiling; Felicia immediately recognized the warning signs, and locked her lips right around his head; sucking as strong as he could while flicking his bano string with her tongue. Kellsey was just focused on the cum in Felicia’s mouth; but Felicia started to caress and fondle the innocent girl, slipping one  hand into her shirt and another up and under her modest black skirt. He barely noticed when the girls switched, Felicia impaling herself on his cock while Melanny sat on his face and Kellsey licked and slurped at his balls.