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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hotel Californication Ch. 04

group Many Feathers 2018-07-18

"I don't know...kind of hard to beat last night, that's for damn sure!" Carol quipped, reaching out to place her hand on the back of Pete's head, pressing him a bit more firmly against herself as he drew my wife's clit between his lips, gently chewing and sucking it. Marsha now jacking off her husband's cock, Steven taking delight in aiming it directly against my wife's juicy wide-open split as moment's later, he add his cream to the mix, dousing my wife's hard succulent clit, which one of the gals then began massaging more directly, working it specifically for her like that, driving Carol nuts as she did.


bathroom break

group 9carteam 2018-07-18

I feel your hand on the back of my head, pushing your dick deeper and deeper into my mouth, but when I feel your other hand stroking my hard nipple, I realize that isn’t possible in this position, and my eyes fly open only to find the waitress that I had picked out! I look up to see your eyes wide with surprise, but also I can tell just how turned on you are and as I continue sucking your hard cock, you reach over and untie her uniform shirt, and unfasten her bra, making those wonderful tits spill out.

Bucket List Dream

group tdallyn 2018-07-18

As one person said, "Sex and romance are not the same thing." It was an eye-opening realization for Sandra and me, and we were coming to appreciate the truth of that perspective. I didn't have any time to think any more about that (not that I was capable of much higher brain function at that point) before Jada began to drop her mouth back down onto my rigid cock. In what seemed like a few minutes, Elaine gave my cock one last tug with her hands and mouth before stopping to look up at me. Jada kept going on me for a few more minutes, but it wasn't long before she stopped and picked up the drink that she had left on the bar.


Breeding my wife 2

group mwm4cuck 2018-07-18

That evening Jen comes home to tell me she told Meagan about the whole pregnancy scare, and that we have been kinda swinging with a couple of black guys! Jen said that Meagan seemed interested in our little parties that we have and wanted to maybe watch with me on the next one, " so what do you think? The guys get here a little late but Jen was still up stairs, so I let them in and greet Ernest, I tell them to strip down to their boxers in the dinning room and leave all phones and shit in there , then come to the living room. Meagan leans over and says "what the fuck, she just let him cum in her, she really isn't on the pill you know right?"

Poker Night Pt. 01

group ACTDrew 2018-07-18

I knew what I wanted and it was to be exposed to the full 6 of them as much as I could so to make sure Alan was on side I started to open his fly and play with his cock, saying, "You are OK with me being the sexy waitress aren't you baby?" Alan had nagged me all our time that he wanted to try this and was blown away, saying, "god if this is what it was going to be like now I'll let you be naked each game." Again the night was amazing, I teased and made sure everyone got as much of a view as possible and when the boys left they again enjoyed a good feel, this time I told Alan to be there to see what they did.


My Girlfriend's Girlfriend

group Archer2050 2018-07-18

Helping that fantasy was that I knew Sara had kissed girls before when she was really drunk a few times, though it had never gotten farther than that. So the whole time her and Sara were here, Cheryl would've expected me to come in at any moment. Sara knew I could see her tits, and that I had watched her play with them with my own dick out and raging. The height of the bed put my dick right in her eye line, and she watched it come closer to her until my bulbous head was just inches away from her face. By getting with Sara right next to her, Cheryl would know I thought she'd be okay with it, and I wasn't trying to hurt her.

Milwaukee cuckhold vacation

group toothmedic 2018-07-18

About 10 minutes later she called and said, "just so you know I took the do not disturb sign off the door, but I don't think housekeeping will come in anymore today, of course I could call them and ask them to." Before I could say anything she had hung up. Judy said, "I hope you don't mind doing it in front of him." Damon said, not at all he can listen and learn." I heard clothes coming off and Judy came over and took my hand and said, "I just want you to feel what 10 inches feels like." I'll be honest it felt huge, I was thinking there is no way she will fit this in.

A Weekend of Games

group drdan 2018-07-18

The next hand Vickie drew an Ace the first card, Peggy pulled a 5, Carl a 6, Cindy pulled another 5, I pulled a Jack then Richard pulled a third 5. I looked back and saw Carl reach over and squeeze Vickie’s big breasts while Cindy was trying to fit Richard’s fat cock into her mouth. Peggy looked at the clock and said: “It is 10 till 8, we better get this over with as we do not want to be late for the breakfast game.” With that she pushed me over onto my back, straddled me and impaled her self as deep as she could get on my cock.

My Sex Life Ch. 21

group Slutty_Julie 2018-07-18

It didn't take me long to cum and I was gagging to be fucked good and hard but I knew it would be a while before George's cock was ready for that so I just let him carry on licking and I enjoyed every orgasmic second of it. As we kissed, my tongue probing his mouth, I ground my pussy against his hard cock, rubbing my clit against him until the friction almost made me cum again. Eventually we rolled over and George began to fuck me in earnest, pounding my pussy and filling me with his cock; sweat dripping from his face on to my tits as we drove each other onwards.


The Shower Ch. 05

group MungoParkIII 2018-07-18

The guys watched as Alicia slid her hand down between Jean's legs placing her palm on her panties, pressing them against her pussy. Jason and Jean watched, while slowly fucking each other, as Alicia moaned loudly and came. Jason felt the sensations of Jean's pussy sliding over his cock as he watch his best friend's cock slide in and out of his wife's pussy. With seeing Alicia getting fucked by Bob and the sensations he felt from Jean's pussy Jason was getting close to coming, so when Jean began to move up and down as her orgasm subsided, he knew he was close. Bob suddenly moaned loudly and arched his back, pushing his cock deep into Alicia's pussy, spurting his cum inside her.


The Story of Love Pt. 04

group SparkleKitty 2018-07-18

I worried that my thoughts could be read - that I felt that if I showed any signs of unease, Miss Akemi would know that I wanted to leave. Obediently, I took his penis in my mouth and, not wanting the tall man to feel left out, took his erect penis in my hand and began to gently stroke it. The fat man put his hands behind his head and began to thrust his hips, moving his penis into and out of my mouth. The thought of leaving Reiko pained me, but I also knew she had many responsibilities that kept her very busy so that she couldn't give me the love that I wanted from her.

Good Girls Go to Heaven Ch. 04

group YourLittleAngelle 2018-07-18

"If I hadn't dragged you, kicking and screaming, to that festival, you wouldn't have ever met Jacob, and I'd still have to deal with your sexually frustrated ass." Christie folded her arms, looking at her friend and roommate with soft eyes. "That color looks fabulous on you!" Amber exclaimed as Christie finally left her room, the pale lavender silk of her dress moving light as air around her like a couture cloud. However, Christie suspected it wasn't just Sophie's art pieces and winning personality that got her works introduced at lavish opening night exhibitions. Where as Dahlia's makeup was light and minimalist, Sophie was theatrically beautiful, and when Christie's eyes met Jacob's, they knew what the other was thinking and both grinned.


Fun on a hot summer's day

group fotisampini 2018-07-18

You walked over to me and took my hand and rubbed it across your hard cock bulging in your pants. I turned around and Tim was standing there with his cock in his hand saying he thought my breast were beautiful and walked closer to us. I started sucking it while Tim's was just within reach and I was stroking his hard cock and balls. Tim stepped closer to my mouth and I went from your cock to his cock and started sucking away. You bend me over and slide your cock into my pussy and tell Tim how wet and warm it was. It was turning you on watching me suck another man's cock as you fucked my wet hot pussy.

The Chair Ch. 39

group Rickd_1960 2018-07-18

This motion made it difficult for the redhead to keep her fingers on Samantha's lips and soon two of her fingers slipped inside the brunette's wet pussy for the first time. The redhead also licked at the brunette's wet pussy lips as she moved her one leg over Samantha's head. As he continued fucking the redhead, Samantha began licking both of them at the point where his cock entered her pussy. Wanting them both to climax at the same time, the redhead inserted a second finger up Samantha's asshole and began fucking her ass with her fingers as she continued to lick her pussy. Samantha, with her finger still up his ass, was excited when his cum began gushing out of the redhead's pussy and dripping on her chin.


In The Office Ch. 04

group Rieper400 2018-07-18

Adrian slid his cock out of her, got up and started stroking Mandy's huge tits while Kim watched and stroked her body. "Stick it in her," she told Adrian eagerly, grabbed his hips and gently pulled him towards Mandy, causing his dick to slide into her pussy a bit and her to make a surprised yelp. Kim stood on Mandy's right side facing Adrian, watching gleefully as he fucked her. Almost simultaneously, they lowered their bodies, gasping the moment Adrian's member entered Kim and he started licking Mandy's clit. Mandy leaned forward as Adrian grabbed her buttocks and started making out with the Kim, their tongues swirling around each other in their mouths.

Birthday Surprise

group 21daysago 2018-07-18

I kissed and that is when the woman moved in with both hands and rubbed my wife's body over her dress, down to the bottom of it and up her thigh. The woman stood, kissed my wife deep and said, "Thank you," then went back to dancing for him. Then she put her hand back on my wife's crotch and began to slowly rub her across the hair at the top and down between her legs...very softly and gently. Using her hands, the woman guided my hard cock into my wife, who arched, taking me in deep. The woman bent forward, her long hair falling across my wife's legs and began to lick and suck her clit as I was buried deep inside her.

Couples Therapy Ch. 02

group bowhunter5670 2018-07-18

She told me to just sit there and watch and learn because she thinks Renee will open up and relax with a woman more right now than a man because of her trust issues with men. Karen asked Renee how she was doing and she replied, “ that feels good and its soothing and exciting at the same time. They continued kissing with all the passion of great lovers, as Renee kept moaning and responding to the vibrator going in circles around her clit. Before Renee could relax, Karen pulled away from her mouth and went straight to her clit with her tongue, leaving the toy vibrating her G spot.

Don the Degenerate Doorman: Apt. 9D

group rutger5 2018-07-18

The maid's taut hamstrings were the next body parts to receive the sweet kiss of the crop from her mistress and after Diana had left her mark there it was Blanca's back that soon bore the brunt. Blanca seemed determined to follow her mistress' word to the letter and no sooner had Diana said that then I felt the maid's tongue wriggling against the sensitive underside of my cock. By the time Diana returned with a martini glass in each hand Blanca was making gasping sounds from the rough mouth fucking she was receiving and there was a small pool of saliva forming beneath on the polished wood floor.


Naughty d***ken Claire Part 2

group claiirre 2018-07-18

I slowly started to ride him feeling the full length of his cock inside me on every downward movement, it wasn’t long before he was moaning and saying I’m going to cum in a bit, so I lifted myself off him and bent over again wanking and sucking and playing with his tight balls until I felt him blast his hot cum into my mouth’ I stood up swallowing what was in my mouth before bending over again to clean the remainder from his cock, he said fucking hell that was great Claire thanks, I said all part of the service here sir and we laughed, I said can you do something for me now, he replied anything, anything at all, can you get my dress off the curtain rail, which he did and I said I will go get you a beer, so I slipped my dress back on and when I came out of the kitchen with his can Paul entered the lounge from the hall door naked and apologizing for being so long and stopped what he was saying when he saw the two of us dressed ………..

Love Thy Neighbors Ch. 01

group RonCabo 2018-07-18

Two couples, Brad and Roxanne Bullock and Don and Kara Brown, were in their early forties; one, Robert and Joan Crane, in their early fifties; and one, Darrel and Maude Burke, in their late fifties, early sixties—it was hard to tell. Roxanne Bullock leaned into Robert, ostensibly to talk to Peg Small on his other side, but she managed to press herself against him rather well, causing his wife, Joan, who was sitting across from him, to raise her eyebrows. Robert also took afternoon walks, and on occasion, he was out and about when Brad Bullock was coming home from work, though not as often as he seemed to catch Roxanne.


Sheila and June

group dirtyduncan 2018-07-18

June writhed beneath me pressing her cunt up to meet my cock as I thrust into her, Sheila still eagerly licking and sucking my goollies. I climbed off her and lay beside her on the bed as Sheila crawled head first between Junes legs and started eating my cum that was dribbling and oozing out of her red hairy hole. I slid down the bed and underneath Sheila so that I could start eating her pussy, as soon as I found her slit and slipped my tongue inside I realised that her cunt was dripping with her own juices. Sheila spotting me starting to stroke my stiffening rod twisted round and grabbed it in her left hand, jerking at me as she writhed with Junes oral ministrations at her hairy cunt.

Fred & Ginger - Fantasy or Reality Ch. 04

group bikerboydw 2018-07-17

Night after night, re living the memories, having deep and dark thoughts of her needs, finding her hands roaming over her body far to often now, her mind open, imagining Fred doing things she had read of others. Her mind visualised the men spraying over her as the water made her tingle, they left her looking like the shower crème had, she had to bite down hard against her lip to stifle her from screaming out in pleasure as she tapped the shower head against herself now imagining it was a hand spanking her exposed place, her body shaking and her legs almost giving way.


The Perfect Girl Times Two

group Will da Six Deuce 2018-07-17

This girl who's name was Stacy was as pretty as Tracy only she had smaller tits. Tracy and Stacy both got on their knees and opened their mouths wide. Stacy sat in front of Tracy and sucked her nipples and kissed her while she moaned and screamed. Stacy screamed and Tracy got under her and kissed her and sucked her tits and nipples. I got about 6 inches in before I said "I'm gonna cum hard girl, your asshole is so tight." Stacy said between screams "Cum in my ass big boy, I want to feel it in my booty." "These girls don't stop!", I thought as I licked Tracy's pussy and blew my cum in Stacy's mouth.

Road Trip Rest Stop

group Spankx 2018-07-17

His name was John, her’s was Laura and they said they needed a rest on their long trip as well. When we were nude from only the waist up, Laura surprised me by diving onto my nipple and sucking like a little baby while squeezing the other. Laura pulled me by my breasts over to John and placed my left nipple into his waiting mouth. John reached around and undid the lacing on my shorts and Laura pulled them away from my body. John began finger-fucking my ass while Laura teased my clitoris with a wet finger. “Come on Rick, don’t keep a girl waiting for a good ass fuck, you tease” I taunted him.