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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Vegas Threesome (1st time) Ch. 03

group EmeraldScorpio 2018-07-17

Christie and I looked at each other and rose slowly...she let one arm linger on the strap of my top, and pulled it down softly. I squeezed them together and pinched my nipples, throwing my head back and moaning as I felt Christie's soft wet tongue slide slowly in between my pussy lips and up my slit until it found my clit. My head back on a pillow, Aron approached my face from above, his huge cock couldn't wait to be in my mouth while he watched some woman we didn't know make me scream. After I came, Aron lifted his fingers out of me, and held them to Christie's mouth.

Camping 2

group loloishorny 2018-07-17

I hear mom getting fucked by this guy. Mom is rubbing my ass and sliding her fingers in my clit and pussy hole. A quick slap from him and mom is fucking my ass with her finger. The guys tells me to turn around, so he can pound my ass while I lick on moms pussy. I'm enjoying the fucking and eating moms pussy. I bend over to suck n Brian's dick, but he says he wants to lick my pussy. My legs are spread wide as Brina fucks my pussy with his tongue. I'm beginning to cum as Brian fingers my pussy. I just love how daddy licks up everyone's cum from my pussy.

Halloween Body Painted Costumes

group 2018-07-17

Linda said the way she could tell was when she saw our cocks swinging freely and got a profile look at our tits with a light behind them. Margie said she felt like running and hiding when they first got on the dance floor but that after a while she started getting turned on by the looks and smiles she was getting from both men and women. As soon as we sat down, Linda asked me if I just fucked that woman on the dance floor and I told her not exactly and that she had my cock rubbing against the outside of her pussy lips and she came.

Witches Dance

group craigool 2018-07-17

Luckily, Hannah had moved on to Camille, giving her the same hug, and I could have sworn I saw my wife wrap her hands around Hannah's big ass. Hannah hugged us both, rubbing her soft body into both of us, gently patting Nora on the ass to let her know it was time to move on. Rachel took Nora, guiding her to Wil. She rubbed her breasts on his back until he turned around, then really laid a passionate kiss on him as she started stroking his half erect prick. Rachel took Heather over to Kevin, and he looked just like a boy who found his favorite gift under the tree on Christmas. Rachel came and pulled Camille off me, and she said "Remember, whatever happens, I love you".


Best Friends Ch. 06

group Peter Duncan 2018-07-17

We sipped our hot coffee in silence until I asked, "Why did Amanda suggest that we should talk David?" His eyes were like a photographer's camera, taking shot after shot. He didn't stop at Blackthorn office, just drove around back, got out of the car, came to my door, opened it, took my hand and we walked to the same room Amanda and I had often used. I was so fucking wet that when he fell on top of me with his huge cock in his hand it was almost instantaneous that I felt his bulk stretching me, driving deep inside. David turned to me, looking at my questioning eyes and said, "Mary, I'd like for you to meet Sandor VanCleef.


The Party

group Whatsyourpleasure 2018-07-17

He starts to thrust his hips, I feel his head hit the back of my throat, squeezing with my lips as he pulls out and pushes back in a little harder each time, fucking my sweet mouth. I see you smile and hear you groan softly, looking down I see the red head hand in your crotch, rubbing your now awake hardness threw your khakis, a damp spot starting to grow where the tip rests. Your hips start to pound harder against my ass, feeling you pull out till only your tip remains in me then driving it back in as hard as you can, making my body shake.

Girl Friend's Girl Friend Gets Laid

group bee-ess 2018-07-17

What was surprising was that Tara was being slowly sucked into a lesbian affair, simply because Neera was sex hungry and wanted help to release herself from this terrible aching feeling. Then Tara walked around the bed and sat next to the bed and said “Darling just start fucking her. Tara help her hand over Neera’s mouth and said “Ram it in” “We don’t have all night. After eating Tara’s pussy I tuned Tara over and asked Neera to hold her buttocks apart while I took her back side. While Neera held Tara’s pussy lips wide open, I mounted Tara from her back and started to pump her. I roughly pulled her legs apart and said “You were masturbating while I was fucking Tara?”

Double Down Ch. 01

group Aaronnw 2018-07-17

The scene got even sexier, with clothes coming off and she turned around again and said: "She has a nice set don't you think?" I laughed and whispered: "Not as good as yours, I'll bet." "Wouldn't you like to know." she smiled. As I was feeling her up, she panted a little and said "go under." I immediately took the hint and slipped my hand under her top and over her breast encased in a lacy bra. I whispered to Sara, "take a peek at your sister and Jerry." She rose up and looked and her eyes went wide as saucers. Sara and I looked at each other and laughed and then looked over the seat at Jerry and Patsy.

Holly is taken at home

group beshakis 2018-07-17

Brian booted up his laptop, verified he had internet access using Holly's home wireless, entered his VPN login credentials and he was in. "Holly, have you ever seen something like that?" Dave said looking at her and smiling. "Damn, you got a nice body there, Holly," Dave said as he firmed his group at her sides. She tried pushing harder against him but Dave took her by the wrists and held her hands above her head against the wall as he moved his body up against hers, effectively pinning her. While Holly continued to push against Dave's right shoulder with her left hand, her right hand went to the back of his head. Holly pulled her mouth off Dave's cock and covered her tits with both arms.


A Gift Of Senses

group sirensong47 2018-07-17

My virility and reasonably well maintained body have long begun to feel the compromise of age, changes, and most can easily be sensed and felt even without sight. Once touching the soft edge of the table, I gently reach to feel for this woman, this stranger to whom I am to give pleasure. As she sits there, I slowly rub her body with a soft sponge; taking care to wet her all over, to ensure that she feels the warmth and to gently raise her body temperature. As I kneel again in front sponging her firm beautiful legs, I can feel the remains of the ice dripping from her pussy and rolling past my fingers and down her leg.


Colleen Ch. 04

group MastrStoryTeller 2018-07-17

When we got close to the door, she slid her hand across my crotch squeezing my cock through my slacks. As we watched the cunnilingus taking place I slid behind my partner and started rubbing my cock against her ass. As soon as she had a couple of buttons undone she slid my hands inside her blouse giving me full freedom for caressing her breasts and nipples. As I watched she slid three fingers of her right hand into her pussy and started pumping them furiously. She then grasped my shaft with her hand and slowly stroked me as her lips concentrated on my cockhead and her tongue continued to tease the very tip of my manhood.


Helen's Night Out

group 2018-07-17

“Hi, Dan. Who’s your new female friend, buddy?” Helen could almost feel his eyes as they traced her figure from shoulder to knees; she knew he could see where Dan’s hand was on her left thigh. This is Helen, and this is her first time here,” Dan said, his left hand now firmly playing with her thigh at the juncture of the little skirt and the nylons, and quite obvious to the gaze of Les. “Yeah, she’s a real hot fuck, Les, glad you found this white bitch for our little party,” Bill said as the other five males watched the woman get pummeled by the big black cock.

Drawn into a Sexual Web

group j267 2018-07-17

The sound of Emily's shoes on the hardwood floor let me know she was headed my way, and soon she appeared with a look on her face that made it clear she had been drinking. I knew she was going to do what she needed for her friend whether I acknowledged it or not, but I thought I could get some good guy points by making the offer, and the look in her eyes after I finished let me know I had made the right decision. My back was partly turned to my wife, but I could feel her eyes on me as I introduced myself, then Emily, before learning her husband's name was Hal. After that, things became quiet once more and we went back to our drinks until Rhonda spoke up again.


Surf Camp Sexy Times Ch. 02

group Heartlette 2018-07-17

I feel his hand come around my shoulder as we lean forward to see some jewelry Rinna's been working on, she ties it around her ankle, and places her foot gently on his leg for inspection. I trace the lines of her shoulders, down the center of her back, circle around the small of her back and over her hips, and then ask her to lean forward sliding my hands down her legs as she gets her head down on the mattress. He's fucking her, and fingering me, and touching my breasts, and as this is his second round, he's harder on her pussy, slaps her ass a bit, I slide down in front of her with my legs open and she latches right onto my hot wetness with her mouth.

Aphrodisiac Transformation Ch. 03

group Fitofjealousy 2018-07-17

Once James had gotten a taste of my wife Karen’s exotic good looks and sexual talents, he wanted more – I’m proud to say. “ Diane was squeezing both of her nipples, which were sticking out of her shirt now like sewing thimbles, her tongue aimlessly licking her lips. Diane popped James’ fat cock head in her mouth and began slurping and sucking with glee. Her tongue was way out, like a dog on a hot summer’s day, and Diane looking James’ in the face with seduction brimming eyes only heightened his arousal. James helped Diane stand up and held her tightly, feeling her incredible warmth and the intensity of her still quivering body.


Office Christmas Party

group Bluepen451 2018-07-17

I took turns between ogling Terri's nipples and looking down the front of Chloe's dress. She flopped down in her chair and pulled on both of her nipples so that they were rock hard and then said with a smile, "Are these what you are looking for?" Then she took another sip of her martini as she sat there naked with her legs spread. But, responding to Terri's sound advice, I took both hands off Chloe's hips (which she kept glued to my crotch without my help) and released the zipper on the back of her dress. Yes. That is just what I wanted to see," responded Terri, who was now finger fucking herself with a good deal more energy than before.


Ben & Erica Ch. 2

group DreamOn 2018-07-17

You drank me and stayed there, more slowly now until softness approached and my body loosened beneath turned to me, you lay on me, we kissed so deeply, my arms engulfed you, I knew again that we would always be together, I knew we didn’t need anybody else...within a few seconds we were motionless...then there was a tap at the patio door...we looked around together...Erica and Ben were standing there, their hands coming together in silent mock applause...”How long have you two been there” I asked...”Ohhhh about 45 minutes I guess” said Ben very buried your face between my shoulder and neck as we both began to chuckle...this time the fantasy came true without us even knowing...



group maturemancock 2018-07-17

John came round to the front, bent down and licked my nipples, he pulled my legs apart, pulling one down on to the floor as I half sat half laid on the sofa John’s hand moved up and was soon rubbing the front of my knickers, I was very turned on, and it was obvious I was coming as my breathing and moaning got louder. Then John pulled me onto the floor, with my arms resting on the sofa he pulled down my knickers and I felt him nudge inside me, I gasped as he took me from behind, he pushed my head towards Jordan.

The Visit - Pt 5

group pinks43 2018-07-17

Oscar wasted no time in taking hold of the waistband, pulled it up and raising his eye brows in fake surprise at just how much was still to come, started rubbing Terry’s saliva in to a part of his cock still covered. It stretched about six or seven inches past his belly button and from where she was, she couldn’t reach the enormous head, so she let her left hand slowly lower it down to opposite her mouth and backed off a little so that it was still in front of her and not back over her shoulder. She slowly started her two handed wank of this monster and he knew from experience that he wasn’t going to be able to move as she couldn’t get any more of the head into her mouth.

Tammy & the Electrician Ch. 3

group johnwadd 2018-07-17

John started to stir and he could feel his cock growing harder and harder as he watched this woman take her tongue and put it into Tammy’s pussy. She took a handful of Carol’s hair and pulled her face against hers and John could tell that her tongue was going into Carol’s mouth, licking every drop of her flavor from her lips. She tossed the panties toward John and they landed against his cheek and he could smell the fragrance of her pussy on them as Tammy moved forward and licked Carol’s body. Tammy moved to his legs and started kissing his way up his body as Carol moved to the head of the bed and positioned herself above his face toward Tammy.

Zach's Night Out

group RedVixon 2018-07-17

I kneeled by Vicky's head and she took my cock in her mouth and damn did that feel good. "You're going to have her cumming real fucking fast Zach," Dave said. Dave was fucking her nice and hard and she took my cock out and yelled that she was cumming, for him to fuck her harder. I took my cock, stroked her pussy and put the juices on her ass, did that a couple of times. She moved onto my cock and this time we didn't need to take it slow with her ass so the both of us just started fucking her hard. We both were fucking her fiercely and Dave was yelling how damn good her ass felt.



group Mumbo700 2018-07-17

The curtains were still drawn and I was surprised by how little I could see, but before I could work out my way to the window I could see a shape on the bed and as my eyes began to adjust I made out the naked torso of a man. She was nextdoor on the bed like me, only naked, legs spread wide apart, her man licking and sucking on her pussy. The sexual tension of these moments stretched like an hour, half frightening, half intoxicating: the man has stopped completely dead and tensed and waiting, waiting, suddenly bursts, shoots, flings cum from his cock and neither knows nor cares where.



group Lisa_1978 2018-07-17

She had never said those words to anyone but the man by her side, the love of her life, her husband Brent. He was good at playing the part, but then the mask would slip and like the sun peeking through a cloudy day, the real Chase would emerge. "Obviously, I like men too," Isabel said breaking the heavy silence. His beautiful face was flushed with embarrassment, and Chase finally looked up flashing a friendly smile at Brent trying to ease the awkward tension that had suddenly taken hold of their intimate dinner party. Chase leaned back in his chair, "That's good to know," he finally met Isabel's eyes and a spark lit in their depths.

The Second Honeymoon

group HerLittlePiggy 2018-07-17

Tina slid two fingers inside my wife's cunt and began stroking her g spot as her long tongue slurped at Carrie's hard sensitive clit. Tina knelt behind my wife and started to kiss and lick Carrie's tight asshole, making my sexy wife moan softly as she slipped two fingers into her wet pussy. Tina's tongue attacked Carrie's clit as Todd continued to fuck my wife hard. Carrie sat in a chair and watched Todd and Tina use me like a fuck toy as her fingers furiously stroked her clit and simultaneously pounded into her sloppy wet hole. Carrie came hard as she watched me drink Todd's cum from his throbbing cock while Tina licked her sweet wet pussy.