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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hard Bargain

group Rachel_Marie_30 2018-07-17

Christine's hand was on Chad's crotch, rubbing the outline of his cock. Chad spent time at both breasts, causing Christine's nipples to extend even further. I wouldn't have thought twice about Chad's demand—I'd done it for him plenty of times already—but the idea of being half naked in front of Christine was still a little intimidating. "Aren't those beautiful breasts, Christine?" he asked, looking at my chest. "I think I'd really like to watch you do it," Chad said, cock in hand. Christine's lips and tongue felt magnificent as she tenderly worked my nipple back and forth, then sucked on my breast. On his best days Chad could never make me feel the way I felt with Christine.


A Welcome Visit Ch. 01

group twiceashard 2018-07-17

I decided I wanted to cum a little quicker so I grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her face with my cock. When I finally got the drinks (long island iced teas and a lemon drop for each), I turned around to find Liz and Ally dancing together---sort of. Ally was rummaging through her purse for some Chapstick so Liz took that opportunity to grab my semi-hard cock through my pants and stroke it a little. I didn't know what to say so I obeyed, but as I slowly slid my hands up her waist I noticed Liz coming back with drinks so I stopped. "Well it certainly looked like you two were having a good time out there," Liz said.


Discovery Ch. 02

group D H LAW 2018-07-17

I was certainly looking forward to soaping Lisa's smooth skin all over but, leaving Jen and Matt in bed alone together felt a little strange. Lisa actually guided my cock right to the opening of Jen's ass and gave my ass a little shove with her other hand. Jen finally broke the ice by saying, "Wow, guys that was wonderful last night and this morning, but have you ever done anything like that before?" She was obviously asking Matt and Lisa, she knew we hadn't. Not one for conflict I let my left hand slide high on Lisa's thigh and damned if Matt wasn't there too. I looked around for another distraction to slow things down and found Matt working his hands between Jen's other lips.


A Night at Lionel's

group Arch Stanton 2018-07-17

Looks like it's trying to escape." Lionel shook his head and laughed as he turned the page of the magazine. Again I could feel Lionel's eyes on me, and I sensed rather than saw his hand dipping beneath the waistband of his shorts as he watched. I looked up at Lionel, who had sat bolt upright at the edge of his bed, his own cock still perking in the air. You said you had to come in because you had to piss real bad, remember?" By the look on Lionel's face I could tell he did. She turned to me again and in a soft voice asked, "So you suck yourself just to see what it would feel like if a girl did it?" I nodded my head.


Luck Be A Lady

group Brockleigh 2018-07-17

I looked into her blue eyes while I returned the smile, and was mildly annoyed at the dealer’s monotone, bored voice saying, “Will that be your bet for the next hand, sir?” I shot him a little dirty look as I took the two extra chips off the table and resumed playing. I was grumbling under my breath, about to decide if this was the game for me, when the dealer shouted “Alright, we have a new shooter!” I glanced over in a nonplussed fashion over at the end of the table to see the elderly gentleman walking away with his winnings, but my mood lightened considerably when I saw Red Dress slide in.


Hawaiian First Time

group pamper1 2018-07-17

Staci then picked Joy up in her arms, walked out towards the pool but instead placed her in the swing and strapped her legs and wrists. She looked over at Joy rubbing herself with her pussy and ass stuffed with the dildo and announced to her that she was going to tongue fuck her girlfriend and knelt down between my thighs and began licking my pussy. She really knows what to do as all I could do was close my eyes or watch Joy. She felt great licking my clit and sucking my pussy lips. She slid him into her throat just as Michael moaned out, grabbing her head and holding her tight onto his cock he began to cum was my guess.


Summer Heat Ch. 03: Someone's Cocky

group JazzdBoutU2 2018-07-17

Jeanie and Heather looked on in stunned silence waiting to hear Rob's answer yet not really wanting to hear it. "Then, several months later, coming home, finding Heather full of Rob's cum, eating it out of her while she told me how it got there, then fucking her, knowing that his big, thick cock had invaded my territory? "I think we all know our friendship has changed and it can never go back to where it was," I added as I shifted my glance from Jeanie to Rob, and then to Heather. Heather and I fucked the night away as we moaned our 'Rob and Jeanie' fantasies to each other.

Dinner Out with Friends

group chateneau 2018-07-17

"Justin, you know you probably can get arrested for having someone that hot looking next to you." Victoria reached over from the sofa and patted Trevor's thigh. As Justin backed out of their driveway, Trevor reached across to his wife and ran his hand over her exposed thigh, letting his fingers slip tentatively toward her thong covered center. Victoria leaned into Justin and said quietly in his ear "Trevor was fingering her when the waiter arrived with the drinks!" Trevor's eyebrows went up in surprise and he pursed his lips as he looked at Trevor and Amber. The mental image of Trevor, sitting across from him, fingering his wife under the table and brushing against that luscious thong, combined with the feel of his wife's hand on his leg, immediately caused an erection to erupt in Justin's slacks.


My First Time at a Swinger's Club Ch. 05

group Puddin36 2018-07-17

First the right breast, her hot wet mouth covering my hard nipple, her tongue dancing all over my swollen bud. He rammed it into my mouth forcing his cock to go deep...he began fucking my face while Keteira tongue fucked my pussy. I had never done Steve before as we had never even talked about doing each other...I was damn glad that he wanted me right now though as his cock felt so good in my mouth. I began to fuck Keteira back as hard as I could, taking her deep inside of pussy swallowing all of her toy. Steve had cum on my face and I suddenly felt hot wetness on my breasts.

The Beach

group Sir_Intuit 2018-07-17

I'd like to spread my legs wide apart and have you piss all over my cunt and clit and my tits and everywhere. Next the skirt whereupon she began parading around in the minuscule panties, thrusting her hips forward like a stripper then turning to display her tight little arse, pulling the panties into the crack then turning again as she pulled them tightly between her cunt lips, masturbating her clit with them. Judy turned and thrust her hand between Liana's legs and seconds later, they were both lying in the grass face to face, their fingers frantically working in and out of each other's cunts.


Office Antics Ch. 05

group minxx66 2018-07-17

Having reached an orgasm, which seemed to continue due to the Egg still vibrating away in her pussy, she folded her sodden knickers and slipped them into the box. Tania moaned loudly, but was silenced by a deep kiss from Lizzie as the outer door opened and a couple of women came in chattering. As she continued to lick and suck Tania's pussy and clit, she changed the modes on the Egg several times. She stepped up the pace of her fingers in and out of Tania's pussy, whilst still changing the modes on the Egg. Suddenly despite the hand over her mouth Tania left out a squeal of pleasure as she reached her orgasm.


Penny at the Party

group phantome71 2018-07-17

"Honey," one of them said, this party is not for innocent young virgins but someone has pointed out that Randy brought you so I guess that you are not a virgin and probably not as innocent as you look!" They all laughed at this and I blushed again. As I was thrown in the air my rather short party dress was allowing any boy or girl who was in the right place to see right up to my panties. She lectured me on the way home about how boys were no good and "us girls know how to treat each other." I was still feeling sexually aroused after such an evening and I daringly asked Georgie Girl in for a coffee.

Up Up & Away

group dreampilot79 2018-07-17

I had a long list of people who wanted a ride and were willing to pay for the propane but couldn't afford $330 for Bob. If I managed to find four crew people, I called the list of people who wanted to ride but couldn't help with the work. The only thing worse is trying to concentrate on driving while you want to look down and watch a beautiful woman's sensual lips sliding over your cock. I kissed her belly button and then her breasts before my lips met hers and she sucked her juices off my face as her hand reached for my cock and guided it to the entrance of her being.


Family Holiday

group SlutKathy 2018-07-17

"Ass fucking slut, you love this don't you" one said as he was shagging me, I just mumbled, he jerked my head back, "tell us bitch" one women shouted as she slapped me across the face. It was hard to believe that my mum and aunty were standing there watching all these men pissing over this naked, cum covered 40 year old slut, lying on the ground in the dirt, a slag who was her daughter and cheering them on, telling them to piss over me, and laughing with all the rest of them.


Dawn and julie part 2

group joecool1962 2018-07-17

after drying off we went into mom and dads room to the king size bed where I layed down with dawn and we began making out when I heard Julie say "God you guys I want some" and as me and dawn were kissing Julie began sucking my cock. And she said "I don't care do what ever you want" the Dawn went down to share my cock with her s****r who were taking turns sucking me off. i pounded her a little more when it was my turn to cum so as i pulled out to throw a snack on Julies Back Dawn tooki in her mouth and sucked me dry like so many times before.

Everybody Comes to Hollywood Ch. 04

group bluedragonauthor 2018-07-17

Andrea's body went rigidly still atop me, her head thrown back, her spine arched so that her firm tits thrust forwards, hot sweat mingling with my saliva upon her nipples, and her flat stomach stretched taut. Andrea's eyes flew open, a sigh escaping her lips as she reached for her cell phone on the table beside us, climbing off of me so that I exited her with a squishy 'plop'. My legs were quivering with built up tension, and Nikki let go of her tits and pulled off of me for a moment before wrapping her fingers around my shaft and taking the crown between her lips. I stifled a knowing smirk, sighed, and smiled for the cameras as I let Nikki wrap her arms around my proffered elbow and we continued along the paparazzi parade.


We Love One Another Ch. 02

group sintax 2018-07-17

Molly and Lily took turns in the front seat, usually the person in back stretched out and dozed, and the person in front made sure I stayed awake. At the same time I felt Lily hands from behind, quickly undoing the snap on my shorts, dropping them to my ankles and quickly pulling my undies down too. Lily pressed in next to us, and Molly slipped a hand into her sisters undone shorts. Molly and Lily laughed, and it spread quickly to Lisa and Sarah. Lily and Molly were already in the sleeping bag. Lily and I began to kiss, and Molly slid down and stroked my cock. When Molly went limp, Lily looked over her shoulder. Molly reached up and held her sister tightly, and Lily welcomed the embrace.


A Very Messy Birthday Present

group starbelliedboy 2018-07-17

Once they'd gone I picked up the small round metal tray that looked a bit like a medical dish of some sort by the glass bowl, and looking straight into the camera with her pretty brown almond eyes, Ayumi opened her mouth and dribbled all the cum and saliva out. After only a minute or so though, the other guy ejaculated, pulling out immediately and scrambling up to cum on her face, spraying her muff, skirt and left breast on the way, and only getting a tiny amount in her mouth. For a couple of minutes he fucked her, Ayumi moaning in pleasure, but then the long haired guy complained that he wanted a go, so his friend sat down.



group kracked_kerouc 2018-07-17

He began to start putting on his shorts when Lana said, " Aren't you gonna take off your underwear?" She the moved the covers off her with one move off her leg. "I'm gonna cum real soon if you don't turn it down a notch," Jeff said, panting from the pleasure Lana was giving him. It really turns me on." With that said, Jeff let go and came right on to Lana's chin and tits. Her hips started to buck against Jeff's face as he took her clit into his mouth. "I've never seen that much cum out of a girl before," Jeff said, as Lana straddled him. Jeff screamed as he felt his release and Lana's own cum mixing around his cock.

Sweet and Spicy Horny Toads Ch. 02

group TxRad 2018-07-17

When I open the door for the girls, Karen made a big production of getting in, making sure to show lots of leg and thigh. Karen had her right hand resting lightly on Sue's thigh above the top of the stockings. After the kiss ended, Karen moved slightly back and left, leaving her right arm around my waist, just above Sue's. After I pulled out of the parking lot and got headed south, Karen snuggled up to me, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and said, "That's all right, we love you anyway. As I got lined out on the new road, a small two lane black top, Karen asked Sue, "How much farther is it to the camp?"

Adventures of City Girl Ch. 04

group city_girl 2018-07-17

I had previously only ever shaved the lips of my pussy and the edges of the triangle above, but James had taken great pleasure from shaving me completely the previous week, and had made a few comments on how he liked the look, so I decided to continue his pleasure. As a result, when I finished my exercise and walked over to the loungers where the other girls were relaxing, I realized that my nipples were hard and aroused and that even the lips of my pussy were slightly engorged, I hoped that the others hadn't noticed and quickly wrapped the gown around me as I descended into the walnut chair and waved at the girl at the juice bar to bring over the drinks menu.


Pizza Parlor Pussy

group gbgood 2018-07-17

Customer number three get a titty suck and feel from Lois Kubik,” shouted Raj. He grinned as the young black studs in the shop cheered. Then Paul put his hands round my legs and I felt his big black cock as he slid it up the crack of my ass. At that moment, the young black stud would hump his hips and thrust his cock deep into my mouth jerking my head backward and smashing my nose into his belly with his balls slapping my chin and throat. He rubbed his hand on my bare ass and said, “I'll let the brothas down round Woodland street know what a good butt fuck you are, Lois, so they can stop in and tap that white ass and all your other holes too.


group kev269 2018-07-17

She watched the man wipe his cock with his hand, stand up and zipped up his pants and leave the booth. The cock grew soft in her mouth and was eventually pulled back through the hole as there was no more cum for Angie to swallow. She jumped back a little and watched as the big head snaked its way through the hole exposing the thick shaft of one of the biggest cocks she had ever seen on any man. She quickly took the cock deep into her mouth and began to swallow but not before the second squirt shot cum across her cheek and lips.


group Speakeasy 2018-07-17

You want to feel him come; to see that glorious cock spurting love fluid all over your mouth and face. A wonderful sensual warmth overtakes you at the thought of David's tongue in your cunt at the same time as Michael's cock. Your whole body is alive with orgasm, and you come, milking Michael's cock with your cunt and David's with your mouth. Since your legs are raised so high, you can actually watch his cock moving in and out of your pussy; watch your cunt try to hang on to him as he comes out and welcoming him back in, pumping faster and faster as he starts to come.