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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Asian Wife Satisfies

group Martinium 2018-07-17

She wasted no time in taking each man deep in her mouth and soon, George was on top of her, fucking her tits and when he started humping her chest faster and faster, Lynn looked up and demanded he shoot his load in her mouth. George then arched up, toward Lynn's head and shoved his cock in her mouth and as she grabbed the base and cupped his balls, he pumped a few times and we knew he was cumming. Her breasts being sucked by Jason, her plump, round ass checks being grabbed and squeezed by Frank and she gripped two more big, thick cocks with her hands as the men supported her body.

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 18

group riverboy 2018-07-17

"You could make a girl cum with words like that Steve," Lindsey said as she moaned, both her hands below the water pleasuring herself. "Oh my god!" she said quietly as her curvy body sunk slowly back beneath the water, her eyes closed and her hands now caressing her huge heaving tits. Barb was up out of the water, sitting on the edge of the tub with Liz's eager mouth munching on her pussy, and Greta climbed out and got on all-fours over me, her knees right at the edge of the tub. Barb screamed loud as she came powerfully on Liz's talented mouth, and Greta was grinding hard on my face and tongue, moaning out mumbled words in her lovely accent.


Idle Conversation

group Azhyre 2018-07-17

Her response equaled his in heat – she bit at his lip gently, moaning under her breath as she felt Kieran crawl up her legs and start kissing her exposed neck. She felt rather than saw Andrew glance at Kieran over her naked back, and suddenly her mouth was thrust down onto Andrew’s cock so far that he nudged at the back of her throat. She moaned again, and felt Andrew’s cock start to twitch in her mouth and tasted his hot come as it slid down her throat. Andrew spurted hot come over her face as she screamed with release, her body shaking all over as she felt Kieran shoot hotly inside her, jamming her forward with enough force to make her collapse down onto the bed.

Happy Birthday, Sara

group KenAndSara 2018-07-17

Sara turned to Joe, ran her hand over his muscular arm and said, "Well, let's see what happens after dinner." The smile on her face told me exactly what she had wished for, and Sara kicked the flirting into overdrive when she dipped her finger into some of the whipped cream on the cake and slowly licked it off - first looking at me, then back to Joe. With that, I got the waiter's attention, paid the bill and headed back to the limo for the trip to the hotel. By the time I got back into the limo and the driver shut the door, Sara and Joe were kissing passionately.


group Madam-Cecilia 2018-07-17

Once I had the lemonade fixed, I went back to the utility room where James was working and saw Bill looking over his shoulder. Once James had made sure every inch of my back had his attention, he started down my leg. I looked towards my husband as James moved his fingers down my sides and towards the waistband of my shorts. I looked down to see James lower his head to kiss just below my navel. Starting at my feet, James kissed his way closer and closer to my womanhood. When James had reached the Vee between my legs he gently opened my lips and sought out my clit. I felt James' hand on the check of my ass as Bill's cock reached the back of my throat.

A Knight in the Royal Court

group Dawain Darkkn 2018-07-17

The knight choose the very moment the guards tongues touched the queens nipples to plunge his rock hard cock deep inside her, feeling her shudder from all the attention her body was receiving. "Yes, my queen." The knight once again began to slowly stroke his cock again, and the lady just gently takes the queens' clit in her mouth and begins to suck on it. Knight, why don't you take that big hard cock and show me what you can do with it." The knight walked up behind the lady in waiting and reached down and slowly pulled the device out of her ass and pushed it into her dripping wet, over extended pussy, making her grunt from pleasure and pain.


Anniversary Ch. 1

group anon_e_mouse 2018-07-17

Juli's a wonderful girl and great company, but I was looking forward to a day alone with Judi. This time, I was certain: their kiss lingered; their lips parted and tongues flicked as Judi and looked on in open amusement. Juli and Toni urged Judi to open her gift; I had a friend who was a master jeweler. Juli and Toni were dancing; I stealthily touched the controls and programmed a series of hot jazz numbers featuring lots of sax and drums. Toni's outrageously long tongue caressed Juli's lips and licked her tongue. Toni began breathing heavily, moving her tongue downward to Juli's breast. Toni slowly licked her way to Juli's cunt, that fabulous tongue caressing and flicking all the way.

Aimee's Amorous Adventures Ch. 04

group terryake1 2018-07-17

I pulled hard against my ankle ties, trying to spread my legs wider, trying to devour that sexy full mouth that was slowly rubbing my clit from side to side, making me quiver with pleasure. I felt a pair of breasts brush down the backs of my thighs and then the tip of a hot flicking tongue at my rosebud and swollen lips. It sure felt like it as a warm mouth engulfed my pussy and sucked feverishly at my lips and hard clit. Lisa noticed my interest and slipped her coated fingers down between my thighs and started to rub sunscreen on my pussy lips.


Un-Valentines Party Games

group m_storyman_x 2018-07-17

Mike, let me introduce Samantha, Elizabeth, Mandy and Trudy." She said motioning to the four ladies that were getting up from the curved sectional sofa where they had been sitting chatting. Samantha stepped over and extended a hand, asking that I call her Sam, even though she didn't look a bit masculine, especially in her short red dress. "Well, when she said she was inviting a hot guy to our ladies only party, I was kind of upset and thought about not coming, but seeing you....well, I'm more than happy to meet your acquaintance." Mandy said as she stepped over and extended a hand. "Ladies, the goal of the evening is to have fun, not try to seduce Mike." Briana said as Trudy released me and stepped back.


SAD Entry 02: Luck o' The Irish

group Elise37 2018-07-17

Tony and I were invited to a little party at Judy's boyfriend Mitch's apartment for a little St. Patrick's Day Celebration. Judy continued, "Just before Thanksgiving, I looked at all my friends and the enjoyment they were getting out of sex, and decided that the next time Mitch tries, I would not resist. Judy's hands were pulling at Mitch's shirt, trying to get if off of him. Judy got Mitch on his back and put her breast right at his mouth. Mitch's had his leg was between Judy's, and that between her tits being sucked and being dry humped, I knew she would cum soon. Mitch had his nose buried in Judy's pussy, She was holding his head steady and gyrating her hips.

My Best Halloween

group deltawhisky95746 2018-07-17

These guys were wearing the costumes that made Halloween so popular with me; kitty cats (or is that pussy cats) in black tights with very low necklines barely containing a variety of lovely breasts, a couple of French maids with legs all the way up (Oui! Sam, behind us, said, “Play room!” Holly and Nina nodded and turned the other direction down the hall to stairs going down. His hand covered more of my cock but he stroked firmly and with a soft twist, and Janie matched his movements with her lips and tongue. Sam was really good on my cock, dragging his tongue around the head and sucking it deeper and deeper into his mouth until I felt his chin against my balls.


Our first MMF

group BigLapash 2018-07-17

Walking to my place I even asked her to lift up the shirt, so she turned a bit from direct view of friend and lifted it. She took my dick out and started sucking it, licking my balls and looking at the friend. Without a trace of hesitation, she moved to sofa, pulled the friend up to stand, removed his underpants and started to suck on his semi- hard dick. Friend was moaning and grabbing her tits as she was letting his cock I to her mouth. I was sure, that this is what I want from my wife- suck other mans dick and let him enjoy her holes. I asked the friend to change, he moved aside and jerked his dick, while I pumped her.


group hotRobertXX 2018-07-17

Gina shocked me when she said" Sarah told me you have a big cock" My cock sprung out and Gina leant over and took hold of it and said " wow you didn;t tell me it was this big" and started stroking it. Gina then took my cock in her mouth and started to suck it while she stroked. One time we did it Gina suggested that Sarah lay on the bed with her on top of her and me between their legs fucking both of them A few strokes in one and then the other. I pulled it out one time and accidently pressed it against Ginas ass, Which she said "yeah fuck my ass and then her pussy"

Autograph Ch. 2

group eroticorgasm 2018-07-17

She tried to remain quiet, but within ten minutes she was cumming all over my lips and Marcus' cock -- I looked at her holding her own body, her shoulders and her breasts -- as she tried to recover from the pleasure. Marcus pounded deep and hard on me while Linda returned to my body, kissing my mouth, my neck and my 34B breasts. I partnered with Marcus, his lips centimeters from my pussy, his wet face supporting my wet legs; while Linda held Julie. I held my hands along Marcus' firm tummy as we watched our lover Linda strap Julie's bikini around her chest, purposely taking her time as she pushed Julie's orbs into position.

A Semester with Tara

group Moonraker_Bond007 2018-07-17

During that time, we needed to write a half-page analysis of the film, including personal feelings, for the discussion groups that he would be assigning us to during the last half hour of class. It was Lee's turn to perform a dare, so he said, "Tara, I want you to take one of your empty beer bottles and do something sexual with it." Over the following four years, I had done exercises to the point where I had control over my vaginal muscles that allowed me to do what some guys said were "amazing things." So, I decided to give the group a little demonstration.


A Titillating Tale Ch. 03

group MKvDeepSea 2018-07-17

Shower finished, Billie sat on the bed in the lotus position, her back straight, shoulders back and head held high. As she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock her finger and hand would twirl around her little love button. Nipples hard, a blush creeping up her chest and neck, Billie was reaching the point where she wanted to be penetrated, one of her favorite parts of making love. Straddling my hips, Billie rubbed the head of my cock down her wet slit until the head was aligned with her tight little opening. Sitting up, she looked down into my face, she smiled slightly and said, "Steve and I had made plans to go to the school's gym and work out with the weights.


Wife's First Date

group bgdddy_2000 2018-07-17

And, with that, my slutty looking wife picked up a small hand bag and walked out the door with her new lover. My wife bent over the side railing, and Tom slid his cock into her wet hole, not 3 feet from where I was watching. Tom didn't waste any time and started to slam his cock into my wife's cunt. He put his hands up as I pulled up his shirt, but never stopped his hips from slowly driving his cock into Angie. Tom picked up his pace, fucking my mouth as Angie jacked my cock. Tom had been fucking my wife for at least 30 minutes, and he was ready to cum, for the 5th time?

Summer Break with Jane and Tony Ch. 02

group Kalavo 2018-07-17

They both got back on the bed and we began talking again until Jane said, "Tony, aren't you going to strip?" Finally, Jane crawled over to Barbara took her hands in her face, looked her in the eye and said, "We don't want you to do anything you don't want to do. All I'm saying is that if you would like to, you are welcome to have sex with Tony." When Jane had stopped talking she pulled Barbara into a hug and held her there for several minutes. After a few moments Jane took Barbara's head into her hands and gently pulled her face towards her sopping pussy.


Emma's Pool Party Ch. 07

group thewhitestripe 2018-07-17

I turned my head quickly in the direction of the high-pitched female voice and recognised Amy, one of Emma's friends she'd gone to high school with. I wouldn't want to impose," I said, wondering what Amy's mother's reaction would be. I exited the car and looked across the roof at Amy's mother Michelle. "My goodness, Amy, if your father sees you dressed like that..." scolded her mother, crossing her arms. Amy's legs were curled up and she faced me, her arm on the back of the couch, the hand holding her wine glass swirling the deep red liquid around in the glass. A minute passed, the wet sounds of Amy's mouth on my dick filling the room.


The Vacation Ch. 5

group wild_jay 2018-07-17

Vanessa smiled as she saw the look of pleasure on Melanie’s face and knew the bet made with Lisa was as good as lost. Vanessa agreed to stay and meet Ann and Brandy, two bisexual women they were to vacation with in Las Vegas, and would be arriving on a later flight. Vanessa smiled as the two walked away, noticing Brandy’s hand slide down Ann’s back and pat her gently on the ass. Lisa closed her eyes, imagining Vanessa standing behind her, kissing and caressing her neck and shoulders, whispering to her, encouraging her masturbation, imploring her to come for her… Melanie smiled as she felt Lisa’s body shiver when she drew her taut nipples into her mouth, sucked on them hard, lightly biting as the flesh withdrew from her mouth.


One Divided by Seven

group Jake Sutherland 2018-07-17

If the hottest girl in the school told these guys she wanted to fuck them, she’d have them completely under her control. When Julie realized that she had the cum of two guys inside her, and would soon have that of a third, her orgasm came like a steam engine. But one thing she would never forget, as long as she lived, was when Lurch took his gigantic cock, hard as ever, and fucked her in the ass. Even though several of the guys had already taken her anally that night, lubricating her first with something Julie couldn’t remember and then just relying on each other’s cum, she though she would die when Lurch’s glans popped inside her ass.

Happy Anniversary Part 2

group RyleighM72 2018-07-17

Since that time, Ami noticed Dave watching her with a different look than she had ever seen before. Dave found himself sitting back one night, away from the dance floor, watching Ami spin and move. Ami looked over at Dave and she saw his hand sliding into his pants. As the screen turned on, Ami saw herself and Dave walking out of the house arm in arm towards the white limo. Ami felt herself shifting in her seat, two sets of hands probing her pussy while another pair rubbed her nipples through the fabric of her blouse. She looked over at Dave and saw him slowly stroking his cock as he watched his wife being fucked.

Carole's New Friends Ch. 02

group norfolklad 2018-07-17

Not a house was in sight, let alone the sizeable one that Jules had told you about, but finally the lane curved to the left and the trees opened up to reveal a substantial Tudor mansion on the far bank of a river. As you did so, there was a knock on the connecting door and, without waiting for your answer, the door opened and Jules, already dressed in her costume, entered the room accompanied by another slightly older woman. Then the man moved forward between your legs and took you by the hips, pulling you forward until your lower body overhung the end of the divan. Jules took hold of his cock and rubbed it up and down your wet slit, using it to open your cunt lips and making it touch enticingly on your clit.


Making Waves

group RonCabo 2018-07-17

"For someone who is getting out of ICU, you don't look very happy," Nate observed as she and Juliette wheeled Sadler down the hall from intensive care to his private room. "So, I guess I'll need some personal items from home." He thought for a moment, and then hesitantly asked, "Rebecca, since you now have a little time on your hands, would consider doing me a favor by going to my condo and picking up some things for me?" Much to Nate's disappointment, Juliette accompanied Rebecca to the admiral's condo because the latter was uncomfortable going alone, not to mention possibly needing assistance with all Admiral Sadler wanted. "Admiral Walker told me that Admiral Sadler got to where he is by working long and hard," Juliette explained.