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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Casual friends football & cards

group subFLmale 2018-07-17

Bob and Jim both moved away from Joyce’s tits and pulled their cocks close as Joyce continued masturbating them until they erupted huge amounts of hot sticky cum all over her swollen tits. Finally they moved away and Joyce turned her complete attention to satisfying Ted. With one hand she toyed with his balls and she took the other and began playing with his ass hole. Carol won the next hand and quickly exclaimed that she wanted to see Ted sink his big cock into Joyce’s pregnant wet pussy. Carol took Bob and placed him in front of Joyce’s face and to my surprise Joyce took Bob’s cock into her mouth and began sucking him for all she had.


The Geisha

group footnotes 2018-07-17

He buried his face into her breasts, pulling each tit out of her bra to suck the nipple, while she buried her nails in his hair, guiding his head up her chest to her neck where she moaned in ecstasy as he tongued her neck, groped her breast and dry humped her so hard her clit was on fire and her vagina contracted for insertion. Almost did, but she worked his balls with her mouth so well while jacking him off that he could hardly complain once she licked the head, come shooting through his dick to her palate so quick she smiled and relished in sucking up each remaining drop, causing him to jerk uncontrollably on her bed.

Robyn & Bev & Rob

group Irish Moss 2018-07-17

As Bev guided Rob's cock into her pussy, causing both of them to moan, Robyn rested her head on the couch and started to push back against me while reaching down between her thighs to stroke her clit. By the time I was completely spent, Robyn had started to move off of my face and, when she saw that Bev had let my cock fall from her mouth, she reached for my hand to help me up. I was caressing Robyn's smooth inner thigh as I watched Rob fucking Bev's tits, though my attention was also drawn to her trim, blonde bush which I fully expected to be eating again soon. It wasn't long before Rob moved up and slipped his cock into Bev's mouth so she started pumping the base while caressing his balls.

Beltane Memories

group Sailor_Witch 2018-07-17

We would hold coven meetings there and perform rituals to give thanks and ask for blessings from the Goddess and the God. Sometimes we would do personal magick. Raven grabbed her overnight bag and went off to the master bathroom where she took a ritual cleansing bath. "Come on" she said, It's time for the great rite." I gave her a final squeeze before letting go and I think a couple of people got groped as the group hug broke up. Then she said: "I think we should do an actual great rite this time since it's our first as a coven." Not waiting for reaction, she turned to me and said: "Choose!" Then she reached out and grabbed me by the cock.


A Glory Hole Swinger's Party

group nighttimestories 2018-07-16

The object of tonight is to suck, fondle, stroke and fuck the cocks coming through the holes to find out if you can correctly guess which one is the man you came with tonight. Then Maggie shocked me as she leaned to my cock at the same time Jeannie did and they kissed each other. Maggie then moved her hands down his stomach and wrapped her hand around the part of his cock that was not in Jeannie's mouth. Jeannie looked at Maggie and said, "We will have to get together again sometime and give both of the guys a good show." "Holy Fuck Maggie you let a guy suck my cock?" I exclaimed

Sweet and Spicy Horny Toads Ch. 10

group TxRad 2018-07-16

Karen was knelling off to the side, rubbing Sue's ass cheek with one hand, and holding her small four-inch by three-quarter inch, vibrating dildo in the other. Sue sighed and moved her ass slowly to Karen's caresses. Karen's fingers brushed Sue's slick ass cheeks. As I got the idea she released me and lay back, pillowing her head and shoulders against Sue's still raised ass and hips. Karen's ass started to quiver as Sue's tongue flexed and smoothly wormed it's way in. I eased up, fitted the head of my shaft to Karen's slowly clinching and flexing vaginal opening, and pushed hard. Moving over, I motioned Sue to Karen's rear. Karen's head moved in and her lips sucked in Sue's clit.


My s****rs sl**pover -part 1

group ogieoglethorpe 2018-07-16

Now for looks I thought I was average, long brown hair, (it was the 70's) blue eyes, muscular and a tiny hint of a tan. My parents were working class stiffs, and my s****r, Sara, was a little chunky, 2 years younger, long brown hair Sara answered the door, Steph was carrying a few bags of chips for the night, said her usually hello to me, "Only Steph, but, Linda, Denise & Lori are coming" replied Sara. From here, I stayed out of the basement, but the girls had the door closed & only came up stairs to use the bathroom & grab the pizzas. It sounded like they were playing games, I ignored it until I heard "ok, truth or dare", I was not sure who said it, but I listened

Nynke Ch. 01

group dutchpantyraider 2018-07-16

The big lean negro took them to a side room, where he started to examine Nynke from head to toe. After some five more minutes of vigorous pumping the negro emptied his fat cock into Nynke's belly. After withdrawing from the girls pussy Jim let Nynke lie down with her belly downwards on an arched table. Micha positioned himself at Nynke's head, and lowered his cock again into the alluring and hungry mouth of his daughter. Incited by Micha's answer and a nod by Sasha, John withdrew his cock from the sloshing cunt and with three fingers got hold of some sperm from the teenage slit and smeared it into the crack of her ass.

New Friends in Old Mexico Ch. 1

group Paul-n-Linda 2018-07-16

Unknown to Linda and Bill, Shari and Paul had recently started expanding their sexual boundaries and were experimenting with an open lifestyle that included swinging. It was obvious to Linda that Bill had truly enjoyed Shari’s flirting ever since the couples had met, and Linda appreciated Bill’s pleasure the flirting had provided him. While enjoying the ambience of the glowing candles at the tables, Linda slipped her hand out of Bill’s and slid her hand onto his thigh, squeezing his quad muscles slightly, knowing that Bill loved feeling that kind of covert touch in public. After a long day of traveling and the relaxing dinner, Paul and Shari’s offer to have Linda and Bill join them dancing in the lounge was turned down.

Volleyball Practice & The Coach

group Ladybull 2018-07-16

Jack didn't notice at first, as he was intent on watching them play, but it didn't take long for him to realize that every time Amy jumped to reach a shot he could see the soft curve of her breasts; or when Susan jumped high enough her shirt would expose her rosy pink nipple. Amy's head was thrown back, her long brown hair a cascading waterfall, one hand cupping her breasts, offering the rosy tip to Susan's waiting mouth. She didn't give him away; instead she dipped her head again and took Amy's nipple in her mouth, sucking it as she looked straight in his eyes.

Valentine's Day

group DirtyFucker 2018-07-16

The man behind you isn’t going to last much longer in your tight ass, and you start bucking hard against him, chanting under your breath, “cumcumcumcumcum, Now!” And he does, deep inside you, setting off another orgasm in your pussy, soaking the hand working your clit. The cock pulls out of my mouth, and he whispers gruffly in my ear, that was good, and now I’m going to fuck your girlfriend with it.” A moment later I hear your tell-tale moan as he shoves his cock into your cunt. This is getting to be torture for me, I need you to cum so I can, and finally I feel the flutterings in your cunt, the hard thrusts against the mouth latched to your clit, and then you are over and I’m following.

A Space Orgysee - Part 1

group o502 2018-07-16

Beside them a man was just reaching orgasm and he pulled out the dick out of the girl he had been fucking and spurted the cum in Veroniques and Carla's face. As the master started fucking the young girl Carla felt Veroniques finger entering her. Used to this proceedure, the tall, black-haired model continued to praise the advantages of the black evening dress while the master pressed her to the wall and unziped his trousers: "this item is a sexy evening dress....ohhh...which highlights the bearers breasts...yessss...oh lick them..." The model's aristocratic features hardly changed as she moved down, tacking his cock imto her mouth and sucking it; her high check bone being ideal for the occasion.

An Afternoon Fantasy

group yourlittledominatrix 2018-07-16

as my lips wander against your skin, i moan as firm fingers gently probe my wet heat, growing slick as they tease the delicate bud, causing my body to begin a slow, smoldering burn. i feel fingers pulling my hips back sharply, pitching me forward as hot flesh meets with my own, stroking, teasing agonizingly slow before plunging deeply inside of me, to my core, sending my whole body into full burn. the feelings of desire and lust in the room hit rever pitch, fingers and lips, tongues and bodies melding and heated as the intensity races hotter and faster.

Open Doors Ch. 02

group PlayfulLittle1 2018-07-16

"Ohhh, everyone's awake now!" Adam glanced over her shoulder just in time to see Liam stick a slick-looking finger in his mouth, sucking what he was sure were Shannon's juices from it with a mischievous glint to his eyes. "Mmmhmm, help yourself..." Shannon was enjoying a stretch herself, but the laughter Adam heard when he turned his back told him that Liam had likely interrupted her mid-stretch with a wandering hand or two. She opened a drawer on her side table, grabbed a small bottle, and handed it to Adam with a cheeky grin, a flash of teeth, before climbing up onto the bed and settling herself over Liam, stroking her hands down his body, following fingers with lips.


Taboo Orgy Part 10

group royby 2018-07-16

When she left the room Rick looked at Darren and said, “I going to fuck her hard. She quietly said, “Cum in my mouth Rick and please don’t hold back.” Darren decided to wait as he saw Ann gently stroking her wet cunt. Rick was watching the whole show and thought that Darren was going too far until he saw Ann slide her hand over her cunt. “Yeah, well let me know if she likes it like this.” With that said, she inserted four fingers in her cunt and told Rick to fuck her hard. Ann managed the strength to sit herself up when she heard about other guy’s and said, “You have men out there waiting to fuck me and you want to send home Rick?

The Dancers

group Cajun Boy 2018-07-16

This particular night, once I walked in the door I felt a hand grab my ass and this one lady leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Would you like a dance, love?" She looked really good but I had already made up my mind I'd use will power and told her not now. Inga got off of Greta and moved down and kneeled between my legs and her hand grasped my hard cock. Once Greta's head was close, Inga aimed my cock against Greta's mouth and her tongue started licking me as well. I noticed that while Greta and Inga was alternating sucking on my cock that her hand had moved between her open thighs and her fingers were moving inside her hot pussy.

Cream Rub

group Jaguar 2018-07-16

"This is Dave's first time, so let's take extra good care of him," Michelle told Terri. Then, the girls got out cans of shaving cream and, pouring mounds into their hands, began applying it all over my body. Then Michelle got her hand good and lathery and covered my crotch area, cock and balls with the creamy foam. As Michelle was reaching across me, her breasts rubbed across my chest, causing her top to be covered with shaving cream. The first few shots went high enough to land on Michelle's chest, while the rest just kind of gurgled out and left her hand covered in a creamy goo of shaving cream and spunk. "Thank you for coming, Dave," Terri said as Michelle and I left the room.

Practicing for the Honeymoon

group BrettJ 2018-07-16

Victoria Silvers had spent the day with her dear friend, sexy, naughty little Casey Lee. Every time she and the long-legged brunette got together, they had a bit too much wine, shared a lovely meal and ended up in bed together, rolling around until both were a tangled, sweaty mess. Victoria's eyes glanced over at her little protégé; she couldn't believe how fucking sexy Casey looked as she gave KT her first taste of lesbian sex. "He is gorgeous Victoria, you're right about that," Cindy smiled as she led Paul to the bed. Cindy couldn't speak, her words muffled by Victoria's wet cunt, but the sparkle in her eyes and the wide smile that kept crossing her face told the entire story.

Suzanne's Supreme Night of Poker Ch. 02

group yowser 2018-07-16

I didn't suck him the whole time, and in fact, I especially enjoyed holding his cock upright in one hand while I licked his balls, taking each of his big eggs in my mouth for a good suckle. He had his hands on his hips, I didn't dare look at his face, I knew his eyes were on me, watching me handle his exquisite penis. He looked at me with the most peculiar expression, opened his mouth as if to say something, then closed it and turned around and collapsed on a chair in the corner of the room, his penis flopping on his thigh. I looked up at his face, his eyes shining with lust, and gently took his penis head inside my mouth.

Solo bike ride becomes a MMF threesome.

group MassMan669 2018-07-16

She smiled at me and said with enthusiasm, “Hey Will, it looks like we have an audience.” Then she sat her pussy back down on her boyfriends face and resumed sucking his dick. My dick was getting hard and making a big tent in my lycra shorts so I pulled it out and started stroking. Caroline started shaking and had an orgasm as she rubbed our dicks together. When she was done she sucked both our dicks again but then stopped and said, “Greg, take your shorts off and fuck me. Caroline looked down between her body and Wills and said “This is so fucking HOT. My first shot went across Caroline's back and then my cum oozed out around my dick and slid down lubricating my motion in her ass-crack.

Soaked Panties

group Succulentcock 2018-07-16

Katie then walked over to her sister, and passionately tongue kissed her, letting Claude's cum ooze into Becky's mouth. As they kissed, Katie reached under Becky's short cheerleading skirt and fingered her pussy, while Claude watched. Katie then pulled Becky's panties down, leaving on her cheerleading skirt, and started to kiss her sister's young cunt. Claude pleasantly agreed and began to very slowly shove his cock into Becky's tender young body as she let out sporadic screams of pain and discomfort. "Becky, don't you know that it HAS to hurt for the first time?" Katie said, as she began to lick Claude's cock as it ran in and out of her sister's pussy.

A Bisexual Wife's Gang Bang

group English Bob 2018-07-16

Fred and his two friends Bob and Joe had left the pub early. Jane and Patty had know each other long before Fred had come on the scene. "Yeah, come on Fred," said Bob with a smile as he and Joe moved forward and flanked. to their underwear, they could hear the moans and cries of Fred's wife as Jane stabbed her long. "Fred, why don't you let me give Joe here a nice blow-job while you give Jane a little. of hot sex, Bob, Joe and Patty moved closer to Fred and Jane. Jane squealed as finally she felt Fred's cock penetrate her. effect on his wife who shuddered to her own climax just as Fred's seed hit Jane's hot skin.

A Daring Train Ride

group spikeyspike 2018-07-16

I lie sprawled on the floor, I groan, I want to eat you, you move over me and I feel your pussy lower again on to my face, my tongue darts out and slides between your lips as I suck at the juices that weep from you. I move my tounge to allow him access and hear you moan sweetly as he enters you, I can feel you move with the rhythm of the fuck and taste the cum as it escapes your pussy, I hear you groan and know you are cumming, I place my tongue on your clit and suck hard.

Return to the Sex Camp

group lancelot 2018-07-16

Finally we managed to find a long weekend when we were able to take the time to visit Elaine and Pam at Camp Lookout. Alberta and Belinda took Pam aside and Elaine and I chatted about old times. She was on all fours following Alberta and being helped along by Belinda who was using a leather strap to tease Pam's ass and cunt. After this foreplay, the time was ripe to educate Pam. We had her remain on all fours and had her watch as Alberta sucked my cock and made it really wet and slippery with her saliva and my pre-cum. Since Alberta, Belinda and Elaine had also cum, Pam tasted them too, cleaned them thoroughly and enjoyed every moment.