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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

camping with mom

group barkahi 2018-07-16

By nine o clock, it looked like it was going to pour down so we went to the toilet block for the last time that night and had to run back as it started to rain, my mother having to hold on to her breasts as she ran back. She went to the bathroom to change and came back wearing an over sized tee shirt that just covered her bits, her tits hung low and swung about as she moved, I got changed in to me pyjamas bottoms and climbed in to bed with my mother. I had my mother hairy fanny sitting on my hand and she was pushing and gyrating herself on to it, I felt her lips on my finger begin to part and the warm soft feeling of her insides.


group ChatLuvver64 2018-07-16

Trish pumped her hand in and out, her hips bucking faster just as Beth's lips once again closed over my cock. Don't you love watching me finger-fuck myself baby while you're getting your cock sucked by a slut who just wants to taste your cum? That's why I grabbed the back of Beth's head with both hands and started fucking her mouth hard and fast. Suck his cock." Trish said it so matter-of-factly it caught me by surprise when Beth wrapped her hands around my hips and slid my throbbing cock into her waiting mouth. and he would start pumping like this." My cock was still wet from Beth's mouth and it slid easily as Trish used her friend's tits to jack me off.


old story at a concert

group manfed 2018-07-16

It wasn't really our thing and we were hanging out on the edges of things deciding whether to stay or go when a couple dressed in full black rocker gear who were obviously seriously into the band started screaming excitedly at us at how wonderful they were. We were being pushed and pulled all over the place and we noticed that people were being lifted up on top of the crowd to 'surf' over the heads of the audience to the front where they were pulled out by the bouncers. Suddenly the girl from the couple who befriended us was lifted up and she sailed over the top of the crowd.

Suburban Seduction

group Adso67 2018-07-16

Jack went over to the only window in the room and looked down on the crowd of people in the backyard; the noise from the party could be heard very clearly on the third floor. As she began to feel my cock, I ran my hand up and down her thigh, each time drawing closer to her snatch. Some pre-cum was leaking from the tip of my dick and Cindy used it to lube my shaft by pumping her hand a couple times. Placing a steadying hand on her waist, I took my dick by the head and felt for the entrance to Cindy's cunt.


First Day of Summer Ch. 4

group Nelson Branco 2018-07-16

I saw that time was getting short, we had a little over three hours left before Julie's parents arrived and we still had to try out the Twister game. Host goes first as is usual but first, girls may I recommend you re-apply some hot oil to your delectable bodies and after we finish with Twister we'll head to the shower. The girls, I assume to conserve more time, just poured some oil on each of their bodies before Julie went on top Amanda and began to rub the oil over both of their bodies. Slowly and teasingly Julie arrived at my feet and instead of proceeding further, stopped and began to suck one of my big toes.

Pontoon Boat Party

group wakedad8 2018-07-16

Katie had been getting some eyefuls of the younger guys, mainly our son's friends, while on the boat all summer. Right then, I knew Frank was going to be my main guy. They had not heard what we talked about and couldn't believe the Frank was going up to rub the oil onto Katie's body. He inhaled deeply and layed his hand on Katie's back and began to rub in the oil in. I got his attention and told him that Katie likes her front side oiled a very specific way. Katie sat forward and Frank pulled off her untied bikini top. Katie had now spread he legs in order to allow Rob better access to oiling up her inner thighs.


Fantasy, Reality and Intimate Love Pt. 02

group ickric 2018-07-16

But after her recent experience with Juan, it had dawned on her that maybe she could have more fun, not just prick teasing but taking the guy (or guys – the image made Beth smile) beyond, making him want her and she, Beth, having the power to make his day or ruin his life. Consequently, Allan had unknowingly become more passionate himself, his love making having more purpose, his mind imagining that night, just a few days earlier, when Beth had had her experience with Juan. Allan had lost count how many times they’d left a club having danced the night away, to Beth home to find her knickers soaking wet and tonight, not surprisingly, she was no different.


Teasing Terri Ch. 6

group Mark Singer 2018-07-16

Their arms were around each other's waist, and Wayne felt his cock harden as he watched Terri grind her hips against Jason. Suddenly his heart stopped as he saw Terri turn her head slightly and look directly at him just as Jason let out a low moan and slowly sank his cock deep into Terri's mouth. "Pick any suit you want...Wayne has quite a few new ones in there also..." As she explained, Jenny's eyes moved down, and seeing the tent in Jason's trousers, smiled sexily. His cock was still quite hard and he was a little embarrassed to drop his pants in front of Jenny, but she was obviously not going anywhere and he was sure Wayne and Terri were waiting for him.


Might As Well

group benimble 2018-07-16

“Ohh fuck yes Andy” I moaned, “oh man that feels soo good.” Andy pumped my cock with long slow strokes, from the base to the head and back again. Sometimes we’d stroke my cock together, both of our hands sliding around on my hardon, him tending to the base and the shaft, me working the sensitive head. “Don’t stop Andy…ohh don’t ever stop…feel how hard you made my cock….mmm I love it when you stroke my cock….you’re hand feels soo good…you stroke my cock soo well…just like that….mmm Andy I’m gonna cum…..I’m gonna cum in your hand….” I held onto Andy’s shoulders with both hands, my body barely able to support itself.

Katie vs. Melissa Day 05

group rifkinraf 2018-07-16

Rita didn't have time to answer before Katie said, "You're on." And just like that the voice of reason was derailed. "Rita is getting 20 guys, and the first of us to," Katie's eye fluttered again, "finish," she swallowed hard, "10 of them, wins. Katie couldn't hear it, but on the other end Rita pulled her phone down to look at it like it may be broken. She handed Danny the same card she had just read to Rita, and said, "I need one of those masks, and whatever you charge for a blowjob lesson." Melissa wanted the half with the biggest cocks, and was expecting her and Katie to be working from the same pool.


A High School Life to Remember Ch. 05

group GothGuy 2018-07-16

Although, it is nearly ten inches long, I manage to shove it deep within my throat since I have no need to breath." I look around the room and I can see each of the guys trying to conceal the fact that they are all rubbing their crotches as she tells the tale of Von Drom's blow job. I then look over to the other vampire males sitting around the table and motion for them to come forth, while still deep throating Von Drom's cock." Lindsay looks up to Hal, "its okay, go ahead and grab it." She looks to Matt and Rick, "You guys can fight over the other one, go for it." Matt's hand tries to encompass her breast, but it is too big.

Amber Gets Them Both

group misskattmc 2018-07-16

As Amber and Jake wait for dinner and cuddle, she feels him sliding his hand up her shorts to her thong that reads "eat me my husband can go hungry tonight" on the front of them, and barely covers her pussy, already wet with anticipation. Then she slaps them hard enough to make his eyes water and says "That's all you get tonight after fucking up my first orgasm." She gets his pillow, reaches back giving it to her husband and says "We are doing this on your side of the bed with your pillow under you so you can sleep in what ever you miss that slides off Jake's dick or runs out of my pussy.

D'Orgasmic Chronicles Ch. 13

group Liquor69 2018-07-16

"Somehow, I think that will just be fine with them," Gary grinned as he looked over Suzie's shoulder to see Frank and Tom walking arm in arm with Jill and Tammy. When you have a pussy as precious as mine, it must be considered a priority at all times." She giggled and kissed Dorothy and Suzie. "He's not brave enough to leave my hot, sweet, tight, black pussy empty while you pricks are gallivanting all over the country," Tammy snickered. "Oh girls," Cherry sighed, "those cocks look like they need a hotter, tighter place to play. Tom looked into Beyoncé's laughing eyes while Frank gazed into Carmen Electra's angelic face. Mark and Gary looked at the women who sat there snickering lovingly.


Moms Night Out (Part 3)

group fl44bothways 2018-07-16

While Eduardo explained, Mike and George were slowly undressing Mom and taking time to linger on her breasts, ass, legs and finally her pussy. Mom had Mikes' cock in her mouth while George laid flat with his head between her legs and lapped at her hairy wet pussy. Mom started the orgasm train yelling "Oh Yeah..Oh Yeah..Fuck Me..I'm gonna CUM again...Cum with me...Fill my pussy and ass with your cum...Fill me up...I'm cumming..I'm cuuuuummmiiiinnnnnggg" Mom slammed her cunt down hard on George and just as her pussy started to spasm around his cock he could take no more and unloaded deep inside her womb. George didn't last much longer than Eduardo and also grabbed Mom by the hips and after a couple hard strokes he slammed all the way home and let his huge cock send his seed deep into her cervix.

The Employees Revenge

group Twotooto222 2018-07-16

He spun a shocked Brandi around and grabbing her firm ass and squeezing before giving it a smack he declared "This ass is mine, nobody fucks it but me unless I say, got that?" Shawn spun her back around and restrained her again as the guys readily agreed and went back to groping her. "Thats it Poppi, cum for me, give it to me Poppi, cum all over my face and tits, you know you want too, give me that big load you've been saving just for me" Brandi urged as she squeezed his balls and tried to lick the tip of Jorge's cock.


AC DC! Ch. 02

group Uncle Pervey 2018-07-16

He'd gotten onto his knees between the girl's gorgeous legs just to take some close up shots of Patrick's hard and slippery cock sliding in and out of Jenny's mouth, and the boy's pretty asshole, and cheeks clinching too, but when he found himself so close to her smooth, hairless pink pussy, spread open like a beautiful Rose half opened, he forgot about the filming he was doing with the hand held mini-camera. He lowered his mouth til it covered Jenny's gorgeous inflamed, puffy looking anus opening, and gave the outside and inside of it a real good licking with his hot wet tongue, then quickly moving up to Patrick's still quivering, tight asshole, he fastened his mouth to the boy's delicious looking rectum opening and did the same thing.


Treasure & Jewels Ch. 01

group Bonniehart 2018-07-16

I have many happy memories of Trevor at parties, girls hanging off him every which way, glass in hand, eyes shining, dark hair ruffled, winking at me as if to say "isn't this fun?" I might even have said "no" at that moment, except Trevor, serious for once, put his arm around my shoulders, his lips close to my ear and whispered, "Come for a ride. After kissing Trevor, I said the first thing on my mind which was a completely innocent "I really want to get out these wet clothes!" "Ah shit." said Jules, and having kicked off his wet jeans and shirt fell on the bed in mock dismay, deprived of the prize of the bottle of wine.


Stepping Out

group Leland48 2018-07-16

You stare at me the rest of the way to the club, continually telling me how much you love me, how good I look and how much you want me. You moan very subtly and tell me that all night you will be thinking about having my tongue on your clit and in your pussy. As the elevator is making its slow accent we stop and look at them and I tell them how much we would like to watch them make love. She lies back on the bed and opens her legs wide --we move ourselves close to watch as he licks and sucks her wanting pussy. Your pussy feels so good and I start nibbling your otter lips, careful not to touch your clit just yet.

Afternoon 3Light Ch. 02

group SexMan1959 2018-07-16

I pushed forward slowly, watching my long, hard cock slip inside Corrie's tender young tight pussy, deeper and deeper until my pubic bone was up against her ass and she was completely impaled with my throbbing member. Moving back to Kristy, I grabbed her by the hips and plunged my hard cock deep into her in one quick thrust then began fucking her hard and fast, and it felt amazing. I knelt over her face and slipped my rod into her mouth, while leaning down to lick and suck Kristy's long hard nipples, also squeezing her small titties and pinching them. To get a better view, I moved up to Kristy's head, watching as she tongue fucked Corrie's own hairless quim, my hand slowly stroking my cock as I watched.

Stacy's Birthday

group Sugardaddy6969 2018-07-16

The man pulled the cock from Barb's mouth and let Stacy start sucking him again. Barb had just released the cock she was sucking and was pumping on it with her hand as she watched Stacy starting to suck the new guy when s blast of cum hit the side of her face. Zack and Nate were now taking turns fucking her mouth as she held Stacy's head and pushed her pussy against face. Don placed the sexy mature mom's legs on his shoulder and then slid his cock balls deep into Barb's pussy as Nate and Zack fucked her mouth.

Dr. D. and the VAG Girls

group SPEN STERLING 2018-07-16

Middle aged man, invited to dinner by beautiful blonde, who is now looking through the window of an apartment across the street, laughing like crazy with a half dozen coed friends. By this time my mind had reset from the idea of having a romantic dinner for two with a beautiful blonde to having a friendly dinner with a bunch of coeds treating me like a father figure. "Well, like I end up exposing myself to guys I barely know, and of course once I do that they want to take it a few steps further," she said. "I think what I need is some kind of outlet, a safe, controlled place where I can be an exhibitionist maybe once a week, sort of get it out of my system," she said.


Vera's Comeback

group johnniedee004 2018-07-16

Johnnie could now press his hand between the trembling thighs, palm closing over the warm wetness, gently kneading the soft folds of her slippery vulva. Johnnie's other hand had pushed her soaking knickers down over her hips, his fingers well and truly dipping into her free-flowing juices, teasing the clitoris, caressing the folds of the labia. Vera looked down to watch the gushing, erect cock thrust against her wet labia, the head pushing at her clitoris. Eventually, with the constant massaging of her vagina by the hard cock thrusting in and out, Vera's felt her loins starting to boil over once again.

Taking Two For The Team

group gentlemom 2018-07-16

Our team's next home game gave me that opportunity, as Keith wasn't able to be there, but how could I get into the back of Ian's van - and get Ian into me - without Diana knowing about it? Ian opened his van door, preparing to leave, and when the van's interior overhead light came on Diana suggested that I might like to get a better look at the inside of his nicely appointed wheels. When I felt a pair of soft warm lips press against my cheek and then move to cover my mouth, lips that I knew couldn't be Ian's because his tongue was at that moment flicking into my navel on its way further south, I returned Diana's kiss with an eagerness that matched hers.


the girls i fucked one afternoon

group 2018-07-16

it wasnt long before pam c was on her knees taking my cock down her throat, the other encouraging her, to teach me a lesson, ect ect. 2 more awesome BJ's from them that night, and during a break, i fucked pam c in the backstage dressing room. at the end of the night when we were packing up, pam c introduced me to her husband, as they left she told me she was gonna make him clean up the mess i'd left in her panties. i asked her to take them off, and leave them with me, and on the way home tell her new husband that she had left her panties in the dressing room after she got fucked.