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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Mile Ch. 02

group Beaverhausen 2018-07-16

Jake sat up and looked at Alex who had started another cigarette. Jake surfaced and with an evil grin he started splashing me while Alex held me still. As I squirmed Alex got a better grip on my arms and Jake grabbed my legs. Alex then started rubbing my breasts, rolling my nipples around his fingertips while kissing and biting my neck. I wanted to enjoy ever minute of Alex and Jake touching me, kissing me, and exploring me. After what seemed like an eternity of kissing and teasing I felt Alex grab my hips. Heading straight for his cock I took it in my mouth and let a little of the cold pool water in too.

the gift of xmas.

group naughtydarksecret 2018-07-16

just as he finished Sue turned the phone and all i could see was Mandy's pussy lips and hole spread wide open full of his cum, Sue said i know its your daughters but look at what she has ahead of her she will be hooked now she has had her fill, Sue moved the phone to Mandy's face she looked at me and said that she wasn't on the pill and she is now a bbc bitch..i told her Good Girl see you when home glad you had a great time, tell the lads Merry Xmas from me..

Sarah and I; Part 4 (final)

group BigRoMans 2018-07-16

"Okay okay" I said holding up my hands "I'll go shower." I stood up and gave Sarah a quick kiss before I headed to the bathroom. "Yes please cum inside me" Monica pleaded "please fill me up" she grabbed my face and planted a wet kiss right on the lips. Sarah relaxed her arms and let the bathrobe fall to the floor, she quickly brought her hands back to Monica's rear and squeezed her hard. Monica leaning back twisted her head and met Sarah’s lips in an open mouthed kiss as their tongues lashed against each other. Monica was still breathing a little hard but she was lying on her tummy on the bed, her hips raised up as she was softly massaging her spent pussy with her hand.

Liz's 21st Birthday

group sej5994 2018-07-16

She called when she got off work, asked if I was coming into the party and left for her friends house. Soon the new guy came into the kitchen an asked if she wanted to smoke a joint. Donnie saw this new guy fucking Liz and got pissed. The new guy was still carrying Liz and fucking her as he walked into the living room. As he continued to fuck her Liz leaned over and started to suck on Donnie's cock. Soon he was feeling her tits and playing with her ass as the other guy fucked her. Donnie brought his big cock up to her just fucked pussy and started rubbing his big head and shaft back and forth over her pussy lips.

Party in Ibiza

group mattu63 2018-07-16

Her juices started to flow again, and to stimulate her further, Juri began to push a finger into her pussy so that I ended up licking both Ramona's pussy lips and Yuri's finger. Fran had rushed in, pulled me off Ramona's pussy and began to lick it herself before pushing several fingers in to join with Yuri who was still fingerfucking her from behind. Yuri noticed this and licked all over my face to lap up the remainder of the love juice, all the while continuing with one hand to stimulate my arse hole, opening it up for Ramona's tongue who was in turn lubricating it for Yuri's finger.


Lila - Book 02

group Prov0cateur 2018-07-16

The next year he'd begun dating Miranda Lambert and Lila would fuck them both if she got the chance. Lila's jeans were now around her bent knees and her hand was inside her lacy thong, tracing down over the dark blonde landing strip to find her erect, little bud. With a deft flick, the bra came free and the thong went next, the blonde country singer sliding it down her shapely legs with a sexy shimmer. The country singer smiled as she looked upwards, holding Lila's blue eyes with hers. He was one of Miranda's team, and the dark haired twenty-six year old had given the blonde cowgirl a personal backstage tour.


Early Days of Summer Ch. 06

group rhys30 2018-07-16

My ball-sac started to constrict, something that didn't escape Laura's notice as Matt chewed and nibbled on my ear, his cock feeling monstrous and deliciously hot as he masturbated up and down my back, his arms pulling me tightly against it. Slowly he rotated his hips with each thrust, heightening Laura's pleasure, his cock obviously stretching her pussy walls in all directions, hitting her g-spot with each rotation. Matt dipped his head down to Laura's nipples, licking gently, his thrusts massaging my cock under his perineum. Matt stopped with his bloated cock jammed in her twat, looking down at Laura in surprise, still not aware of his slip up.

Sallie Blows Harry & Her Boyfriend

group tk5555 2018-07-16

For a few moments Harry was content to watch Kim kiss and caress Sallie, but he soon joined in and followed his friend's example. Before Kim could react Harry kissed him on the mouth right in front of Sallie's face. The sight of Sallie with her bikini top pulled down to her waist and Kim's hands on her breasts was something Harry had never thought he would see. Sallie slid Harry's cock out of her mouth and planted kisses all the way down his rigid shaft, then sucked one of his balls into her mouth. Sallie extracted Harry's dick from her mouth and began kissing her way up his body.


Dottie's U.P. Cabin Surprise

group 36FF_Tiki 2018-07-16

I danced a couple with Larry, and Arlene did as well. Arlene was laughing and soon she was joining in with teasing the men with me. Arlene and I were now dancing nude for the guys and taking turns getting close to each. I saw Larry shoot a look to Dan when I was up close and Dan got a big grin and pulled me in. We hadn't played with Arlene and Dan like this, so I worried about going too far. Arlene looked at me sweetly and said, "I hope you don't mind but could I get Larry to myself first?" Soon, Dan lowered us down on the floor beside Larry and Arlene too. Arlene was taking Larry's cock doggie-style.

Stacy's First Swing Pt. 08

group Boondocker42 2018-07-16

"We loop a piece of string around it so we can pull it back out after it disappears into her body." Stacy looked back at Helen's pussy in shock. Seeing that the other woman seemed to be stuck on the cusp, Stacy helped her past the point of no return by swiftly fucking the doubled-over toy into her cunt half a dozen times while her fingers were locked around her hot pink clit. With Stacy's face nestled in her hole, Helen pulled her hands out and then used them to press her pussy lips down around Stacy's cheeks. Pressing her weight down on Stacy and wiggling her hips, it looked like she was trying to fit the woman's head in her cunt.


The French Connection

group dirksteele 2018-07-16

She pursed her lips and took a quick breath, which she let out slowly and just managed to slide the tip of Hamady's big black cock into her cum slicked pussy. Pierre was hard again and quickly filled her up with his cock as she came over and over, her legs quivering, and lifted her mouth off Hamady's dick, licking her cum covered lips. I could hear Pierre's breath grow ragged and Kate tense for another orgasm and as he filled my wife with another load of his hot cum, I pulled out and shot all over her open mouth and face as her tongue flicked the underside of my cock.

Group Sex Insemination

group 4thethrillofit 2018-07-16

They all told their wives they were going as a group for a guys gambling weekend and would be gone Saturday night and be home Sunday. She said, “lets do it, I’m ready!” I took her to the elevator and as soon as the doors closed she unzipped me and began to suck my cock with fury, she was like an a****l, I pulled her off and it was all I could do to control her. As she came, Markus pulled her down on his length and Cindy laid back into his hard cock. The guys ate and drank while others slept, and as they got hard again they rolled Cindy over and fucked her again and again filling her with more potent baby maker.

Fun For Three Ch. 02

group michaeliam 2018-07-16

With that, Sally grabbed our dicks and led us to the bathroom like "pull toys." She brought a small stool into the bathroom and told me to sit down and led Jeff into the shower. As the water continued to cascade over her luscious body, she looked at me and said, "Now that Jeff is clean, give his dick another lick. Then she stopped, looked over at Jeff and said, "Don't just lie there, help me with this thing." Jeff hesitated only a moment and then joined Sally in licking and sucking my dick and balls. After a few moments of playing, I pointed Jeff's dick toward my mouth and lowered my head to lick and suck his dick while I played with Sally's pussy.

Harsh D.C.

group PenningFreer 2018-07-16

Darla and Eboni turn from each other and from Rich to see what the clatter is, annoyance and disdain their first expressions, then more respect and tacit unsolicited approval when they measure the operator frame and steel eyes attached to the guy that caused the clatter. Rich sits back near the bed in the rolling desk chair, sedate as the Buddha, same smile as in the bar, watching like an artist, using his eyes to feel Eboni's slowly gyrating ass as she leisurely licked Darla's pussy

The Addition of Lillian Ch. 3

group Gojenngo 2018-07-16

Releasing Lillian's fingers, Liz slid her hands around her waist, pulling her close until their breasts were pressed together. Feeling Lillian's nipples harden against her chest, Liz slid her hands up along her ribs until she could cup them gently in her palms. His muscles tensing, James' breath came out in a long sigh as Lillian's hands began to slowly slide up his legs. As her fingers brushed the sensitive skin of his thigh he felt Liz's hands move from his small, male nipples down along the flat plane of his stomach. Liz broke free from Lillian and after moving off of James' hand pulled her up the length of his body until her pussy was directly over his mouth.

Taking 4 Female Foreign Contractors to their Hotel

group imornery81 2018-07-16

Ali, who had snuck up beside me on one side said, “Ladies, it is time for the panties.” Both Petra and Bali reached under pillows and retrieved panties and as I watched, the both stuffed significant amounts of delicate clothing into their pussies with their fingers. Then Ahani said, “I am sorry, but we will make it up to you.” She then climbed up on the bed and facing the wall above my head, she put her knees just above my shoulders and lowered her very wet pussy onto my mouth. Ahani was licking the head of my cock like it was an iced cream cone and Bali was sitting next to me on the bed, slowly playing with her very wet pussy and I continued to push my face between the sexiest set of ass cheeks any man has ever had!!!

First Date Ch. 06

group Jake4000 2018-07-16

Ann looked at her son, Kevin's semi-rigid, and already thick cock as she stood before us, with nipples hard and vagina wet, then turned to me, thinking that soon she would mount my body under the sanction of the State of Nevada. The preacher then turned to Kevin and Ginny, and married them, as Ann and I watched with my arm around her, fondling her breast as her hand stroked my semi-rigid cock. Meanwhile, Kevin, lying on top of Ann, and not a foot from Ginny and I, said, "I've given you my love, by making you cum, and by giving you my seed, Mom. And one day I'll give you my child as well." Kevin then kissed Ann as he fondled her breasts.

The Slave Ch. 05

group DemoonKatjie 2018-07-16

Nika smiled and swinging her hips in the rhythm older then time its self, walked over to the stand by the wall, picked out her own queue stick, chalked it and turned back, looking at him in question. Nika bowed, "of course Sir" by the time she had poured the drinks and served a piece of cake Brian had taken first break, sinking one ball during followed by a second with a straight shot down the table. It didn't take long, but soon it was just the black eight ball still on the table and it was her turn, Nika lined up the straight and easy shot, but just as she slid the queue stick forward, her finger slipped throwing the shot.


First dates: The rock star

group PornLovingChick 2018-07-16

I raised myself up to sit on her lap as she fingered me, She was kissing my face, my earlobes, my neck, my breasts, my nipples and I felt my body tremble as a huge orgasm began to build somewhere deep inside me. I guess it is no surprise that it was hard as a rock,after what he had just been watching, and just the right size and thickness, and I felt almost jealous as I watched Anesha kiss it gently on the tip like a little bird and then open her mouth, slipping his cock between her lips and sucking deeply. I don’t know how long we fucked like that, Mark filling me from behind with hard, beautiful cock, slamming it deep and hard into me so I felt his balls slap against my clitoris.

Crystal Clear Ch. 23

group Romantic1 2018-07-16

Synopsis of This Story Up to This Point: After a motorcycle road trip laced with grief, love, incest, and sex (read my Road Trip series), Jim, girlfriend country singer Crystal Lee and her sister Ellen, a love interest named Claire, and a nymphomaniac housekeeper Nadia lived together. Claire finally revealed her mysterious past, admitting to doing porn films and being an escort, at one point consorting with billionaire Joe Mansard and his daughter Beth; Claire left the 'adult' business and took steps to clean up her life. Less than a week later, because the feelings were mutual and with Jill's blessing, Claire moved in with Jim and Ellen at their LA hotel, and had become part of their loving circle ever since.


Shopping and Student Teaching

group Bill69bill 2018-07-16

I grabbed her tits for balance, set my cock between her loose hanging pussy lips as a tiller and guided down the hall to look for a bedroom. Mom released her saying, "Now, clean that cock, and don't miss a drop!" As the sweet youngster crawled to her next lesson I grabbed her full hips and positioned her pussy over my face and began my own clean-up project. Mom parted those tender ass cheeks and looked at my now hard cock. Lucy jerked the door open saying, "Yes, please help me prove to my friends that I know how to fuck!" I grabbed Lucy and Betty and headed to the office where the new equipment had been set up.

Hotel Californication Ch. 02

group Many Feathers 2018-07-15

"Especially when he's really horny, and hasn't cum for a while, like now," she groaned deeply again, which was more than enough for me as I felt my legs buckle at the knees, nodding my head which is more than I do beyond passing out from the sheer pleasurable release I now felt as Ted and Sally's hand really went to work on my cock, now milking out one enormous streamer after another as I began spurting copious jettison's of spunk against my wife's pussy.


Handsome Ch. 18

group Paris Waterman 2018-07-15

A moment later, grinning ear to ear, Marion led me in a little circle around the room, pulling me by the tip of my rock hard dick, while Sandy, obviously excited, sat back down on the couch, her hand busily moving under her panties as she watched Marion and me. I lay down on my back on the bed; Sandy lay down next to me, placed her head in the crook of my left arm, and while we kissed she played with my hard on and Marion peeled off her panties. an entirely different series of possibilities opened up to me as Marion's hands went around Sandy's waist and then up to her breasts to tease her already hardened nipples.


Office Seduction of Sue

group Suebustybi35 2018-07-15

"Baby settle down it was only a blowjob, she has been flaunting those fucking enormous jugs at me for two days you know I can't resist a huge set like those!" Jim said almost as if were common place with him to go for any woman with big boobs. "Oh fuck yeah Maddy suck those giant fucking melons, lick them baby....oh yeah fucking hot!" Jim moaned as his sexy wife orally assaulted my heavy tits. We know she can suck cock." Jim said to his sexy wife standing before me holding my hair in her hands as my mouth pumped on the rubber dick. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" I yelled as Jim' cock jerked again in my sloppy hand blowing yet another huge thick stream of luscious man cream this time all over my face.