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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

MFM Encounter Ch. 2

group sexyladyph 2018-07-15

The meeting went great, we all felt comfortable, it was obvious that James found my wife (Ellen) quite attractive and when leaving he hugged my wife pulling her very close so she could feel his cock against her stomach. I busied myself with lighting the candles and turning on a CD while James and Ellen began to hug and he felt her tits remarking over and over about how sexy she looked. After a few minutes it was obvious that James was getting closer to cumming so I made a comment to Ellen not to do too good a job as she will want the full effect of James’s cock a little later.

School Girl Rayne Ch. 04

group Sean Renaud 2018-07-15

That's the same eyes rolled back in the head look I see from people who've had way too much to drink." Matt moved so only one hand was touching her wrists. Matt wasn't about to tell Anne that someone had walked in while she was busy going back and forth between the three men. The night had been and experience to say the least but Scott and Jermaine had passed out, fallen asleep, whatever they were down and she wasn't sure she could handle it if the two of them woke up and felt like going another couple of rounds. "I think after what you just did he doesn't deserve to have to see what a good time we all had." Matt kept pushing his hand into Anne.

Let The Games Begin! Ch. 06

group antonia363636 2018-07-15

Thus reassured, Paul swiftly picked the penultimate name out of the jar and, unlike Linda, immediately announced that Bert and Linda would be joined by his girlfriend Shirley and that Tom and he would have the carnal pleasure of Julie to spend the night with. Her fondling fingers headed further south down his abdomen until she felt the heat coming from Linda's throbbing pussy as she thrust her groin against Bert's pelvic bone, further increasing the pleasure that she was receiving by the early morning fucking. Linda continued her increased bouncing and she lifted her head higher, stopping the seal-like slapping, and showed off to Shirley what her boobs could do as they tried to reach the ceiling with one motion, and attempted to hit Bert's belly with the next.


Russian Wives Ch. 01

group Romantic1 2018-07-15

When I looked a minute later to see if anything had happened, I found I'd not only made a selection, I'd also agreed to forward $2,000 to the matchmaking company so that they could pay the airfare for the winner from Moscow to Tampa, the large airport nearest to me. The closing web page told me I would be contacted shortly with arrival information, and suggested that would be in two to four weeks so the woman I selected would have time to arrange her affairs and say goodbye to her family. Both of them had sent me e-mails expressing some excitement about my coming decision time and talking about immigration, but since I'd done my selection neither of them indicated they'd heard anything from the matchmaking company.


Gabby Fucks Three Strangers

group jennahale69 2018-07-15

Chris and Evan take off their jeans, their cocks springing free as I thrust my hips against little Gabby's face. I breckon towards Evan and he takes my spot, swiftly thrusting his hard cock into Gabrielle's open awaiting mouth. I like it when a girl screams." Evan quickly takes the sock out and Gabby automatically starts to moan. Evan, Chris, and I open our eyes as the older man commands our little slut. Chris and I hold her legs spread wide apart, almost to the point of discomfort as the old man grabs her hips and starts to hump into her like a wild dog. A tear fall down her face as the old man holds his cock inside of her, pushing her ass further into the bathroom sink.

A Holiday to Remember

group mildhot 2018-07-15

I saw the lady stand up, and with a last look at the harbor, turn around to walk away.She walked past my table, and I gave her my best smile. I thought about it, looking into her beautiful face, thinking that I want a lot more, but not to drink. Her shift was due to start, and after another long kiss, she walked away, looking over her shoulder and smiling that beautiful smile of hers. When her pussy lips touched her hand she removed it, and after a last look into my eyes, she dropped down until she was fully impaled onto my cock. She pushed past me, and with a quick glance at the naked girl on the bed, she walked through the suite to close the balcony door.


A Weekend Away

group BlissfulAbuse 2018-07-15

Behind us, slowly sipping a long drink through a straw and grinding her hips to the beat is the most perfect little hipster/nerd girl you are ever likely to see - blonde hair with pink and brunette streaks that settle across her eye, a super-tight Rainbow Bright t-shirt stretched across full, round breasts, a cut-off denim miniskirt, legwarmers and zombie print heels. I step forwards, grabbing a fistful of hair and dragging the girl's head back, opening up her neck to Sam's assault and allowing me to kiss her, forcing my tongue deep into her mouth, probing insistently before pulling back. She squeals in surprise and tries to lift her head, but Sam's hands are now entangled in her hair, holding that delicious young mouth in place as Sam grinds her hips to maximise her own pleasure, her body leaving creased trails in the duvet cover.

Slut Wife Tina Love’s being a Party Whore

group g43 2018-07-15

I guess they weren't used to seeing such a large group milling around the parking lot, and they got quite a look as one after another took their turn giving me his COCK deep in my ASS, PUSSY or all ways willing MOUTH. A gangbang where I can FUCK and SUCK and EAT all the CUM I can get Shoot down my THROAT and hubby can meet all the guys I just love to treat me as the slut I know I am. What I supply is my always wet PUSSY, hot and still tight ASS and LIPS that love to SUCK a hot COCK down to the BALLS and have him SHOOT his HOT CUM deep down my THROAT.

BiSexual Swinger Campground Visit

group moboulion 2018-07-15

John comes back with a drink and puts it on the table and sticks his cock in Sara's mouth as he begins really pulling on her nipples. Heather was extremely flirty and allowed me to get a feel of her pussy and ass and Dan didn't seem to mind however it didn't seem like he wanted to play with me but instead to watch his wife enjoy. So I told him to have fun and that I was going to take off as I had decided that I didn't want to fuck her at that point as my cock was a little sore from the two times I'd already played earlier with Sara and John.


The Big One

group SoftBrie 2018-07-15

On my back on my couch, with full lights and attended by professional video cameras, one man after another arrived to get off with me, each with a hard dick looking for one of my holes to get into. As I'd hoped would happen, the cameras, lights, and all that faded away as my senses were dominated by the sights, sensations, sounds, and smells of sex, cum, and interactions with the men. I got to see what I look like with two cocks coming in my mouth at the same time and how I looked with my head bent back, mouth open, while groups of men filled me with their jizz.


Recollections Ch. 17

group Kaadorix 2018-07-15

Carrying Cooper, my precious son with Alexa at ten months old (just two days shy of it, technically), I stepped into the public library here in lovely and quaint Leawood, Kansas. Baby Book Time is on the upper floor, and it starts in 20 minutes in the Blue Bird Room." She handed Cooper back to me, but not before showering him with kisses and earning an appreciative round of laughs from him. Not only that, but I also thought that I would have spent a lot more time in the library as a kid if there was a librarian like Merissa around to help navigate the books. Since she was Cooper's self-appointed nanny while Alexa and I worked at our own jobs throughout the week, Merissa's hours at the library were perfect.


A Holiday at Moniques Day 02

group 4eyedbrit 2018-07-15

"I always wanted it like this," Monique sighed, "Suck my clit Hillary; I want you to see me come over your husband's cock" I began to thrust gently upwards as Hillary locked her mouth on to Monique's protruding clit, she came in seconds, panting and clawing at her nipples, her come running down my balls. "I want to watch you fuck her in the arse," Monique panted, "I want to lick her clit whilst you come in her butt," she said turning toward me. I felt the movement of Hillary's head as she moved her hand to her own cunt, frigging herself to yet another orgasm, this time ramming two fingers in her arse as she did so, farting out my come as she came, panting at Monique's distended clit.

The Extended Family Ch. 02

group Romantic1 2018-07-15

The young man who answered the house phone listened carefully to our needs and said he thought he knew just the person. Lynn's magnificent body stood before me in all it naked glory: full, taut breasts with erect nipples and large areolas; flat stomach with well-toned abs above; shapely thighs and legs; delicate, feminine arms; and a slender neck and picturesque face surrounded by her pretty blond hair. Lynn climaxed immediately, reaching down with her hands and holding my head against her nether region and raising her legs to encase me in her moments of ecstasy. The sensitivity of my fingers allowed me to feel the interior muscles within Lynn's vagina go into spasm after spasm, clenching and milking my hand, drawing me deeper into her.


A Winter Wonderland

group Frank Bullit 2018-07-15

The couple next to her, you notice his gaze lingering longer than necessary on Monique, while he's looking his hand touches his wife's breast, and when you look more closely you see her hand moving up his leg and stopping way up his lap, hidden from sight by their own blanket. Suddenly you feel a hand touching your back, you look up and see the man still sitting on the couch, his pants removed and clearly excited. You are still teasing Monique with your tongue while Wendy moves up behind me and touches my back, kissing and biting my neck softly while still looking at you.


Summertime Lust Ch. 08

group Balke7612 2018-07-15

Hannah stared at Melissa's lips squeezed tightly around Dan, meeting again above it's intrusion and curving up to her perfect mound, God she wanted to kneel down there and lick it, tease Melissa's clit with the tip of her tongue until she felt the urgent push of a hand on the back of her head. "Oh come on," Emily sighed happily, "I bet you'd love the taste of pussy if you gave it a try." She pushed her hand further up Melissa's body, her wet fingers snaking up her throat as Melissa turned her head sharply aside. Her body was betraying her, her pussy submitting to Dan's cock as he continued to fuck her, her arousal slowly ascending as Hannah licked at her clit and finally Emily's tongue tracing around her mouth, its soft, gentle tip begging her to reciprocate.


Bachelor Party

group candi_hotte 2018-07-15

After a fantastic and erotic Christmas break at home where I had sex with several old boyfriends (I always felt safer being with guys whom I had slept with before), I felt even more "in need" than ever when the 2nd semester started, so I looked for other options in the first month back, ones that I would never have even seriously considered before. Almost immediately another nice-looking guy with a bit too much stomach but nice hair appeared and opened the door for me with a smile. He was a bit drunk and that look of lust I knew from experience meant he really wanted to fuck me BAD.


Their First Time

group mryogibear 2018-07-15

As Ann and Helen slowly stroked his dick up and down, Rob untied Helen’s halter top and her massive tits popped free. Ann got down next to Helen’s face and pulled Rob’s dick from Helen’s wildly sucking mouth and slid it into her own. Ann and Helen licked Rob’s cum off of his dick and each others faces and swallowed it all. Rob was hammering Helen’s pussy as fast and as hard as he could, he felt Ann put her hands on his ass! Ann’s pussy was grabbing and releasing Rob’s slamming rod and he could feel Ann getting close to her orgasm. Rob pulled his erupting dick out of Helen’s pussy and slipped it into Ann’s mouth.

Blow Job Lessons Ch. 03

group primetime73 2018-07-15

"I went on a date that didn't go very well," she looked across at Matt who was clearly looking straight at her crotch, "so...," she continued, "I had a couple glasses of wine and thought I'd see what you had going on over here." She fidgeted a little as Matt's eyes caught hers briefly as he gave her a tight lipped smile as if he knew all about her story. Rick eagerly responded, "Yes, thank God, I didn't know if you were ever going to let me get at that sweet little pussy of yours." He stepped toward her and placed his right hand on her crotch, slowly rubbing her warm pussy through her damp panties.


Small Town

group biggshow13 2018-07-15

The younger girl immediately introduced herself as Debra, and her friend as Gwen. Gwen was a big fan of oral sex, and Debra loved to be done doggie style. Debra swam up next to me and pulled my face to hers, giving me a long, deep kiss, while Gwen pulled herself up to the side of the pool and spread her legs. Debra gently pushed my face towards her friend’s pussy, and I let my tongue slide out and make contact. Gwen moved over to us and caressed her tits as I pounded Debra’s pussy. We rested for a few minutes, and then moved to party to the house, where I fucked Debra’s ass, Gwen’s big tits and tight pussy, and got my ass rimmed by Debra.

Fantasy Come True Ch. 2

group RAPIDROY 2018-07-15

When we went into the house, we were treated to the sight of Gail on her hands and knees and Caroline behind her fucking her with all she had with her strap-on cock. It wasn't long before both Gail and Caroline started to moan louder and louder and finally cumming together in an explosive orgasm. I worked myself into position and spread Ty's ass and started to tongue fuck his asshole. Somehow or another the women got his hips up off the bed and I was able to reach up and stroke his cock while I buried my tongue deeper and deeper into his canal. From the look of ecstasy on his face I knew he was ready and I started to fuck that tight warm ass.

Change of Plan Ch. 2

group Frederick Carol 2018-07-15

"Matt, I asked mom if we could use the VW and she said yes, but only to go to your place so you can get some fresh clothes. "OK with me," said Kathy, smiling innocently as she rubbed her naked thigh against my leg under cover of the breakfast bar, "I can check on how good a driver you are." The noise stopped and mom was just opening her mouth to say something when Kathy came bouncing into the room, still naked, happy, smiling and, suddenly, very pink. "Oh, shit!" said Kathy, turning to run, but mom grabbed her hand. I must tell Lisa about your mom!" said Kathy, laughing. I just turned to run and hide and Matt's mom grabbed my hand and said, 'it's OK, Kathy'" Kathy laughed.


A night with the Dancer

group slapnuts69 2018-07-15

Kayla rolled me onto my back and said “Your turn.” She took my cock in her hand and started to lick. I lined up and began to enter Kayla and then I said to Carolyn, “If you are going to stay you need to be naked at least.” Kayla got between my legs and soon I felt her tongue hitting my cock occasionally and she licked Carolyn’s clit. Kayla told her to get off and they got on their knees and worked on my cock with their mouths. When I was done Carolyn still held my load in the mouth, Kayla said, “Give it to me” and they kissed swapping my cum from Carolyn’s mouth to Kayla’s.

El Arte De Tocar (The Art Of Touch)

group slavetocuckold 2018-07-15

Again Dave took his place at the bottom of the ladder and looking up he again saw Sabine's perfect little crotch above him, he began to imagine what that lovely little, warm ass would feel like pressed up against his groin and he felt his cock stiffen slightly. Dave was waiting for his Spanish lesson when he looked up to see Sabine with her hand between her legs, slowly stroking her pink, panty clad pussy! She turned and raised one foot up onto the second step of the ladder holding onto it with her hands she looked back over her shoulder at Dave and said softly, "Quiero tu polla dura dentro de mí...I want your cock deep inside me."



group tinasbuttfanfiction 2018-07-15

I groaned on Darren's dick, which was still fucking my throat; as I felt a finger enter my pussy and another enter my tight asshole. The plug was slowly pushed in and out of my ass as Darren began taking my heels off and Jack untied my apron. John slapped my face and rubbed his dick on my pussy, "Beg me, whore." My eyes widened. My master laughed with the rest of them and I felt ashamed when my pussy's juices began dribbling onto the floor again. Tony picked me up and I was set back down on my master's cock that slid into my slick pussy like it was nothing.