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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fun times @ a conference Pt 4

group retrotheman 2018-07-15

Once inside the room, we got undressed as quickly as we could, and simply jumped onto the bed and fucked each other in several different positions, with Julia cumming first with her legs d****d over my shoulders and me shortly afterwards having rolled her on to her front so I could pound her from the rear. I returned to the bed and offered my dick for Julia to suck, but through her eyes and head movement I knew instantly what she wanted me to do, so I moved round behind Lisette and started to rub my hard dick between her legs.

A Friend in Need Ch. 01

group hubbylovesit 2018-07-15

Tom asked me what was going on and I told him that Amber really wanted to see me suck a cock. My cock was straining against my jeans watching my wife suck off another guy and my hands started to rub her pussy through her pants. Tom's eyes were bulging as he saw me rub her wet hairy pussy and as she started to suck him again I unzipped my own pants and took my cock out and rubbed it against her wet pussy. Tom's balls started to tighten as he looked as her cleavage, wanting to feel her tight breasts. "Yes, squeeze them." His hand wandered allover her bare breast as I felt her tighten up again around my semi-hard cock, and she started to cum.

Brandi: The Avondale Hotel

group Brandiscuck 2018-07-15

We have a bit of a one-track mind (okay, maybe two) when it comes to the things that turn us on, which is the two-girl fantasy (obviously, since I'm a dude) and white girls on big black cocks. A few times, she even leaned over the bar to display her sweet ass pressed tightly against her sheer dress with those fucking gams going all the way down, the undivided attention of everyone in the room making her face flush and her fantastic smile once again turning me into a babbling idiot. He was teasing her pussy, making her groan around the cock in her mouth, as he stroked up and down, slowly pushing his way into her delicious depths before pulling out and slapping her clit with the head of his huge prick.


Persuading Lucy

group kewtieboy 2018-07-15

"Come on Lucy, don't tell me you don't think little Steve's cute," I replied. So here I was, home at night, trying to persuade Lucy that she would be doing a public service letting little Stevie get his hole (and failing to mention letting me get my hands on a cute cock too). "And to think you're going to fuck her soon," I added as Lucy shot me a disapproving look and Steve flushed red. I started to kiss her just as it arrived between us and as Lucy's tongue dashed out to receive it, I opened my mouth and it slid inside. Lucy gripped me as we kissed and I forced my lips to hers as Steve's first blast of cum sprayed over both our faces.


group Cosmic The Cat 2018-07-15

He grabs my hips and pulls me back onto him as I start to suck Sam properly, taking as much of him in my mouth as possible, running my tongue stud up the shaft, flicking it hard over the head. I want you to squirt for me." Sam sits next to us, rubbing his hand up the shaft of his cock, watching Adam pushing his fingers into me. Propped up on the pillows, I lie back and watch Adam sucking Sam. It feels weird, watching this man who makes me cry with pleasure giving that expert tongue treatment to a fat, hard cock.

So There We Were

group leftist 2018-07-15

I tried to mellow Nick out before we entered the alley and remind him that we needed to be supportive of Brian no matter what his new girlfriend was like because he had trouble with meeting new people. Nick, however, perhaps sensing that bowling wasn't his strong point, took to flirting unabashedly with the young Leslie. Even though Nick and I only like one block away from Brian, we decided that we would spend the night at his house, probably both secretly hoping that we could find our way into Leslie's pants before the night was over. She let go of my crotch with her hand, and was soon kissing down my stomach like she had with Nick just minutes before.

Slutty Sue and the Roofers Ch. 01

group raidernation25 2018-07-15

"Tomorrow afternoon a couple of guys are coming over to give us an estimate," Ed explained to me. I stood up and leaned over the railing and called out, "I thought Ed said you guys were coming this afternoon?" "How much of a discount can we get if I let you guys fuck me?" I asked. Greg picked me up again and quickly stuffed his cock inside of my waiting cunt. He was pulling on my nipples and as I let out a moan Greg stuffed his semi-erect cock in my mouth. Dan pulled out and Greg got in back of me and spread my ass cheeks apart. Dan got his cell phone and took photos of his assistant fucking me.

Football Mama

group 2018-07-15

The photography session ended with Maria on her knees in front of the Coach like she was about to start sucking his cock. One cock was gagging Maria, one was fucking her pussy like a jack hammer, and two were in her tiny hands being jerked off. The man's strong hands pulled Maria's ass apart and with a strong hard push he shoved his cock into Maria's tiny hole. "Sorry girls for not calling, I was too busy getting fucked by all your friends' dads." Or how about, "Sorry, I didn't call because I had a cock in my mouth all night." As Maria looked for her clothes amongst the men, she heard noise coming from the living room.

Dream Job

group bella26 2018-07-15

I knew as soon as I finished I would have to go home and pull out my reliable vibrator and work myself to multiple orgasms, thinking of those naked, sweaty, black bodies, with their huge cocks swinging back and forth like a thick vine. The guys must have enjoyed this b/c the same time I screamed with my orgasm, I felt hot jism all over my arms and squirting down my throat. The feel of another woman's hands cupping my breasts, soaping my pussy was causing me to build up to another orgasm and all she was doing was touching me! The feeling of her finger moving inside me and her sucking and biting on my clit brought me to yet another powerful orgasm.

Sexual Survivor Ch. 01

group twoup 2018-07-15

The pain of sitting there watching as Cathy took all of his 14inch cock from behind was made all the more intense as Cathy continually looked directly at her licking her lips as Brad furiously pounded her hot ass and played with her big tits and erect nipples. In the weeks that followed two things happened, Brad and Cathy started seeing a lot more of each other (bitch thought Jo. How much cock can one girl take!!) and secondly the memory of that night continued to eat away at Jo. What had started as severe disappointment in losing a competition to her best friend was rapidly consuming her life.


Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

group ROM 2018-07-15

My mind settled on the fantasy of fucking Jennifer from behind, holding a handful of her green hair and none-too-gently grinding her face into Sharon's pussy. "If you want me to suck it, you have to move the towel," Jennifer said, her lips brushing against my cock head. "Tell you what...You suck on that cock like a good little whore, and I'll eat your pussy for you," Sharon said. Jennifer looked up at my face again and said, "I want you to come in my mouth." My fingers grasped Jennifer's head and I began fucking into her face, just a few short, hard strokes....then I slowly pushed my cock into her mouth as far as it would go just as the first squirt of cum came out.

In the jacuzzi with mum part 3

group 24_m_uk2011 2018-07-15

I was slowly rubbing her boobs when I looked at her tilt her head back, letting out a large gasp, oh Dave your teasing me now she said. Don't be shy she said, and with that joe had stood, bulge in his swim shorts and started groping my mums large tits infront of me. I looked at joe as his hand was creasing my mums ass, I didn't hang about I started pulling her bikini bottoms down. With that me and joe stepped out with out shorts on bulging cocks wanting to pierce through them and mum had pulled her bikini bottoms up and had her top still up tits out walking towards the changing room.

Glory For Bound

group Fondelum 2018-07-15

One evening after a workout, Dan asked if Miguel was free to come out for a beer at bar a few blocks from the gym. "His name is Miguel," said Dan as he got undressed out of his work clothes and prepared to shower. And we'll come in and I'll "Introduce" you to Miguel." You can't take the blindfold off until we've made you come at least twice, how's that sound sweetie." Renette didn't answer right away and put her hand down to her pussy and began rubbing it in little circular motions. Dan stopped licking her tits and said, "I think Ren, needs something to suck on." He angled his hairy cock onto her lips and slowly she sucked him into his mouth.


His Birthday Wish

group sweetthing0864 2018-07-15

"Happy Birthday honey, I know this is something you've wanted for a long time and well I got the nerve so here we are. Opening my eyes, I looked over to see my husband had stripped off his clothes and had taken the camera from the tripod. When we both came, she reached over and took one end of the dildo at my opening and began working it slowly inside of me. I watched her slide the other end inside of her and we linked hands and began working our hips to take more and more inside of us. If you want make that thing disappear and touch clits, I'll kiss both your asses." Hearing a moan from the corner we turned to watch as he got closer to his own orgasm.


Harley Heaven Ch. 1

group Grease Bunny 2018-07-15

I started playing pool with the biker dudes and they are real cool, buying me shots and stuff. Don't stop." And he said, "You are one bad ass chick and do you know what we do with bad ass chicks in this neighborhood?" I think I shocked him a little when I replied, "Take them home to meet Momma?" So he pulled me off the pool table and stood me up and then bent me over with my arms on the table. And Scorpion knew I did and he pulled out and jumped on the table and stuck his cock in my mouth and I thought he was going to cum really quick but he stopped. Scorpion demanded very emphatically, "Roll over bitch, get your ass up in the air and start squealing like a pig!" I wasn't about to argue and did what he said.

Paris Match The Soundtrack

group nathanstales1 2018-07-15

Slowly and delicately, like a teen virgins first time Jane licked my cock tip moving slowly along my hard shaft to my tight balls. Tim dropped to the floor at the foot of the bed lodging his head between Jane's long legs and into her neatly trimmed bush. 'Lets wake up the neighbours' joked Tim as Jane renewed her interest in my cock. I watched Tim cum first, his creamy load spurt from his thick cock and bounce off Jane's breasts. With our limited French and the drivers resistance to speak or understand English we somehow managed to convey our desire to drop Jane off at her s****rs apartment before continuing on and returning myself and Tim to our hotel.

Winnig the lottery (Twice) part 1

group bufffreak 2018-07-15

About three in the morning she came towards me and told me it was time to head to our room. Soon, Traci sat Toni on the edge and went in between her legs Traci took her hand and we all slid over tot eh bed. Traci Slid on top of Toni and I watched as she got licked. We went back to the bed and I watched Toni and Traci do it again. I fucked Toni one more time from behind as Traci slid under her and played with her titties. A couple of hours later Traci said it was time to go the pool. Traci went right to the adults pool and asked for a cabana.

A to Z and In Between

group mowbaby82 2018-07-15

With Alex's ass in Zane's face, he put a hand on either cheek and spread them, I felt Alex get harder and twitch a little in my mouth so I knew Zane was reaming his asshole. My pussy pulsing and clinching at the cock inside of it, I gripped Zane's cock like a vise and he whimpered and kissed me hard, with a final thrust he came again, causing his asshole to spasm around Alex's cock pushing him over the edge. Smiling I planted my pussy over Zane's greedy mouth and watched as he took hold of Alex's hips and started really fucking him.

Fantasy For Four

group bethalicious 2018-07-15

"What color are your panties?" Jeff whispered, as his fingers pressed against my inner thigh, while Warren started squeezing my ass. The stall walls shook as Warren moved deep into me and kept pounding my pussy with his hard cock over n over again. Jeff stopped sucking my tits and told his friend, "My turn, move." Warren pulled out of my pussy, "but she finishes me with her mouth." He moaned. I felt so horny as I sucked and licked Warren's cock as you watched closely all the while Jeff fucked my pussy over n over. Suddenly the stall door was yanked open and there you were, cock in hand, and stroking so fucking fast and hard.

The Naturist Hotel

group BigDave1690 2018-07-15

Yes, it was a naturist hotel and following the previous week's fun, we wanted to see what naturism was really like without the influence of people we knew -- a bit of a contradiction if Steve and Tina had joined us, but Kate and I knew it was highly unlikely they would so our original plan remained intact. "Well let's just check in and enjoy our single night's stay, on the house, and we'll consult our diary and arrange another weekend break, on the house, and perhaps Steve and Tina might like to join us." Both Kate and Katie nodded slowly. "I'll stay here for a few more minutes," I told Kate as she climbed out of the tub giving Adrian and Tom a clear view of her clean shaven pussy.


The Devil's Mistresses Ch. 01

group christo 2018-07-15

Debbie gave head as good as a Bangkok prostitute, a pleasure that Roger enjoyed for the first time ten months ago, during a sex vacation he took with some former Japanese clients. The Japanese girl was so tight that he couldn't penetrate, and she started squealing with pain as Roger tried forcing his huge penis inside her. Roger didn't want the extra stimulation of her long nails on his scrotum, because this girl was so fucking tight that he was afraid he'd blow his load before he could fully enjoy her. He still held her wrists but gave her arms some slack, and Roger listened to the Japanese girl talk about two women who were, so she'd heard, unique in the annals of prostitution.


One of our many regular weekend nights

group we_like_xxx 2018-07-15

the girl and i were aching for some cock and it looked like it was going to be a battle see who got there first, then elliot said to me 'stand up' which i did, he then turned me so that i had my back to him and thrust his hand down my knickers, over my 100% shaven pussy to drenched hole, the girl by now had again began sucking him, and spitting on dick as he began to finger me, he started with 2 fingers then within seconds he had 3 up me, then 4, - it felt so good, and he was doing it so fast, - he whispered in my ear 'your such a little slut sophie' then whipped his fingers out of my pussy and f***ed them into my mouth, i could taste my own cunt and still had the taste of the girls also, 'lick them clean you slut' he commanded, which i obliged,

What Was The Score Of The Game?

group bigguyldr 2018-07-15

When I sit down, Mike asks, "Would I like to come up to their suite and watch the rest of the game." I looked over at Lisa; she smiles and nods, so I agree. She stops sucking me and leans over and gives Mike a deep tongue kiss; then goes back to my cock, licking the shaft and balls, running her tongue around the head. She looks at me and tells me she wants my cock in her ass while Mike fucks her pussy. Mike slowly starts to fuck Lisa, which causes his ass to slide up and down my shaft. I look down at that exquisite ass and lock eyes with Mike for a moment, and then I slide my shaft into her well fucked pussy.

Christina's Journey Ch. 09

group Aussiescribe38 2018-07-15

The sad part, as it turned out, was they were all going in different directions, Christina had a position with The Financial Times, Josh's engineering degree had got him a job overseas, and Asami had a position with the United Nations, as an interpreter, she now spoke seven languages, Hiroshi had finished his Diploma of Business, and was taking over the family business. Josh made good his promise to Sally, he and Christina giving her the promised threesome, which on the night was probably the thing he remembered most of, apart from Hiroshi fucking Asami. Josh considered it a night to remember, he fucked Christina and Sally more than once, and Suki and Asami.