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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Lights, Camera, ACTION! Ch. 02

group cashNcarrie 2018-07-15

"If you had this when you were born," Karen said as she held his thick black shaft in her tiny hand,"I'll bet it wasn't fear they were feeling." Slyly looking up into his face, she said, "You may have lost your virginity a lot earlier than you thought especially if their husband's had dicks like Kenny's!" She rubbed the soft skin of his penis against the hot skin of her breasts. Her magnificent ass accented by the red lace panty clinging to her hips, the soft red bow with it's "good little girl" quality, perfectly framing the crack of her ass He then looked into Karen's determined face as she worked frantically to force the too-large head of his black cock into her white pussy.

Running a Red Light Ch. 02

group DarkFairie 2018-07-15

All I see is a cop, me, and a new bitch." She grips my long curls in her fist, twisting them into her fingers, pulling my head back, she takes her tongue and licks the length of my neck while her other hand moves for my top. to You stand behind me as your hands slide down the lengths of my arms, grabbing my wrists and pulling them up around your neck, letting the metal link rest on the back of your strong neck as Marie tosses my bra to the concrete floor. My lips cover her mouth as my pussy tightens around your cock, My eyes look over the small patch of blonde hair above my nose to see her firm boobs bouncing up and down as she rides my tongue as you thrust into me.

English as a Second Language Ch. 07

group jaybabylit 2018-07-15

Rita came up for air and said "Okay, if we want this to last, it's time for the next lesson," The couples disengaged, and Rita handed Margot her robe saying "You will want to watch closely, as it will be your turn to work on Jay next" with a smile. This scene continued for only a minute or two more because Jay, so aroused by knowing his woman was filled with two cocks, hearing both women cum, and feeling Ernesto's solid cock through Margot's body, began grunting and cumming hard into her pussy, with a large load for her. Rita took Jay's cock in hand, and so Margot cared for Ernesto, as both women used the soap to tug the men to full hardness.

Dr. Lowenstein's Group Therapy

group Charles Petersunn 2018-07-15

They were all glancing around the room, never making or sustaining much eye contact, wondering what would in fact happen in the group, hoping that they would not have to say anything, worrying if the person next to them was annoyed by their presence, and, with all of these thoughts, nervously stewing over whether they had put on enough deodorant. One purpose of the task, other than to help the participants learn to maintain eye contact, was to have them bond through a mutually awkward, embarrassing exercise. That wasn't so bad, although Tracie quickly removed her glasses as Carl's fingers bumped into them and would likely dirty the lens.


Gang Bang Ch. 02

group missdee1967 2018-07-15

Melissa suddenly felt as if everyone in the bar had watched the sex she had just enjoyed with Butch. The man bent and took her nipple in his mouth as he fucked her cunt with his fingers. Then she felt the cock up her cunt spasm and shoot hot spunk inside her. She thrust her cunt into the man's bushy beard as she came writhing and moaning, gushing sweet nectar into his mouth, covering his beard too. She saw stars and screwed up her eyes as her cunt pulsated and danced gushing sweet nectar, so that it dripped down her thighs to mingle with the cum that covered her body and the floor. Butch walked across to the table smiled at Melissa's cum covered body.

The Threesome Formula

group jaquemo 2018-07-15

I acted groggy and bewildered for a few seconds but as soon as my hands came up to cup her ripe breasts she spun me around to face Lucy who was lying on the other side looking flushed and apprehensive. She and Jan both had their hands on my cock and balls and were taking it in turns to lick my shaft; I took a few tentative nibbles at Lucy through the dark material and was rewarded with a grinding action by her hips. One of Lucy's hands fell naturally on Jan's breast which she started to mash with increasing vigour. By the time I heard the front door close my cock was fully hard again and starting to work it's way into Lucy's cunt again.

Sergeant Britton Ch. 02

group wbfreak54 2018-07-15

After about ten minutes Matt bent Jackson over and started to force his fat cock in her tight pussy, and fucked her so hard and fast, making her cum almost instantly. As she started to scream Private Boss walked in the door and said, "What the FUCK?" Matt and I walked right over to him, still naked with pussy and ass juice on our huge cocks and told him to shut the fuck up, sit there and learn. After licking up all the cum, Jackson said, "Hey Goss, hold him down I have a surprise for this small dick fagot." She then pulled out a small metal vibrator, and shoved it up his ass, and turned it on.

Jennifer Ch. 09

group Mark Singer 2018-07-15

"When I calmed down a little bit, I kept on jerking Randy off, and I leaned back a little, opening my eyes and staring right at Jim. He had his cock out of his suit by now, and was stroking it really slow, like he was mimicking my hand on Randy. I took my hand off Randy's cock and began to finger myself as I kept stroking Jim off. Jennifer was grinning wildly as she finger-fucked her friend, her hand moving up and down faster and faster until Shannon began to shiver and moan, her legs opening and closing as she raised her hips high into the air.


Night at the Club

group Babli5 2018-07-15

Both of us enjoyed the occasional sexy touches we got while dancing and I was hoping that the display of the obviously hard nipples of my hot cousin would get some inhibitions down and give the boys the signal that we were free to a little playing. Rashmi moved the window down a little more again, evidently taken in by the guys' good looks. I loved to show off Rashmi's assets and a lot of times we had deliberately been in situations where we had walked around malls or other public places with skimpy clothing, showing off our sexy bodies to people.


Computer Service Ch. 04

group BSBosworth 2018-07-15

And Kristin popped into my mind with her lips locked on mine and I could feel my orgasm building until it released, my pussy flooded and my legs gave out as I slid down to the floor. With one hand busy between my legs rapidly stroking myself, the other tweaking her left nipple and my tongue working her clit or plunging into the middle of her pussy lips I didn't have much time to wonder at all. The running was wonderful, the feeling of the cool autumn air running through my hair was invigorating but only distracted me a little from picturing Kristin lowering herself onto Mark's cock.

Cathy Lynne's Threesome

group CathyLynne 2018-07-15

Lying in the warm afterglow of an incredible sexual experience, Brian gently sliding in and out of me, Mark sleeping with a content smile on his face, and me feeling more intense sexual satisfaction than I had in years. As Brian and I ended our kiss, I felt Mark's hand on my ass, pulling up my skirt. I could tell he was going to come, so I took Brian's cock deep into my mouth and felt as Mark shoved his cock deep into me and let loose with his sperm. The one thing that Mark and I had decided is that any time Brian had genital contact with me, he would wear a condom.


group JapleinViera 2018-07-15

This isn't some cabin in the mountains, that's for damn sure!" Before Klementos could respond, Mahi shoved him out of the way and charged through the door, colliding with two women who were passing by. One of the women Mahi had run into was wearing a sort of toga, made up of a short skirt and a sash that covered her left breast. I'll answer all your questions." Klementos said something to the two women in a soft, liquid language that Mahi was sure she'd never heard before. "Please sit there," said Klementos, pointing to a long sofa-like seat that seemed to grow out of the floor. Mahi went back to examining women's clothing, but when she looked again, the woman was on her back, naked, with the man between her legs.



group curvysquirtergoddess 2018-07-15

I feel hands grab each of my arms and pin them spread against the bed. Man 3 puts his mouth on my pussy, flicking his tongue over my clit. The man on my pussy sucks hard on my clit, pulling on it. The man at my pussy pulls himself up and slowly starts to insert his engorged cock inside me. Man 3 puts his body under me, hands reaching for my breasts. I feel man 2 spread my ass cheeks apart and flick his tongue at my little hole. Man 3 is milking my breasts, pinching and pulling the already sensitive nipples. Man 2 pulls his mouth away from my pussy and kneel behind me.

Alive at Last

group southerncomfort71 2018-07-15

I smiled, "there you go, you could send that one to a modeling agency because you ladies look amazing." I let the ladies lead the way so I could get a look at their amazing asses. I look up from the camera and she smiles, keep taking those pictures. "Mmmmmm Kris moaned suck that nice cock Sam." She took off her shorts and walked to me and handed me the camera as she kneeled to join Sam. She began to lick and suck my balls as Sam continued to bob up and down on my shaft. They swapped off and Kris began to suck my cock while Sam devoured my balls. Kris stroked my cock as Sam cupped my balls.

Karaoke Idol

group tristantrotsky 2018-07-15

I know what it's like for you, you've got that snuggly-warm domestic live-in scene with Tariq. Inevitably, we wind up back at his hotel slobbering wine off each other's tongues, getting each other's clothes off faster, with an urgency like there's not enough time in the world to do all the things we want to do to each other's bodies. I can't begin to tell you what kind of hair she's got, and sure – she's a good two years younger than me, and about fifty times better, true. Anyway, pretty soon we're in the Jacuzzi, Fifty-Euro giving it with the Rap, me to his right (I'm miming along, it's part of MC Z's white-label set so I know the words), this other girl draped around him to his left.


A curious threesome with Ying

group jasexy28 2018-07-15

Then as I was happily sucking on her clit and kissing around her smooth soft skin, I felt something push slowly against my chin and as I pulled my face back out of the way, there was her boyfriends rigid purple cock head poking out between her thighs. After what seemed like 5 or 6 good spurts, his cock softened and Ying pulled the shaft out of my mouth, then before I could decide whether to swallow the rest of the cum or spit it out, she reached down and took my hands and stood me up in front of her.

Two Men and a Lady (?)

group Ladylito 2018-07-15

hot as you grind your hips slowly up and down, my hair falling atop your balls and tickling your very sensitive skin as you continue to watch me enjoying David, my legs now wrapped around his back to keep him right where he can bring me to maximum orgasm, but just as my body starts to contract and my pussy starts to spasm, David stops his wonderfully sensual tongue attack, and motions for me to roll over on my hands and knees, which, of course, I do, for I know that when I do, I will have full access to your hard cock.

Leaving the Navy Ch. 03

group Scorpio44 2018-07-15

A few miles down the road Sandra asked, "Pat, why did you kiss Nick that way?" When we got inside the house and towards the back of the ground floor Della said, "Nick your stuff goes in there." She pointed to a door. Margie's house was two story too and from the outside looked a lot like Della's. She led us to the other bedroom and when we got to Margie's bedroom she said, "Momma has been working in here so that Daddy will like sleeping in here." She handed it to Pat, looked at Sandra and said, "It's Ok if she calls her momma, isn't it, momma?" She sat me on the bed and said, "While you were gone we got your sizes from Sandra.


The Anniversary Present

group lilgirlsix 2018-07-15

"No you aren't." I look at you wondering if you are taking this sex slave thing a little too seriously, but I don't want to ask. I start to moan in pleasure and then I feel a hand sliding up the inside of my thigh and I part my legs, inviting it closer. "I want to, he can stay." You bite my neck harder, leaving a bruise and grab my nipples firmly and pull them away from my body at the same time, sending a rush through my whole insides. I can't believe the feeling as your balls slap into my cunt, your cum leaking out my ass and mixing with Brian's and mine as it slides down to my pussy.

Lives experiences as a girl growing

group 2018-07-15

She never knew this was going-on, mummy was fucking the workers every morning when daddy was in the fields, and now armed with this evidence, the daughter insisted on having her time with the boys, only she would go to them and shower outside her room, with the boys doing their duty, one at a time. It was also in Tokyo I was invited to a proper nightclub, exclusive to Japanese only and watched a group of Australian girls sing and dance and then get fucked in a back room orgy, later that night and all the men were in their 60's and the average age of the girls was 22.

Our Desires Ch. 04

group alovelyheather 2018-07-15

He gasps, "Does it taste good baby?" She nods as he stands with his eyes glued to her mouth, his cock rock hard. She looks up at him with pleading eyes saying, "Please baby, I want you to fuck me while I lick her." His eyes light up at the mere thought of pleasing her. I tense and thrust my hips up to her mouth; she holds on and continues to fuck me with her fingers. You two are coming to our house for dinner tomorrow night." She smiles and then says, "We have a pool too, no suit needed." She winks and licks her lips and I lean up to her to meet her mouth with mine.


Friendship, Business & Pleasure

group Froggyman00 2018-07-15

Amy was driving me crazy with her kisses and exploration of my upper body spots, Bruce’s head was between my legs, and his lips and tongue were pleasuring me in ways I had never known. As I started to come back to earth, Amy moved up so I could suck her tits and eased my hand to her pussy. I wasn’t sure which I liked better, Amy’s mouth on my pussy or Bruce ramming his cock in my hot, wet cunt against my most sensitive spot. As I got into my car and headed back home, I reached between my legs and fingered my still oozing pussy imagining what it would be like with Bob and Bruce together.

Lightning Doesn't Strike Twice? Pt. 02

group vandalay74 2018-07-15

With one hand I smeared it over my shaft and gently began pushing my cock into her ass. "Oh God yes!" Kara moaned as Michelle pushed up against her, their shared dildo penetrating each other's pussy. I pumped my cock slowly and gently into Michelle's waiting ass, each push from me creating a chain reaction of pleasure as the girls' penetrated each other. Kara raised her hips to take the dildo deeper into her and push the other end further into Michelle. "Oh yes, fuck me Kara," Michelle moaned as she moved her hips rapidly up and down the shaft of the plastic cock, each motion sending my cock deeper into her ass.

Sara and the Frat Party

group Aaronnw 2018-07-15

She laughed and said, "Thanks, but as long as there are hot guys like you around, I'm sure I will enjoy myself." She blushed and knew the drink was getting to her. As they worked themselves into a nice glow, moving slowly and whispering encouragement to each other, Jack looked over and asked "Wanna switch?" He was grinning crazily at Sara. Sara looked up into Phil's eyes smiling, "If you want to, it's ok. Sara watched the bobbing cock as Jack moved between her spread legs and was on her in an instant. Sara didn't want to as she was getting very close, but she glanced at the other bed and Phil and Emily were going at it doggie style.