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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Somali Orgy In Ottawa

group Samuelx 2018-11-23

Lying in bed with my boyfriend Ali Hussein and our pals Aisha Kader and Abdullah Faisal, I feel like a queen. It's a good thing that Aisha Kader and Abdullah Faisal revealed this secret of theirs to us, for it means wicked fun for Ali and I. From this vantage point, I watched as Abdullah spread Aisha's sexy thighs wide open, and began licking her pussy. Whoever thinks bisexual men aren't manly clearly never met Abdullah and Ali, for these bisexual Muslim studs fucked the hell out of their women. My eyes went wide as Abdullah pushed his dick into Aisha's asshole, and began fucking her. Once everything was set, Ali pressed his hard dick against Abdullah's asshole and began fucking him.


The First of Many Ch. 02

group boo_dreaux 2018-11-23

Seeing the confusion on my face, Vicki stopped me from obsessing about this situation by getting on her knees on the seat we shared in the hot tub and placing a breast to my lips. She removed her hand from my cock, placing it behind my head, slowly pulling me towards her as I swallowed more and more of her breast, my tongue dancing on her rock-hard nipple. Harry, silently, flicked his tongue over the head of my cock and swiped the last bit of juice from its head, and took a seat, next to Vicki. Vicki reached out with her lips and kissed its tip and said, "Let's do this doobie, then dry off and head to the bedroom so we can put that large dick of yours to good use."

Kate's men

group SirSpewalot 2018-11-23

For several seconds the two men inspected her bare torso closely, tracing the taut lines of her slender figure from hip to breast to neck, gazing hungrily at her pixie-cut blonde hair, her hard-etched jaw, and her shining blue eyes, and back down her body to her shorts; then each man leaned in and began sucking at a breast, caressing the small swell of flesh around the erect nipple, and she sighed loudly as Tom licked and kissed her right nipple and Fred sucked hard on her left breast. Tom breathed in sharply and sat back so that his cock rose straight up from his lap; Fred kissed Kate as his fingers explored Tom’s shaft, and soon she pulled back and caressed Fred’s neck as he looked down at the cock in his hand.

Black Women's Assholes Are Hot

group Samuelx 2018-11-23

I just spent a wonderful weekend with Linda Brown and Fatima Suarez, two sexually adventurous and rather raunchy female students from the nearby Roxbury Community College. I watched, pumping my hand up and down on my dick as Fatima licked Linda's pussy. Fatima stopped licking Linda's pussy for a second and told me that her plump ass was all natural and I couldn't find a better one anywhere else. The big black woman had a beatific look on her face as Fatima licked, probed and fingered her glistening wet black pussy. I worked my cock into the big black woman's booty hole for some raunchy anal fun. It's true that her face was buried in Linda's pussy at the time, but I think Fatima is a stoic woman.

Fantasy Island part 1

group cunning_linguist 2018-11-23

“Hey Pat you look great,” said Pete, trying not to look to look but unable to take his eyes away from Pat’s breasts as their motion strained the singlet to the utmost. “And you, Pete,” chuckled Sue, “even when Pat gave you a full on view, you were trying not to look at her boobs. Pete’s fantasy; I guess Pat would fit the bill, I know Pete nearly came just from looking at her on the beach.”  “Dear Pete, after seeing you on the beach I don’t think you have anything to worry about,” said Pat. “But you are right, we should ease into it. “I think we've answered the questions,” smiled Pat looking at Pete and myself with huge erections streaked with precum from the girls handiwork. 

Boyz To Men in the RV

group ronniemcdonald 2018-11-23

Dave has Mike’s jeans and boxers off of him and is sucking on his cock before Mike even knows what is happening. What a scene….Jo is getting eaten by Tommy, Dave is sucking Mike’s cock and Chuck and I are pleasuring ourselves. Jo gets Mike to lie supine on the bed and eagerly sits down on the now ready cock. With one hand stroking Chuck’s cock and the other playing with his balls, Dave begins to suck on the young man’s glans. Standing by the side of the bed, Jo, still lying on top of Mike, turns her head and pulls Chuck’s cock into her mouth. Chuck begins to fuck Jo’s mouth just as if it were a wet, warm pussy.

Wild Night With Jody And Her Friends

group Mysteria27 2018-11-23

When I came back Jody, the 'bride-to-be,' had her legs spread and all the girls were taking turns licking her pussy. All the girls sat back on the chairs in the limo and I slid my cock into Jody’s pussy. Jody then got off of me and Susan eased her pussy over my cock and we were soon fucking. We all went over to the girls that were licking each other and Jody and Susan sat on the other couch and opened up their thighs. Once they orgasmed, they moved back into the hot tub and drank champagne and watched me eating Susan’s pussy and Jody fucking herself.

Saudi Heiress into Somali Men

group Samuelx 2018-11-23

The only people I've ever told about this are my best friend Abdullah Farooq and Hafizah Albazei, this young Saudi Arabia woman whom I met during my final year at Carleton University. Add to that the fact that Anderson Trays, a tall, muscular and macho Jamaican guy whom I'd been seeing ( more like fucking but whatever ) dumped me and married some white chick named Nicole, and you could understand why I was both under-sexed and overstressed. I must admit that when Abdullah introduced me to the tall, conservatively dressed young Arab woman, I inwardly dismissed her as yet another boring Muslim broad too in love with my former religion's iron-clad rules to live life to the fullest.


Hot Tub Fun

group baranbrat 2018-11-23

I settled in next to Lynn and she leaned back and closing her eyes, she let the hot bubbly water caress her gorgeous body. Andrea's hands dropped under the water and slowly slipped Lynn's bikini bottoms off her ass and down her long shapely legs. I bend down and took one of Andrea's stiff nipples into my mouth and she let out a groan and sucked harder on Lynn. Lynn sat up and started licking the cum that escaped from Andrea's cunt and floated on top of the water. Andrea reached up and pulled my cock out of Lynn's pussy and slipped it into her mouth.


N goes to the Glory Holes

group ZandMe 2018-11-23

  I sat in the chair and fed money into the video played as N knelt and inserted two of her fingers through the hole to the other booth.   I in the mean time had removed an 8 inch vibrator from the bag, turned it on to medium speed and was rubbing it on N’s pussy from behind as she knelt on the floor.   While she only stopped for her most attractive suitors, she allowed them to finger her pussy while she rubbed and squeezed their cocks for several seconds before moving on.   This time she stopped for a while with her favorite and after a minute of mutual rubbing whispered to him “why don’t you join us in our booth.”  

Our One-Time Threesome

group celticbtrfly 2018-11-23

Mel took the opportunity to slide her hand down between the lips of my pussy, over my clit, and slid two fingers in me. I finally reached my goal, and nibble and gently teased her labia with my tongue adding a little more pressure with each stroke until I felt her hands in my hair, and I moved my mouth and tongue to cover her clit, sucking on the nub while flicking it with my tongue. I began rubbing my clit, feeling pleasure flow through my body as I watched as Mel circled her tongue around the head of his cock as she stroked him. Mel gave me a hungry look, and wasted no time diving in, thrusting her tongue into my pussy, and fingering my sensitive clit.


The Invitation

group Murfey 2018-11-23

Becky would get extremely horny flirting with John and often took herself off to masturbate at work, or came home and immediately masturbated whilst thinking about her day. John didn’t want to stare but it seemed Becky had chosen not to wear a bra, and her breasts looked amazing in the very tight white top. In some of these photos Becky could see that her husband’s cock was very hard, and she felt yet more turned-on showing John those pictures, especially the ones where he could clearly see Mike’s ‘Prince Albert’ and her own ‘secret’ piercings. Becky had always loved the oral experience and feeling John’s delicious, hot cum fill her mouth only encouraged her to suck deeper and longer on his cock.

Summer 2000 revisited -true story

group Jaque69 2018-11-23

Jim comes over, bends down, puts my legs over his shoulders and sticks his cock into my soaking wet pussy, starts fucking me slowly pushing his cock as far as it will go, he begins pumping faster and I know he is going to shoot his load, takes out his cock and moves it up to my mouth, I open and he shoots his load right in my mouth, I swallow and he keeps cumin and I swallow as fast as it fills my mouth. They are both fucking hard and I can feel myself cuming just as Jimmy lets another big load go down my throat, Billy comes at the same time that I start shaking and I come.

Bisexual Seduction

group Samuelx 2018-11-23

Harry was there, with sexy Sharon on his arm while talking to some of his Football buddies. Harry excused himself, and went off with his pal Joe, a tall young Haitian-American football player. Joe, college football star, was getting fucked by his muscular teammate Harry, the sexy black stud. Joe screamed passionately, and stroked his cock as he received what seemed like the fuck of the century to me. I don't know if it's because of the stress on him at school and on the football field, but Harry was more passionate than I had ever seen him before. They would also check out Harry, the good-looking black stud who ravished me at night.

Home from the Road 3

group Tanksdad 2018-11-23

I grabbed two hands full of her ass and squeezed while I pumped hard and fast, her huge tits swinging below her, my balls contracted as my orgasm neared. I rolled her over on her back and started pounding her again, my own orgasm nearing, I sucked and bit both of her breasts and pounded this big beauty until I poured my cum in her again. Danny pinched Rena’s erect nipples and Rena countered by sucking Danny’s full breast into her hungry mouth. Danny kissed Rena hard, thrusting her tongue into the older woman’s mouth as she did. Rena did not give up teasing Danny’s tight ass until Danny fell limp dropping her own toy as she did.

The Teacher Learns A Lesson, Chapter 4

group WayneGibbous 2018-11-23

Then some more went on and Erica and Susanne began running their tongues up my shaft as I felt my body freeze and cum began spurting up out of me like a fountain as they continued to lick me. Susanne and Sharon joined me on the bed and we all played with each other's bodies, I was in the middle and they each played with my bald cock, making little jokes about it, giving it little sucks and I felt them, sucked a nipple now and then, fingered a pussy or just lay back and enjoyed being petted and caressed.

Gang Bang Whores

group SimonWellHung 2018-11-23

Kelly sniggered and said, "Alice works at that strip club part time. Meanwhile Alice had got down unto the floor and was face to face with Kelly as Brian pumped away at her cunt. Brian was a regular, but Kelly got fed up playing along with him, and so I took my chances and suggested to Alice that she should talk her younger sister Davina into helping. Alice was reluctant as Davina did not know that her sister was working as a prostitute on the side, but when Brian was next along and I suggested it, he got so excited that he offered Alice four times her normal fee if she cold get her sister along.

Settling in Part 2

group curiouscplkc 2018-11-23

Candy pulled away from Marlene and turned to kiss Tim. Marlene stood and moved to me. Marlene pushed me onto my back and took up where Candy had left off with me, by sucking me into her mouth. The camera snapped off the picture right as Candy exploded in orgasmed all over Tim's face. Candy snapped off close ups of Marlene sucking on Tim's pole, then got some of the whole scene. Candy then told Tim to take the camera as she pushed me away and began to lick Marlene's face clean. I pulled out, spent, and watched as Marlene lowered her head and licked Candy clean.

Short taste

group UnHalo13 2018-11-23

Sara said a few words and pointed at Jen. Sara’s friend smirked as he nodded and Sara began to walk back towards the door. Jen normally loved the cute, unbearable agony that drawn out foreplay put on Zac’s face, him whining for her to take his whole cock in her mouth rather than continue to tease it with sweet kisses and licks for another half an hour, but it had been far too long since she had had the taste of pussy, and herself couldn’t take another second of wait. Jen purred and took her lips off just long enough to whisper “Fill me, beautiful.” Zac pressed his hand to Jen’s soaking pussy which caused her to give a muffled moan.


group flyboyB4 2018-11-23

My cock is buried in her hot tight little pussy and she has both hands on my shoulders and moaning, panting, and stuttering words “yes,yes -   oh fuck yes- fuck me” I’m working hard to get her 105 pounds up and down on my cock. Amy slides off of me, with my cock still hard slipping out of her, with one hand holding on to my shaft and with the other, pulls Stacy’s arm and says, “C’mon Stacy, get his hard cock in you.”   Now I know that there’s no way I’m going to be able to have Stacy on my legs with her 135-145 pounds.

Fantasy Vacation, Part I

group Sassygirl 2018-11-23

When Troy got her close to cumming, she immediately started rubbing his hard cock through his pants. Troy could feel Sabrina’s fingers fondle his balls as she sucked on his cock hard and fast. “You want to feel my fingers without your suit?” Troy looked deeply into her eyes as he continued to rub. Nina took Sabrina’s breasts out of her suit and started taking turns sucking on them. Troy took that action and went behind Sabrina and started rubbing and feeling on her. When it was obvious that Nina was keeping her own legs spread open, Troy helped Sabrina by fingering her wetness as Sabrina licked and sucked Nina’s clit. Nina started sucking Sabrina’s nipples and rubbing her clit as slowly rode Troy.

Our First Meeting

group bramusnstarlene 2018-11-23

The feel of your lips kissing my neck as I moan slightly in your ear. I kiss down to your hands and suckle at each finger looking at you through hooded lids and I grind softly against you. My husband walks over and moves his hands down your body until he gets to my head. I make my way until my body is over you and whisper in your ear that I want to see my husband take you from behind. I watch my husband place you over me the way he wants us. I feel both of you getting close as he pulls out and releases on my thighs for you to lick up.

The Pool Room

group Pegasus4 2018-11-23

Tracy stopped in surprise and took in the scene of my wife on the pool table with her backside sticking up, her husband Mike’s head between Jay’s legs licking her pussy and her mouth sucking on John’s cock. Jay looked up at me and with a big smile on face, spread Tracy's pussy lips apart with her fingers and slowly, teasingly, lick around Tracy's love hole and labia, all the time watching my face. Tracy came again as I shot my load deep into her grasping pussy, and by the look on Mike's face, Jay had his pulsing cock reach its final thrust deep into her tight hot pussy.

Haitian and Male in Canada Ch. 03

group Samuelx 2018-11-23

A big and tall, openly bisexual Haitian man living in the city of Toronto, Ontario. Hooking up with sexy Black, Asian, Arab and Hispanic guys left and right in the city of Toronto. My buddy Marlon Chang, a hot guy of Asian and Puerto Rican descent, keeps me warm in cold-ass Toronto. Marlon is really into big and tall Black guys like myself. Like a lot of gay and bisexual Jamaican guys in Toronto. Even though Marlon is cool with being gay, he's got to be careful about living his lifestyle because he works for a conservative accounting firm. Especially tall, sexy Black women like Wendy. Wendy touched my arm and told me she liked gay and bisexual guys. Wow. A hot Haitian woman who likes bisexual guys.