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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Book of David Ch. 12

group bluedragonauthor 2018-07-15

I kept testing the water with my hand, waiting for the right temperature while Claudine pawed at my body like an addict who couldn't get enough of me. I took the hint and immediately went to work ensuring her breasts were squeaky clean and then some, Claudine rolling her eyes and smirking when I gave her nipples the taste test for cleanliness. I remembered the feel of her naked body beneath me as we pumped in the slow union of love, but to my horror, I couldn't exactly recall her face. Claudine's family could feel relief at knowing she was safe and still never truly comprehend what kind of fear was in her mind out in the open water.


Wrong Club, but what a night - conclusion

group wetchin54 2018-07-15

Now a guy standing on a table a foot or two from my face stroking his large, vein laced cock, until it squirts cum on my face, neck and tits. The guy in my pussy grabs my hips and pulls me down hard on his shaft as the guy at my rear exits. Then he thrust his hips and I feel it all the way in, his balls slap my thighs, my head is spinning, then I cum like never before. Oh, your filling me like I've never been filled, I want to feel you come again, Fuck me, give me all you got, come in me again, bust your nut in my pussy, Oh Fuck I'm Cumming.

Getting Down & Physical Ch. 1

group Andrew Ryan 2018-07-15

The nurse's office was at the end of the high school building, put there because it is adjacent to the physical therapy room. When Rachel arrived at the nurse's office, she saw Juan O'Brian sitting there. Since they were both 18-year old seniors at Maple High, Rachel had hoped that he would ask her out. Miss Presley, who was wearing a tight, white nurse's outfit, then turned to the two athletes, "Doctor Wesley called and said that he had an emergency at the hospital. "Take off all of your clothes and put this on," the nurse told Rachel, handing her the gown and pointing to the first room. The thought of seeing Rachel in a skimpy gown had Juan hardening down below, his penis starting to press tightly against his jeans.

Gang-Fucked For Fun!

group Aladab 2018-07-14

"Enthusiastic little thing, aren't you?" He spoke slowly, in a deep voice with a slight scandinavian accent, "Caitlyn tells me you're even doing this for free, is that right?" I wiped my mouth on my arm and began to get back onto the table, when the dark haired man grabbed my wrist, flipped me over onto my knees, and entered me from behind on the floor. I happened so fast I barely had time to react, and in the next moment, the older scandinavian man kneeled in front of me with a grunt and began facefucking me with his oversized cock. I drapped my head off the edge of the table and soon Jeremy was in front of me, ramming his cock down my throat while someone leaned over ate my cum-filled pussy.


Last Night In Town

group TedRoberts320 2018-07-14

Roxy had gone to the bar to order another drink; Brian stepped up behind her and grabbed her hips and leaned into her, his cock hard, pressing against her ass. She turned around to face Brian, and the look in his eyes told her he wanted her, but how to ask Paul? She gave his cock a few quick strokes with her hand and then lowered her mouth over Brian's prick with a look in her eyes that told him she was loving every minute of this. Roxy looked back at Paul, and then at Brian, and said, "Yes, fuck my dirty little asshole." Paul pulled out of her dripping slit and slid into his woman's ass, her tight little rosebud stretching to accept her man.

Recruited Ch. 1

group primecut1 2018-07-14

I didn’t have a problem with presenting to a large group, but it showed me that the individual real estate reps paid for all the advertising out of their own budgets, not the larger budget of the office owners. I had also arranged clearance from my manager to offer a once off discounted rate for the proposed large advertising, as the final piece of incentive to sell them and meet my budget, but I had not been willing to let the entire office know about our possible discounts when I finally was able to present. About forty minutes and five scotch and cokes later, a short little Italian man announced the presentation was about to get underway, at which time Stacey and Vicky came over to me, linked arms and walked me towards the conference room.

Hairy big titted milf Jo-Anne's pub adventure

group goofiegumdrops 2018-07-14

Jo-Anne promptly laid her head back down over the edge of the table as one of the trio position the tip of his cock in between her painted red lips and slowly sunk the entire length of his hard dick into Jo-Anne's mouth and throat till his balls were tight up against her nose! Making that big sloppy slack cunt talk" giggled the landlady as she reached in with both hand and slowly spread open Jo-Anne's huge swollen labia which was surrounded by very sticky matted public hair which was covered with her creamy fuck-honey! Sliding two fingers inside Jo-Anne's pussy the landlady then pulled them out covered in a creamy coating of Jo-Anne's fuck-honey which she slowly began to rub around the large brown puckered anus that flowered out from dense black mass of pubes which instantly made Jo-Anne let out a long slow whine!

fun night

group naughtyccc 2018-07-14

alan fucked me first then jimmy then lev, each made me cum, lev could not cum with a condom on so i let him fuck me without one and he came inside me, after a wash and break we started again, lev stuck it up my ass while i was on top of him and alan in my pussy, it was great i loved it although a bit of pain! he fucked my brains out for a whole hour, he was so rough, he pulled my hair chocked my neck spit on me, every position possible, slapped my tits and ass bit my nipples, jimmy was loving it, so was i!!!

One wife, Four guys

group phillybilly 2018-07-14

One summer night, as I had my wife's face on the mattress and ass in the air, plowing her tight, well lubbed ass, with her moaning and thrashing around, I asked how much of a dirty whore she was, that she would like more guys with us, she moaned YES, I thought it was only pillow talk. I was on top of my wife, balls deep intop her well used for the night pussy, we ground on each other until she had her fourth orgasm and soon after I shoved my cock as far as I could into her little whore pussy and squirted another load deep into her.

And I Met Both

group davegdb 2018-07-14

8:00 came and they still weren't there and was I thinking this really isn't going to happen, but finally the called and said they were parking and were up to my room before 9. Then Tonya went in to take a shower also, so now Valerie and I were alone and as we talked she said that she really wasn't focused on getting eaten, but she wanted to give me some head. Tonya soon came out of the shower, laid on the bed and Valerie went back at it sucking my cock, giving me pleasure that it hadn't seen in a while. I finally came up for air from Tonya and there Valerie was ready for me to start, and I dove right in, starting at her thigh and moving down to her lips.

Foursome Coach

group shinheat 2018-07-14

My nervousness at touching Kate soon evaporated as I saw Tom's hands moving over the outside of my Mandy's robe opposite and knew her nipples were probably hard underneath. Over her shoulder I could see Mandy do likewise with Tom and, although I couldn't actually see her hands on his cock, I knew it was happening and she looked provocatively at me and Kate as she did so, showing her pleasure and excitement at stroking him. Kate licked Mandy's fingertips and then squeezed me to produce some pre-cum which she likewise tasted and then offered to Mandy who, having sampled me on another woman, reached forward to kiss a very willing Kate on the mouth so they could share their men's essences.

Title Contest - see comments for details

group LickerLicense 2018-07-14

Then, presumably to make sure her twin wasn't upset, she grabbed her around the waist, then started taking Linda's pants off. They both obviously loved it; as Linda's moans and groans got louder and more frequent, I could feel Rosa's pussy getting wetter. I couldn't quite reach it, so she pulled her pussy away from Rosa, and let me lick her ass. With my mouth up Rosa's ass, I couldn't let Linda know I was cumming. Linda came up to us, and positioned herself right over Rosa, and sat her pussy down. I had cum very deep, so it wasn't coming out quickly, until Linda squeezed hard, and a big dollop of cum landed on Rosa's mouth.

Taylor's Locker Room Gangbang Ch. 02

group Brittni4u 2018-07-14

Of all people, Anne added, "Taylor, you need to listen to them if you don't want dad seeing you acting like such a whore in the locker room." When he answered, he saw my sister's face and she told him with a sinister smirk, "Hi Tyler, as you can see, this is Anne and Taylor wanted me to call so you could watch her be a slut again. While Meg fucked me with the dildo she looked at all the watching girls and asked, "I think tiny tits Taylor needs some pussy in her mouth. Jen added, "Her tits are too little for her body and her ass is too big but as long as Taylor thinks she looks good I guess."


Ron and Jen

group bndover 2018-07-14

I'm straight, but in that situation, what the heck, so I lay back as the two of them alternated sucking my dick for what seemed like a long time and eventually Ron left the room while Jen continued to suck me. Maybe they were still sucking my dick, maybe not, all I remember is lying back with my eyes closed and being completely taken over by the intensely pleasurable sensations I was receiving as the dildo stroked in and out of my asshole massaging my prostate. After a while, Ron lay down on the couch and placed his head on her lower belly with his face inches from where my dick was stroking in and out of his wife's pussy.

K & J

group 2018-07-14

A guy sitting near me was scrutinizing the reckless couple as intently as I, and he whispered excitedly to his girlfriend, "Looks like that bitch is going to get a right hard fucking tonight, he's already got a finger stuck up her pussy, and the little cunt is loving it!" Todd and Brad continued to gently prod Kathy and Jackie's tight pussies and sensitive clits with their cum covered tongues as the women slowly came down from their orgasmic crests. I stroked my stiffening cock slowly as I listened to Kathy moan into Jackie's hot gooey cunt, "Ohhh yesss, Baby, eat all up all that hot cum, suck my pussy dry for me.

First try of bi

group 2018-07-14

Each evening after selecting the sexiest bar girls, I would bring spectacularly beautiful hotties back to my room for a self indulgent night of hard fucking. As she lay on her back the Thai boy lay down on top of her, slipped his cock into her vagina and they gently fucked away away. They kissed passionately and before I knew it she manoeuvred my cock between their lips and they both took turns sucking me and licking my balls. And as I fucked we sucked and licked the Thai boy together. A few days later we met with his girl friend because he said she wanted to fuck a farang with a large cock.

Birthday Present

group Dangerous Muse 2018-07-14

I kneeled down and pressed my face into this woman's pussy, licked into her a few times causing both women to moan, then I stood, and staring into my wife's eyes, I pressed my cock into the snatch of another woman. I had this woman by the hips, and her pussy was clinging to me like a sheath, but I could not stop staring into the eyes of my wife. My wife was in the throws of her orgasm when she stared at me again, her eyes spilling out her passion, and I came straight away, pumping into this woman and spilling my hot fuck juice.

A Threesome with Mishka

group sweetrapturedlight 2018-07-14

Her vaginal lips engaging in a long, passionate kiss with his cock, sucking him in deeper and deeper, feeling every thrust, obeying his cock's command, Mishka's sugar walls tightening with his shaft's inward motions and letting up from time to time. Mishka buried her tongue as deep inside as it would go, feeling Natasha's arousal, feeling her vaginal walls, the wetness, the excitement building. Mishka was into this, her ass tightening, Natasha knew Mishka was close to cumming, she placed a couple of fingers in Mishka's ass, fucking it hard, while Sergei licked and sucked Mishka's clit. Sergei was hard again and he moved Mishka to his cock and she rode him while Natasha sat on his face.

Mediterranean Idyll Ch. 02

group SaharaGuy 2018-07-14

We untied the two mooring lines at the stern and coiled them up neatly on deck - I like to run a tidy ship - and then I showed Kate how to start the engine, leaving her in the cockpit while I went forward, unhitched the anchor cable and started hauling on it, pulling the boat out from between the yachts on either side. We swam around the yacht for a while and then she came over, put her arms right round my neck, rubbed her bare breasts seductively from side to side against my chest and offered up her lips for some hot kissing, at the same time allowing her body to drift down till it was resting full length against mine.


group Flynn77 2018-07-14

We were staying over like a lot of the guests and when the night finally petered out Lucy and I were left with four other guests: Tony, one of the other guys on the stag, his wife Linda, and a couple I hadn't met before - a sweet, quiet blonde girl called Stephanie and her boyfriend Carl. With Lucy perched on my left and Stephanie and Carl across the table on the opposite couch, Tony and Linda sat on the end of their bed, also to the left. Linda winked and said, "Lucy, surely you've done a little dance for Andy before?" The beautiful naked Stephanie was sitting on his lap entranced by Linda and Tony and letting Carl idly stroke her perky breasts.


Dreaming in Color Ch. 4

group WritingDreams 2018-07-14

I could see Ana and Phillip shifting a little nervously in that lake of midnight silk, and Emil turned and gave me a naughty grin. This will let you enjoy, but prevent you from cumming." Carefully, and gently, Emil took Phillip's hand and pulled him to his feet. Ana pulled the strap, and the agony increased for Emil, making his face go white, but then the dildo slid deliciously deeper, at just the right angle and speed to cause unbearable pleasure. Despite his legendary control, I could tell that Emil was close to cumming, and it was a good thing, because it looked like Ana might sprain her wrist with the enthusiastic walloping she was giving.

18 Only: Lipstick Party!!!

group msprettypink 2018-07-14

Of course, being a lipstick party, it wasn't like I could get them to wear a condom while using my mouth, so I guess I'd just have to spit or have Tina snowball some of them for me. I looked around to see which colors the other girls had: Tina, being a redhead, took red, Becky chose orange, our Chinese exchange student Li, got green, Mel took indigo and Heather chose purple. Everyone said they were clean, but Mel, the only other brunette in the room and the only girl in our circle with a boob job, complained that Louis' cock smelled a little. One cheeky guy, I think it was Chris, even tried to get in my asshole but I told him he couldn't fuck the next girl's pussy if he did that without changing his condom.

Island Fever 2: Eternity Ch. 02

group Jeremydcp 2018-07-14

Things had been rather hectic since I got that gruesome telephone call just last evening from Candice, who informed me that her sister (Pamela) had been rushed to the hospital by paramedics after grabbing her chest and then collapsing on stage at the Baltimore-area strip club where she was employed due to what may have been a heart attack. The medical staff at the hospital believed that Pamela, in the midst of a busy and frantic night at the strip club, exerted a tremendous amount of energy that ultimately led to the chest pains her fainting on the center stage. "You two should go in and see her without me," Candice said to Kristanna and yours truly, as we stood just outside the closed door of Pamela's hospital room.


My First Cock Fucking

group 2018-07-14

Further to my two stories,My First Group Sex and My First Sex in Female UndiesI want to progress to the amazing experience I had when I was first fucked by men's cocks. When it came to the night for the group I went to the house fully dressed in undies and when we all met, the woman took me to the middle of the room and took all my outer clothing off. People changed positions and different activities took place , until the woman said, "you look so good and so sexy you need to be fucked". There I was bent over, with lovely soft sexy underwear all over my body, looking like a woman, with a cock up my backside.