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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Party Becomes an Orgy

group KissedMany 2018-07-14

Jerome knew LeBryan would be super horny after not having pussy in lock-up for three years so he arranged for five of his sweetest young escorts to meet at the newly released man's luxury Manhattan condo. Lights were turned down a bit but Clare saw one couple sitting on stools at a full bar at one end and a number of leather sofas around what looked like a dancing area in the center with three couples dancing to the deep pounding beat of the music. The beautiful blonde girl sitting on the barstool beside him looked a bit older than Clare and reminded her of the pretty cheerleaders at her high school in New Hampshire.


Naked Hot Tub Fun

group JamesSD 2018-07-14

Dave obviously didn't mind being so close to the half-naked Brazilian, and I noticed his eyes darting between Kristen and Carmen's exposed breasts. It's not like guys haven't seen tits before," Kristen said, hefting her breasts upwards and together for emphasis. "Yes, but only if Carmen gets totally naked too, since it's no big deal for her to be topless," Mike replied. She smiled at me shyly, and I winked, slipping between her and Carmen, while Kristen was between Mike and the Brazilian girl. So I should make a move on you before Carmen realizes she's not getting Mike," she said, and slipped her hand between my legs, completing the trifecta of women stroking my cock under the water of the hot tub that night.


Fishing at the Lake Ch. 2

group Salsa105 2018-07-14

Finally, Gerry suggested that I get on my hands and knees and show Buddy how I liked and enjoyed sucking his cock. As we were relaxing and watching the movie on television, I could feel Buddy's hands starting to stroke my body again, this time more slowly and more gently. Buddy asked me to turn on my side, so I was lying against Gerry, my head on his shoulder, Of course, my hand immediately went down to Gerry's cock and I started stroking his balls and his hardening dick. I realized that Buddy had moved my leg up over Gerry's thigh, so he could feel my clit and pussy better.


Dentist Gets A Filling Ch. 01

group Patchwork 2018-07-14

The trip to the annual congress offers an escape from all of that and Marsha relishes the thought that she can play truant and sneak away to the beach to tan her lovely body. She loves to watch their eyes explore her sexy body and this makes her tease them a little more, showing a little more leg, allowing the dark band of her stockings to peep into view for just a few seconds or leaning in to present a better view of her cleavage, or even closer so that her scent tantalises them further. They soon find the club bar and Marsha feels Carl take her hand and lead her onto the dance floor. Seconds later they are in his room and Marsha has her back against the closed door and Carl is again kissing her.

He Can Take It!

group libidinal 2018-07-14

There was no need for us to do that, because the first thing we saw when we got out of the shower was Nora and Sean in bed naked, her hand wrapped around his fully erect cock, stroking it slowly, smiling at me and Sean lewdly, her eyes sparkling, licking her lips. "I know one ass Sean may be able to fuck," I said, turning to Nora as I reached around to spread Tim's cheeks wide open, "this one." "Now I want to see you eat Sean's ass, you slut, while he fucks your girlfriend's face!" Nora hissed nastily as I reached around to spread Sean open, giving Tim room to dig his tongue into the sweet spot.


Munich to Paris, Night Train

group Canbe4fun 2018-07-14

She opened her eyes to look again up at the stranger's bunk, when she noticed that Reneau had his cock out and was stroking himself looking up Gwen's skirt. She went to move back when Reneau holding on whispered, "Please stay like that." His hand still moving up and down on his cock, breathing heavily, "Please wait till I..." mmmm, "cum." She too began to breath heavy as Reneau made his way out of his bunk and stood between her legs, caressing her soft thighs with one hand, and tugging his length with the other. Gwen broke from her sucking of the Stranger when she heard Reneau moan, "Yeeeeessssssssss." She felt the warm stream of their evening across the back of her legs.


And Gina Makes Three

group Bakeboss 2018-07-14

"I know, but without Wilt, Gina's going to feel like a fifth wheel and you know she'll cut into our lovin time." I could tell both girls were buzzed from the wine and when Carol asked if I could find a place to park I began to get that 'every thing's gonna be all right' feeling. The next time I looked up I was staring into Carol little tittys and quickly realized that she must be sitting on Gina's face. I looked to see what Carol thought about this just in time to see her lean over to kiss Gina; I knew right then we weren't going to be climbing many mountains.

Cocksucking Competition Ch. 03

group swingerjoe 2018-07-14

The third man had barely stepped into position when Rochelle grabbed him by the base of his cock and pulled him into her mouth. She looked to the corner of the stage, and Mai Lin was wearing a rather sullen expression, but then smiled and gave a thumbs-up sign. As the woman walked away with her entourage in tow, she turned to the woman next to her and said in a voice that was loud enough for Rochelle to hear, "I didn't know we had a heavyweight division." "I hate that cunt," Rochelle said, prompting a startled look from Aaron. Rochelle grabbed the man's hips and forcefully fucked her mouth with his cock, taking him deep into her throat, and out again.


Ugly Ugliest Things

group JimBob44 2018-07-14

Sage Smith moved her filthy strawberry blonde hair out of her frightened green eyes and stared at the beautiful Latin woman that stood in the doorway of the chocolate brick home. Sage did not notice, but when Sable turned around to leave her alone in the bathroom, the beautiful woman had floor length black hair. "Yes, Robin, I am dead serious," Sage heard Sable talking through the door of the bathroom. I ask you one more time; you want help?" Sable said, dark eyes peering intently into Sage's eyes. But Sable just kept smiling at her, smiling happily as if Sage was a long-time friend, or a family member she was seeing after many years apart.


Mel gets a good seeing to

group themeparks 2018-07-14

“That looks so good I need to suck that” she said as she lowered her head down and took my manhood into her mouth. She took her mouth of me and started wanking me off, positioning the head of my cock on her tongue, she kept pumping away and within seconds I tensed and shot my load into her mouth. Ian reached up and grabbed hold of her tits squeezing them hard and pulling her down so her could lick and suck them. “I want you to cum on my tits boys” Mel said so we moved pulled out of holes.

Sex and Feet in the Woods Part 2

group hamboner28 2018-07-14

They both sat on the end and let me suck their toes and lick the soles of their beautiful little feet and then they both gave me footjobs Marissa getting my actual dick and Maralee got to play with my balls and I came all over their beautiful little toes and they cleaned each others feet before we got down to business. I don't know how they did it but they made me hard and made me cum again and I blew my load all over their beautiful faces and tits which they took a few minutes to clean up with their tongues and we all had to sadly say goodnight and it was our last night together so me and Maralee shared an extra long kiss, we almost fucked but I knew we had to stop and go to bed.

Kelly Ch. 3

group CalWriter 2018-07-14

Kelly told me she wanted to watch the first round so Jill and I went to the bed and got down to business. Jill gave me a nod and I lubed my cock and slowly started stuffing my rod into her virgin hole. The sight of these two girls going at it got my cock hard again, and Kelly's ass made a great target. Jill came around and started rubbing Kelly's pussy. "Jill, why don't you sit on my cock, Kelly, you sit on my face." The girls moved into position and before long we got into a good rhythm. Kelly licked my semen off Jill's face and tits, and then they fingered each other to another orgasm.

Beer Run

group toomuchinmyhead 2018-07-14

We were talking, and we got to chatting about sex, and what we each do together, you know, and I was a little stoned, and I was saying how much I like being on top, you know I like that, and then Debbie said she has to get on top most of the time, because Nick's thing is too big." She had a hand on my forearm as she spoke, and there was no hint of guile or shame or deceit in her voice, but her face held a hint of amusement, or expectation. Debbie grabbed me by the dick again, and pulled me forward, right to Jenny's face, and she opened her mouth and took my cock, sucking like she never had before.


A Party to Clear the Blues

group DrWho 2018-07-14

Cock twitched as her hand moved across it and I saw her close her eyes for a minute, then turned and walked over to the couch. I looked at Susan and said, "I guess I will be going so you can get to bed too." She moved close to me, pulled my down and kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth. She looked up at me and said, " I knew it was going to be nice." I put my hand on her head and pulled her mouth onto my cock. She looked over her shoulder at me and said, "my favorite position." I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her wet pussy lips before grabbing her hips and slamming into her again.

All in... Ch. 03

group jaismith 2018-07-14

"Take off your clothes, Jack," Marge said firmly, "find a corner of the playroom to watch us as I make love to your wife," her skilled fingers already snaking my skirt down my wiggling hips, my attempt to help her get me naked. Opening my eyes partly after one of my first few orgasms, I watched as Jack knelt behind Marge's upturned ass, smiled as I watched him enter her ass and begin a slow, steady pumping of his cock into her. "This way, fellas," I said softly, my voice husky and wanting, to the other two now that Marge was already sucking the cock of the one she 'took', falling onto my back against the pillows, my arms opening to them both.

Bad Penny Ch. 12

group MVPrimetime 2018-07-14

As always, the sound of another couple made Penny's libido go off the scale, and while they were busy in the bedroom, bathroom or living room (Tilly didn't seem to think that the chance of us walking in, or wanting to watch the television, mattered) Penny was happy to play with me. About a week later I walked into The Speakeasy (a bar in the student's union building) and saw her sitting with Liz, Carla and another girl, who I vaguely knew, Denise. She smiled and said "You know I never thought that if I ended up in your bedroom, helping Penny get undressed, that it would be like this."



group batgirl-lsa 2018-07-14

My eyes snapped open when I heard the snick of another car door opening, and while the second bloke approached I saw the dark-haired man had unzipped and was slowly stroking his cock. I heard car doors closing, a sound soon followed by the crunch of feet on gravel, and when I looked up, pre-cum smeared around my lips, I saw a gathering of glassy-eyed men in a half-circle around the bench. It was bl**dy uncomfortable like that, what with my hip f***ed hard against the wooden slat of the seat, one leg raised so that big cock could slide in and out of me more easily, but I soon got over it when the man began to move inside me again.

House Party Adventure

group dtenwho 2018-07-14

"Nothing," said Mel "Sarah was just telling me about your big dick." There was a moment of silence. After a minute she stopped, pointed my now throbbing member towards Mel and asked "Want a shot?" Wordlessly, I felt a new mouth close round my dick. Alison took Sarah's place while Katie sat were Mel had been. Katie looked down to watch Alison take my cock hungrily into her mouth as she took over jerking the bottom of my shaft. The girls ran off with my jeans and shorts and stood at the bottom of the stairs with them "Just so we can have one last look at that cock swaying around before you put it away for the night." said Mel.

A Seduction Fantasy Ch. 01

group shapeshifter37 2018-07-14

Slowly, you felt the shirt being lifted from your body and you helplessly raised your arms to allow it to be pulled over your head, leaving you kneeling in your skirt and bra. Kelly's voice whispered hotly in your ear, "We'll have to replace that for you later..." Then she stepped away, and a few moments later, you felt the zipper of your skirt being slowly opened, and then awkwardly had to balance first on one knee and then the other while your last outer garment was taken from you. Your tapered body appeared long and slender in that pose, and you could feel and smell what you knew we were beginning to see -- the growing darker patch on your black thong where your wetness was starting to seep through the cotton material.

Marla. A Hot Married Party Whore

group Marlaluvnit 2018-07-14

I had enjoyed anal sex for a long time, and I've always loved feeling, hearing and feeling the pleasures that I'm able to give a man by sucking his hard cock into my lips until he cums deep down my throat. I was in the center of Harrah's dance club, dancing and rubbing up to 5 of my "dates" one at a time, and then all together, rubbing my turned on body all over them while everyone else watched, and rubbing my hands up and down their crotches while they handled my ass, legs, pussy and tits. The patrol left, but I knew they must have spread the word around, because there were constantly patrols hanging around and watching after that for the next couple of hours as I sucked and fucked all 30 cocks again, this time in the


Friday Night in the Sauna

group BlackHat39 2018-07-14

"Well!" he looked at Lana, "I'm going to get comfortable then." With that he pulled whipped his towel off, and lay it on the bench beside him. "Like this," he bent over and and touched his left toes, with his legs apart, spreading his ass cheeks open. "So are you guys going to take the towels off?" Sam sat down awkwardly, and tried to smile, but it was ruined by the lust was written across his face. "I'm going to play with my ass while you play with his." I could do nothing but stare as she pulled her cheeks even further apart with her left hand, then reached down and started tapping on her asshole with her right.


Hollie's Roadside Romp

group scorpian1968 2018-07-14

Another man was fingering her pussy and slapping her arse, oh you horny bitch you like cock in you don’t you, yea give me all your cocks and fuck me all of you and cum so I can taste you cock juices fuck my hole, the driver who was now having his cock sucked by Hollie was thrusting his meat into her face and I could see his balls banging against her chin, another guy was positioning himself behind Her arse with his stiff cock nudging her pussy, Hollie held the drivers cock and said don’t tease me fuck my hole and fuck it hard, with one long thrust he banged her butt with a loud slap and Hollie screamed out Oh yea fuck me that’s right fuck me with your cock, he kept pumping Hollies arse shouting out you love this don’t you slut you want our cocks to fill you with spunk, yea fill me with your cock juice, I was openly wanking while I watched in turn each guy fuck her fanny,

Orchestrated Encounter

group kimbelina 2018-07-14

"So, here's the scoop: this Kylie girl is a student at the conservatory, apparently making her way through more on her looks than on her talent, and word is she's getting principal pay to stand over there and try to hit the triangle at the right time. "Ahhhh, I'm going to cum!" Just before he shot his load deep into Kylie's pussy, Frederick stopped thrusting, but Kylie quickly picked up the slack, working to keep the motion going long enough to ride out her own orgasm. Pleasured as I was by Kylie's tongue on my clit and in my pussy, I still needed to cum and longed to have Frederick's cock inside of me, especially with Kylie there with us.

Sultry Sales Trip

group Art Martin 2018-07-14

She was nice and tight, just like Tanya was and I suddenly remembered that even though Vince had a longer dick than I did, I was thicker and I always had a nice snug fuck even on sloppy seconds. I was enjoying my finger fucking when I heard DeeDee groan, "Oh gawd!" Vince had one of her legs draped across his shoulder as he sat back fingering DeeDee's ass, his middle finger plunging in and out while his other hand swept up and down her juicy slit. "Yeah, DeeDee. I like you DeeDee," said Vince, "you're a fine little fuck and you're welcome to come over here anytime." DeeDee wasn't sure how to take that comment and she sat silently sulking.