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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Rebecca and the Librarian

group The_O_State 2018-07-14

Rebecca began letting her hands feeling Andrea's body, boldly feeling her breasts through her black camisole, grabbing her ass and pulling her in closer. Andrea let out a low moan when Rebecca sucked her nipple a little harder and flicked it continuously with her tongue. When Rebecca thought that Andrea was about to come, she let go of her clit and pushed her tongue back into her hole, plunging inside of her warm, wet pussy. Rebecca moved her tongue back to Andrea's clitoris, and sucked it back into her mouth again, and then slowly pushed her fingers deep into her sopping wet vagina. Andrea gently pulled her up to her mouth, kissing her hard, her tongue searching out Rebecca's.


Beth's Bakery: A New Employee

group embracelust66 2018-07-14

Kyle ran his law office sort of like Beth ran her bakery, but as he only had the one employee and she wasn't complaining, there really wasn't any problem with it. We usually close the office until 1 p.m. for lunch, so we'll have plenty of time to talk, or you know, whatever," Anna said laughing. Anna moved into a doggy style position on the bed, and Beth slid under her so that she could tongue both her pussy and Kyle's cock while he fucked his assistant. They fucked like that for several minutes, and then Kyle pulled out and flipped Anna, then crawled on top of her and slid his cock back into her.


Just a Story Ch. 01

group WifeWatchman 2018-07-14

"And since you'll be on vacation to-morrowwww," said the Chief, "let's just have a celebration today." With that, Commander Della Harlow came into the room, followed by a number of people from Personnel & Records, including the drop-dead gorgeous Sergeant Janice Holloway. "Oh, I think that was ordained by the Universe that we eventually find out." Laura said, then asked "So, when you married Don, you thought you were having to 'settle', didn't you?" Melina felt the older woman's eyes peering at her. "And we're going to do that to you tonight and the next couple of days." Laura said, her eyes sparkling. Ariel asked if I wanted a massage, and I said I'd rather watch her give Laura one.


Sweet and Spicy Horny Toads Ch. 13

group TxRad 2018-07-14

"After that kiss you gave me, I am highly intrigued by what the rest would be like but Karen is right." Sue paused to look at Karen and I closely. Kim said to Matt and I, "Would you hug and kiss, please?" She turned to the rest of the class and said, "While the state of the two gentlemen's arousal is quite apparent, mine and Ashley are not. I heard a moan from Sue. I looked over to see her kissing Matt with his manhood trapped between her legs. Kim placed her right foot and leg around Sue's shoulders, placing her hands on Sue's head for balance. Sue smiled at me over Kim's back and then arched up against her face, and let out a deep moan.


An 'Ex'-citing Affair

group dinosaurdragon 2018-07-14

Destiny has brought us together a second time; the image of her forlorn face mentioning her 'ups and downs' kept on popping up in my mind and I realized that I wanted to see her happy and cheerful. My childish and playful mind grew jealous of the lucky raindrops which had played with her body today; caressing those swollen lips, wetting her bulging breasts, trickling along the erect and pointy nipples, right down to her deep and luscious bellybutton and exploring her forbidden regions further down. Those arousing thoughts about her body occasionally crept into my mind, maybe a little less intense; I didn't push them away, rather I enjoyed watching them, sometimes comparing them to our own flashbacks a long time ago.


A New Beginning Ch. 04

group cuninglinguist61 2018-07-14

Pulling Anita in closer, Elke grabbed a handful of her hair and started to kiss her harder. I continued to watch as Elke's hand slid further down Anita's ass, and then stretched further, trying to reach her pussy. This time, it was Elke's turn to sigh, as Anita held her large tits in her hands and leaned in to kiss her stiff nipples. Elke walked into the dressing room and picked up all of the clothes that Anita wore there, and handed them to the saleslady. As I lifted my ass, letting Anita pull my pants and boxers down to my ankles, Elke smiled and started sliding her hands inside her dress.


In The Woods

group Frank Noir 2018-07-14

The man felt Mia's wet mouth sucking his cock, as he watched the blushing Ellen play with her friend's pussy. Mia was standing beside them, watching the man's long cock entering Ellen's pussy again and again, getting wetter with each thrust. "Come here," Ellen said, and the man came over, holding his stiff cock, and squatted down right above Mia's ass. Mia held onto Ellen as the man's hips thrust forward, burying his hard cock inside her ass. The man kept on repeating the procedure: Pulling back, a few seconds of unbearable hesitation, then the powerful thrust, forcing his bone-hard cock all the way into her ass, punctuated by his angry shouts of "Yeah!" - "Again!" -- "Had enough?" -- "Like that?"

Ben & Gabrielle Ch. 04b

group TheMadSonneteer 2018-07-14

Gaby kissed Brit, pushing her back against Ben. His cock became trapped between his body and her cotton panties. Ben squeezed Brit's breasts in his hands, and Gaby trailed her tongue slowly upward until she reached Brit's wetness. As Ben struggled to remove his shoes and pull off his pants, Gaby climbed on the table and turned to straddle Brit's face. Ben suddenly replaced his fingers with his tongue, turning his head to push it deep inside Brit's pussy. Gaby moved the head of Ben's cock to Brit's opening. The two women walked over to Ben. As he kissed Gaby, Brit grabbed his cock. "You have to learn to relax your throat," Gaby said, turning to Brit while ignoring Ben's protest, "but, don't force it.


Amorous Manipulations

group krazygene_us 2018-07-14

Josh is now anxious to feel more of the blonde woman; he reaches down to grip the hem of the mid-thigh dress and brings it up to reveal the tiny triangle of cloth barely covering her mound, and the string nestled between her butt cheeks. Caitlin manoeuvres the rigid dick between her legs and drags the tip slowly to the entrance of her vagina then she rolls the head against the muscular walls opening it up slightly. The blonde woman reached for the zipper of his pants and tugged it downward, manoeuvring one hand inside the gap to retrieve the engorged organ, before slowly lowering her head to flick the top of his penis with her tongue.


Vegas: The Dirty Dozen Ch. 08

group Benny024 2018-07-14

Due to Hubby's oral administrations, Wifey's soft ass cheeks were moving back and forth on my hard cock. Hubby had been content to eat her pussy and watch me saw back and forth in his wife's ass, but apparently, his hard cock couldn't resist our empty mouths. Hubby had fun swapping his hard cock between our mouths, while Wifey and I butt-fucked. Wifey got even more aroused and soon began begging for her Hubby's big cock to fuck her pussy. To assist Hubby, Wifey put her arms round his neck as he moved his hands under her buttocks and pulled her forward onto his banana-curved cock. Hubby finger-fucked my smooth ass for a few minutes as Wifey, who had moved behind me to watch, greased his cock.


A Few Wild Months 1

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-07-14

"I'm sure it will work out Jim. Jayne loves to get fucked by two men at a time." Kim answered as she held my husbands hand leading him over to a two seater settee. "Stuart wants you to watch one of our DVD's," Kim said as her husband went over to the TV and slipped a disc into the DVD player. After a few minutes I pulled back from our kiss and looked Jim in the eyes and reached down and wrapped my hand around his cock and began stroking it slowly. "Fuck, you are hot and wet Jayne, I love your tight pussy," Jim moaned as he thrust deep inside.

Breeding Ever Think Of It Ch. 03

group bonnietaylor 2018-07-14

You can feel the huge amount of cum that has been deposited by the first two cocks in your well fucked vagina beginning to leak/drip out of your pussy hole and begin to run down between the crack of your ass. As you enjoy the cock in your cunt fucking you, you can feel the pleasure building already towards a new orgasm as he moves in and out of you body. Your body is on the bed but your head hangs over the edge and your mouth is now being fucked by the boy's long beautiful cock! You see and feel the fingers mover out of your cunt and ass holes and the head of the man's thin small cock begins to enter and replace the fingers.

Training Course

group jdodg 2018-07-14

Rachel asked what happens when one of us gets naked (she was obviously closest to this state) and it was Gemma who suggested we all write down 3 forfeits - 1 easy, 1 medium and 1 hard – that we would take once we had no clothes left. Louise lost her bra next so I could see another fine pair of tits and Gemma followed suit next spin, and then it was Kathryn's turn to lose 2 in a row. In total I came 4 different times within an hour – something I never thought possible – coming on Danielle's face as Louise masturbated me, in Di's mouth and in Gemma's pussy as her stockinged legs were either side of me and Kathryn was sat on my face.

Carley Ch. 10

group JapleinViera 2018-07-14

Carley, who was a fine tennis player, had teamed up with our friend George for a doubles match against two of the Finns, Neko and Thor's wife Taava. I sucked Thor hard and fast and he spilled in my mouth again. Carley and George were doing a victory dance around Neko and Taava. Marja had told me earlier that he liked rough, dominant sex and was looking forward to running through a series of rape scenarios, repeatedly tying Carley up, making her suck him, then gagging her and fucking her pussy and ass. Taava gripped the arms of George's chair and fucked him. As I stroked into her, Vavara raised her pelvis and thrust back at me, signaling that she wanted to fuck harder.


My wife takes on me and five of my friends ~ first

group hotmalefun 2018-07-14

Leahanne loves having one cock in her mouth and one in her ass at the same time and she was not ready for the guys to deliver. All the guys were lying in the bed still naked with cum crusted on their bellies, cocks and balls while Chris laid on top of Leahanne and slowly and methodically pumped his cock in and out of her pussy whle kissing and sucking her nipples. Leahanne was half asl**p and half rocking and moaning in pleasure and I kissed her deeply taking in the heavy aroma of sex and cum on her breath from the multiple loads of cum she had taken in her mouth.

Answering a CL MW4M

group msm865 2018-07-14

I continue by rubbing her arms extended above her head and work my way down to her shoulders and breasts. They liked my thoughts, had some different ones, we decided to just let it play out as it might, go with the flow. She rolled over, I reached and grabbed the lube, squirted it on my hands to warm it, then started on her upper thighs. While I kneaded her lower back with the knuckles of my left hand, I grabbed his cock with my right. As I got more comfortable with his shaft in my mouth, I let go, returning both hands to the back massage. She was starting to buck against my hand as I saw her husband working her tits.


My First Bi Experience Ch. 01

group lilminx 2018-07-14

I’m Greg and this is Mikki.” The conversation continued; I told them that I was a teacher during the day and that I bartended part-time to help me get through graduate school. Greg turned to me after Mikki walked out and said, “There was another reason why we came in here.” Why don’t you give me your number and I’ll let you know in a couple of days if I want to.” He wrote down his number, and at that moment Mikki walked back in. The only thing is, I’d like for you to be involved as well, just in case Mikki and I decide that we don’t want to do anything with each other. Greg then went to get a drink and left Mikki and me to dance together.

Captured City

group shawalphamale 2018-07-14

But you can guess how I felt when I finally thought to look down at their hands and found that Philice and Monica were each wearing a wedding ring . Only the granny didn't just hold it, she ripped the top off the packet with her teeth like John Wayne pulling the pin out of a grenade as Philice eased my prick out into the open, waving it around with her hand with a look of concentration on her face as if she was a conductor giving an orchestra the tuning up signal with a baton. And then Philice decided to have another turn at swallowing my best friend while the cleaners struggled upright again and pulled Monica's skirt up like a stage curtain before the play begins.

Part II

group Latexslav3 2018-07-14

"Yes Master please i would like to wear that collar one day" "if you can achieve your training and complete your transformation into a gurl i give you a chrome collar to wear if you can do the right thing for your Mistress and Master, do you understand whore." Master Ali then places Michelle new collar on her neck. "Yes Master i understand." "Good now i want you both naked, Carmen assist michelle please and do keep on her, the chastity, plug and high heels." Yes Master Ali as you say." Soon the two slaves were naked ready to serve their Master.

Fantasy Vacation Ch. 16

group Silverfox0551 2018-07-13

"Did you get a good look at her ass when she left darling or would you like for me to invite her back so you can?" Terri asked her husband as her hand detected his semi erect cock and began stroke it gently. Mike just sat and listened to the conversations going on around the table when Lori said she wanted to go dancing. "That's an awesome idea!" Carol said looking in Mikes' direction while her hand continued stroking Ed's member. "Lori's sitting back there doing the same thing to Don that Carol's doing with Ed." Terri replied turning back around in her seat. Don and Lori lead the way followed by Ed, Janice, Carol, Terri and Mike.

Taking It for the Team Pt. 02

group dpingjessie 2018-07-13

At last, I brought my dear friend to a screaming orgasm, indicated also by her nails' sinking into my back, her heels poking my ass and her mouth letting out a cry of undeniable pleasure while her pussy convulsed around my thrusting cock. "Hot damn," Matt, our goalie, said, "she's even hotter than in the picture!" The other new recruits agreed, while the guys who had been with Jessie before just grinned as memories from a year and a half ago undoubtedly swam through their heads. Stepping up next were Jack and Matt, who gave Jessie a standing DP as well for a few minutes, the whole time allowing her to plant one foot in the ground as they sawed in and out of her tight, hot body.


The First Time

group darkbrownvoice 2018-07-13

First, the cock I was starting to suck pushed even further through the hole and my companion placed his hand on the back of my head so that I could not pull away. I was now bent double in a public toilet, sucking on a monster prick which despite leaking pre cum was refusing to deliver its load, and with two fingers firmly embedded in my arse. I looked sideways at my companion who was leaning back against the door, wanking his prick with one hand whilst pulling my shirt up so that my back was exposed with the other. As I watched my companion wank himself and felt the warm spunk trickle down the crack of my arse, I sucked harder on the monster which started to twitch and thrust quicker into my welcoming mouth.

Can't Take Anymore!

group horny_bi_girl 2018-07-13

While you continue to finger my tight ass, she slides the dildo into my pussy and starts fucking it while tonguing my clit. I start pushing my ass onto you and you slide your finger out and replace it with your cock, which has been begging to be fucked. As she sucks me I can feel her ass tighten around my finger and watch as it looks like you are fucking her from behind. It only takes another minute before I reach down and take that dildo out of my pussy and start squirting my sweet cunt juices all over the bed and Jill's face. Jill starts rubbing the dildo up and down the slit of my pussy and I continue to cum.

At Hairrow

group belab 2018-07-13

" I dove down again, swallowing half his cock as guided me up and down on his meat "Oh, God, yes ...put it in my mouth ...let me suck it Martin put your prong in my bushy armpits." I groaned. Shiv spasmed and grabbed me with both hands, pushing his cock into my mouth, fucking my mouth now while John slapped his throbbing member against my flushed face. Soon my body was trembling in a long, massive orgasm Martin with his horse sized cock slowly lodged himself in the snug mouth of my hairy pussy. "Hey, darling, suck me too," Martin, said hoarsely as he gripped my hair, pulled me off of his student's dick, and thrust his cock into my mouth.