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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Office Party Slut Ch. 01

group Olibauer 2018-07-13

When she had been doing this for a few minutes, one of the other guys got up on the bed behind her and slapped her arse gently before pulling her panties down her thighs and shoving a hand between her legs. The third ops guys was pulling at his fly while moving to climb on the bed so I put a hand out, just gently touching his chest and said "calm down junior, put it back in your pants and be patient." With that, I took my shirt off, whipped my cock out, and confidently grabbed Sam's hips, pulling her towards me so she was on her hands and knees across the corner of the bed.

The humiliation of Jane AKA Mary the piss cum Quee

group Mikey2100 2018-07-13

I then stuck my big hard cum covered cock deep into her wet abused and used pussy, i thought that this slut doesn’t want me to go slow, so i started hard and rough, gaining pace every second, thrusting my cock deep into her pussy, she was screaming out in pleasure, pulling her hair, shouting out abuse and fucking her hard was getting her more and more turned on. They all took their jeans off and one by one Mary the piss cum queen started sucking them all off, whilst i continued to use and abuse her arse.

Kate's Seduction

group Kate88 2018-07-13

Bianca, Oscar and I stood chatting for a while with Brad looking awkward to one side. When Bianca and Oscar moved towards the cinema, I purposely stayed back a bit to talk to Brad. I pictured in my mind what it would like; me with a big wet patch on my dress and Brad with an erect cock stuck out of his pants. When Oscar got back in the car he said "Kate, seeing we're not going to the nightclub, why don't you come back for a quick drink at my place and then I'll drive you home. After talking for a while, having another glass of wine and looking at the beautiful city lights, Oscar drove me home.


Allis First Female Fun

group CyberBitch 2018-07-13

Johns hands were on her thighs, stroking her lightly..he was so close to Alli, his warm breath was on her naked shoulder..she was so turned on..Dixie leaned in close ..her erect nipple dancing in front of Allis lips..she reached for Allis hands and placed the palms flat on her stomach..slowly sliding them up her rib cage to her breasts..Allis hands felt the soft flesh of another woman and it excited her...she felt herself getting very warm..John was leaning in behind her, kissing her neck as she took Dixies nipple in her mouth..her teeth tugging on them gently as dixie pulled her head against her tightly.

Snapshot of a Triad

group LuckyRubyDancer 2018-07-13

It made things much easier when Will leaned over and started kissing me passionately, while Alex began sucking on my super-sensitive nipples. Feeling her fingers sliding around my soft, soaking cunt made me quiver, and when she started to rub against my clit, I had a fantastic mini-orgasm. Watching Will drive his cock into the woman we both love to fuck gets me off like nothing else. I know I came at this point because Alex moaned about how hot it was, and begged Will to fuck me so she could watch. I admittedly kind of lost track of what Alex was doing at this point; Will knows I love doggy style, so he ordered me onto my knees, and thrust his way into my soaking, eager cunt.

Hotel Room Rendezvous

group joetgm 2018-07-13

As I moved into the room I noticed Suzanna lift a hand to the back of his neck pulling him in closer and harder as he let a hand slip down her ass to her thigh where he lifted her leg and allowed her entire weight to rise into his arms. I watched intently as his left hand wrapped around Suzanna's body, lifting her skirt and grasping her waist as his right hand caressed her bare ass cheek and letting a finger or two brush her wet panties. I watch from the comfort of the bed as my girlfriend jostled for position over a fresh new cock, her petite body was still clothed; the short skirt was firmly wrapped around her waist underneath her top and her legs were held by her white socks.

Just Watching

group Rescue325 2018-07-13

Jon eventually became good friends with Kate but didn’t realize that her and I talked just about every day and tried to make plans to get together on a regular basis. Kate and Tom were staying over night so I started to clean up while they went up to get ready for bed. Kate laughed and joked that Tom would probably wind up watching with Jon and enjoy himself. We went upstairs to our bedroom and Kate started kissing me as soon as the door closed. I sucked Kate’s clit in hard as Jon entered my wet pussy and started pounding away at me. I slid my fingers in and out of Kate with the same rhythm as Jon was sliding into me and we had the bed rocking back and forth.


High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 31

group R_U_Romantic 2018-07-13

"We don't have any definite plans but Kay is going to call me later." I replied knowing if Kay didn't convince her black lover to let me join them I could fall back to plan B and give Fran a good fucking. "We can do happy hour if Kay and I don't hook up tonight." I instantly realized that I had just told Fran she would be my back up plan for the night which I fully expected would piss her off, after all she isn't the kind of woman who needs to play second fiddle to any other woman.


The Erotic Surrender of Jane...

group tulsaliza 2018-07-13

The guys I had chosen are very good at listening and responding can be sure that I was right there, whispering to Jane to relax and simply go with it...I kissed her cheek and told her how incredibly sexy she was and what an amazing site it was to see her pussy full of a hard cock and another hard cock entering her tight little "rosebud" (asshole)...Dick's cock was so hard he could hardly stand himself...he was so turned on by the incredible site of his wife taking two cocks...he was on the other side of Jane telling her how hot she was and how sexy she didn't take long until both cocks were moving slowly in and out of her...the two guys that were standing there watching were yanking on their cocks watching this live porn show before them.

After the Game Ch. 02

group erinbrew 2018-07-13

Jeanie made her getaway, and Danny started a long, probably pretty funny story about the last time he'd come to this same restaurant and gotten into an argument with a guy at the next booth, who had definite opinions about this, that, and the other. Nodding, Krista said, "So we never have to say, 'I wish' and 'I should have.' Like you two," she went on, glancing first at Chad, then Danny. "One thing," said Danny, "and you guys know I don't want to be a killjoy, but this isn't exactly an over-eighteen bar.


MMF By the Pool

group 2018-07-13

During dinner I kept it pretty classy, but I knew Dennis liked my business wear, so I wore a pair of 5” patent red pumps, tight black leather pants with zippers on the legs I got from Crazy Outfits and a red, sexy little cashmere sweater that was short sleeved and off the shoulder so it really didn't keep anything warm. John brushed him aside and before I had a chance to swallow Dennis' load he had his cock in my mouth and I knew what he likes so I circled his head with my tongue while giving him deep suction and he exploded in my mouth as well.

Katie's Secret

group Azuldrgon 2018-07-13

Jeff watched in awe as Katie continued licking until all his cum was cleaned off before Candy shared a deep tongue kiss with her. Jeff watched as Candy arched her back and pulled Katie's face up with hers to share another deep kiss. After a few moments, Jeff felt himself entering into her deeper as Candy slipped underneath and began alternating between Katie's pussy and Jeff's dick as it slid out. Before he had a chance to respond, Candy pulled his dick out and began to stroke it as Katie slid down right next to her. After everyone was cleaned off, Katie walked Jeff to the door and thanked him for another wonderful evening before Candy ran up and wrapped her arms around him before kissing him deeply.

Glory Hole Couple

group CraverScarlett 2018-07-13

I agreed, and that night in bed, as we made love, Mary told me she wanted us to visit one of the adult book stores in our area that we'd heard featured "glory holes," those holes cut into the walls between video booths which allow the store's patrons to engage in oral sex. With a growl of animalistic lust, Mary took my place, sucking and slobbering all over the cock until we heard a series of low moans coming from next door. On fire, I came then, spurt after spurt splashing against Mary's leg as I watched her ass pounding back against the wall of the booth as the cock she was fucking make smacking noises as it slammed into her.


Staycation Ch. 01

group Gary_Alexander_2 2018-07-13

In fact, just a day earlier, I'd gotten a pretty good look at Michelle's little breasts: we'd all been in the pool together and when she dove in, her entire bikini top had lifted up almost to her neck. I couldn't get that thought out of my mind, and when Jim and Michelle finally went home, I wanted to rip off Tina's bikini top and shorts and fuck the hell out of her right there at poolside. I glanced over to make sure Jim and Michelle had their eyes on the screen, and then I gave Tina's left breast a quick caress. Making sure our hosts were otherwise distracted - Michelle seemed to be whispering something in Jim's ear - I lifted Tina's skirt until her panties came into view.

Pool Boy Ch. 19

group BigZeke13 2018-07-13

We were in the middle of the channel before I turned back to Jim and said, "I love female company; how about you Jarrod?" He took a hit off his beer can and simply nodded. She sat up and swung one leg across Jim's lap and pulled her bikini bottom aside and slid her pussy onto his cock. Rachel and Izzy alternated their attention between me and Jarrod and Jim and Mia. They were getting horny too as evidenced by their ragged breathing. I glanced over to watch Izzy push Jarrod's cock into her mouth and start a blowjob. Rachel had got me about as hard as possible and she pulled her face off and flexed her jaw several times before she stood up to apparently copy Izzy's move.


Busty Young Teacher Gives Private Lessons

group billy69boy 2018-07-13

He felt his erection grow as he watched his young wife sashay out to the garden, trowel in hand, and kneel down on a cushion, facing away from the path where the boys were due to walk up any minute now. By now, the fourth boy already has his hard cock in his hand, and he moved toward Diane and shoved it into her open mouth, and began to pump her face hard. He stroked his throbbing cock as he watched the boy behind Diane kneel down and slide her skirt up, and push his thick young cock deep into her soaking wet pussy. The sensation of having four eager young hands fondling her solid tits was exquisite, and Diane climaxed right there where she stood, unbeknownst to the boys.

Cheating With My Boss & Her Husband

group magas911 2018-07-13

Standing there in front of Gina in just a pair of transparent white lace string panties and a matching demi-pushup bra (trying to make the most of my 34a/b size)I was feeling somewhat embarrassed. I rolled over and Gina was holding her husbands cock in both hands, one on top of the other and sucking on a good four inches that rose up above that. His cock was now pushing the crotch of my panties aside and I could feel his hot cockhead just starting inside my pussy lips. Gina pulled her husband from me diving between my open legs and started to give me a pussy licking I'll not soon forget.

The 'Spot'

group rsvlbimwm 2018-07-13

All three shuffled into the house and Brad directed Tim and Jessie to the couch while he went to the kitchen to make drinks. As Tim slid his hand down Jessie's body to her now moist thong, Brad returned with their drinks. "So Tim, you liked my finger in your ass?" asked Brad. Tim knew what was about to happen and it turned him on so much that he buried his face in Jessie's cunt and licked and sucked and lapped like there was no tomorrow! Jessie was going wild on Tim's cock, swallowing it like she did her husbands earlier in the evening. Brad began to work Tim's ass with his fingers, trying to relax him and loosen him up.


A Widower Dreams

group virusman 2018-07-13

As Debbie swayed and gyrated a couple of feet in front of Lynda, her lover slipped her hand inside her panties and rubbed her pussy and clitoris in a vigorous circular motion, whilst kneading her breasts and pinching her nipples. As Debbie got more and more excited, and was very close to her first orgasm of the evening, Lynda slid a thumb into Debbie's wide open vagina, and flicked her clitoris with the first two fingers of the same hand, whilst continuing to lick her anus.

A Happy New Year's Party

group Humpdee84 2018-07-13

Rich and Stephanie, Dave and Lydia, Marie and Bob, the lone single guy, Artie were all there and having a nice evening. Bob finished off Lydia, moved to Cindy and then Steph, each time using his own personal technique. Jerry, Artie and Cindy, the only woman still awaiting climax stared intently at Marie, her breasts bouncing up and down hypnotically, her ass cheeks grinding back and forth against the stool she had brought down from the kitchen, her hand rubbing her so quickly a fire could start. Lydia had made her way over to the sleeping Artie and just sat playing with his now limp penis like it was some sort of fascinating toy and Dave smiled at Steph.

Karen Saw Her First

group ltfantasy 2018-07-13

She was sitting across from me to my left and I had difficulty not ogling her incredibly long looking legs -- they were crossed, pointing in my direction and the hem of her blue dress lay across her mid-thighs. As I walked to the family room, I saw Karen and Blue Dress engaged in a soulful kiss with their arms wrapped around each other's neck. I could immediately feel the remarkable similarity in the sexuality between Blue Dress and Karen and understood why they were here together, and delighted that I was invited to join two beautiful women in a special sexual experience. At the next, it was Blue Dress impaled atop of my hard cock, slowly riding me while she sucked on Karen's nipples.

Diary of a Menage a Trois - Monday

group Tomcatfive 2018-07-13

When I turn around and look up, she's standing on the edge of the pool, hands on hips, but with a big smile on her face. Realizing my hands can still move, I start running them over her body, first that sweet round ass with absolutely nothing covering it, and then those stunning breasts, Just like her mothers, but 25 years perkier and firmer. "I know, so do I baby, and maybe we can soon, but the first time is going to take a little effort, and the pool washes all the lube away. "Dammit Don, that cock is amazing, it's so tight, but it feels sooooooooo fucking good!" She gives a push with her hips, and I slide in easily another inch or more.


Firenze Ch. 02

group jim313 2018-07-13

I thought about how much I would love to suck him hard again but knew that my wife wanted more of him so I got up and saw that Doreen had her head in Gina's ass crack and was sliding her tongue in and out of the tight anus as Gina rode Don's thickness and Pat sucked her nipples and soul kissed her. She looked at me with glazed eyes and told me that she was busy at the moment but would be there as soon as she finished so I moved up in front of Gina, who was crouched low as she rode Don's erection, and straddled his head and offered the crown of my flaccid penis to her to suck on as she fucked him.


My Trailer Park Mistress Ch. 03

group nighttimestories 2018-07-13

The guy who had just been fucking Linda was now hard and was between Diana's legs then guided his cock into her. Worse yet I pulled my hard cock out and was stroking it as I watched the fuck session going on in front of my eyes. I just shook my head and said, "I started to come to your little neighborhood "meeting" last night and when I got to the door I saw what looked like a naked woman walk past the window. I rolled onto my side and looked into her eyes, "You want me to join your little "meeting" and watch you fuck and suck other guys?"