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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Unlocking Sheri's Inner Slut

group Babeslady 2018-07-13

"And then when you are almost screaming with the need of him you want to feel that tongue on your clit, lapping at your juice." Lucas had a raging hard on now. "I think that Harry and I would like to meet you as well." Lucas' heart skipped a beat and a smile spread across his face. Standing up he looked into her eyes as he stroked her breast, slipping his fingers inside to gently pinch her nipple. There was no way that she was the same woman who had just gushed her juice over his hand and was now greedily sucking his cock down the back of her throat.


No Longer Curious

group babygirlheather 2018-07-13

I’ve thought about kissing her and touching her and making her feel so good. I caress her hair as she sucks my nipple hard into her mouth, making me cry out in pleasure. My eyes are fixed on yours as I’m receiving this wonderful pleasure from a woman for the first time. My hands begin to slide over my stomach and breasts as I start really getting into it. When I’m as close as possible I take a deep breath, taking in her beautiful smell as our hard nipples graze each other’s stomachs. We are making each other feel so good, both so wet on each other’s faces. I cannot answer because I’m moaning so much, and my mouth is so busy working this exquisite pussy.

Adventures of Cheryl

group watchingher 2018-07-13

I quickly got on the phone with the host’s of the party that we were going to attend and asked if they knew anyone that would be free tonight to come over and fuck my wife. She came out of the room with a look in her eye that said, “Someone fuck me now!” She went from guy to guy letting each of them sample her huge tits and finger her newly pierced pussy. She started off giving each guy a slow blowjob, but shortly after that Mike, a tall black guy with a huge cock, got behind her and began fucking her while she blew his friend Alex. The four of us fucked Cheryl till dinner time when the guys said they needed to go home for some much needed rest.

The Further Adventures of Cat Ch. 02

group Cat_photobuff 2018-07-13

I told the guys I needed to buy my husband some new underwear, but I wasn't sure what kind I'd like to get him, so I innocently asked if they could all stand up and model what they had on, and I could do some comparison shopping. When he got right up to me and turned around, I rubbed his butt cheeks a little harder than I did Rob's, and I told him he looked way better than my husband in these. Steve turned around to face me, holding his shirt up to his chest, and I gave his balls a good workout through his briefs, then ran my hand up and down his shaft several times.


FourPlay2: Daryl

group Christian Black 2018-07-13

The thing I remember most about that first night was Emma, her little ass stuck in the air, saying: "Fuck me like a boy." I'd never had a girlfriend before, never really wanted one, but Emma was more like a man in bed than any other girl I'd ever been with. Maybe he was, because when Emma said: "Kiss him, Christian," he obeyed without hesitation. Christian kissed the head of my cock, licked the little hole, took me tentatively into his mouth. Christian exploded in my mouth at the same exact moment I shot off in Emma's and I knew both the girls were coming, too.

Touch Class Ch. 17

group Uzi_Johnson 2018-07-13

As Karen started pumping, Jennifer went wild, thrashing her hips and sucking me intensely while letting out a deep moan. "Thanks, Jennifer, I think that would be a good idea." And Melissa pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing her nicely filled out bra. Jennifer and Christine took this opportunity to pull off Melissa's panties, which Christine sniffed and licked before putting them aside. Christine got down and put her face up to Melissa's pussy from the front, and started licking her. Jennifer leaned down until her face was resting on Melissa's unshaven pubic area, and she started licking Melissa's clit, using her hands to part the labia and unsheathe the clithead, just above my thrusting and pumping.

Erotic Exotic Ball Ch. 04

group Merlin_6 2018-07-13

Irene, Joan, Cory, Nancy and I stood dumbfounded until Arlene poked her head back out, “Just checking it out.” She is still getting fucked doggy-style and I can’t help but notice her breasts swaying under chest to the motion of his pounding.The person in her mouth was wearing a condom and has apparently cum. I hold her around the waist and she replies “only a moment to recover.” The organizer stands close by as Joan and Nancy ask Irene about it. How it would feel to lay back and just let somebody pound away at me and how what I really wanted, since it was a stranger, was just for him to come up and fuck me hard.


The Fourth of Julie

group SexyJennaInk 2018-07-13

"You ARE my best friend," Tony rasped as Billy watched him pound into Julie roughly. Billy stared in wonderment, the idea of what Julie and Tony were implying slowly coming to life in his mind. Billy moved between Tony's outstretched legs, placing the head of his erection against Julie's tiny backdoor. Chad stared at his friend, trying to keep his gaze focused on Billy's cerulean blue eyes and not his naked body and pulsing erection. Matt had taken Billy's place, his hard length pounding into Julie from behind as she rode Tony who still lay underneath her. Tony pushed Julie up and off his length and without missing a beat, she turned to face Billy and a horrified Chad, lowering herself onto Tony yet again.

A Special Present

group Txdelicatablegrl 2018-07-13

Laura came over on Christmas Eve. My husband and I were in the kitchen putting in the ham that we were going to serve the next day. My husband and I smiled at each other as we both turned to watch Laura cross her legs rather seductively. Laura had chose to wear a hot pink bra and panties set with matching garterbelt. Laura started stroking my thigh and I reached over and started to slide my hands up under her dress. Laura rolled over a little toward him and laid her head right in his lap. I started to rub my fingers up and down her pussy lips moving them back and forth softly.


Neighborhood Watch Ch. 01

group sex4u4647 2018-07-13

From watching all this Jim's cock was so hard it hurt, he needed relief. "Lets watch a bit longer and then go." With their half hard cocks still sticking out of their pants they watched the group fucking more. Jill had reached one hand inside his suit, wrapped it around his now hard cock and used the other to pull down his trunks. Following her naked body to the grass, Ralph laid back as she sat astride him and lowered her pussy to gratefully connect with his hard cock. Jim was suddenly standing above them naked, holding his hard, long, thin cock to Jill's lips. "Jim told me about your nice cock, knew I would like it and that's why he invited you over.

Waking Her

group TooShy 2018-07-13

I gasp when I feel his large hand slide over my breast, and I raise my fingers to his stubbly cheek. His fingers tug at the waistband of my underwear, sliding them off me, and although I haven't done this in over a year, and never with him, and my best friend is sleeping on a bed not four feet away from us, I move my body and help him take them off. He presses his middle finger inside and kisses my quivering clit before he lifts his head and seems to notice Melissa's presence for the first time. Chuck rolls off to my other side, and I lean into her, kissing her on the lips, sliding in with my tongue.

Our 1st Orgy

group doomwolf123 2018-07-13

To emphasise this point, she spread her legs, scooped out her cum-filled pussy, spread the hot, sticky fluid all over my cock and started to bob her head up and down on my thick member, deep throating me, till I could take no more and spurted deep inside her mouth ....and like a good girl, she never wasted a drop, drinking it all down and looking like she thouroughly enjoyed herslf, licking her lips and smiling contentedly. It got me so turned on watching your cock slide in and out of that girl's mouth, then when you laid her onto her back and started to fuck her, well I came immediately."


group Suesse 2018-07-13

I felt Michael's hands brushing my hair away from my face, and then he started planting short kisses all over my face, until his mouth found my lips and his tongue started playing with mine in an intensifying rhythm. Michael stood next to the sofa, taking his clothes off, and when he sat back down on the sofa next to me, he took my hand and put it around his throbbing rock hard cock before his fingers collected pussy juice from my hot entrance, smeared it on my clit, and gave my clit a few hard tugs while Pete's tongue dove deep into my cunt. As I looked back between my swaying tits, I saw Michael's tongue trailing over Pete's hanging balls before he took one into his hot mouth.

On Leave Back in 1972

group JustJimColo 2018-07-13

We just started talking and before long we agreed that I could give her a ride home from work later that evening, and maybe hang out for a while. Soon my hands were inside her pants feeling a wet pussy for the first time. Besides, I was afraid I'd cum as soon as I felt her pussy around my cock and didn't want to leave her hanging. I guess she was expecting me to just climb aboard because she looked surprised when I buried my head between her legs and started licking her pussy. We were sitting around drinking beer and after a while, one of the guys pulled out some pot and we smoked a couple joints and were all feeling no pain soon after.

Bureau of Extra Normal Affairs, Dealing with Demon

group dustybit 2018-07-13

Much too large for any normal hand he swung it upward to cover any threat that might present itself as he moved forward to intervene between the Madame and the girls, Rowena was loosening the hidden lacing at the side of Her jacket to release Her favourite bodkin and Rachel was stretching to loosen Her muscles for combat. When he eventually achieved visibly shaking with the effort, the vile essence dripping from his form he too bellowed as Travis had when the demon had induced his orgasm, Rachel came very soon after him with a gasp as he fell exhausted over Her, but his eyes were focused on Rowena's as She too tumbled over the brink of Her crisis.

David Wilde Returns Home Ch. 08

group wildehafer 2018-07-13

Alex bucked and her throat gripped my cock tightly as a surge of cum welled up from inside of me and blasted down her tight orifice into her stomach. "Mike and Lisa invited us over for dinner tonight." Alex's fingers were digging harder into me and I started to squirm around on the bed to avoid them. Alex's voice suddenly went all silky and soft, "C'mon David, you can tell me." Her hand trailed up my thigh, and stopped between my legs to cup my balls and knead them gently. Holding my face in her hands she bent her head and kissed me gently, our lips bonding with the tips of our tongues just touching together.


A Weekend Away - Chapter 2

group linkinincubus 2018-07-13

"That's some dress Alice picked out for the night" Julie said to Richard with wide eyes after finishing the last bit of champagne in her glass. "If you can guess the color of the panties i'm wearing correctly then I'm taking you to the mens room right now and I will suck your cock so hard that this entire conference call is going to hear you scream my name and I will wear your cum on my dress for the rest of the night." Julie smiled and leaned back in her chair looking around the room to try to find a moments privacy in the crowded meeting hall. "It looks like you lost Richard." Julie smiled as she pulled her panties aside and started to rub her own clit.

Secret Desires

group bill098765 2018-07-13

Moving my dick slowly up and down her pussy lips, I would every once in a while push the head of my cock in just a little bit, teasingly raising the anticipation level. Jen's tiny thong panties barely hid her little asshole and pussy as my hands pushed apart her ass cheeks. I started working the massage up her left leg which had the effect of slightly pulling her legs Tom some more tantalizing glimpses of Jen's pussy. I gave Tom a little wink and smile as I started working my hands up her leg. Tom lost any inhibitions as he sunk two fingers into Jen's pussy, working his massage skills in her tight little hole.


First Come

group erikafoxx 2018-07-13

Woody had gone to bed by the time she got home, and she had spent the better part of an hour re-reading the ad for the New Year's party and checking out more of the personal ads inside. Woody glanced at the ad, and saw the words "NEW YEAR" and "PARTY" and gave Jill the oddest look she'd seen on his face in a very long while. "I mean, it's not every day a man's wife comes home with a swinger's magazine and asks if he'd like to go to a swinging party." "So if you'd like to dance, or just sit and enjoy your champagne, it's all up to you." Woody and Jill looked at each other and both said "Okay" in unison.


Friends and Lovers

group Deckard Kincaid 2018-07-13

"I bet Dauber likes my panties," laughed Michelle and with that she turned to face me, grabbing the hem of her dress and lifting it to her chin. As Michelle rubbed my cock, I caressed the silk covered mound, gradually moving my fingers around the silken edges and into her wet cunt. He was looking at Michelle's panties, hypnotised by the movement of my fingers under the red silk. With that Bridget came and knelt at my feet and Michelle went over to Dauber. When she finally turned to face me she was also covered in Dauber's thick white cum that slowly dripped down her chin and onto her breasts, which my buddy scooped with his fingers and fed to her slowly.

A European Adventure Ch. 02

group A bit of Africa 2018-07-13

Vicki is the kind of exquisitely beautiful woman every red-blooded man, and some red-blooded women, want to fuck, cunt, mouth and ass (though not necessarily in that order), and this I got to do on a regular basis. Vicki bent over to trace her breasts again, but Wendy turned over ass up in the water and turned her face to Vicki’s cunt. She dipped her head again to tongue Vicki’s ass and Vicki grasped her legs by the knees to give Wendy free access to her anus. I pushed Vicki down to raise her ass, then took my cock fresh from Wendy’s asshole and pushed the head against Vicki’s anus.

Miss Beatty Pt. 2

group shift64 2018-07-13

the next thing Lauren knew, Barb Johnson was off in the corner of the room, She seemed to be on the phone, but the restraints kept the girl from turning to see. Contently, Barb knelled down, took a deep breath and inhaled the sweet smell of the girl's wet pussy, her soaking wet panties, and her wonderful, intoxicating ass. From behind, Liz grabbed Lauren's perfect ass, gave her a nice spank and removed the girl's panties. Barb knew that Liz had entered the tight asshole of the young girl when she notice Lauren's eyes grow wide. With her own saliva dripping down Mrs Johnson ass and mixing with the woman's pussy juice, Lauren lapped and sucked at every drop.

I Joined The Builders Who DP My Wife

group nckboy 2018-07-13

Sue sat up and told Ben to stand in front of her on the bed, took his cock in her mouth and began sucking him off; he held her head and started to face fuck my wife. I tense up tight inside her, squirting my cum up her arse just as Sue squirts again from her fanny, she screams out in pleasure, panting and breathing heavy while her eyes are wide open looking at me, as to say you fucked my arse you bastard. Scott was lifting off the bed and watching his might shaft penetrating Sue was such a turn on, her flabby lips were past sucking on to his cock and there was a steady splattering of cum leaking all the time.

Seven Beers, Six Shots

group Tide_Couple 2018-07-13

I took his cock in my mouth, running my tongue along the bottom, swirling it around the tip when I came up. They started pounding my ass and mouth with the same ferocity, if not a bit harder. The one in my mouth started to get a bit more frantic in his mouth fucking and I knew he was about to cum. The sight of his friend cumming in some random girl they picked up at a stoplight must have been too much for him, because the man in my ass pushed all the way in to the base of his cock and stopped. I could feel his cock pulsating in my ass and the load of cum fill me.