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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 37

group SteveWallace 2018-07-13

I started to fuck Melanie as Andy went to town on Sheila's hot love box. Andy was gurgling out some praise for Melanie, Sheila, our family, his family, and all women who he got to fuck like this. Besides the hand weapons Cindy, Lucas, Geck, Ninja, Deke, and I carried, there were seven M14A attack rifles, an RPG launcher, and enough ammo to start a good-size war in the small country of your choice. John said our last two classes would cover advanced maneuvers such as jumps, rolls and some other subjects like shooting from a car; however, since Deke was with us, we'd have a demonstration session before the morning ended.


Summer at Home Ch. 01

group Reindeer58 2018-07-13

I glanced over my shoulder at a pair of feet with red painted nails in high heeled sandals, very shapely pale legs that ended at a modest bikini bottom, a flat stomach with a navel piercing, nice breasts, 34B I imagined, matching toenail polish red on her lips, shades and long auburn hair. After talking for a few minutes and rehashing her errands with Janet and Elise, Virginia said, "Excuse me, I just need to get these hose off." Virginia's skirt was not as short as either Janet's or Elise's so I could not see any hint of stockings or pantyhose, but when she made a casual move with her hand to smooth her skirt I noticed a telltale bump on the top of her thigh.


Two Women and the Glory Holes Ch. 04

group pjwolf 2018-07-13

In short: Jenny helped Rachel break free of her shell (in chapter one) by taking her to a glory hole room in an attempt to get over her soon to be ex-husband, who was having an affair with another woman (Holly). "Only if you start by giving these tits some attention Holly!" Jenny panted as she began to lower herself closer to my face; I felt a drop from her steamy loins land on my upper lip. I could also hear licking and slurping sounds coming from above...Holly no doubt was giving some well-needed attention to Rachel's breasts. I pulled up my knees, frantically ground my nose on Rachel's clit, reached up and pulled Holly's pussy firmly to my breast, and began to shake and shudder.

Friendly Swap

group Fitofjealousy 2018-07-13

Many nights Terry would look into my eyes as I fucked her good and hard. We did a good bit of partying that evening, when suddenly Terry looked me in the eyes and said, "Baby, Anna Nicole and I have a little request. Anna Nicole really wants to suck your delicious cock, and I want to see if Ray can fuck as good as you." Then she bit her lip a little, perhaps frightened as to how Ray and I might respond. Anna Nicole likes to be fucked good and hard. Holding on to my butt cheeks, Anna Nicole at first just licked around the head, taking it into her mouth and sucking on it.

A Memory of Three

group MySecretDesire 2018-07-13

When Lou did the same, Monica moaned and lay back on the bed, cradling her tits in her own hands and offering them up to our mouths. Monica's fingers in Lou's hair, I lightly stroking his now throbbing hardness, his own hands firmly squeezing my ass cheeks, the way he knew I liked, or tracing lines across Monica's belly and inner thighs, looking to discover what she liked. Before long, Lou slid down along Monica's body, kissing his way to the apex of her thighs, and parted her dark fur with his tongue. Leaning on his hands, Lou thrust his morning hard cock into her with long, slow strokes, deep to the hilt and then pulling out until only the tip of the head joined them.

Misti: Surprise Party

group FeJuggler 2018-07-13

He put both hands on the back of my head and laced his fingers through my hair, guiding my motion a little bit, forcing my mouth all the way down his penis until my tongue was tickling the skin right above his sac. "We should come use the scanner more often." Without even asking me, Jason guided me over to where I was straddling Russ's legs, pussy poised above that big cock. I felt Jason's hands on my cheeks and started to panic, but Russ bucked upward and his pubic bone mashed against my clit, sending a wave of pleasure roaring through my lower body.

Best Friend Surprise

group misskelita 2018-07-13

When I asked him what he wanted for the television, he said ‘Oh, just your mouth on my cock for a very long time.’ I have been so horny and wet all day thinking about tonight that I agreed. Jeff lay down, while she straddled his face (she couldn’t wait for his tongue to touch her clit while she continued to suck Adam’s dick). It feels so good.” She loved being fucked in the ass and Adam really enjoyed giving her what she wanted. She had enjoyed having been eaten out by Jeff (what women doesn‘t like a man going down on her?), but knew she was going to cum while Adam was doing it.

Pool Bet Ch. 02

group tonyd1509 2018-07-13

Just as I was reaching for the door, Dan said, "So look, if Melissa asks me to do you, would you be cool with that? After a bit I moved left, licking and kissing as I went and pushing the robe off of her right breast with my chin and cheek while gently rubbing her left nipple, still moist from my mouth, with my fingers. I quickly decided that helping her suck off her husband was more likely to earn me a repeat invitation, then told myself that if I did that Melissa would probably make sure I got off a second time tonight anyway, and that clinched it.


Linda Embraces Slutdom Ch. 10

group vespasion 2018-07-13

Linda opened her mouth but before she could move her head forward Mark pulled it on to his dick and thrust down her throat and held her on it nose crushed against his pubic bone, lips locked around the base of his warm, thick length. Mark pulled out of her throat and pumped her mucus soaked mouth while Linda struggled to breath around his cock. Her pussy was dripping and engorged and Mark stepped forward and thundered into her in a sharp, violent thrust that elicited an open mouthed gasping moan from her. Her legs were trembling and her lips juddering and as she came hard her face flushed crimson while Gary stared into her eyes as her head was bucked by Mark's insistent fucking.


The Harridan Ch. 3

group belab 2018-07-13

I kissed her on the cheeks and asked her “How come your armpits are so hairy; I have never seen any man or woman with so much hair in their underarms, jet-black and so bushy I love the “hairy” look” Carol replied that “I knew Harry had a fetish for underarm hair. “Come here and lift your arms let me see your bushy armpits” I felt rather foolish but I walked towards him as he put his cock into Carol’s matted bushy armpits and lifted my arms before him “I love the smell from your underarms get down and bend your arms and let me fuck underarms” he said.

A Talk With the Wife Ch. 02

group doverKink37058 2018-07-13

I then pulled the head of his cock up to my mouth and stopped, turned to look at my wife of ten years to see if she was sure she wanted to do this and I saw that she had stopped in the middle of pulling off her bra and was sitting there watching me. I pulled his cock into my mouth and started to suck it for all I was worth, I heard Don grunt, "Oh, oh yeah, how I have missed this..." I could feel my wife moving around on the bed after a few minutes, but promptly dismissed her.

Family Wedding Ch. 4

group jacqui4u2 2018-07-12

Jacqueline begins to run her hand up my arm as Daniel and I continue to recover. Without giving her a minute to recover Daniel moves up, mounts Jacqueline and begins to slide a very erect penis into her. As I slide my finger in and out of her ass and continue to lick her, I feel her orgasm begin. I tell Jacqueline to roll her hips as Daniel thrusts and to focus on where his strokes feel good inside her. She pushes her pelvis up as he strokes down to rub her clit on his pubic bone and I tell her to try to tighten her pussy up as Daniel withdraws.

Panama Pleasure

group Cybersinger 2018-07-12

He said, "Well you come here every night, and you don't fuck any of the women, so I guess you like a big fat cock in your mouth instead." He laughed and said, "My cousin Annette is a nice girl, maybe I'll introduce you, but I still think you would rather suck me and let me fuck your ass." There was some discomfort, and I felt like I was filled up inside, but soon waves of pleasure were running through my body as he slowly thrust his cock. My own cock was throbbing again and when Juan pulled from my mouth I begged, "please touch my cock..." Migel reached around and began pumping my dick in time with his deep strokes in my ass.


The Banker's Choice

group SexyAllTheTIme 2018-07-12

As Sydney entered the elevator, she could feel the hungry stares of the men and daggers sent out by the women. "Mr Peterson" Sydney purred as she saw a trim man with greying hair staring at the computer screens. Sydney so got excited at the idea of spending the night with John Peterson and another man that she took out her vibrator and inserted it into her pussy while she rubbed her clitoris with her newly manicured fingers. The designer leather sofa was now slicked with cum, so the men lifted Sydney to the bedroom and tied her facedown, spreadeagled to the bedposts. Then they turned her over, tied her down again and took turns fucking her pussy, ass and mouth until Sydney nearly passed out from the exhaustion.

Sexy Seniors Ch. 05

group sex4u4647 2018-07-12

"Ruby, Ray. These are our friends, Sue and Jim." Alice said. I'll start here." Sue said and kneeling grabbed Rays dark cock, opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around it. Right next to me Alice was getting pounded by Ray. Her legs up over his shoulders, his black cock driving hard and fast into her hairy pussy. I want your cock to fuck me too." She grabbed at his heavy balls just as he unloaded his juices in Alice. Lay back as Ray pulled his still hard cock from one happy pussy and moved over to Sue. Holding his cock in one hand he aimed at her open slit and hit the center of it.

First Bi & Swinging Event

group sexybear 2018-07-12

The one dare that got me going was when Rebecca had to eat me out while the guys were sucking on my nipples. Doug wanted me to eat Rebecca out, but I wasn't ready for that yet, so I finger fucked her while sucking her nipple. Doug decided that he would fuck Rebecca from behind while she was giving my husband that blow job and my husband eating me out. I told him to eat me, so he got down in between my legs and finger fucked me while sucking on my clit. After I came, he got me in position and fucked me doggy style, but this time I told him to pull out.

The Party

group thereallybigboss 2018-07-12

Nicky told Casey that she had a great time and had been fucked on a massive table by 3 guys while 20 other people watched. After the kiss, she looked at him, stroked his naked chest and asked, 'What about my friend', he then leisurely took Casey by the hand and pulled her to him, giving her the same treatment. When Casey was completely naked, Nicky took one of her nipples into her mouth and sucked on it, while looking at the guys. Nicky immediately started to suck her guys cock, and Casey just watched. One lady, who was already naked, with a great body, walked in and up to Nicky, went on her knees and started to lick Nicky's clit, and massaging the guys balls.

Mum joins in the webcam fun

group 24_m_uk2011 2018-07-12

mum said to me, i replied back and we was having small talk whilst i was looking at pete typing away , come on show us, turn the laptop round, and just then i turned it round facing the back of mum. Then all off a sudden we heard hi guys, Mum moved back and laughed, said wow thats crazy, what is pete replied, sorry i have no knowledge on these computers, shocked in what they can do. So i carried on wanking looking down at mum fingering herself, i reached out and rub her boob again just for 5 seconds i let go, moved in close and shot my huge load of cum on her tits, fucking hell yes yes yes, pete was saying.

How my BBC fantasy for My Wife Went Wrong CH1

group 2018-07-12

Handcuffed together Melinda and I looked into each other's eyes across the hotel bed. She looked pleadingly through tears into my eyes and huffed hard into the duct tape over her mouth with each thrust the heavily tattooed, muscular and well-endowed black stranger behind her made into her anus. Now here she was squealing as she was viciously ass-fucked by a total stranger as her loving husband looked in her eyes unable to help. I took a lot of convincing even though she had long admitted having sex with a hung black man had always been a fantasy of hers. The one thing we both fantisized about was a muscular, hung and dominate black man fucking her furiously.

Summer of Lust

group EllieB 2018-07-12

(For those of you not acquainted with small-town life, the gas station is a great place to meet guys.) Ben suggested that we get some beer, and head down to the old mill to go swimming. Ben then went up to the car and got a couple of beers, and we sat on the stream bank for quite a while talking about school and soaking up the warm summer sun. Ben and Jake went right out onto the patio, but when Jeff and Christine got to the bottom of the stairs, they stopped and started taking their clothes off. We all pitched in and helped Jake move rocks for a while until Christine said she was chilled and crawled up on the bank to warm up in the bright sunshine.


The Disappearing Dream

group theaquarianpen 2018-07-12

Jeff called me over after my second set and said", I know we never talked about this side of the business but, those two guys at the end of the bar are my banker and my accountant and I need a big favor. Keep licking that, little bump oh God, ohhh God, feel how wet I am getting for you." I was having a little trouble talking now but, I told him", you have just discovered the two magic buttons to a woman's heart if you can press them both as you are now any woman will be yours." His eyes were closed as he worked my clit and my G spot I took two pictures with my phone and said", let's fuck Al."


Bi Hubby Busted at Bookstore

group biguy4youall 2018-07-12

"You want to suck a real big dick now?" I looked over and the older black man was standing by me, stroking a massive boner that must have been 8 or 9 inches and quite thick. I was saying things like, "Oh yeah, fuck me with that big cock." He said, "Take that dick in your ass, faggot." Suddenly, I saw the door to the theater open, but I was beyond caring who saw me. I knew you wanted to be a fag, but I had no idea what a little fucking homo you really are." My wife watched me finish cleaning his cock, with a small smile on her face.

A Threesome (the story behind the poem).

group bendee555 2018-07-12

"Yeah, I've never known you so wet." "That's because just an hour ago I was fucked in both holes by two of the guys from the shop." It was so f*cking horny knowing you were eating their cum from my pussy and ass." I was shocked, felt sick, but the whole experience was so amazing, so exciting. Mohi and Faris are keen to have me again and their shop assistant Nadir might come too, they say his cock is even bigger!" I came quickly, my cum splattered my belly and chest as she stood over me pulling her pussy lips apart and her fingers smearing the remaining liquid over her clit.

Gangbang in a van: Chapter 2

group Smiler2000 2018-07-12

Dianna felt so fucking helpless pinned to the back of the floor of the as the vehicle screeched around a corner, She felt one strong hand choking her, taking any fight out left of her and she could feel so many hands m*****ing her mommy body, groping at her massive tits, treating her like prized fuckmeat, she kind or realised that who ever was holding her captive in that van had no interest at all in her handbag…. Worse still, Dianna knew her body was betraying her, she felt like she was making it easier for her assailants to penetrate than she should but her pussy was just leaking juices, it was feeling very excited, horny and tingly and was getting ready for these hard throbbing angry invasive assailant cocks....