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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

At the Theatre Ch. 1

group 2018-07-12

Seating herself on the bench facing the audience, she let the robe slip from her shoulders revealing a pair of pert pointed breasts with dark nipples. She knelt down at the end of the bench, put the girl's legs over her shoulders, and pushing the Ingrid's hands aside, began to caress her pussy and hold the lips open. I took advantage of the darkness to spread my legs and put my hands into my panties and rub my soaking lips, but there was not enough time to attain relief as the spotlight slowly brightened to show the stage empty of performers and replaced once more by the master of ceremonies.

Swing Ch. 2

group Tantra 2018-07-12

"I think Nikhil needs a little relief," said Greg and Sandra stepped off the coffee table, walked over to me and kneeled down to my lap. Howard and I were close to blowing and Greg asked us to cum all over Sandra's face and tits. She then said "honey, I really need a good fucking, why don't you show the guys what I like." She then got down on her hands and knees on the floor with her pussy and ass facing Howard and I. Sandra got up onto the bed and started to suck Howard's cock. "Yeah, give me your delicious cum lover" I kneeled on the bed close to her and she took turns sucking Howard and I.

The Party Night

group crystal_clear1000 2018-07-12

"So who wants another lemon drop?" Mike Laura and Lyn all raised their hands in the air without looking Trina's way, Brian shook his head no as he took another swig of his beer, and Ben raised his leg in the air from where he lay on the couch. "Looks like you guys had some fun there." Lyn and Brian broke off their kiss and glanced over to see Laura and Mike standing next to each other smiling very wide grins as they surveyed the scene.


Saturday Night Fun.............Part II

group carnival1971 2018-07-12

"Oh god.....that looks so hot.....ride your dad Marie.....get that cock deep in you, like your b*****r is doing to my pussy.....fuck here good dear.....fuck Marie and cum in her too.....i want him to cum in me too.........oh ya honey.....nice and slow....then really give me a good fucking.....I want all that cock tonight." "Ya you two......fuck them both good and cum hard in each of them.....I wanna see it", Dee said while slamming her asshole now with the dildo and two fingers pulling her hairy lips and having her juices dripping down all over the couch.....and she was so red, from the heat that her nipples looked like they were crying...but she was sweating so much all over her body that you couldn't tell the difference.

Pushing Vignettes

group BreakTheBar 2018-07-12

"Guess so," she said, then reached out and took my hand, pulling me away towards the change rooms. Alanna pulled me right into the girl's locker room and, when the door shut behind us, I squeaked as she pushed me up against the cold cinder block wall as kissed me. My orgasm started building like a spark lighting kindling somewhere deep in my gut, the sharp pleasure from my clit the ignition switch which Alanna poked at with her tongue over and over until finally she locked her lips around it and socked hard. I went off hard, the burn passing through me quickly as my body tensed up and I leaned forward against the wall, my one hand still holding Alanna by the hair and grinding her against my pussy.


When I Seduce You

group deMarquis 2018-07-12

We stand near the curb and I slide one hand under your dress and begin to caress your ass. I begin to fondle your breasts and then I slide one hand down to your pussy. I slide my other hand down and slowly begin to stroke your pussy. You stand naked before them and feel three pairs of hands running up and down your legs, your hips, your thighs, and your ass. The other hands move over your body, across your stomach, and soon you feel them on your breasts, fondling you and squeezing your nipples. I start to kiss the inside of your thighs and slowly make my way to your pussy. I can tell you want to come and I can feel you getting closer.

The Circle Ch. 10

group SteveWallace 2018-07-12

Michelle, Monica's mother, stood with Jim looking at the new living room furniture at one point. As Zoey joined them and a few of the others listened, Monica explained to everyone, "Jim told my mother to drop around anytime for some sexual fun, and Zoey expressed interest in fucking my father. Michelle said to her daughter loud enough for both men to hear, "Were Jim and Zoey serious about their invitation to participate in some of the sexual interactions you enjoy? Michelle and Don were an endearing and supportive couple, and it was widely know that Monica had shared some of the details of what went on sexually in the house and circle with her mother.


Words On a Page Ch. 03

group AnnabelleandJay 2018-07-12

Flat on her back with her ankles pulled up beside her head, Nora looked straight up to see another large cock, that of Raff, descending toward her face as he kneeled by her head. While he held her ankles apart, Raff thrust his erect cock down and into her face, his hot member pressing hard up against her closed mouth. Nora felt the massive black monster push against her inner vaginal lips, then enter her and start the long slide in. You won't ever be satisfied with nothin' else," Mister A said from his position on his knees between her legs, and he began a series of long slow thrusts driving deep into the innermost of her body. Nora felt a thick cock drive into her dripping cunt, another plunge into her mouth and the insanity began.


The Work Study

group Dusty933 2018-07-12

"You want my back side?" Candy turned her head toward me. Richard worked to place her in such a way that her rotund body twisted a few degrees, then he tilted her head up slightly. "Candy, Mr. Smith will let you do your thing with his cock, is that all right?" Richard kept his eye me, and I focused the camera in on Candy's head. I began to stoke Richard's cock while he was still standing near the head of Candy. She had an incredible sucking mechanism, at the same time she began stoking her own clit; minutes later Richard came with an outpouring of shouts and expletives, at the same time a stream of cum shot out on Candy's exposed tits.

He has made me the town slut

group firstknightd 2018-07-12

I was laying over the hood of my car in Phillip and Tina's drive way and about 4 guys watching while Phillip was about to fuck me. He started fucking me and the guys went wild yelling and getting down in my face telling me how hot I was and what a slut to let a guy fuck me out in the drive way in front of his friends. "don't worry, your going to get good and fucked before you leave today." The walk to the house was a little awkward as I was listening to the guys talk about what they wanted to do with me. When we got into the house, Phillip told the guys to get undressed and he took me into the master bedroom.

Container Holiday

group BigDave1340 2018-07-12

Had I not experienced these events first hand, I would not have believed what is written, and probably treated these words as fiction; and iii) what has happened over that last couple of years has injected even more excitement into our sex lives – so much so, that even as I trace back over the images and transpose to text, I have to periodically stop and relieve myself – with the help if my lovely wife, Tanya, of course. After several beers, Wilhelm began to relate various stories of what young men on stag nights could get up to, how women on hen nights were worse still, and finally, how Margo had been released from a sex life that once consisted solely of the missionary position and hand-jobs.


Anna And The Secret Files 1

group cptfritz 2018-07-12

I'd always wanted to have the pleasure of fucking my sexy daughter in law myself, and I was somewhat hurt and disappointed, after seeing all these images and videos of Anna having sex with so many different men, that Allan never invited me over to enjoy her along with everyone else. We talk about these things, with your cock inside me but I cannot move like I want, and I watch this movie of men having sex with me, and your hands keep playing with me, and this is all getting me VERY excited!" I felt her vaginal muscles clench down on my cock again as she wiggled anxiously.

My Last Night on Earth

group zoo_keeper 2018-07-12

She looked down at the bottle, stood up, walked directly over to Marcus, bent down, and planted a firm, full, open-mouth kiss on him. I looked back at the threesome just in time to see Erica digging her nails into Jon's ass as she pulled him deep inside her throat. The visuals and sounds seemed to be what Sarah needed as she started grinding herself into my face, matching the rhythm of Jon's thrusts into Erica. As I come down from my orgasm I open my eyes to see Jon straddling my face with his cock stuffed, literally balls deep, into Sarah's mouth. As Marcus pulls his cock out of her it is covered with her cum, and again glistens with the little remaining light of the room.

Dawn's Invitation Ch. 01

group Turpitudismo 2018-07-12

Antony and Jim needed no second chances and took station on opposite sides of the bed, unzipping their firm cocks as Dawn went back to her simulated black cock spitroasting, paying them no further notice as she pounded her cunt like a dog in heat with that seemingly endless black rubber dong. She tipped her head back over the pillow and slid all but an inch or two of the dildo into her mouth while lifting one leg to gently poke Jim's low hanging balls with the pointed toe of her leopard skin boot. As Jim and Antony stood next to the bed, carefully tucking limp cocks back inside their trousers Dawn showed no sign of letting up.

Skinny Dipping Ch. 02

group jjcole43 2018-07-12

After her fourth or sixth orgasm I kissed my way down to her tits then her pussy and as soon as she was on the way to another orgasm I stabbed her pussy with my cock hard and she just wailed. We were hungry but very comfortable so we did nothing for a few moments until her big sister pushed her off and said "dinner." Her sister lowered her pussy to my mouth and I kissed it as her sister was slapping her ass. The big sister took my hand and led me to the tent and fucked me hard until she had a long and deep orgasm. The following morning we did not fuck, her pussy was tender, but she sucked my cock and then I sucked her clit.


Decisions Decisions Ch. 02

group TexRiffraff 2018-07-12

Jeremy penetrated my ass faster, Chad kneaded my butt, my clit slid over his hard-on, Jeremy stroked faster and deeper, all the way out to the nail now, and I came. I ground my clit down on Chad's dick, Jeremy kept his finger buried in my ass, vibrating the palm of his hand against my butt. While Jeremy went deep and heavy with his fingers, stretching the limits of my comfort back there, Chad kissed my nipples, working them over with his tongue, amplifying the ripples of pleasure emanating from my ass, distracting me from any distress back there. Jeremy was getting quite intense with his fingers, gripping my hip for leverage, going deeper than Chad went last night.


The manwhore

group Wuffbell 2018-07-12

She lets out a moan as she grinds her pussy back and forth across his cock “you do feel big.” she says pulling back away from him and looking down. I'd love to bury my tongue in it and eat out every drop of cum I dumped into her, but she wants a baby.” Bunny says pulling some pillows over and laying her ass on them so her pussy is elevated keeping the cum covering her cervix. She pulls away from him licking her lips clean of his glowing pink pre-cum “stay right there and keep your hands off your cock.” she tells him standing up with a groan looking down at his huge hard cock.

Sharon's Surprise Ch. 05

group SharonMWF 2018-07-12

"It may take us an hour or so, so if you and your husband want to change into your suits you can sun on the forward deck," Bob said. I got up and walked, with my towel almost covering my breasts, to the ladder taking me up to the bridge where Bob and my husband were. The second boat approached and I handed out beers to all the guys and gave one to my husband and to Bob. We stood there chatting for a few minutes with the guys. Bob pulled himself up to a keeling position and looked over at my husband, "You want some," he said. "There is a boat that seems to be coming this way," I said and picked up a towel and went back to the aft deck.

My Date with Carmen

group Ed Rogers 2018-07-12

With his cum still on my face we were acting like old friends or frat brothers and for a moment we both watched Carmen getting a hard fucking and then the redhead who was now bent over the side of another couch and getting cock from behind without making a sound. I looked around the room in amazement as the redhead was still being slow fucked from behind and the blond had one cock in one hand and cock of the band guy in her mouth but she wasn't sucking it as much as chatting with him and occasionally licking his cock head or balls.

A Very Special Club

group LorenzoAbajos 2018-07-12

I had started with the girls I met who loved playing with themselves, and, inevitably some of them had friends, either male or female, who loved rubbing their cocks or pussies as much as I. In another corner two young eighteen year-old gays were exploring each others bodies, finally homing in on the cocks and jerking each other off. Over by the oriel was a straight couple, obviously familiar to each other, probably married, but this scene brought the old sexual vibes back and she was jacking as hard as she could and he had rammed a whole fist into her cunt. The young girl started playing with her titties and pussy, the old codger started jerking his wrinkled dick.


group Foster_Kaizen 2018-07-12

As Derek moved his face closer, his tongue gently probed her slit, licking upwards till he felt her clit, then he sucked the little nub in between his lips eliciting a low moan from Carol. So, Derek did you pound that pussy like in the stories, and did your cock made an audible plop as it came out, did it?" Jennie asked jokingly, taking a sip of her wine and moving closer. By now Derek's cock was standing at full attention, Carol was laying between his spread legs playing with his balls while Jenny had taken over fondling his cock and giving it the occasional kiss between sips of wine.


Double the Fun

group dr0701 2018-07-12

Just as Jason's hand moved down to Vicky's groin and began to play with her clit, he heard moans from the back seat, where Claire's top was off and Tom was sucking on her nipples, just as she liked it. As Tom got up to go and get cleaned up, Claire moved to the bottom of the bed, just so she could see what it was like to watch Jason's cock inside another woman. He spent a minute or two sliding his softening cock into Vicky, gently rubbing and caressing her arse at the same time, complimenting her on her body as he stroked it, reaching around to play with her breasts and nipples, before withdrawing and watching as his cum began to ooze from her pussy.

Well... Ch. 13

group Pegleg 2018-07-12

Mary called Ann into the action now advising her that she wanted her to suck at my cock while Amanda was told to move up and straddle my face. James had been moved into position now by Mary who wanted him to ‘Fuck her mouth’ and as the four of them slipped into a rhythm that was staggering to watch I stood by the fire with my arms around Tanya and Ann awestruck by the whole event. Ann and Tanya didn’t want it going to waste either and as Mary took the camera back into her hands they started to lick and suck at Amanda’s slickly covered body, every detail of which was caught on tape.


He Asked Me to Fuck his Wife

group Cockshaker 2018-07-12

I was sitting with Doug when he suddenly asked me what I thought of his wife Jeanette. We both stood there for a few minutes pulling on our cocks and watching the helpless Jeanette. But I remembered that she liked things a little rough, so I held her nipple between thumb and forefinger and gave quite a pull. His prick slipped nicely between Jeanette’s lips and I watched as he quickly got the idea and started fucking. I noticed that Doug had put his cock back into his wife’s mouth and was thrusting away like an expert. I want to feel that lovely cock of yours deep inside my cunt.” When the head was nice and wet I slowly slipped it a little way between her cunt lips.