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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Microkini Chronicles Ch. 06

group Sano 2018-07-12

What you might not know is that the guy who originally started it moved to Southern California some years ago, opened another resort, and started a new series of competitions there that focused more on the contestant's sexual prowess than just their nude dancing ability. The three male and two female judges sat right on stage and immediately rated the first, second and third placers with three, two or one point respectively. By the time I got on stage, the outstanding routines by the contestants prior to me had the crowd of 50 or so microkini enthusiasts, resort employees and other guests pretty wound up.

Forfeit Bang

group MadnessOfDarkness 2018-07-12

Alice stepping closer to the team says with a sexy grin, "We'll do anything for you guys, anything it takes so our team whoops your asses tomorrows game." I then feel hands on my shoulders pushing me to my knees and I see as Alice does the same as we're back to back on our knees topless as the team moves closer and then before I know it all I see is cock as one gets shoved in my mouth. The cocks surrounding my face are suddenly gone as I look up and see her placed right above me leaning over letting her hands hold her up as she gets a hard cock from behind.

After the Office Party Pt. 02

group ThornTales 2018-07-12

Big hands pulled at his belt buckle, a whisper of leather and a jangle of the buckle as it came undone, and then he tugged at the button-down fly. He forced his cock in as far as he could push it, and then pulled on her hair, tugging her head into his crotch, stuffing his cock further down. It seemed like the right thing to do, but if she was honest, she actually did love sucking dick. "I love sucking cock," she said, louder this time. She showered, washing a film of sweat from her face, making sure everywhere was clean. He surprised her totally by dipping his head and pulling one of her nipples into his mouth.

Punk Slut Sista

group KingPE 2018-07-12

lyrics, and just before the stage the woman with the shaved head was being cunt and arse fucked whilst the black a few guys looked like they were getting horny and ready to step and take their turn fucking the women, whilst plenty of I glanced at Jenny who was being cunt-fucked from behind whilst sucking a nice big dick. ten-minutes, seeing Jenny getting cummed at both ends before some other guy stepped up and fucked her in the I pounded Jenny's arse in time with the music's beat, which meant going at it pretty hard given that it was a fast song! "So," Jenny said as she rubbed her long pink hair with a fluffy black towel, "Are you off to see Kaylee tomorrow?"

Fantasies Fulfilled

group availableslave2u 2018-07-12

Stephen murmured "Good girl." The man beside him moaned and Monica could hear him stroking his cock. As she continued to suck his cock, Stephen told the men around her that they could play with her or fuck her, but only if they had a condom. As the man sitting next to them moaned again and she could hear his hand moving faster up and down his shaft and the men standing around all sounded pleased with her gags, Monica brought her hand to Stephen's leg and he immediately told the head holder to let her head go. "Now get over here and take care of these men." Monica crawled back over and opened her mouth to the man standing there with his hard cock in his hand.


The Surprise Ch. 02

group SexyNoises 2018-07-12

Tom and Gina had once discussed that they imagined James and Becky must have an incredible sex life. Tom watched as James reached out and ran his hand over Gina's ass. "Hey man." James said, "I think the bitch likes it." He told Tom Becky stopped kissing James and went to Tom. She removed her bra for him and crushed her breasts against his chest as she reached up to kiss him. While Becky's hand paid homage to Gina's dripping pussy she leaned down and sucked a nipple into her mouth. Between watching Gina lick his cum off her lips and James getting his ass finger fucked, Tom was hard as steel again.


Beautiful Torment

group susurratetome 2018-07-12

I have Rose rip open your dress so Eric and I can firmly rest our hands on your exposed tits. Eric uses the scissors from your desk to cut Rose's ass and panties free and reposition her wetness over your face, while she continues to finger you—but I tell her to pull and stretch and free your pussy to the air and for her to lick too if she can reach. Eric positions his cock near Rose's opening and I tell you not to stop licking her clit as he slowly pushes through. Rose's tongue and fingers come in handy, and we push her ass to drive her pussy over your face to muffle your beautiful torment.


group BogeyBlack 2018-07-12

Tree was wearing a pair of 5 inch heel boots she'd been breaking in, a PVC skirt I'd bought of the internet with black hold ups and a top made from a lacey material with no bra, if one looked between the pattern you could make out her great nipples. "Must be a great party, wearing boots like those" Paul said pointing to Tree's feet. Steve and Paul unbuttoned their shirts as Tree's hands fumbled to find their cocks. Tree fondled Dave's balls with one hand and caressed Steve's 10 inch erect cock with the other "Your call Steve" Paul said, "We need an answer" He got dressed and climbed into the drivers seat and started the van and drove back onto the road.

What She Would Do for Her Man

group Jennifer1 2018-07-12

"Alright, slut, let's see how your ass hole likes being fucked." My ass hole is more than lubed up from the cum dripping out of me and he slowly lowers me onto his cock, spreading it open and I can feel more of my own juices mixing with the cum shot into me, then I feel a dick in my pussy too, the two going in and out on opposite rhythms. Another voice from under me, "I want to feel your ass hole contract on my dick when you come." I do let go and my body jerks as I cum harder than I ever have in my life, my hands squeeze the two dicks I am jerking off until they explode onto my stomach and you shove your hard, ready cock into my mouth and shoot your load down my throat, quieting me.

The Bar

group Kirri78 2018-07-12

"You're girl is a cock tease." Evan slid his finger in and out of Kat's pussy as his thumb grazed her clit. Jim watched as Evan pounded his finger into Kat's pussy, knowing how wet and hot she must feel, the velvety softness of her enveloping his finger. "Do not cum in her pussy." Evan nodded and continued fucking Kat. Jim slid his finger in and out of her ass. He could feel her body tighten with orgasm and when she started to cum he pulled her off Evan's cock and slammed his into her pussy, pulling his finger out of her ass. All three people came to orgasm at the same time, Evan spraying Kat's face with his cum and Jim pumping wildly into her pussy as he came.


Twins - Winter Magic

group rnebular 2018-07-12

A year later, the twins across the street, Teri and Katie, had come into my life in a huge way. On our first trip, I had thought that I would be Teri's date, and Kate had her boyfriend at the time..." "Originally, I was happy for Teri and John, but quickly realized that I wanted what they had. Teri moved to our sides, and began simultaneously rubbing her sister's closest breast and my rapidly hardening cock. Without breaking contact with Teri's luscious lips, I felt Kate's warm mouth envelop my cock, now as hard as steel. I heard Katie moan as I pushed forward with my tongue into Teri's hot center, going as deep as I could into her.


Should Old Acquaintances?

group AvoidingRealWork 2018-07-12

One evening Brian came home from work to find their camera mounted on a tripod and Alice lying on the bed, dressed in sheer lingerie, her hand down her panties, very clearly pleasuring herself. Alice and Carol had been corresponding off and on since they both left college, so she had a pretty good idea what sort of party this was going to be without even reading the details on the invite. As Alice and Brian went to place the chips and dip they brought on the bar, Dave said, "You know, Carol is a writer, too." The four of them sat down together on a massive couch, with Alice and Carol in the middle, and Dave and Brian on each end.


Lake Powell Ch. 03

group Tim413413 2018-07-12

We don't want to impose." I was in rare form as I replied, "Swapping and swinging parties are never an imposition and we can be ready in about 23 seconds." I was looking at Amy's attire as I said "23 seconds." Phil asked Liz if she could find a sitter on such short notice. She gave my cock another squeeze and asked, "Where do you want to lie down together?" I wasn't thinking about Amy and I hoped Liz was not thinking about Phil. Once we closed the door, Amy predictably started giving me a ration of grief regarding my behavior with Liz. I reminded her she and Phil seemed to have a good time too.


The Fantasy Clinic

group ambunti 2018-07-12

The first Karen knew anything had changed was when she felt warm breath on her pussy, followed by a wet tongue licking slowly around her fingers as she played with her excited clit. “Come and fuck my ass with that huge cock of yours." Jayde reached back with her hands and pulled her ass cheeks apart as she bent her head once again to lick Karen's pussy. A warm glow was spreading from her pussy and she looked up to see Mike easing his fat cock into Jayde's ass. This was too much for the others, Mike slammed his cock harder into Jayde and felt her coming around his cock but he wanted to save the best for Karen so he pulled out and moved to his wife.

Pulling The Bridal Train

group Ray Dario 2018-07-12

"Next!" Becky had returned to the room and she pulled Carl away from Mary and a thin young man from the caterers stepped in and rammed his cock deep into Mary without any warning. "Sure baby, no problem." Becky went to arrange the guests and noticed Carl sitting at the dressing table, his jaw hanging loose as he watched his son's fianc‚ taking each man in turn. Each man after he finished fucking her pussy or ass would move up and push his cock into her mouth letting her lick and suck her own juices from them. She lost count of the men who fucked her but she was sure that it was more than the fourteen that Becky had promised, finally the last man shot his cum deep into her pussy and pulled out.


A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 13

group riverboy 2018-07-12

Looks like were not going to get much recovery time girls," Penny said. She took a few deep breaths, rolled her head to the side and looked at Nicki's petite, gymnast like body." That things going to split you right in two honey." Ally gently pushed Bix down on his back and sucked his hard cock into her mouth, with Nicki at his side holding his hand. Bix and Ally climbed onto the old brass bed right next to them and watched as Nicki stuck her ass in the air for Johnny, cooing softly. She had already been fucking Bix, so Johnny was able to get into her tight little pussy, but it took a bit of work, Nicki wide eyed at the sensation of being stretched fuller than ever before.


Tammy's Secret Addiction Ch. 01

group sethp 2018-07-12

In the story Tammy read, there were holes in the sides of the booths that guys would stick their cocks through, hoping to get blowjobs. After watching the video for a few minutes and no penises popping threw the holes in the wall, Tammy started to wonder if she should just go home now. A tear of joy streamed down Tammy's face as she started to suck and work more of his cock into her mouth. The man pulled his cock back through the hole and offered her quick thanks as he quickly left the booth. He signaled that he was going to cum and Tammy could feel his cock twitch as he came inside her ass.

Annie's Gang Bang Pt. 02

group Loristwosides 2018-07-12

"I hear the guys had a hell of a poker night, I am jealous, you should have invited me," she said, "I would of love a taste of you." As she walked in the house. "Ah, I get it, you are more of the submissive type," Carol said as she grabbed a handful of Annie's hair kissing her. "God, yes, eat my cunt, oh fuck that feels so good," Carol cried out, "I am going to cum." As she exploded in Annie's mouth. As her back arched, Annie exploded into Carol's mouth, "Fuck, fuck, fuck, God that was amazing," she whispered, "The next time Pete has the guys over for poker, I have to be invited, and you can't be the only lucky gal."

Halloween Party

group bear70123 2018-07-12

The Scarecrow than told Misti, referring to her as Dorothy, to face the bed and bend forward a little at the waist. The Lion stood by her head and offered his cock to her, which she hungrily placed in her mouth, while the Tinman got between her open knees. As he moved away from between her legs the Scarecrow continued to hold her legs up, her red high heel "fuck me" slippers tangling from her toes, and started to saw in and out of her ass. Misti grunted, and her breasts shook each time he bottomed out in her, while the Lion, holding her head with both hands, continued to face fuck her. By the time the tape ended, the Lion, Scarecrow and the Tinman had taken Dorothy orally, anally, and in her pussy.

Jim & Rob: Eerie Park

group BigDave1340 2018-07-12

She screamed and woke Jayne and Jim, Rob just turned over and began to snore. Shaken, Helen went into Jim and Jayne’s bedroom and the three sat on the edge of the bed. She felt a warm wetness develop between her legs, and remembering the thoughts from three week previous, she wanted to feel Jim’s cock - but was he asleep? Helen decided to turn on her side to face Jim, by now Jayne had already placed her thigh over Jim’s right leg, and Jim had found Jayne’s wet labia, playing with her folds of soft, wet skin. Both girls began to groan with Helen fondling Jayne’s breasts, pulling on her nipples.

Sleep Sex with Simone

group 4eyedbrit 2018-07-12

Kirsty went into the kitchen and opened the last bottle of wine before joining me on the sofa, she sat to my left and rested her head on my shoulder. Simone, had her hand stuffed right up the baggy leg of my shorts and was massaging the base of my rock solid cock, causing the thin cotton material to form a tent for all to see. Simone's hand came slowly up the length of my cock, stretching the waistband of my shorts and allowing the light and air to my distended member. Simone shifted again, Kirsty froze, her hand on the down stroke, my tender end open and exposed to the cool air.


Office Hours

group djrip 2018-07-12

She was making sounds, getting louder by the second, and the professor held her chin with one hand and slid his cock back down her open throat, making her come even harder, crying out like a wild animal around the choking thrusts. Her holes tightened involuntarily and she began to buck and spasm against the cocks filling her, which was too much for Jake--she felt a warm burst of liquid fill her pussy, followed quickly by another warm spurt across her ass as he pulled out to finish. She licked the pearly drips from his shaft, and smiled up at him as he used his cock to smear the cum on her face and push it into her mouth, while the professor continued to fuck her ass.


group Bill Smith 2018-07-12

"Justine, just pretend I'm Tom," said Ann. Reaching out with her left arm she strokes Justine's face with her hand. Ann brings her arms upwards and clasping Justine's back she pulls her forward until both pair of breasts are crushed together, both girls moan into each other mouth with the contact. Leaving a wet trail of kisses Ann moves ever downward from Justine's shoulder until her lips reach the nipple of Justine's left breast. Ann removes her lips from Justine's left nipple, and making small circles with her tongue she moves to the right nipple. While Ann's tongue takes over the assault on Justine's clitoris her right hand is free to insert another finger into Justine's vagina.

Who's the Joke On?

group topwise 2018-07-12

"And it's a pool party, bring your trunks and a towel," Jamie said as she hung up with Kyle. Kyle took care of her top playing with her tits, getting her nipples erect, quickly getting her caught up on lost time, while I yanked off her shorts and was already tongue deep in her pussy. Jamie was fingering me, I was sucking her tits and flicking her clit and Kyle was filling Jamie's pussy to the limit with his cock. "Ill bring the licorice." Kyle said as he reached for the phone to call home, using his free hand to move between pussies, fingering away.