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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Dutch & Molly, His Neighbor

group Paris Waterman 2018-07-11

One of Molly's hands slipped into his shorts and began to rub his member as their hungry tongues probed with almost desperate need. Then grasping it with both hands, Molly began a slow jerking motion on his prick, and after thoroughly coating the head of his member with a combination of pre-cum and her own saliva, she leaned further and blew a hot, wet breath along the length of it. After he had collapsed back on the couch and was idly caressing her hair, Molly let his softening cock slip from her mouth and moved up to kiss him. Molly began moving slowly back and forth, fucking his prick with her hanging teats, giving it little licks and sucks each time his prick came into her range.


The Meeting

group rjohnson 2018-07-11

Jean was groaning and moaning as my wife started to tongue fuck her ass hole. She finally slumped down on the bed with a loud groan and the two women were breathing very hard as they lay beside each other, slowly running their hands over each other's breasts and clits. As Jean fucked me, my wife moved out from under me and turned around so she could insert my hard cock into her ass hole. I still felt Jean thrusting in and out of me but I wanted to fuck my wife so I told Jean to stop and I started pumping my wife's ass hole. The two women were soon moaning and groaning as my wife fucked Jean as hard as she could, thrusting savagely in and out of her ass hole.

My Ultimate Fantasy Fulfilled

group annacarrington1960 2018-07-11

Ken solved that by leaning forward, kissing me on my cheek, his face brushing against the cock that was fucking my mouth and pushing my tits together round the sturdy black cock. Ken told me after that I was in fact only fucked five times and that he had explained to the guys that my bum was 'off limits.' I had been half pleased, but very surprised during the orgy that none of the guys had tried for anal as most blokes nowadays seemed to want that, particularly in a gang bang like theirs. I was pretty sure that if one of them had tried I would have gone along with it, for the idea of being fucked there, in my pussy and mouth and between my tits as I wanked two other cocks all at the same time, was, really, the ultimate fulfilment of my gang bang fantasy.

Another story about my friend from my very first s

group seththesexgeek 2018-07-11

I felt the guy I was on get harder as I was licking his abs, so I started to unbutton his pants and when I pulled down his underwear I saw a nice big thick cock hard as a rock.I told all the guys, you better be as big as him! After what felt like forever, being fucked by multiple cocks, they started to cum one by one. I said yes, and stuffing my cock back into my pants we went into my place and as soon as we got inside I dropped my pants and she started sucked my cock. I did ask if she liked being known as a slut and she said that she loved every cock that fucked her.

My wife teasing my third pal

group frankie1944 2018-07-11

I signalled to him with the thumbs up (& she saw me doing it) that it looked like she'd soon drop off to sl**p especially when quite a few of her skirt buttons had opened & she hadn't noticed, and her blouse was already half undone showing her cleavage (36B tits). After a few mins gawping at her fanny he picked a chocolate & sat back on the settee with a horn on & as soon as he saw my cock out he got his out behind his book. Then I decided to put my cock close to her mouth & she took it in straight away & started sucking it while john went down to her fanny..

With Help From John & Jane

group TVJayne2016 2018-07-11

I knew I was bi-sexual before that day, having had a boyfriend a while back and enjoyed sex with him,and Jane also knew,but I was still surprised when Jane let John undress her down to her bra & panties & John soon followed removing all his clothes.Seeing his cock,cut,erect and pube free had my shaft busting to be released from my jeans, only one problem I was wearing ladies panties & pantyhose beneath my day clothes. I expected them to ridicule me,but Jane leaned over and kissed me,her tongue probing my tonsils as she guided my hand to her tits,still under protection from her bra,but I felt her nipples pressing against the fabric, and Jane slipped her hand inside my panties,grabbed my cock and helped to get it out so she could caress it.

A Month of Sexual Training

group Sash_UK 2018-07-11

The delightful blonde, retreated from my pussy as my lover thrust his hungry manhood into me, yet her tongue continued to flick my clit in such frenzy, that soon my whole body shook with animal-like frenzy, my breathing came fast and irregular as looked around me watching people in various stages of fucking, the sounds, the smells, the delicious fragrance of unmitigated lust filling the air.

Oops Oh my the End?

group 2018-07-11

I watched James ram his cock into Jens pussy so hard and fast, that the couch was shaking. Jen and Sarah Kissed, and me watching was fucking Jens ass hard. As I fucked Jen, she was stroking her pussy, taking the cum from James and licking it. Jen yelled “oh yes baby, choke me, I'm a bad girl.” James slapped her ass, choked her and even went as far to f***e throat fuck Jen, and she was amazing in enjoyment. Sarah, still fucking me hard whispered that she didnt like the punish stuff, but enjoyed James cock. Jen yelled to Jame to cum in her mouth, she wanted his cock shoved down her throat.

Circle of Love Pt. 03

group Romantic1 2018-07-11

I told him about the various people he'd meet at Alperion, without going into the recent evening encounters by Jan, June and me. "Don't take off your clothes," I said, "the other two of us will help you do it." With that, Jan and I approached June and slowly and methodically unbuttoned her blouse and carefully removed it, placing on a chair; then we unzipped her slacks and pulled them down so she could step out of them, losing her shoes in the process. Jan and June both took turns carefully trimmed aware my pubic hair until the only thing left was short stubble.


Mondays Will Never Be The Same Ch. 02

group truck24000 2018-07-11

She sits straight up and archers her back and I feel her pussy clamping down as she cams hard and fast, I can't resist and I come too from the sensation of it all, I suck a nipple in and lightly bite down and this brings her to an even higher orgasm. Amanda gets right in front of me, standing right behind Alicia, I reach out and pinch her nipple hard and twist slightly making her almost come just from that. I have Amanda lay on the floor and while Alicia is eating her pussy I kneel down and kiss Alicia's ass and then slide my cock head around her ass and over her bare pussy lips, noticing how wet she was right now.

Just As Tasty

group sweetpete 2018-07-11

I went to the door and opened it and Tiffany breezed in, brushing my crotch with her hand as she tossed her hair and sing-songed to me, "Good Morning Mr. R." I wished her good morning and she went on to tell me that she knew that our daughter was at a class and that we had almost two-hours to ourselves. Trish stood there watching for 90 minutes and later told me that she played with herself and had orgasms every time Tiffany did, just a lot quieter. Snapping back to the feelings at hand, she pulled Dan's head from her crotch and told him that she wanted his cock in her.


The Meeting - His Point of View

group bifemdom81 2018-07-11

He removed his hands from my head to start feeling up and down your body as I kept his cock deep in my mouth. Having my ass stuffed at the same time you sucked my cock proved to be too much as I started to cum in your mouth. As we took turns kissing each other, I moved my hand down your body and started to work in an out of you again with my fingers. With his face pressed against your pussy, you told me you wanted me to suck him again and get him nice and hard so you can feel his thick cock fill you like he did to me.

A Prayer to the Sex God

group moonlight 2018-07-11

Her hand began to move slowly down my chest and continued down until it reached my cock. After they were done with the chant they formed a circle around me and they reached out their hands and began to touch from head to toe. Rolling her hips from side to side and as her pussy came close to my cock the other women began to chant. One reached from behind between my legs and began to fondle my balls, which sent chills of pleasure up my spine and caused my knees to quiver. Two of the other women began to lick my pecks and the fourth went back behind Kawell and put her head behind her ass.


Evening at Linda's

group AndySchmidd 2018-07-11

"Hey," said Janet, "What about that hot tub Linda?" Unknowingly inspired by Janet's actions, he gently moved his own hand to Linda's thigh, slowly trailing up and down its length until, at last, he neared her pussy. When Janet had finished dishing on their former friend, Linda turned and kissed him on the lips, a long, lingering kiss. "Let me warm it up for you." Linda lowered her face to his lap and, opening her mouth wise, engulfed the dark red cock head, swirling her tongue around the sensitive site. When Janet pushed Linda aside and began to swallow him in earnest, he grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her into the rhythm he wanted from her.


Two is better than one..

group hotbiblonde 2018-07-11

For as long as she could remember Tammy loved watching porn and masturbating. But Tammy has a sex drive that makes her needy so she has to have more than once cock. Tammy is sliding back and forth on his slippery cock while he asks if she wants a woman in bed with them. Jack asks if she would mind fucking another man while he watched. "Can I share your pussy with another cock at the same time? Each time Jack has mentioned this Tammy has cum hard. And when Jack started telling Tammy he wants to feel his cock with pussy wrapped around it on one side and rubbing against another cock on the other- well that set her off into orgasmic bliss.

Nadia's First Threesome

group CBoss 2018-07-11

While we were at dinner I noticed Eric trying to sneak a peak down her shirt. Nadia was driving, I was in the passenger seat, and Eric was in the back. He reached from behind and slid his hand into Nadia s shirt and started feeling her breast. As soon as she parked the car, I reached over and pulled the lever to let her seat fall back. I looked up to see Nadia desperately trying to unbutton Eric s pants. She started slurping on my dick as Eric pulled down her pants. Her moans grew louder only to be muffled by my cock as Eric pushed almost his whole hand in my girlfriend's pussy.

A Trip To Goa

group Cafune 2018-07-11

Pete looked at Kyle who nodded and slowly the black man began to undo his pants. Shannon stood up, she caught her singlet with a thumb and forefinger and peeled it over the head and flung it at Kyle, she stepped out of the shorts, stark naked, clean shaven, pure white. As Kyle came to her, his pants out, his cock hard and lusting for her, he looked at him and smile and took his cock in her mouth. "Give her your cock Pete, let her suck it your big black cock." Kyle interjected, moving on order of things. The big man moved, for the first time Kyle got a clear and close up look at the magnificent tool.


They Compete To Get Their Man

group denverboy 2018-07-11

On the dance floor Stacy turns around and starts rubbing her firm ass on my dick. I tell Stacy we are heading to the dance floor. She is jerking me off in the middle of the dance floor while whispering in my ear "I love your cock", "It is so big", "I'm going to fuck you until you cum all over my face." I cannot take much more of this so as the song ends I head back to the table where Stacy is. As soon as Jackie is, gone Stacy leans in to kiss my neck and place my hand on her exposed cunt. About a minute later while I'm cupping Stacy's tit over her shirt Jackie walks in.

Catching up, last evening, a date at last

group antoniaf 2018-07-11

She can’t do deep-throat yet (I’m sure that will change though) so I just gently fucked her mouth, felt her tongue playing with my clitty-cock, felt her tongue round the skin and ridge before I gave one last, gentle but firm push and shot my cum into her mouth. We laid back on the bed chatting, actually getting to know each other before I thought it was time I left, got cleaned up, found my undies and put them on again, straightened my stockings and headed off home – after that is, we had agreed that we shall meet again and that next time my new friend gets the actif’s cock in her mouth, unless that is we can get him to fuck us both in the pussy, we shall have to see.

Peter North Encounter

group bpatzner 2018-07-11

When you see a cock like this,” as he pointed down to his huge upright dick, “how can you not watch it?” He started to do his patented Peter North stroke; the one where he takes his index finger to the top of his dick and curls it over, as if to smear his pre-cum all over the head of his dick. Pete climbed up on the bed, his cock was waving in the air like a lightning rod, ready to attract anything from a mouth, hand, pussy, tits or ass. He stopped for a bit and asked, “Your pussy or ass ready for another round of this big, thick, long, hard, huge Peter North Cock?”

The Third Drink

group SeaQue 2018-07-11

Marcus's fingers began to speed up and my kiss with Christine pushed me over the edge. After a few moments more of heated grinding on his hand trapped between us, Christine started moaning too, capped off by a whimper of pleasure as she tried to keep quiet in the club. Christine moved around behind Marcus, hooked her fingers into his pants and pulled them all the way down, freeing his erection. Christine began to angle her body forward better for Marcus to orally torture her and I had to bend down to keep kissing her. Christine's moans began to increase in pitch, as she neared her completion, shivering with each caresses of Marcus's tongue and each pass of my fingers across her nipples.

Phone Sex Ch. 01

group MissusHubs 2018-07-11

Later that night on the phone, Jen felt at fault for my discomfort and wanted to help me feel better, so she asked in her sexy voice, "What would you do if some skinny, blonde chick with big tits and a mini skirt knocked on your dorm door right now?" Thinking this was her way of initiating phone sex, which was quite common in their long distance relationship, I went along with a story that would most definitely leave her breathless, moaning my name into the receiver. Crawling to me on your knees, you would both start worshipping my cock with your mouths and tongues, waiting for my warm come to cover you so you could lick it off each others' faces."

Busty Grace has Threesome

group dreamweaver5539 2018-07-11

Looking at me she said "Grace, lower your nightie to show my husband you breasts, then put his hands on your tits, and then give him a big wet passionate kiss with some tongue action." Spreading her legs while sitting on the couch to expose her bare pussy she commanded "Grace, on your knees before me and eat my pussy!" Pulling myself from John's hungry exploring hand I kneeled before her and promptly began to munch on her beautiful twat once again without hesitation. "God this new little sex toy you brought me is amazing dear," John said to Christine, "I simply love her giant big fat tits!


Wife Swapping Combinations Ch. 04

group Bodington 2018-07-11

As soon as she saw my cock was exposed and nearby, Leah let go of Clarence's dick and said: So Leah took my cock into her mouth but not forgetting Clarence she had her left hand on his dick and proceeded to massage it. Finally the heavy conclusion of music arrived and Clarence's cock erupted in Leah's throat filling her with spurt after spurt of his semen. I got to hand it to Clarence I had never seen Leah before come to an orgasm simply by having her ass reamed. However once Clarence did withdraw his cock from her ass Leah let out yet again an extremely loud fart.