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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Hostess

group NoSenseofShame 2018-11-23

The guests then began to let their hands roam all over the woman’s body from head to toe. She then felt one man kiss her gently on her lips, and before she knew it, the men were fully nude and had her enclosed inside a circle they made around her not but five feet away from the front door of the small room. To the hostess, every stroke seemed to dive deeper and deeper into her backside and the woman soon fell into a state of ecstasy while she continued to swallow the dick of a man who then had his hands at the back of her head.

Paris Passion at the Pluriel

group Dusky 2018-11-23

Now, not wanting to be left out, a couple of the guys and, I was pleased to notice, one of the women leaned in and reached in between the bars to stroke my naked thighs and run a finger or two around the lips of my by now very wet pussy. By now my cunt was awash with my juices as they ran down my legs and the hands spread them over my body wetting my breasts and ass cheeks, it felt very, very good and I needed more of this. With my pussy positioned in between two of the bars, I pushed back and felt the lips of my cunt being stretched apart, opening it wide, giving those outside not only a great view of my sopping wet, pink cunt but better access as well.

A Trophy Wife, A Lawyer and True Love

group cal_jack 2018-11-23

Sheila noticed as she was collecting the money that one of the older men kept looking back and forth between her body and her husband’s cock and another delicious thought came to mind as she lowered her thong and then slithered on to the bed. Soon all three of them were in a rhythm, Sheila sucking on George’s cock while the young doctor sucked and nibbled on her pussy and clit. Soon, George’s mouth engulfed Phil’s cock as Phil tried to yell and move away but he was gagged and tied. Sheila got her phone and took pictures and video of it all, especially as Phil’s cum was dripping out of George’s mouth. Sheila got on her hands and knees and started to suck on Rod’s cock as Jason began to fuck her.

Neighbors With Benefits - Part Two

group NVMii 2018-11-23

Jimmy nodded his head, as he fucked Brooke's pussy hard. I had to fuck him, I wanted to feel that big black snake splitting my pussy lips. I wanted Ray to stay and watch how hard it was for Jimmy to pull his cock out. Brooke took hold of Ray's cock and looked at me. Ray, would your like to see your bride fuck Ty's black cock that way?" Ray was almost drooling at the thought of watching Ty's cock slide into my pussy. "Fuck Ray, you almost strangled me with your cock!" Brooke was still breathing deeply. The color contrast of white Ray lying between Brooke's black legs, made my pussy tingle.

Those missing 3 1/2 hours

group rpgalive 2018-11-23

As he reached the edge of the pool, he picked up one of the vases of oil and, what took two of us ladies to lift, he palmed like it was a creamer, pouring it over his head, his body as he closed the gap between us. Taking as much of the head into my mouth as I could as he was double penetrating, ass and cunt, with those huge fingers of one hand, the other hand groping my body, squeezing, scratching, groping. In one smooth motion, he plowed his prize bull-sized cock so far into me that it felt like I had finally taken him into my throat but it was coming from the bottom up!


A Walk In The Woods

group Pegasus4 2018-11-23

She slowly undressed while she watched Jay and the blonde woman suck, lick and tease my cock and balls until she was also completely naked, exposing beautiful round breasts with erect nipples and cleanly shaved mound. As her fingers were pleasuring her own clitoris she witnessed the brunette reaching orgasm with my face buried between her legs and the blonde spreading her buttocks to watch my tongue work on her pussy. With my cock buried deep inside Jay, I leaned over her back to move her blonde hair aside, giving me a clear view of her fingers parting the blonde's pussy lips and her tongue teasing and licking between them up to her clitoris.

Still three (Chapter 7)

group Vacheron58 2018-11-23

My wife continued fucking me and now with Nancy our sex got into a new dimension. My wife was very adamant that Nancy only signified a sexual partner that was giving her a new kind of pleasure but that we have a lot of years on this marriage and that she was never going to let me go. ( I knew then that my wife’s cock was inside my ass.) My wife held the cock a few minutes and then she began out, in to fuck me good. I laid down on the bed (I had placed the battery butt plug inside of my ass, so I was getting my sex also) and my wife came to me and sat her ass hole on my dildo.

The EX Factor

group Poppet 2018-11-23

“Um, sure, sorry.” I flush the toilet, despite having not peed, and wash my hands before realizing there was nothing to wipe my hands on.A girl, her hair almost too blonde and smile soft, opens the door and squeezes past, looking at me with sea blue eyes that remind of Barbie's little sister. Johnny was an enthusiastic videographer each time he tells her not to stop or slow down, I can hear the acute sound of his hand making contact with her bare skin as he swats her ass. Her mouth open, tongue trying to reach a few creamy drops, she looks like such a little slut, sexy as hell.

Enjoyment with two friends neetu and soni

group bava12 2018-11-23

She said “was it different from Soni?” I said “Neetu we had a great sex, but nor did I see your pussy nor did you saw my dick & still we enjoyed very much”. As Neetu was bending ahead for combing, her sexy firm round ass was looking great in her black satin panty. Neetu opened her eyes & said “it’s better to feel your dick inside my pussy than looking at it”. After we finished our dinner, I, and Neetu was washing her hands when I looked at her ass & said “Neetu I want that sexy & sweet ass my sweet dish”. After sometime we changed the position with Neetu sitting on my laps with my dick inside her ass hole, but facing away from me.

A Kinky Woman, A Watcher, and A Hard Cock

group StraightStick602 2018-11-23

As I was sitting there a women came in and walked to the bar to place her order. We left and I started to look around for a car, but she said, "I live at the apartment, and walk, less chance of getting a DUI." She goes to the kitchen and retrieved a beer, came over and sits on the couch next to me. I stuck my fuck finger in her pussy, pumping it in and out like a skinny cock. I’m fucking her brains out, she’s sucking her old man off and all of a sudden he tenses up and lets out a scream as he blows a load in her mouth.

Muslim Bisexuality: Threesomes

group Samuelx 2018-11-23

Grinning, the handsome, dark-skinned young Moroccan kissed me back passionately, and then exchanged a wink with his lovely wife Basmah Fakri, ( nee Redouane), who nodded understandingly. A Black guy was fucking a Hispanic-looking dude who sucked a strap-on dildo attached to a curvy, dark-skinned woman. Rafiq showed me pictures of his wife Basmah, a short and pleasantly curvy young Arab woman who wore the hijab and a long skirt, yet she had a spark in her eyes which made me smile. Basmah and Rafiq sat across from me, hand in hand, looking very much like a young couple in love. Rafiq nodded, and I saw Basmah's eyes gleam with excitement as I worked my dick into her husband's ass.


My Wife's Bachelor Party Surprise! (Part 2)

group tcg 2018-11-23

Another guy came up to her and stuck his cock into her face and she eagerly wrapped a hand around it and sucked it into her mouth. The one guy who had not cum yet stood next to her waiting his turn so she took her hand and started stroking his cock. One of the first guys came back for seconds and she grabbed his cock with her other hand and was stroking it. The one guy she was stroking started to moan and shot his load onto her body. The guy she was sucking also started to cum and as he did he withdrew and shot his load onto her hair, face and tits.

Sara's New Boobs

group WayneGibbous 2018-11-23

Tracy told me, "Well, Sara's got her new boobs, be sure and take a good look, I know you will," she teased as her elbow dug into my side. Sara was so good, I was close to cumming and she raised up off me, stood up off my wife's wet face, and said, "Okay, Don, you're good and hard, I want Tracy to fuck you while I sit on your face. Tracy pushed me down and told Sara that they were going to take turns sucking me hard again and I just laid back as I was intensely pleasured by both beautiful women as each of my hands rubbed their wet pussies. "Hmm, pretty hard, might just need a little suck, right, Tracy," Sara told my wife as she bent over to slide her lips over my cock and began sucking.

Allan, Amy Tonya

group ASSHAMMER269 2018-11-23

I sucked Allan's balls and drew one of them in my mouth and massaged it while he tried to pull his 11 inch cock out to screw Tonya. As Allan's 11 inch cock drew out, a trickle of Tonya's juice ran down my mouth and I swallowed each droplet that left her pussy. While Allan pounded her pussy I licked Tonya right there where women fingered themselves and a few seconds later Tonya gasped leaving a river a her juice flowing along Allan's 11 inch cock and into my mouth. Tonya saw the sperm dripping and started licking my lips, Allan's 11 inch cock still buried in my mouth. Tonya was now licking my mouth and Allan's 11 inch cock at the same time.

Rugby Club Coach Trip

group marie5555 2018-11-22

He started again, and as I wriggled, trying to push his hands away, my wrists were grabbed and held by one of the lads sat near my head, leaving Bill free to explore just how ticklish I was. Other hands started exploring the displayed legs, stroking from ankles to upper thighs, some fingers sneaking their way up under the skirt, and finding a bare shaved pussy, already wet and waiting for their attention. "What we do now," explained Jack, "is, we tie the bandages to the handles on the back of the next three rows of seats to make a webbing, a cradle that we can lie her in, making sure it is at the right height for what we need, say this high," indicating with his hands the height he wanted.

Bisexual Somali Men in Ottawa

group Samuelx 2018-11-22

Little did Nadine know that the White guy she considered her knight in shining armor loved Black dick! Sarah and I ended up getting a ride home from Luther, who went up to my spot for a night cap. Luther joined Sarah in sucking my dick and although I give this White dude credit for trying, he wasn't half as good as she was. Man, I was really turned on by what my sexy girlfriend Sarah and my fuck buddy Luther were doing to me. We fucked like this for like an hour before I came for the second time that night, filling Sarah's asshole with my seed just like Luther filled mine earlier.


Flashing a New Frind - Part 2

group NCcpl50 2018-11-22

As he slid his fingers deep into Kelly's pussy, I also watched his very erect cock pulsing up and down. I watched as Cody moved his dick around allowing Kelly to remove every bit of strawberry juice. As Kelly licked the pre-cum from the tip of his dick I noticed that Cody's cock had gotten even harder and bigger. As I began rocking forward and back, I kept thinking of watching Cody's big cock sliding into her. As I moved toward her head I silently slid the nightstand open, grabbed a condom and handed it to Cody (I didn't want sloppy seconds). I watched as Cody began to press his big cock head into her pussy.

Share and share alike.

group alexa88 2018-11-22

Whilst I thought of my man fucking another woman, I felt something brush against my neck and I turned to see Jack stroking my neck. Jack broke the kiss to take in the view of my naked body strewn on the white bed sheets. I lifted my bum off the bed as Jack pulled my dress up and over my head. I put my lips around his huge swollen head and sucked once again as I felt his body shiver and shake as streams of hot come filled my mouth and covered my lips. “JAAAAAA....” I screamed, trying to let Jack know that he had hit the spot, but I was too breathless and in the moment to finish my sentence as I felt my hot juices squirt out of my tingling pussy.

My wife and I do it with our babysitter again

group kornslayer1 2018-11-22

Kelly was watching them like a hawk, obviously she saw something in Jenny. "Oh, Mrs. Blackwell, that feels so damn good, but right now, I just wanna fuck your husband," Jenny said. As my face was drenched, Jenny wanted to taste all of Kelly's pussy juice, that was on my face. Then I actually saw Jenny, lean forward, and begin licking my wife's pussy. Kelly began moaning, in great pleasure of having a female tongue in her pussy for once. I began moaning quite loudly, and Jenny took my cock out of her mouth. Kelly stroked my cock for a couple seconds, and then I came right onto her tongue and face. Kelly is a very lucky woman," Jenny said as she got onto her knees.

Girls Night Out

group asianlover1975 2018-11-22

Imagining hands all over my body, I slide my fingers inside of my pussy as I am so very turned on. Derrick is so fucking turned on, but getting jealous in the shower about the thought of me going out tonight, he whispers in my ear, "I don't want to cum now, you suck cock so good! I hear her light groans, and moans turns me on I pull her pants off and slide my fingers inside of her pussy. He comes over as Tonya sucks his cock, I am eating Tonya's Pussy and he is sliding his large fingers inside of me. I loved watching her getting fucked seeing his cock go in and out of Tonya.

The Birthday Book

group aldenbradley 2018-11-22

“I didn’t tell you I wanted to make love to Caitlyn, too,” she admitted, leaning into the blonde to kiss her passionately, her hands seeking to steady the breasts that bounded in reaction to Todd’s aggressive thrusts. “I want to make sure you’re not mad at me for fucking Gary last night,” Lena told Todd over their morning coffee. “Michael,” Lena said, walking toward the bedroom pulling Gary by the arm, “You wouldn’t mind a repeat rendezvous with Caitlyn while I entertain the photographic genius for a bit would you?” “So you see, darling,” Lena addressed Gary quietly in the darkened bedroom as Caitlyn nursed her breast tenderly, “you can’t use her anymore as your private whore. “You can fuck Caitlyn, Melanie, or me, when you need to,” Lena said softly.

In Deep

group AngelaQ2C 2018-11-22

Within twenty-four hours I went from a girl with a pretty normal sex life to fucking two complete strangers and now here I was naked, on my knees with another man's cock (also married I found out later) so close to my face that all I had to do was lean forward slightly, open my mouth and I would be giving a blow job to a third man and It was not even noon yet. "Fucking slut," Ibrahim said and pushed the back of my head shoving Mehmed's cock deep down my throat. Before I could even start riding Mehmed's cock, I felt the head of Ibrahim's pushing against my ass. The man behind me yelled out obscenities calling me names like cunt, slut, cocksucker, fuckhole and cumdump as he told me that he was going to fuck me so hard, split me in two and pump every drop of his cum inside me.


group Vilhelm1970 2018-11-22

Jack reached over and placed something in Bill’s hand and whispered, “A little gift from Susan.” He grinned and increased his speed to catch up with her. “Do you like the view from your room?” Susan gasped as Jack nipped her earlobe and squeezed her ass. He reached in and lifted Jack's cock just slightly and was pleased to hear Susan moan as the thick head slid between her damp labia. Both gasped simultaneously as Susan felt a cold ice cube slide into her hot pussy and jack felt a warm tongue around his cock. Bill's tongue soon added to the heightened excitement as he started licking the juices from Jack's balls and around the edges of Susan's gushing pussy.

Pregnant and Horny

group TexasDOM 2018-11-22

Tony took her right nipple into his lips, and John sucked on the other one while Mark moved between her legs and started fingering her with one hand while supporting her ass with his other. When I got into the bedroom, Jen was sitting on Mark's face and grinding her pussy into him, while she had Tony's cock in her mouth, giving him a blowjob he will not soon forget. Soon I moved around so I could get a shot of her ass and the other side of Mark's face and while I was there, she started cumming and I caught Mark on film, drinking her sweet nectar as his face got all wet from the amount of juice flowing from her.