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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Beltane Story

group ThatSexyIrishGirl 2018-07-11

"I need to suck your pussy 'till you scream my name and you explode and my face is soaked with your juice." My nipples and clit were hard as granite, my thighs were already soaking from the flow of my juices and I was horribly fumbling without any success with the buttons on her jeans. Still stroking his shooting cock in my hand and still aimed at my tits, I moved my cum covered mouth to Darlene's swollen clit and sucked hard and fast. Darlene reached over and kissed me, rubbing Sean's cum into my skin and tasting their juices on my mouth.

Skinny dipping!

group Sinderellla 2018-07-11

I could tell that I was wet and ready, so I'm sure my lips opened right up giving them a view of my glistening pink pussy. Right away, I gave them a hard time, as I wanted to get a little show in return! As soon as we were inside one guy sat on the couch with his legs relaxed and hard cock pointed out at me. From behind me I heard a voice boldly ask me "Do you want me to fuck you?" I knew my soaking wet little kitty spread wide open as I was bent over in front of him and I replied my best "MmmmHmmm" with my mouth full of hard cock.

Stick It To 'Em

group johngalt47 2018-07-11

"Hey, guys!" My wife Jean squealed as she caught site of our friends, Brian and Lisa, waiting in the Baggage Claim area on Sunday. As usual I saw Brian's hand land right below Jean's belt. Jean never made any reciprocal moves and many nights after several rubs by Brian, she would come to bed raring to go. I was hard from looking at Lisa and thinking about Jean showing her boobs, even if they weren't completely exposed. I moved around and leaned to her near nipple being sure to give Brian and Lisa a good view of the action. As I continued my tongue action, I glanced over and saw that Brian was staring at Jean as Lisa helped him take off his briefs.


Caught in the act

group 2018-07-11

His cum I knew shooting into her throat and as he pulled back, some spilled from the side of her mouth onto her tits. As I approached him with my cock stiffening with each step Ricky kept his eyes on my bulge. I was instantly hard and reached for "Mandy" to pull her close, she slipped down and took my cock from her b*****r. He moved to suck on her left tit as I watched my cock disappear in her mouth. I started to cum...Mandy kept sucking and Rick started to cum. She pulled back with her own moans and knew Rick better keep it in her, she was about to cum too.

Very Close Friends Ch. 02

group fraoch 2018-07-11

We took our previous spots, Steve and Pam on the sofa, Jerry, Kim, and me on the sectional. After a few minutes, Kim released my cock from her mouth and looked back at Jerry and said “Put it in me.” After Jerry worked his cock into her pussy, he started fucking her slow and hard. I called over to Steve and asked him to hold Kim’s other leg up so Jerry could give her a good fucking. Steve was now on Kim’s other side and we held her legs back and open as Jerry lined his dick up with her wide open pussy. As Steve pulled out from Kim, we could see his cum running out of her pussy down her ass crack.


The Surprise

group sweet-tart 2018-07-11

My boyfriend places his cock at the entrance to my pussy, noting how hot and wet it is, knowing that I’m just waiting for him to shove it in, he decides to see how long it takes for me to start squirming. He kneels there with the head barely inside; before I get a chance to really start squirming Brian pushes so forcefully against me that I’m forced back against my boyfriend, which pushes his hard cock into my pussy. My boyfriend starts licking my pussy making it very wet, meanwhile Brian is playing with my tits, squeezing, pinching and generally making the nipples very hard, while I’m making his cock hard.

A Threesome to Remember

group perkie88 2018-07-11

He walked in and sat down at the bar and ordered a drink. Shadow started caressing my leg moving his hand towards my pussy. Stephan moved to my breasts and started kissing and licking my nipples. Just as I got into position on the floor, Stephan buried his face in my pussy, flicking my clit with his powerful tongue. I was about to come when Shadow grabbed me and turned me over on my hands and knees, While Stephan crawled under me, sliding his cock deep into my pussy. Stephan stuck his cock to my lips, and I started sucking it. I felt him tense, I knew he was about to come deep in my throat, when he pulled his cock out and said not yet.

Party Time

group Redlilly 2018-07-11

When I came out I saw Louisa in the kitchen and we talked of how this was the night and if things went faster with her and Glen she would go into the bedroom and leave us in the living room. When I looked up to my amassment Glen had Louisa out of her sleeping bag and writhing around the couch with his tongue glued to her clit. Louisa had removed the clothing of both Brad and Glen and sat on the floor watching what was going on with a finger on her own clit. Louisa pushed me on to the floor and opened my legs and started by licking my thighs where Brads cum had trickled down.

Schoolgirl's Ass-et is Grade A Ch. 03

group walterio 2018-07-11

Amelie had a hard cock in each hand as Henri and Andre kissed her neck, tongued her ears and fondled her lovely breasts. Amelie's whole body was aflame as she could feel his fingers pressing against the thin membrane separating her ass from her pussy. Even though Amelie had her asshole stretched by Andre and Henri had lubed his cock, the fit in her ass was still incredibly tight. Then Amelie watched as Henri got behind Monique and slipped his erect cock into her ass. Amelie could watch his cock move in and out of Monique's ass at the same time that she ate Monique's pussy. Just then Amelie felt a cock touch her bum and she instantly knew that Andre was about to fuck her in the ass again.


A Hot Stacey Sandwich

group g1bs0n 2018-07-11

James stepped up and took my head in his hands and shoved his cock right back in my mouth. I held his balls gently with both hands as I sucked on the big round head of his cock, it was all I could comfortably fit in my mouth. When I felt James press the head of his cock against my tight little asshole I arched my back in an attempt to accommodate him. Jonathan held me still, his big hands on my hips as he started to fuck me. They fucked me slowly, when Jonathan was balls deep inside me, the head of James' cock was just stretching the opening of my anus.

Getting slutty

group jj1918 2018-07-11

Her friend Debbie tried to persuade her to dress up in some of her merchandise telling her that her blond hair, 5ft 4inch slim frame and large breats would help raise some much needed money. A huge smile came over John's face she said this and she couldn't help but feel herself getting warm again. Lisa wondered why she had a pair of hands on her breasts and on her ass at the same time but was distracted by John thrusting inside her and at the same time fucking her mouth with his tongue. She managed to pull her head back so he wouldn't cum in her mouth but he held her tight and came over her face, getting some in her hair.

Escort Girls Ch. 03

group Sonia_de_Beaumanoir 2018-07-11

In the end my objections were overridden, and Monique called Jean the following day to announce that Eve was available to join us. Marc was seated between Monique and me with Eve facing him and Jean facing me. Shall we amuse ourselves?" Jean stood up and moved to face Eve. He took her hand and motioned her to rise, kissing her forehead in a fatherly manner. I was still dressed, but Jean pulled the hem of my dress over my back, pulled my thong strap aside, and began to finger my cunt from the side while watching Eve and me closely. As Jean softened and pulled out from Eve's cunt, he motioned for me to perform as I often had with Monique.


My Boyfriend's Cousin Yvan

group honeygirl20f 2018-07-11

I pulled out of the driveway and headed home, once there, I looked through my closet and decided to throw on a short white skirt with a tan colored tank top. “Mmmm, hey there honey, I shouldn’t even let you out of the house looking like that!” Allan pulled me into his arms, kissed my neck and grabbed a good hard feel of my ass. My nipples were hard, and as Sandra pulled my little skirt down, Yvan gasped again. My pussy twitched and pressure was building inside my cunt, as I watched Beth fuck my boyfriend and Sandra suck off Jeff. “What the…” I looked up and groaned as Yvan stood over me and jerked off, as his huge load of cum squirted all over my hair, my face and my tits.

The Adventures of Nicole Ch. 03

group GMan69N 2018-07-11

Letting you in the front door with a small but delicious kiss, and a light touch to your perfectly rounded bum, I introduce you to Lucia, a petite but ample breasted dark haired Italian woman in her early thirties, giving her a traditional double cheeked kiss, your hand already on her waist, leaving it there just a fraction longer than necessary, testing already. I pull out until just the tip of my rigid cock is just inside you, and lean forward to take first your breast in one hand, and then Lucia's in the other, squeezing both nipples hard enough to draw out moans of delight from you both, and for you to push your groin towards me, wanting me inside you.


She Got a Shave and I Got Fucked!

group balded 2018-07-11

Linda smiled and said: "Well, I know that you are not gay, Ed, but I wondered whether you ever wanted to know how a real cock feels inside your bum". I told Linda that she should tell Carlos that if he wants to fuck me there is a price that he has to pay: "I want to shave him bald as well". I realized that I cannot hold my cock for long anymore and I'll have to cum soon, so I asked Linda to give me a blow-job while I'm shaving her head. Linda was looking at me, smiled and said: "Well Ed, you are being fucked by a man for the first time in your life.

Conference Diversion Ch. 02

group slippingpoet 2018-07-11

I placed a hand on either cheek and shoved them up before pushing my face against her wet panties, tasting her cunt through them. I grabbed at her panties with both hands and pulled her sweet ass firm against my face, letting my tongue lick lower against her hot cunt. Please fuck me," she wheedled, her ass rolling from left to right as I licked up from her cunt to her lower back. I did not deny her, too turned on to even care that her mouth was slick and swollen from sucking and licking at another man's cock. I love the feel of her ass against my lower abdomen when I fuck her from behind, and she was inspired, rubbing it against me.

New Years Eve Party

group adele.darkstar 2018-07-11

Whilst Tony was giving Sarah all this attention Carol was massaging his balls and stroking his cock until it was fully erect and ready to pleasure Sarah. Tony licked her breasts and erect nipples and Carol introduced his cock into Sarah’s pussy, she had her hand between their bodies and she was controlling how deep Tony went into Sarah. After, a final kiss she left Ted to shower, and Sandra gave Karen a silk robe and took her to a viewing gallery were she could see the activities going on in all the other rooms. They returned to the dressing room, where Sandra took Karen into the shower and personally washed her body, paying particular attention to her pussy.


The Curious Curator

group the_black_panther69 2018-07-11

It fell around her shoulders in a crimson mass and the delivery man who's name was Adam smiled. His tongue dragged across her aching nipples and she moaned softly and began rubbing the swollen flesh that spilled into her hand after releasing his zip. As Melissa ground herself down harder onto Adam's penis, causing both of them to groan loudly Mike closed his eyes. Mike began to groan and taking her head he pushed her down harder onto his dick. The throbbing pleasure made her groan loudly against Mike's penis. She felt the salty spurts shoot into her throat as Mike began to tremble and pump himself harder into the moist wet hole of her mouth.

A Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 14

group fntsymn 2018-07-11

Vanessa saw that Robert, Edward and Pamela were coming back from the lake so she said, "OK then, let's take the food out." After clearing all the food and dishes they were having a glass of wine, on one side of the bench table were Pamela and Robert, on the other Edward and Jen, while Vanessa and Jake sat at each end of the table on deck chairs. After Edward and Robert regained their breath they extricated themselves from Vanessa and she rolled over on top of the table still in the after throes of her multiple orgasms, she was in a semi-conscious state, feeling both her holes still pulsing as the last waves of pleasure traveled through her body.

One Stormy Afternoon

group Image_de_beaute 2018-07-11

Geoff didn't notice, however, as he only had eyes for her large breasts, whose nipples were slowly coming to a point in her skin tight white shirt. Motioning them both forward, she grabbed Jake's huge penis in one hand, and began to stroke it, slowly, up and down, taking a slight break to squeeze his sack every couple of seconds. Camilla used her other hand to guide Geoff's penis to her waiting, watering mouth. Geoff, wanting in on the action, came up behind her, his hands taking the place of Jake's on her breasts, kneading them, and pinching her nipples. Camilla took one of hands away from her clit to grab Geoff's penis, hard as a hot, and just as big as Jake's.

Sensations Escort Services Ch. 04

group SteveWallace 2018-07-11

Amber said, "Air kisses," and the girls blew her kisses instead of touching lips and possibly smearing some of the carefully applied lip-gloss that would no doubt be all over Mike's face in less than an hour. I love the way you think." Mike kissed Amber's forehead. The other girls in the dorm with whom Kat, Edie, and Amber had little interaction, gathered around as the florist carried the huge bouquet to their door. As the next few days went by, Amber missed a few classes and cancelled out on a couple of client meetings, turning each of them over to Kat and Edie.


Camping Alone Deep in the Woods

group subFLmale 2018-07-11

We cooked the steaks and enjoyed a nice dinner as Deb remarked on how nobody she worked with would believe she sat around a fire eating steaks with five guys all wearing nothing but wet "tight whites." We all laughed and told her how she could borrow a pair and join us. I walked over to Deb and began kissing her deeply as I reached down and removed her shirt pulling it over her head displaying her luscious small perky tits with her hardened nipples to all the guys. After having a drink with Brad Pete and Mike I was ready to go again from listening to the guys talk about how hot and great my wife was and how they had never blown such a huge load before.

Car salesman Phil

group petercee 2018-07-11

Anne told me he was fucking her a couple of times a week after hours in her office her desk getting quite a work out apparently he had eight inches of cock that seemed to never get tired. Phil's infatuation with Anne didn't stop there after he got married I walked in on them in her office, I saw what kept her interest his cock was at least eight inches and at the time it was slick with her juices as he rammed it into her as she bent over her desk moaning with pleasure. Phil eventually figured out I knew what was going on when after a party at our home three years later I told him if he wanted to fuck Anne she was already in bed and I would be in after I had cleared up the mess from the party.

Betting Adventure

group rollover75 2018-07-11

I was working the vibe in and out of my pussy, completely ignoring them when Dean told me to stop. "Fuck your pussy with the vibe and stick this in your ass. I used one hand to work the dildo in and out of my ass while the other was busy fucking my pussy. My pussy and ass clenched at the vibe and dildo at the same time, pulling them deeper into me. I sat up and slipped the vibe into my mouth licking at it, tasting my own pussy on it. Dean was leaned forward in the chair and I thought any second he was going rocket himself across the room to fuck me.