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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Friends With Benefits?

group milfdiaries 2018-07-11

Lainy followed me into the bedroom with fresh margaritas and sat next to me on the bed, while I was telling Rick that I would very much like him to create an eclectic workout CD for me. She kissed my neck and cupped my breast and I leaned back onto the bed to indulge myself a little more with her, enjoying the unique sensation a woman's mouth has on mine. Straddling his strong thick thigh and Lainy on the other we touched each other and kissed at each others necks making out loudly so that I know he heard it but couldn't see a thing; just hear us pleasing each other while rubbing our damp pussies against his thighs.


A Law Firm with Very Special Rules

group walterio 2018-07-11

Across the room Roger's wife Rachel was smiling at the young 22 year old Lori as she watched her husband butt fuck the pretty girl. Roger held still until his wife's fake cock was secured in Lori's pussy. Lori still remembered the time that Roger had took her anal virginity and now he could not keep his cock out of her ass. Lori had been tripled fucked before most of the time by men and once by Rachel, Mona and Sherry all wearing strap-ons. In Roger's recreation room, Mona and Sherry had sucked the cocks of the three men and not they were on the floor on their sides in a 69 position eating each other's pussy.


Five Nights Ch. 06

group toomuchinmyhead 2018-07-11

I was licking up to her clit in long strokes as I heard another popping sound, and I looked up only to have a string of her drool drop onto my face from her mouth and Mike's cock. But I couldn't stop staring at her mouth working Mike's shaft, seeing her lips stroking and sucking, her tongue twirling and licking. "Tell me, can you taste cock?" She pushed her mouth down Mike's hard shaft, one hand on the base, the other around my neck, holding me there, pressing my cheek to hers as she sucked him. I had never done anything like this before, had never had a desire for it, wasn't curious, and yet here I was, Marybeth's face pressed against me as I took her husband's cock in my mouth and began sucking.


My First Bi MMF

group slibby 2018-07-11

As I sucked on her clit I let my left arm slide up her wanking arm, I gently stroked up and down it a few times before slowly letting my hand slide all the way down to where she had a firm grip of his cock. A minute later she took his cock from her mouth, smiled at me, and asked if I wanted to join in. I bobbed my head up and down a few times, loving the feel of his cock filling my mouth and running my tongue along the base of the glans. I spent the next 5 minutes sharing licking and sucking duties with her, thoroughly enjoying it while still slowly fucking her.

Meeting Internet Friends

group 2018-07-11

I’m not sure what was sexier… the look in Beth’s eyes as she took in the view or Annie standing there in the black version of the same satin outfit that my wife was wearing. Twice more over the next twenty of so minutes I watched this blonde beauty suck and finger my bride into cumming hard before sliding up on top of Beth’s longer frame and snuggling into those heavenly tits as her own swelled out between their bodies. Annie straddled her face before leaning over, taking hold of my cock, (giving it a couple of strokes on the sly), and guided it into Beth’s soaking wet pussy as I held her long legs up high by the ankles.

Wild Oats - The Cruise

group twistedgraygoat 2018-07-11

I kissed Jim gently on the lips and we sat on Jason's bottom single bunk and talked. "We can, but when you make love to any woman, take your time and be sure she is ready before putting your cock in her vagina. Jason had no trouble getting hard again or in filling me with his cum and then he went looking for Jim. A few minutes later, Jim opened the door and came in. This is Jason's bunk so we will need to include him also, but I know for sure that I want you to make love with me again tonight – as many times as you can get it up.

Fantasy Football

group erossmantic 2018-07-11

"Our Steeler parties play a different kind of fantasy football," Ally said in a direct and seductive tone. Suzy and Jen knew about Ally's fantasy football parties. "It's football for real men and real women," Ally answered continuing her confident seductive tone. It's the only time we like long commercials during a football game." Ally paused again to let the details settle in for the rookies. The men tried to hide their excitement for what a high scoring game might mean with these beautiful women at the mercy of the Bronco's new hall of fame offense. "If your football team scores, and there is no more clothing to remove from your opponents, then its time for them to give something else up," she said with her sly smile.


First threesome

group narizman69 2018-07-11

I was looking at DVDs and about to leave because I didn't see anything interesting when a couple came in and the girl made eye contact with me. So we went into a larger booth where he asked her if she still wanted to see a man suck his cock. I started sucking and she never took her eyes off me. After several minutes of him obviously enjoying me he asked if she wanted to see him suck a cock. He pushed me out of the way like he was starting to get angry and went down on her. I stood by her face at this point and she started sucking me.

My Best Friend's Boyfriend

group MamaRita 2018-07-11

I couldn't believe she was asking me to do this, "Lisa I am going for a run and then I'll call you to give you an answer." I left Lisa apartment and went running in the park. Around 6pm I began to get nervous ,nervous about the threesome I was about to embark on or knowing that the man I fuck last night was actually Lisa's new boyfriend Thomas. "Sheri wait before you tell me let me just say you are my best friend and the reason I asked you to do this for me is because I know I can trust you and that you will never hurt me or judge me."

Fact or Fiction

group sarah_siddons 2018-07-11

Sarah moved from his lips down his neck to his smooth chest, stopping at his nipples to lick and tease them, then trailed her tongue down his stomach before engulfing his cock with her mouth; I stood and watched this completely transfixed. "Oh God, suck him Steve," she said, "Please suck Chris." I didn't hesitate a minute this time, and kissed my way down Chris's smooth chest and stomach, following the path my daughter had taken; I positioned Chris' 10" cock close to my mouth. As wave after wave of orgasm hit, her knees went weak and she let herself go to the floor, releasing Steve's cock from her mouth and freeing Chris from her pussy. Sarah, lying on her back on the floor, fingers flying in her own pussy, and Steve's cock buried deep in her mouth.


Best For Last

group lanellguiste 2018-07-11

"You know what's truly amazing, Felicia?" Antony cupped my chin in his hand and looked into my eyes, half expecting me to answer. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Dawnya." Antony extended his hand and took hers for a quick kiss on the back of her knuckles. Before I could scramble over to the couch to see what Antony had in store for me, Dawnya had come in and sat down in my lap with a second drink in hand. I looked behind me to Antony then turned to give Dawnya a long sensual passionate kiss. Finally, I began to show Antony with my tongue all the half-formed fantasies that had run through my faint mind every time we spoke on the phone.


Guest of Honor

group EZPeter 2018-07-11

Sara suspected that she knew but asked, "What is special about this party?" "Its an orgy, you know group sex, fucking and sucking---stuff like that." April replied. Both Mark and Eric have had stiff cocks since they met you and I have some personal thoughts also!" April told Sara the time and place and made one more intense plea for her to be there. She was just about to cum, when April stopped and said, "Phase two." Eric and Mark gently let her legs down on each side of the table and slide her up so that her head was no longer on the table but was supported by Eric's hands. Sara opened eagerly to let Eric's stiff cock slide into her mouth as she felt April sucking on her tits.


Caught Speeding!

group bizzylizzy 2018-07-11

I knew I needed real cock soon otherwise I would explode. Well that didn't take long because I had only travelled 2 miles and there in the distance I could see the familiar BMW traffic car. Making sure that my skirt was hitched to display my long legs and my breasts were plumped up to almost fall out of my top, the tall slim figure approached my car. I pulled down his zip and placed my hand inside to feel his hard throbbing cock well there was only one thing to do. The guy in the back was getting his blowjob and had his hands clasped around my head and was guiding me up and down basically face fucking me.

Payback Can Be a Bitch

group D_Bear 2018-07-11

As you suck harder I groan and push my cock deeper, thrusting my hips and fucking your mouth. I groan out loud, "yeah baby suck my hard fucking cock....yeah that's it, show me what a nasty little slut you are".... I see the look in his eye and I ask if he wants a turn at this little slut's mouth. Your eyes go wide and you blush with shame and you look at him as I grip your hair and keep fucking your mouth even faster. Your hot dripping wet gash is so hot that my cock pulses rapidly inside you and I build closer to cumming as you start to ride my shaft while he fucks your mouth.

What a vacation 2

group vtevte 2018-07-11

Her cunt was gripping my cock so hard it felt like the first time I ever had any pussy. Sue was behind her and reaching around Thea grabbed her tits and said wow are these real? Sure I said, I'm sure she would really like a hard cock in her cunt as she is licking your wife's pussy. He got out of his pants and running into the water behind Sue grabbed her by the waist and began to plunge his cock into her. Thea reached down and pushed Sue's face hard into her cunt, she too was getting ready to cum. She leaned over and kissed me and said , and Joe's cock felt real good too.

Four for Friday

group Valendon 2018-07-11

I called Dene to let her know we were stuck while Andy got the room. Andy and I had talked over the last few months about swinging with Dene and Rex. I'd been honest with him about the period when my 2nd husband and I were in the lifestyle. Rex led Andy upstairs to our room and Dene invited me into the kitchen for a cup of coffee. Oh, and I should mention that Sandrine ended up in Rex's room for sympathy, then proceeded to enjoy the first really good sex she'd had in years and years, all with Dene's blessing. "Oh, I'm freelance," Sandrine smiled back at Andy, "so you can just let me know directly what you might need."


Helen at Work

group weery 2018-07-11

When she got over the shock of seeing them, she said her pussy started to get wet, and her nipples got hard too, which they both noticed, Ben and Mike both commenting on them, saying that they hoped they still tasted as good as they remembered! Helen told them she was, and with that, Mike, who was standing to one side of her put his hands on her hips and turned her to face Ben, who leant forward and kissed her neck whilst starting to undo her blouse. They were black, patent spike heels, and as soon as she had the clothes on, she had her head pulled back onto Mikes cock, which was getting really wet and he was starting to moan, whilst Ben had put his cock into her pussy, pushing up her skirt and was pounding into her.

82% work

The Good Girl Ch. 06b

group Katies 2018-07-10

The guy in Shannon's pussy pulled out again and I inhaled his cock, savoring her sweet juices dripping on the shaft, and pushing my mouth down on it until it filled my throat. I looked between my legs and saw her gripping the guy's balls as he fucked me, gently pulling on them and massaging them until he buried himself completely inside me and flooded my cunt with sperm. My body convulsed and fireworks exploded behind my eyes, gradually spreading and then fading to black as I passed out, Vanessa's strap-on still buried completely inside of me, and Shannon lapping the dripping cum off my lips and face.


Lucy's Conversion

group Lucyslovers 2018-07-10

Lucy gave a low, deep growl in her throat as the delicious feeling of hard veiny cock slid through her; at the same time the invisible string from her nipples to her clit turned into a charged electric wire sending shocks pulsing through her. Mark's hands settled on her hips to help with the thrust and to give her balance, so Lucy could lift one hand to hold Richard's cock firmly in her hand, and lower her head to suck in his balls as she stroked his prick. Mark's hands came up to hold and caress her breast, and Richard nibbled her neck as the sensation in Lucy's body sent her ever closer to the orgasm of her life.


Kaye's Desires Ch. 01

group Silentman45 2018-07-10

Watching Shirley's bare pussy coming closer to her lips, Kaye brought her hand up between those legs as she stuck her tongue out and moved closer. Feeling herself loosing control, Shirley brought her hands up to hold Kaye's head and started to fuck her face. Deciding to explore a little more, Kaye took her pussy soaked fingers out of Shirley and started rubbing her tight ass hole. He turned around naked with his throbbing balls and swollen cock, and walked back to Kaye just in time to watch her squirt all over her hand and the dildo she was fucking herself with. Her own honey tasted so much like Shirley's, that she started to deep throat this dildo as her hands fucked her pussy.


Out of the Dark Wood Ch. 02

group flatliner 2018-07-10

"OK, mom," Annie turned to look back at me, her red hair flashing in the sun. She was always so introverted I couldn't be sure what was going on with her even though I was her mom and she was so much like me. "Annie, want to tell me what's bothering you?" I asked, putting my arm round her shoulder. I hugged her again, my breast pushed up against her arm like when I cuddled her as a child and dried her tears. Then I met your father and found I liked men better. It was endearingly typical of a young woman to think she knew it all based on so little experience. I know you love him." I'd never heard Annie talk that way.


The Camping Trip Pt. 03

group Tetris07828 2018-07-10

It's later than I hoped, I gotta get back and pack but I really wanted to fuck you once more." Ann looked at me and batted her eyes, "Care for a quickie?" Naughty boy, I hope you saved a good mouthful for me." Deb said before sucking me some more. Deb's hands went onto my hips and made me fuck her mouth until I came. I waddled to the side with my shorts around my ankles while watching Deb. She was playing with my load in her mouth, flicking it around with her tongue when she let loose a satisfied moan. I just got fucked well by Ann early this morning and blown well by Deb about an hour ago.


The Virgin Hunter Ch. 02

group xtcnymphette 2018-07-10

Then I slid my hand inside his tracksuit and shorts to feel the hot black flesh beneath and like it had with Bruce his cock throbbed with excitement and he was speechless with desire. I wanted to feel John's wild jealous cock pounding my ass, Bruce's excited cock in my mouth and Sam's hugeness tearing at my tight wet pussy. I could barely tell whether the huge cock inside my pussy triggered my pleasure or the eager thrusting in my ass sent me into a giddy shivering screaming fit of pleasure or the sheer thought of three huge excited young men fucking me just made me hot with desire.


Suburban Underbelly Ch. 02

group fastandsloppy 2018-07-10

I got to watch while Mimi did a very thorough job of greasing up Madison's ass; slipping in a finger, then two, then stretching and pumping her vigorously before calling on me to step up to the girl's shiny, slick asshole. But, alas, having just got off less than an hour previously, what felt like thick streams of jizz in my cock popped out as mere isolated pearls that speckled Mimi and Madison's faces and hair as they waited with eyes closed and tongues out, expecting so much more than I could give them. Ramona, as usual, was looking at nothing, but Hafsa's huge, impossibly dark eyes took an obvious survey of my glistening chest before flashing me an awkward smile.