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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Surprise Visitor

group Copblue 2018-07-10

I am ready to explode but I want real penetration so I look up to my boyfriend who is kneeling behind the girl stroking his big erect cock and playing with her tits and I tell him to fuck me - NOW! I feel my boyfriend's hands grab my ass and lift me up as he rams his big hard dick into my wet, engorged pussy. The girl and I gave him a little show of licking and sucking each others tits and then the girl smiled and turned her ass to him and said "My turn!" Only too happy to oblige, he grabbed her hips and slid her toward his rock hard cock, then fucked her hard while I watched, kneeling in front of them massaging her big, round, heaving tits.

My First Time

group sweetnlovely 2018-07-10

After her dance was finished, I went to the bathroom to dry myself off, since she'd made me so wet I was afraid my juices would start running down my thigh. My breath started coming in short little gasps, as I felt myself getting horny again. She turned her head and started to run her hot little tongue over my ear and neck, alternately sucking and nibbling. She turned to you and said, " She has such a pretty little pussy." I heard you agree, and tell her that it tasted great too, and that she should taste. I could feel your load shooting up my cunt, my juices dripping all over your cock and her face, and felt my face getting soaked by her pussy juices.


Slightest Intentions Ch. 02

group supahstoopid 2018-07-10

I sucked and swallowed it, but sometimes Mike's fucking felt so good, I lost concentration in that task, at which time Fred would remind me be directing his cock against my lips. An obvious look of disappointment arose on Jay's face, but I was only turned on by this eventuality, as I now sat on all fours, Fred's cock probing my face, and the cum of two men I barely knew smeared and dashed over the small of my back and my round ass, Sam's single shot of cum now hotly leaking from my asshole; a testament of the fucking I was getting, and which was not yet over.


Merna's Story Pt. 09

group slimpic11 2018-07-10

"Well, I knew they wanted to buy you something," Greta said, "And I know they bought Rose the cocktail dress of the small model. "Mr. Pierce we accept this offer contingent on getting the details work out," Greta said. "Let get this worked out next week," he said to Greta. "He is a lot like Carl." And in so many ways I could not tell Sherman but would Rose later. Rose continued, "Carl came in that room Friday wanting a deal. Henrik said he wanted to have the same kind of relationship as Carl and his wife but it just did not work for them. Sam, the CIO of Peterson Technology, who worked a lot with Rose and Sherman, was also attending the whole event.


Peeping Tim

group nicoloco 2018-07-10

The feel of the night air and the knowledge that at any time someone could stumble upon us, unlikely as that was in this dark corridor, soon had Jamie squirming against me, her dripping pussy seeking penetration. Like Brent and Claire (not really), a handsome young couple whose bedroom window was a regular stop. I noted earlier that Jamie gets a charge out of chatting up guys whose dicks she's catalogued and it's even more true for a couple. I didn't take Jamie in the ass, and we beat them by a mile to the finish line, but overall it felt like we'd shared a fuck with this hot couple.


Enchanted Forest

group Aurora Black 2018-07-10

His vision sharpened, and he could see every tiny detail of the orgy around him; both men and women fucking in wild abandon, bodies bathed in sweat and spilled come. Dawn climbed off his cock, straddling his face as Robin sank onto him and Raven took position between his legs to lick and suck at his balls. Robin reluctantly abandoned her post and moved up to Bill's waiting tongue, enjoying the feel of it on her clit while Raven used the pooled moisture at the base of Bill's cock to lubricate her asshole. Looking between Robin's still trembling thighs, Bill watched his swollen cock disappear between Raven's luscious ass cheeks.

Spring Break Ch. 07

group HLD 2018-07-10

After the new year, Leah went looking for a job, Melinda continued working hers and I went back for my final semester. Melinda, Leah and I pooled our money, got a second cabin with an adjoining door and took Katie with us. Three years after our spring break trip, Katie graduated and Melinda and I got married. Following mine and Melinda's wedding, Leah never hid her relationship with Katie from her parents; they just never talked about it. Now that I think about it, the group thing we have freaks out all of our families, which is saying something considering that Leah, Melinda and I come from generally easy-going, progressive-thinking houses.


Isle of Lays Ch. 04

group SkinandSin 2018-07-10

She raised her skirts to provide access to the backs of her knees and Jamaica planted a soft kiss on her pussy, flicking her clitoris lightly with a wet, hot tongue as she scented Charlaine's lower extremities. Look in front of us, on the ledge." His words gave way to a hot trail of love-bites and kisses up and down the most sensitive points of Charlaine's neck as his hands came around to trace light circles over her breasts with sure fingers. Some dancers near the ledge reached up to tweak redhead's pert little tits through her shirt and she began to moan and groan as her body shook in pleasure, her eyes focused on Charlaine spread out wantonly and being savored by Carlos like the feast she was.

80% club

Story Requested by an old GF

group hj1413 2018-07-10

He certainly didn't want to cum yet, this was a night her wanted to last.V was looking at Josh's face when she saw his hand start to move then stop and his eye fix on something Debbie was doing, from her vantage point on her knees in front of Josh she couldn't see around Debbies leg to see what she was doing. She pushed V's hand away and opening her eyes saw Josh was rubbing his cock on V's calf and smiling at her."I think you needed that" he said. She felt Debbie move off the table and opened her eyes to see her kiss Josh then begin to lower herself down his body, kissing his neck, teasing his nipples causing him to groan, then slowly sinking to her knees and sliding the head of his cock into her mouth.

A Wonderful Life

group fantasyhunter2 2018-07-10

A few months after their honeymoon Cheryl admitted the idea of Tom sucking cock turned her on. When I pulled my head from her crotch I looked back to see that Tom had been jacking his cock while watching me eat his wife's cunt. I pulled my mouth off of his cock and found Cheryl's lips as I came in her pussy I pushed Tom's cum into her mouth with my tongue. It wasn't until the second date that Cheryl got her fantasy of watching Tom take a cock in the ass fulfilled. Many times after both Tom and my cocks were spent she would want more oral or even pull out a dildo for us to continue fucking her.


What Are Friends For?

group hotturkey 2018-07-10

Next time I looked over, the blue bra was draped across the back of the couch and Tina's mammoth breasts were being massaged and kissed by Craig. "Run your tongue around the outside a few times before getting to the inner parts." I gently spread my wife's outer lips giving Craig a splendid view of her sex. "Okay, that's the lesson, now it's your turn to practice." I waved towards the couch and I thought he was going to go back to Tina to start on her, but to my surprise he kneeled down in front of the chair, gently pushed me out of the way and started licking Rita's legs.


Happy Subterfuge

group imhapless 2018-07-10

Since I might want to pick up guys at this club in the future, I thought it best we took our action elsewhere, so I invited her back to my place. After one smash mouth, inserted-tongue kiss before we got in the car, Pat said -- "No touching until we get to your place; I'm not that great a driver and really need to concentrate." Strange -- I would have loved to finger fuck her on the way home -- but OK I thought, as horny as I am, I can wait a little longer; I'm only 5 minutes away. When I took her skirt off, despite trying to put my tongue through the back of her head and the delirium I was experiencing from the way she was finger fucking me, I noticed she had large spandex panties on.

Telling Me About Their First Times

group oldhippie1949 2018-07-10

It was Doug and Lora who convinced Roger and Patty to rent a Hamptons summer vacation house in the first place and so for that alone, I liked them. I remember the first time I put my head down and took it between my lips...that soft, spongy thing that was pulsing in my mouth, it felt so good. In my memory, I can hear the girls moaning in orgasm as he began to cum in my mouth and I remember swallowing it. When the shower began to run out of hot water, he pulled us out and still like little kids, we happily played as we dried off and raced into their bedroom."


A journey from good girl to slut

group davedom 2018-07-10

The one that Jan found funniest was the front hall way, if Jackson met her there naked and erect it meant she was to drop to her knees remove her blouse or top, and suck his cock until he blew his load, which were always hugh, all over her face and tits and got into her hair. I laughed saying I see you two have met and Jan smiled yes and moaned as Jess sucked on her tits, which I knew turned Jan from a good girl to a wet pussy. Jess was still enjoying Jan’s wet cunt fingering her pussy and asshole before moving into position and mounting her with his fucking big cock.

A gift From Bangkok

group sanpeesua 2018-07-10

temple car park. courts may view that as sacrilege." "So, sacrilege is a very serious offence here." He paused says you have nothing of value." He paused, "except for "He says that in order to give him his money you must very rich. my fault you're in this mess." "If you consent, and confess, in writing then he'll "That you are confessing to the crime, and yours says In writing. In writing. "He's not wearing a condom, make him wear a condom. all, was stunned beyond his wildest expectations. its riches, to plunder and debase it. her wildest nightmares could she imagine that her first Hour after hour after punishing hour they toiled. Daylight still found them toiling. messes.

The Day Sail

group ChaffII 2018-07-10

Gill had told me to make sure the anchor bit so I sat down to watch that that happened and he said he was headed to get us another couple of beers. Gill had just started down the ladder and tucked his head under the hatch when Nat was walking back to come on deck. From my vantage point I could see that Gill had rejoined her below, with both of them naked Natalie quickly figured out that nothing was going to happen unless she moved up into the V-berth or they came up on deck. Gill got off of his seat and moved over to in front of Natalie, her legs over her head gave him easy access to her pussy.


Discovery Ch. 13

group D H LAW 2018-07-10

Jen said dinner was almost ready and asked me to get Marvin and Bridgett drinks. While I got drinks, Tim, Marvin, Betty, and Bridgett caught up on things since they had last seen each other. Marvin looked up from Tim and Jen to see me filling his wife's throat and went into spasm himself. Tim watching Marvin's cum run down his wife's chin slammed hard into Jen's throat and you could see her muscles working as she swallowed load after load. Bridgett left me and joined Jen as they cleaned Betty's face and chest of Marvin's residue. Marvin fucked Jen with his huge tool and Tim was pounding his foot long cock into Bridgett.

Girl Meets World - Girl Meets Threesome

group FelicityWaters73 2018-07-10

Maya gently cups Riley's cheek and runs her hand through Riley's hair as Lucas began to feel his cock harden from the sight of seeing his girlfriend and her best friend having girl on girl make-out session. Lucas let out a soft moan and began palming his cock while Riley slips her hand underneath Maya's teal sweater and fondled her breasts and Maya slipping her hand underneath Riley's overall skirt and rubbed her through her panties. Riley watches her boyfriend lapping at her best friend's pussy as she makes her way over to the coffee table and leaned over and took Maya's right nipple in her mouth.

All Is Not Roses

group techsan 2018-07-10

Sure, there are a few women who like it but the majority of the ones I've gotten to the point of being ready for action take a long look at my probe and scream, "You're not getting close to me with that thing! I pulled out of the redhead and sat back, watching with interest as she rolled out of the way to be replaced by the questionable blonde; I still wasn't sure about her because her cunt was shaved baby's butt smooth. Gene, look, I don't mind if you fuck all of my friends – just the three in this room – any time you want to but I don't want you screwing other women if you're going to be coming to my bed.


This Is What He Told Me

group Redlilly 2018-07-10

I was really not sure what to do and offered to leave, if they wanted to get to sleep, but she just came over to me and started kissing me! Kelly was happily undressing and revealed a lovely pair of breasts which I went straight to sucking and kissing, while Lorna was happily sucking and kissing my cock. It wasn't long before Kelly was naked and so she moved onto my cock and started to move herself up and down." "The two girls started kissing and rubbing each other's breasts in front of me. I kissed Lorna and could taste Kelly on her lips. Kelly started to suck my cock again and Lorna was kissing me.

Hi Julia, It's Jennifer

group julia so sweet 2018-07-10

Interesting you should e-mail again today, I've spent the day with Rick (my son) discussing the e-mail you sent earlier, the one about you and a couple of guys and the story of me and the two young men came up...OMG...LOL. I was a little worried initially that they might be embarrassed when they woke up but I didn't worry too much about that and set to sucking a little morning cock and getting a nice slow fuck from James while Robert watched and slowly jerked off, when James finished Robert took his place and filled me with yet another bucket of hot young cum.

A Night at the Movies

group Phoenix_Sexfiend 2018-07-10

I watched engrossed in the action until I felt my wife rubbing her hand along my thigh. As the guy pulled out of my wife's mouth the woman stepped back and knelt down, sticking her pussy over my wife's face. As the guy pulled out the mystery woman lowered her pussy directly over my wife's mouth and the man's cum dripped directly into my wife's waiting mouth. My wife began bucking her hips up against my cock, still buried in her pussy. I began pushing my cock into my wife's pussy. When I pulled out of my wife's pussy, his cock buried itself inside me once more. My wife who was watching the action as she sucked another cock began moaning loudly and shuddering in a massive orgasm.

Night Duty

group 0131aj 2018-07-10

Evelyn raised her head to glare at me but her attention was soon drawn back to her own predicament as Matron lifted her white nurse's uniform dress, pulled her knickers down and left them wrapped around her knees. Evelyn was by now trying to hide her battered arse by pulling her uniform down over her naked rump but I couldn't wait to release my cock and did as I was told immediately. Before Evelyn could move Matron pulled her lacy knickers to the side and lowered her hairy pussy to her younger colleague's open mouth, kneeling over her shoulders and trapping her on the floor. Matron was going to do just that as she started to move her plastic cock in and out of my arse and forced me in turn deeper into Evelyn.

Aunt Anne and Her Friends Ch. 03

group swapnil104 2018-07-10

After a few more minutes we heard voices and footsteps on the stairs, and my Aunt Anne and Jack, Caroline's partner, came into the room. Although I was embarrassed by the presence of her partner Jack and of my aunt, I found myself looking openly at Caroline and glancing to see if the others were watching me. Like me, Bill, Lucy's partner who had just had sex with Caroline, was watching the restrained jigging of her breasts. "Given that we have a certain arrangement to avoid tonight and that we want different partners this time, that means..." at this point Lucy placed her hand on my aunt's knee and gave it a brief and gentle squeeze.