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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Christmas Treat Ch. 2

group irishflea25 2018-07-10

Amy stroked his cock for a few moments while Megan and Mark moved to get a better view, then took his cock into her mouth, swallowing it whole. Finally, Megan recovered from her daze and walked over to Amy. She leaned over and took a breast into each hand, squeezing them together before taking both nipples into her mouth at once and swirling her tongue around them. Jack had his pants around his ankles, slowing stroking his cock and Megan was fingering her pussy, slowly sliding a long thin finger in and out with one hand while she fingered her clit with the other. Megan stopped long enough to allow Mark to sit down before taking his rod of steel into her mouth again and sucking it like there was no tomorrow.

Bisexual Cards

group marriedpervs 2018-07-10

I lie back against the sofa leaning on Nina as Dee starts to gently stroke my cock. I lean forward and together we lick of the remaining warm cum from her lip, I then bury my tongue deep into Dee's open mouth and we kiss as if all hell has broken loose. Continuing with the game Dee lands on Nina's property and draws this action card. Dee was feverishly working on Nina's slippery pink pussy ramming two fingers in and out of her cunt while lashing her stiff protruding clit with her tongue and forcing her index finger deep into her throbbing anus. I pull out of her and I collapse on the sofa but Dee turns and continues to suck my cock and finger my anus keeping me hard in preparation for more.

Door to Door Salesgirl

group joan658 2018-07-10

"Come on sis, its OK." Amber said to her sister; she was bent over petting the cat again and giving me another glorious view of her beautiful breasts. Amber took another long drink and said, "Ya know, this stuff gets better the more you drink." Her sister had already finished her glass, this time being one up on Amber. "Well, Sis there's a lot you don't know." Jenny said glaring at Amber, and then Jenny took another long drink from her glass of wine. "Well little Sis, when you get to college next year, you'll build up a tolerance like I have." Jenny said, lauding her own worldliness over her sister.


Marilyn's Adventures in School

group walterio 2018-07-10

Jay and Doug also stared as Marilyn's legs came into view and they both rubbed their cocks through their pants. The three boys stared at their classmate turned goddess before their eyes as she stood clad only in her bra, panties, stockings and garter belt. "Doug and Jay you may now remove my bra but I want you to slide it slowly down my arms and let the cups fall away from my breasts," Marilyn said softly barely concealing her own excitement at this point. Doug and Jay stood on either side of Marilyn and they both had one of her tits and a cheek of her ass in each hand. Marilyn slowly pulled Jay's underwear down his legs making sure that the waistband caught on his stiff cock.


Sex Slave To My Neighbours Pt 1

group smallfurrycreature 2018-07-10

Exercise is the excuse but my fondest desire is that, along my route, I'll get invited into the home of a mature woman who was waiting for a bike-riding gent to pass her home, come in and fuck her. Balls drained, I would then ride home smiling, maybe to return the next day for more. I was ready to leave when she appeared from the kitchen with two glasses of orange juice - very welcome after the morning ride. If you get harder, that's nice too." True to her words, she reached forward pulling my pants to my knees grabbing my penis and putting my thickening and hardening cock it into her mouth. Here I was on my morning bike ride having my cock sucked.

Babs sl**ps with Greek God While I'm Away

group 2018-07-10

Becca told her that she had explained our open relationship with Anatoli and had described how beautiful and fit Babs was and he was very interested in meeting her. He dropped his slacks and told her to close her eyes and to gently place her hands on his body and let them explore it and see for her. I could tell that Babs was quiet wet and watched as her body shivered as the Greek gently kissed her mound just above her clit and he stood up. Anatoli told Babs that he would be back tomorrow after work and would start sl**ping with her and Becca then.

Air Conditioner Story

group astuffedshirt_perv 2018-07-10

We kinda looked at each other awkwardly and Sara kissed me and said she'd call as she walked quickly back into the apartment. Sara kissed my cheek and neck as I watched Lisa help a furiously blushing Heather strip. I told them to play with each other's tits, and Lisa immediately complied, but Heather needed coaxing. Lisa started moving her tongue up and down Heather's thighs and I alternated staring at the sight and kissing Sara. I saw Heather's dazed face as she sat back up and pulled her down to one of Lisa's tits and then grabbed Sara and started kissing her as I screwed. Although I was kissing Sara, I was stroking and being caressed by Lisa and Heather.

Pretty Wild

group sprite 2018-07-10

Julie took another hit the pipe, sucking holding the smoke in her lungs for as long as she could manage, letting it out slowly, already feeling the high spreading through her as she slipped her hand back into her panties, running her fingers slowly between her soft lips, a rhythmic up and down, fingers dripping wet, hips roll rocking up and down.  She closed her eyes, recalling the walk home through the park, clothes disheveled and damp and smelling of sex.  Holding onto each other, giggling as they stumbled their home where they’d spilled onto the bed that Julie’d been sharing with Brett.  

Accident grants Benefit Ch. 08a

group femadorer 2018-07-10

I stepped closer to her back, but not too close, my hands lightly on the fine material covering her shoulders I inhaled the aromatic, peach-like fragrance of her bare skin deeply before I whispered against her cheek, "Please allow me to take the 'girl' back, my sweetie - you are nothing less than pure, alluring womanhood..." Her deep sigh was the sweetest music to my ears, "...and your charming dress underlines your perfection impressively." The unexpected feel of a small, warm hand covering the back of my left hand had me smile, but it faded instantly when I sensed that she was about to turn around, my grip on her shoulder tightened to avoid that fundamentally, lowly chuckling I bent down to place a swift kiss on the back of her hand, and suggested lowly, "No, my sweet heart - you won't turn around...


Menage a Trois

group Dawns 2018-07-10

Cock is not something I seek often but if the guy is cute and wants it I don't mind doing him. "Brett this is Adam," she said. "And brunettes," said Jenny looking at him. By then we had been chatting, and snacking on popcorn and beer for nearly an hour when Jenny showed herself to be the exception to the rule about girls and porn. "I'll tell you what Brett," she said seductively, "I'll do a show for you if I can watch you and Adam doing each other." With Jenn watching, I jerked my cock rapidly while sucking Adam. Adam had moved into position and pushed his cock deep into my hole. "Hey Adam," I said seeking his attention, "any time guy."

Growing Up College Ch. 3

group FreshPeach 2018-07-10

I was more than a little embarrassed until Mike gave a look at Liz and said, "I could almost agree. Liz smiled and Mike grabbed me by the waist, pulling me tight. This is so hot!" I felt Tim's fingers on my clit and I cried out against the Liz's silken skin. Come here, please." Mike obliged and stood next to Tim. I led them both to the vacant bed. I felt Tim grab a handful of hair and pull my head back. I heard Liz's moans around Mike's cock, and assumed she was also cumming. I stood and Tim pulled his cock out of Liz. Mike also stood by Tim. Liz and I got on our knees in front of the boys.

Heaven in the Mountains

group TongueDocAtWork 2018-07-10

I really took a good look at Jill and noticed she didn't have big breasts but damn, her cleavage was driving me to the point of getting an erection. He moved closer and was standing right next to Jill's head, his hand was stroking faster on his cock. Pete moved in closer and with one quick motion Jill moved her hand and finally her head to his cock. When Pete pulled his cock from Jill's mouth it had already started to soften...but it was still huge, cum dripping from the end. With a slow but deliberate motion she moved up my body, rubbing her pussy over my chest and finally it was staring me dead in the eyes...Jill leaned forward and I could feel the heat coming off of her body.


Leaving Kate

group English Bob 2018-07-10

Each taunting word that Luke uttered was punctuated by a deep thrust of his cock until he was so deep inside Kate’s vagina that George could hear the young man’s balls slapping against her butt. George felt sure that the two young men would cum soon and was surprised when Luke suddenly stopped. Luke groaned as he felt the warm confines of Kate’s very moist pussy as it slipped over his erection like a hot, velvet glove He gripped her hips and bounced her up and down once or twice to ensure that he had the best angle for the deepest penetration. Whatever George had thought his wife’s answer might have been to that question, it was suddenly lost in a howling moan of lust as Mike began to ease his lubricated cock into her asshole.


group klytus2 2018-07-10

One by one she starts sucking their cocks, working her way round. After a while she sits on one guy's cock while she sucks a couple more. After some time one of the guys cums deep inside her. I know she's loving the feeling of it inside her and wants more. By now I know all the guys are dying to cum. I let one more guy fill her up with cum inside. Finally, all the guys have emptied their loads and she's looking sticky as hell and super horny. Her nipples are hard and sticky with cum and I lick them gently. I slide my hard cock inside her without a condom. It feels so warm and gooey and I start thrusting deep and hard.

her other self (STORY)

group bristim 2018-07-10

He moved up the bed slightly to enable her to come into eye contact with his man tool which stood proud, she eagerly shoved it into her mouth and began sucking, licking and tasting it in pleasure. The guys began to wipe the excess cum into her boobs, her face and then as in a warm down exercise they began kissing her and caressing her breasts, her thighs and torso, they continued for a short while until she got up, walked out of the room, made her way to the cubicle and emerged as a suited and booted office worker once more.

An Arresting Experience Ch. 02

group greenfly 2018-07-10

Kevin was beside himself, he lived every thrust of Andy's cock into his wife's cunt, Emma heard him whispering, "yes, harder, faster, more," and Andy fucked on and on , He seemed to have reserves of stamina, underneath him Kerri was in a frenzy her body rose and fell in line with Andy's thrusts and she clasped her legs around his back, pulling him into her, Emma and Robbie could see his cock working in and out of her hole and sprays of juice flew out of her every time he plunged into her cunt, her hips lifted him and herself off the floor, low moans came from her throat and her body twitched and trembled and all at once she let out a piercing yell and she reached orgasm.

My Wedding Scandal

group KMDylan 2018-07-10

Victor's mother, Pauline, told me that the masked ball would be held in the vast, vaulted cellars of the chateau in a warren of rooms and tunnels, which would only be lit by torches and candlelight, and which she had decorated with vintage 17th century furnishings. He is offering to escort us down to the party since Victor has disappeared on us." Michel bowed to Caroline, and kissed her hand, focusing his seductive charisma on her. Moments later we arrived at a room that had been set up to look like a Sultan's harem—with shantung silk cushions covering the floor, and a few naked models who had been hired as servers standing around naked, holding trays with coupes of Champagne.


The Helper

group mikey_5055 2018-07-10

I came very hard feeling her swallowing every bit of my cumm, just as I started I felt her slip her long finger inside my ass and pull it out quickly as I finished cumming. Tammy's fingers were busy in her own pussy as she was getting close too, Ohhhhhh girls lets all cummmm together said Pam. They all reached orgasm together; Sabrina's cum dripped down her legs while Tammy licked her clean, while Pam kissed and licked Sabrina's mouth sharing her cumm. Pam took Sabrina by the hand and pulled her inside the shower, they left the door open so Tammy could watch and also watch Tammy as her fingers did their magic.


Show Me What You've Got

group JayValentine 2018-07-10

Rose turned around and saw that it was the red headed black woman from inside the first room who looked even better close up. Inside, the sounds of D'Angelo's 'Lady' began to play in the speakers of the car as Rose started the engine and Carrie finally caught a good whiff of the Lucky Number 6 perfume Rose wore and the smell made her hot. A voice said 'hello' on the other end and Carrie realized that it was Tariq in Rose's room. "Hey," Rose said like a best friend, "Carrie and I just got back and we're about to head up to the room but we have to drop a few things off in your room and take a shower first.


Chance Meeting Ch. 03

group MsErotica1950 2018-07-10

“God Kate, you know that drives me crazy when you suck my nipples like that.” Sara held her head steady at her breast a couple more moments before urging Kate’s mouth to her other nipple. Sara did as she was told, playing and squeezing her nipples while Kate fucked her pussy with her fingers. Cathy leaned down and took Sara’s left nipple in her mouth and began sucking it while Kate pulled her slacks off tossing them on the floor. “Suck her nipples Sara,” Kate told her as Cathy leaned forward towards her mouth giving her a nipple to suck while Kate continued playing with her pussy. Now it was Kate’s turn and she shoved her tongue deep inside Sara’s ass while Cathy played with her pussy and clit.


The Horse Keeper Ch. 02

group sandollar04 2018-07-10

So, after a good round of moans, I pulled out of her and stuck my cock in the younger sister, the top girl. Eventually, my dick tightened up so much that she knew I was about to burst, so in-between moans she yelled to her sister, "he's going to cream." She pulled my cock out and kept stroking it as she climbed off her sister and onto her knees. I walked over to where the older one's ass stuck up, got on my knees, reached down into the pool and put some water on my cock, and slowly wedged it in her ass hole.

A Breath of Forever Ch. 7

group dgthomas 2018-07-10

You left in a hurry last night I wanted to at least drop it off this morning.” Rebecca’s heart and cunt warmed over when Stacy’s hand went to Rebecca’s and pulled her close to place a kiss on her lips. She pulled Rebecca to her and leaned her up against Jim kissing her while Jim’s hands were on Stacy’s back finding their way to her arms. Stacy spread her legs and Rebecca began to kiss Stacy’s lower abdomen and had a hand between Stacy’s thighs rubbing the lips of Stacy’s pussy. Stacy began to dry Rebecca at the shoulders and move her way down sliding the towel between Rebecca’s ass cheeks bringing the towel through her legs and between her cunt lips.

Marcia, Nastiest Slut Ever Ch. 05

group danzinman 2018-07-10

When you looked up at me I said, "You easy fucking slut, you cock sucking cum eating whore, lick me real clean, use your tongue all over my cock, suck my balls, lick my ass and then wipe my cock off with your tits." I grabbed your hair forcing your head to face up and then began to spit on your face and laughed at you. Your hubby reached under the table to verify how wet your pussy was, he looked over at me saying, "Man is she wet, I bet she could take a log up her snatch." Not wanting to miss any opportunity for tasting cum, you grabbed his hand and sucked on his fingers.


It's Not What You Think

group AnonymousPerv 2018-07-10

Tonight, it almost felt like Michelle was playing the role of a totally different woman other than herself. And just as Michelle was about to cum on my cock, a woman barged into the room screaming. "It looks like you know him pretty well to me!" shouted Michelle, her eyes opened wide. "He said he was going to make my swallow his cum," said the woman, looking up at Michelle. Michelle dropped to her knees at the bed and began groping the woman's tits. Michelle, playing a role so out of character, turned me on to no end and I found another quick orgasm escaping my cock, being gulped down in gaggles and coughs by this poor woman.