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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Garage

group dodger125 2018-07-10

My boxer shorts were next and they were simply ripped wide open and pulled away from me allowing my erect penis to spring out at them with my brown pubic hair that grew across my thighs and round under my balls to come onto display. “You have grown a bit there ain’t you?” They were both admiring my nude state, taking in the sight of my cock, balls, my round arse, my thighs, everything. The tall one pulled out and they traded places as the short male put his cock in my now, gaping arsehole. “You know where to find us though”, the short male said as he pulled his jeans up. The door slammed shut behind me but not before the tall male got in one last slap at my arse.

He shows it to his s****r in Law

group lickingherass 2018-07-10

We had a very nice room and Sissy was going to stop by and smoke some with us. Sissy leaned over the bed pressing her belly against my semi hard cock as she hugged me. "It's good to see you too Sissy" I told her as my cock grew against her tummy thru the thin sheets. Holly's back was to me as she loaded and Sissy was facing me looking over her s****rs shoulder. Looking at her gorgeous blue eyes as I pumped my fat cock. The girls kept visiting as I eased the sheets down exposing my now throbbing eight inch member. I was still looking right at Sissy's face thru the crack in the door.

Masturbating with My Old Friend

group BrooklynObserver 2018-07-10

"I'm feeling pretty damn horny right now," Ann said, giving D a look. "Mmm, I want you two to play with your dicks while you watch me for a few minutes," Ann said, running her hands down over her stomach and to her thighs. D looked over at my cock in my hand and said, "Yours is nice and big. "Watching you masturbate is making my cock so fucking hard!" Ann opened her eyes and smiled at me. "I'm gonna come sit with you guys so we can all cum together," she said, standing up and walking over to the couch. Oh holy fuck!" D and I started pumping our cocks hard and with a grunt he told us that he was going to cum soon.

T and Me Ch. 02

group archeopteryx_feather 2018-07-10

When she returned to the head of my bone, she pursed her lips as if to blow more air but this time she bent down and slurped up the puddle of pre-cum, then licked the tip of my cock clean. Every time I slammed into her, my pubic bone collided with her clit, her pussy clenched and I was rewarded with another gush of her cum bathing my cock and drenching my balls. As her fingers left her mouth and she loosened her grip on the back of my head she panted " Oh God...Oh Baby...I feel your fucking good...let it all go." I already had but I kept pumping because she was still releasing smaller squirts.


Fire and Ice Ch. 01

group Kissytina 2018-07-10

I was out partying hard hoping to get a good fuck, by the look of his limp cock. I like that and I smile as I look into his eyes, I wrap my arms around the back of his neck, I began kissing him, more assertive this time. Stephen said he was ex MI6, now working as a private eye, for Christie's. "Fuck, Carla, you're really in need of a good fuck," He said with his cock standing proud. "That's more like the Carla." He said, as he starts pounding his cock into me, hard. "Fuck, Carla, so soon," He said, attempting to raise his torso up off the bed. "Hi, Stephen," being my new boss, his name feels like a dirty secret on my lips.


My Bitch s****r (part 2)

group jnthn1 2018-07-10

Mom was eating out Aunt Sally telling her her pussy tastes so good. I went back to the kitchen, mom was telling Uncle Dan fuck my ass harder, harder. I've got this tight teen pussy fucking me, Mandi massaging my prostate. With Brandis tight teen pussy pounding me and Mandi giving me a prostate massage it gave me an incredible orgasm. That's it Susie, your pussy is full of big Dan. Susie said panting just let me sit on your dick for a minute. Oh fuck, oh shit, you mother fucker Susie said as big Dan pumped Susies pussy harder and harder. Mandi picked up the pace, oh fuck it felt so good as I came in her pussy.

Sarah's Quest Ch. 02

group laserdick 2018-07-10

When the second half started, he said the noise was too much and asked if I'd like to join him for a nightcap. After some browsing on the Internet, I met a man that liked to role play and he wanted a woman who would dress up like a whore and service him. To make the role play seemed more real, the young stranger dropped a C-note on the bed and said, "You're a great fuck bitch." and left. Brad stopped me at the door as I was leaving and said I was the sexiest woman at the party and that as a hobby he occasionally made videos for adult Internet sites.

The Shop Floor Guys

group urbanslut 2018-07-10

So Kajal and I got to meet and talk only during lunch, coffee breaks, and in the mornings when she would spend a couple of hours doing the the SAP-related work on the computer before heading down to the shop floor. "Shut up, Babu!" Kajal said "She and her husband have chosen not to have kids. "You know, Kajal." Jaggu said, "That Kanika sure is one hot bitch. She took Heera's dick out of her mouth, grabbed Babu by the collar, pulled him towards her and said in a throaty voice, "You know what I would like to do?" Babu said in a surprisingly level voice even as he kept fucking Kajal, "I would get Kanika naked, make her lie down right here on her back.


Just the Three of Us

group templeminded 2018-07-10

I had just gotten off work from pulling a double shift at the local 'Texaco station.' I was dead tired, wanting to go home and call it a day. This drove her totally wild and she grabbed my finger and started sucking my juices off them like a humming bird does sweet nectar. She got so turned on from the taste of me, that she turned and dove on Mr. Fly By and began to ride his cock like she had been born a cowgirl. Afterwards she looked up and started kissing me, everywhere, which caused 'Mr. fly by' to explode his own love syrup deep inside of her.

In the Movies

group sexypaula 2018-07-10

Legs open, facing the back row where the second guy was shoving his hard piece of meat straight into my mouth. Once we got to the wall, they pushed me roughly against it, and the guy I had been sucking didn't hesitate to stuck his hard wet cock inside my cum oozing pussy. They held me, and when some of them were about to lift me up again, the fourth guy said "Let me have the whore like this", and he spreaded my legs apart, with me still on my fours, and made me feel his cock entering my ass hole. There was always some cock to suck, there was always some pairs of hands grabbing my body, there was always a hole being fucked.

Judy visits her s****r

group delmohawk 2018-07-10

Tasha wrapped her arms around my neck, “can I kiss you?” she asked “Of course” I said and she reached forward pressing her lips hard against mine. “What?” she asked, “I’m jealous” Emily repeated “I wanted him to cum inside me and you got it” Tasha apologised “sorry” she said “but you have had it before” “That’s true” Emily agreed “Did you like it?” “I did” she said “It hurt to start with but then the pain went away and was replaced by the most wonderful feeling”. Tasha got in the shower first and Emily turned to me wrapped her arms around my neck and looked into my eyes.

Changes 02

group HopelesslyAddicted 2018-07-10

"Well," Zac started out, "Mother dearest doesn't think that we are responsible enough to be left home alone for a night, so they can go out and have a good time." He gave his brother a look over his shoulder. But I told her that she should take you boys over to the mall to help her pick out an outfit for our adventure into the adult night life." Zac's mouth hung open slightly and William just seemed to smile. They do have rum in here dear." Maria looked at the small bottles in the compartment and thought about how the evening would most likely play out and decided that she might just need a bit of liquid courage.


Sunrise at Last

group Bonaire 2018-07-10

Kathy said she needed to rest and Celia felt the energy drain from her body after nearly five hours of non-stop fucking. Celia almost went over the railing with her first guy, he rammed her with little finesse, grabbed her hips and delighted in almost pulling all the way out before ramming his cock deep into her cunt, over and over again. While Celia would have preferred to get Randall to cum inside her, she was curious how Diana would react to being pierced by that big, thick, black cock. Celia glanced over her right shoulder and saw Diana's face contort into a masterpiece of amazement as Randall's black cock went deeper than any guy had gone before.

The Bridge Party by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2018-07-10

Billie Harris, the hostess for today's party, snuffed out her cigarette and rejoined, "Seriously girls, I think we all miss the feeling of seeing and touching a big cock for the first time, or the excitement of seeing a young man strip off his clothes and expose his hard pecker as well as a muscular body!" "Here, here," chimed in Marion, "just remember how exciting it was to see your lover's cock all big and hard just for you, god I miss that!" Everyone was quiet for a few moments, while Barb shuffled the deck and dealt out a new hand.

Blow Job Lessons Ch. 02

group primetime73 2018-07-10

"Because Lauren and I sent him another message and told him to come outside and say hi to the girl walking down the street with a Wildcats backpack right after you left." Hope laughed sloshing beer on her arm. Have you ever had a guy shave your pussy?" Hope asked pointing at Ashley and then Lauren. When Lauren crashed into her bed at home the room spun a little from all the beer she drank while laughing and talking with Hope and Ashley. Lauren quickly typed a message back to BigRick10 explaining she was Ashley's friend but the two of them wanted to come over on Thursday night around 7:30 for a little fun.


Round of Four Pt. 05

group RiteofSpring 2018-07-10

"This is the Marquis de Sade, essential reading for all libertines with a strong interest in varieties of human sexual experience, including horny men like me who like to be aroused." Titters and knowing looks. Looking a little bewildered, Brooke does as I ask, scooching onto her back on the pillows above Cathy's head and gingerly lowering her butt so her asshole and cunt nestle on top of Cathy's straight honey blonde hair, streaked fashionably with red. I fuck harder into Cathy's cunt; I slurp the heavenly taste of Brooke's pussy juice; I screw my fingers into Nancy's vagina and Jacqueline's vagina, flicking their clits. It's incredible: the smells, the tastes, the groaning sounds of arousal, the feeling of Cathy's cunt around my cock, of Brooke's pussy in my mouth, of Nancy and Jacqueline's vulva in my hands.

A Birthday to Remember

group cuddlydbear 2018-07-10

Ken always got off on these types of movies, because although he really loved Wayde and their basically gay lifestyle, he found women very arousing, especially if they had big tits like his sweet Dee. Opening his pants and taking his cock out, he began to idly play with the head and rub the precum around the tip. Wayde pushed Ken onto the sofa and knelt next to Dee. The two of them took turns sucking the two men on the couch, switching back and forth until both Ken and Gary were moaning loudly. Ken moaned in pleasure as Wayde went back to sucking him, and a couple of minutes later he and Gary shot their loads in unison, into Dee and Wayde's waiting mouths.

When She Wants What He Should

group SexyJennaInk 2018-07-10

"Seriously," he sighed and ran a nervous hand through his long, nightmarishly black locks. "I think," I smiled warmly as I glanced at her boyfriend, "you could tell that boy anything and he would still love you." "I like that," I grinned, turning to gaze at Linzi as she eyed me hungrily. Linzi observed his movements with lust-tainted eyes, leaning forward to push his hands away when his movements seem to stagnate. "Let me," she pleaded, running her hands up my shirt and slowly removing it over my head. Billy nodded, and like a small boy, he allowed Linzi to direct his movements. "I want you," Linzi sobbed slowly as she came beside me, my finger inside her, her boyfriend inside me.

Cherry Poppin'

group Eagle1 2018-07-10

"Well, guy," he said, his voice taking on an excited conspiratorial whisper, he put his hand on my shoulder pulling me closer, "Maybe that's where I can help. Peter reached his hand down to play with her long blonde hair as she played with him Then half heartedly grabbing her hair, he pulled her head back so that she was looking into his eyes. Trying not to take her tits away from his mouth, Kelley raised her ass a little, her hands trying to push that last vestige of clothing, her panties, down. Slowly he took his left hand and stroked up and down on his long hard prick, jerking it off, pointing it right at me, leering like a madman.


Later Saturday Afternoon

group Hotryder1 2018-07-10

Pushing back to meet Ted's cock, she placed her mouth on my pussy again and started licking my juices again. I continued to finger fuck Jennifer and suck her nipples, as I felt the long hard cock slid into my eager pulsing pink bed of desire. As my chain reaction orgasms continued to wash over me, Ted suddenly thrust deep into me and then held as I felt his cock pumping its hot load into my grasping quivering pussy. I could feel Jennifer's wet pussy lips pushing in and then coming out as David's thick cock slid back and forth in my fingers as he drove in and out of her.

Rocker Girl Ch. 06

group KenJames 2018-07-10

I reversed the guitar and rubbed Baby's lower horn along my wet slit, gradually forcing it open, stimulating my clit and pussy lips. "I'm fucking hot watching Tom Cat screw a little rocker girl." She took the camera and stood straddling my head, focusing on Matt's penis gradually withdrawing from my pussy. Lyta taped our tender kissing and cuddling, then captured the dramatic moment when Matt pulled his penis, softened but still gigantic, from my thoroughly-fucked pussy. "Tom Cat," she said, "Rocker Girl was so cruel, not letting you fuck her tight little teenage butt." He stiffened as she wrapped her fingers around his shaft. After several minutes, Lyta pulled away from Matt, turned around and bent over with her hands on the couch.


Ashley's Misadventures Ch. 02

group redking99 2018-07-10

She groans out loud, feeling the large metal cock head pushing her insides wide apart, filling her cunt so completely. She groans out loud in pleasure, feeling every inch of the large metal cock-head buried deep and buzzing inside her wet, pulsating cunt. As if sensing her urgent need to cum, the large metal vibrator begins sending out tiny electric pulses, touching the insides of her sensitive pussy. Lust and pure carnal pleasure taking full control of her now as she fucks back on the hard cocks penetrating her ass and pussy. The sensations coursing through her would have thrown her into another climax but at that exact same moment, she felt a huge cock suddenly ram into her hot inviting pussy from behind, burying itself completely into her lust-filled open cunt.

The Twins in San Francisco Ch. 03

group bluedragonauthor 2018-07-09

Trinh slid off of Quyen and crawled across the table to Kiana, where they gently kissed and whispered to each other. Following her orgasm, Quyen hopped off me and bent over, bracing her hands against the desk only a foot from Trinh and Kiana. The room was filled with a chorus of moans as all four of us came almost simultaneously, Ki and Trinh dumping loads of cum into each others mouths while Quyen and I mixed up a blended cocktail of orgasmic fluids within her pussy. The sight of stunning Kiana sucking my juice out of Quyen's cunt was almost enough to get me up again, although a look at the wall clock told me I had already been gone far too long for a coffee break.


The Masquerade Ch. 02

group schilders74 2018-07-09

Stephanie got up and grabbed Tiffany's hand again, this time taking her to a massive bed that had sheer curtains around it. Brad watched as Tiffany's eyes rolled into the back of her head and ground her pussy into Stephanie's face while she was cumming. He felt her body tighten as Stephanie leaned over to watch him and remove her wet pussy from Tiffany's face. He matched Mark's rhythm and every time his dick pounded inside Tiffany he did the same thing to Stephanie. Brad pulled out of Stephanie's wet pussy and entered her ass just as harshly as Mark had done to Tiffany. Mark and Brad filled the girl's asses with their cum at the same time, and Stephanie's cries from her own orgasm followed Tiffany's just seconds later.