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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

"Fearsome Foursome"

group PTPhotoguy57 2018-07-09

Donna surprised them all by “twerking” her considerable ass to a musical selection made by Peter (perhaps hoping to garner exactly that result…) which got the ball rolling… and Lois let her eyes wander over in the direction of Cleveland’s noteworthy ‘junk’. The ladies switched positions and quickly returned to their duties, Lois Griffin now working Cleveland’s dark meat while Donna Tubbs and her lipstick coated ‘juicy reds’ lathered Peter Griffin’s manhood. Donna on the other hand felt absolutely wonderful and wasn’t in any hurry but she did notice the look on Lois’ face; Cleveland and his horse cock could do that to a woman… Lois was no exception no matter what her skill set was.

Lights, Camera, Sex

group Thorre 2018-07-09

At Ms Jonas' urging she pulled off her white panties to reveal a dark patch of pubic hair in a near perfect V shape. "Lead him to the bed." Once on the bed, "69!" Chrissy straddled my face as I felt her hot mouth on my rigid cock. My cock felt as though it were made of concrete as it swelled to its maximum over the sensation of the blow job I was receiving, coupled with the fragrance of Chrissy's pussy. Chrissy hesitated before tentatively dragging the tip of her tongue across Ms. Jonas' pussy lips. Chrissy seemed to respond and began attacking her pussy more passionately bringing more gasps and moans from Ms. Jonas. I rolled over, totally spent as Ms. Jonas ground her pussy on Chrissy's face until she climaxed.

Kay's Story

group DHenry 2018-07-09

My panties made my pussy look and feel like it was ready for anything, especially your cock. As we dance the other guys are rubbing my legs and trying to get even the softest touch of my pussy. As he pulls me back one of my legs is in the air and he flips me so that I twirl like a summersault, the guys go wild as my breasts are exposed briefly and my panties ride up my crotch. Even though I feel somewhat embarrassed I'm excited and begin to dance wildly on the bed pantiless. The guys love getting a god look at my bare and wet pussy as I dance around and they begin to dance with me.


group Many Feathers 2018-07-09

Pete had a daughter himself; a young woman named Andrea who spent most of her time paling around with Stacy and Tracy and was nearly inseparable. It seemed to have become a game for them, as moments later when Andrea finally stopped bouncing, Stacy or Tracy, but whoever was wearing the blue silk Pajama suit, also removed her top and began the game all over again. With much larger breasts than Andrea's, though she certainly had nothing to complain about in that department, one of the twins, and I decided it must be Tracy for some reason, began her turn at jumping, and now flipping over in the air.


Confessions of a Young Bottom

group billy69boy 2018-07-09

The man would usually turn to me with a smile on his lips and ask me what did I enjoy doing and in the beginning I used to say 'Anything, sir' but after a few weeks my answer was: 'I like to get naked sir, and I like sucking cock, and if you want to sir, you can fuck me.' I agreed to accompany him back to his sl**per car, where he gave me a speech to make to his friends: I was to stand naked in front of the men who joined him, with my hands behind my head: "I am a cock sucking, cum loving whore.


Threesome with Ana

group bi_justin 2018-07-09

That blond chick's boobs are even bigger than yours!" said Ana. She turned towards Madelyn and grabbed Maddy's breasts, giving them a playful squeeze. "Well," said Ana, "let's compare with the blond!" She slipped her fingers under the straps of Maddy's dress and abruptly yanked them down, pulling the dress below Madelyn's naked breasts. Ana opened her mouth wide, inhaling as much of Madelyn's soft flesh as she could, then closed it again, gently gripping Maddy's nipple between her teeth and pulling. Ana's hand slid further south and her fingers began to compete with my tongue in Madelyn's dripping cunt. "Horny fucking slut!" teased Madelyn as her mouth willingly opened to tongue Ana's clit, her hands shifting to rest on her curvy butt.

Sex Kitten

group ventrman 2018-07-09

When she answers the door, fuck, it looks like Rick's eyes are going to pop out of their sockets when he sees what she's wearing. Rick stopped her and told her to straddle his face as he wants to eat her cunt as she deep throats his dick. Rick replied, "Fuck yes; anything you do is ok with me." He then watched as Peter knelt down and sucked her luscious big tits. Peter grabbed her hips and rammed his dick into her ass clean to his balls, fucking her like a wild animal. Peter stopped fucking her ass for the time being and Rick lay on his back so she could straddle him. Peter pulls his dick out of her ass and shouted, "Oooooh fuck here it cums baby!

Aren't The Neighbors Nice?

group T@nman 2018-07-09

Rita stopped sucking my cock and I heard Faye, “May I?” Rita swung her leg over my head and kneeled beside me. Rita lay down facing Faye who held my cock for Rita to begin sucking again. Faye helped Rita turn over into a sitting position on the bed. Rita looked at me and then lay back as Art positioned his cock over my face. Faye’s face was pressing against Rita’s pussy as Faye worked a long index finger into my wife’s ass. Faye straddled Art and Rita straddled me. We finished breakfast and as we were getting ready to go home, Rita kissed both Faye and Art and turned to me, “Aren’t the neighbors nice?”


Brave New World

group AltheaRose 2018-07-09

Steph looked directly at my exposed breasts and then slowly upward until our eyes met. It took almost two months before I realized I had met my best friend in life and about the most important person I would ever know. A week later Steph told me that she thought Chain was pretty cool and probably wanted to be accepted, just like everyone else. "God, Steph, you are like way more pretty and popular than I am. That looks so good on you and it shows off your nice tits." Ever since that first day, Steph usually managed to work in a remark about my boobs. Steph looked past my shoulder and spied Gwen heading our way with two new drinks.


My First Threesome

group bunnie1911 2018-07-09

I felt fingers slip between my outer lips to play with my clit, at the same time she bent down and took my bare nipple in her mouth. The finger moved faster across my clit as she alternated sucking between my nipples, pinching and tugging the one not in her mouth with her perfectly manicured fingers. I couldn't quite suck his cock, but I could lick the precum off every time her hand moved back down his shaft. I felt her crawl back up the bed between my legs, and soon her tongue teasing my clit. Her hand slid up my leg until they found my soaking wet tunnel and her her fingers began moving in and out of me at a deliberately slow pace.

Giselle and I Ch. 01

group Meanderer 2018-07-09

Jennifer and Madeline moved to town around the same time as Giselle and I, and for a few years we hung out together two or three times a week. I wasn't sure if I liked the idea that we had to choose between them, but in reality, by the time of their breakup, we had grown apart as couples, we having had our daughter, Maya, and they having become enmeshed in the campus GLBT scene. One time in high school I played with my boyfriend, and we ended up having sex, but I mean, there's not that much drama to playing strip poker with whoever you were going to have sex with anyhow - a bit, but not much."


Extending the MILF List Ch. 15

group Contrasting 2018-07-09

Not as many as Georgia but, I want to have sex with your friends," she smiled but it looked like she had cellophane over her face, "or you if you are nice, and I want everyone to see, to watch me having sex with my brother." Her eyes took on a look. "Tawny, dear, you should eat" Dalia said, her voice was a little nervous, shaking a little but I could not tell if it was because her sister made her uneasy or because she was aroused, imagining watching that litany of sexual displays and knowing what other's did not know, that her sister was fucking her brother where they could be seen in public.


I Dream of Jess

group slowhand335 2018-07-09

Jess gently kisses and licks her way toward my middle and I close my eyes and feel her warm breath on my pubes. Jess' journey to my breasts is unbelievable sexy and I run my fingers through her silky hair as her warm, wet mouth engulfs my right breast. I glance at Chris' cock for the first time and watch as Jess uses her fingers to circle his mushroom head before sliding them to caress his balls. We kissed deeply when our tongues and lips touch, keeping Chris' shaft planted between our mouths. Jess begins sucking my tongue; how incredibly sexy before moving to my left and begins kissing my neck, working her way down to my breasts again.


Amy & Beth Get an Education

group walterio 2018-07-09

Charles placed the jacket on a chair and then returned to stand behind Amy. William's hand then touched Amy's panty covered pussy and it was like an electric shock ran through her body. Things were moving quickly now as William caressed her panty covered pussy and Charles fondled her breasts. Beth had a cock in each hand and she was stroking them as Richard and Charles fondled Beth's tits and fingered her pussy. Amy found herself wondering what William's and Charles' cocks looked like but her thoughts were interrupted when an intense orgasm rocked her body. While Amy was distracted with Charles' cock in her mouth, William was preparing to fuck her pussy.


Darkest Before Dawn Ch. 02

group lordchilworth 2018-07-09

I was on top of her, she is still pulling on my nipples and biting at my tongue and lips but as soon as her weight is taken from her feet she is pushing a sweat-slicked thigh between mine, and then started mashing her pussy against mine, shifting from side to side until she could feel that our clits are together. Simultaneously the two men stop their embrace, ululating yodels of celebration as their dicks push hard against my lips and teeth before pumping spunk alternately one after another into my mouth. I start to gulp but am stopped from swallowing by a hand around my throat, my mouth feels as if it is being filled to overflowing, but the cocks withdraw still oozing the end of the two men's orgasms.

John & Sally

group The Rackman 2018-07-09

So to break the ice Greg turns to John and says, "Your lady here is one fine looking babe." Sally began to blush and John acted as though he might be going to protest Greg's boldness before Ray cut him off by telling Greg and all others present that he couldn't agree with him more and that he sure would like to see more of her, the tone and inflection of his voice leaving little doubt as to what he really meant. With that, George grabbed hold of Tren's hips and pushed the head of his telephone pole through the lips of her cunt, held it there for a minute and as she began to buck to try to get more of it in her, he pulled out and said, "there white bitch, just a little taste of black cock to keep you wanting it till we get to Greg's."

The Lunch - Part 2 (The Threesome)

group rjamesc74 2018-07-09

said teasingly, taking me by the hand and leading me into the room. standing.  ‘Hi there!’,  Rachel said seductively, ‘fancy meeting ‘Mmmmm...good idea!’, Rachel said, locked your bodies together in an embrace whilst softly kissing for duty!  ‘Look’, Rachel said, ‘see how we’re turning him on’.  started to play with my belt whilst Rachel got to work on my zipper ‘Let’s have a look at his assets’, said Rachel, slowly pulling the your hips towards me whilst, at the same time, Rachel took your you started tasting Rachel I slowly and deliberately penetrated time.  I came hard, ejecting hot spunk deep into your body whilst loving, kiss.  The rest of the evening saw repeating pleasure but

Afternoon Adventure: Part 1

group 2018-07-09

I began chatting with Henry who said his wife was Cindy, who explained that they had older k**s who had since moved out and they were long time swingers who were looking to shoot some erotic pictures they could share with their friends. Henry came back on the phone and asked if I could meet him at 2 p.m. at an agreed to coffee shop and to bring my gear. "Guys, here's some coffee, I'm going to go make a couple of quick calls, freshen up and how about I meet you in Henry's office in about 15 minutes?" said Cindy, as she handed us two mugs and swung around a walked down the hall.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 16

group SteveWallace 2018-07-09

She said, "I think I belong here." She giggled in a way very uncharacteristic for her, "Of course, it's a very crowded lap what with Melanie, Elsa, and Cindy being here too." I don't think what either of you feel rises to that level, but saying 'Love' might be appropriate in some situations, like as a massive orgasm approaches or as you cuddle with her after some great sex – not just Margo, either; anybody." Sheila finally said to all of us as she held Melanie in her arms, "That is the best welcome home I've ever gotten from anyone, anywhere, at anytime." Mark didn't wait long, and when Melanie made his cock slip slightly into the rim of Sheila's deepness, he lunged forward sinking most of the way into Sheila's vagina.

The Professor Vol 1

group FunFiction 2018-07-09

Maria licked her lips and began to saunter towards Carter and his hard dick. Amanda grabbed Maria's hips and began to kiss the back of her neck. Amanda began to kiss the sides of her neck, and Maria closed her eyes. Meanwhile, Amanda sat on the couch next to Carter and began kissing him. At the same time, Amanda began to lick Maria's pussy. Amanda felt Maria's legs shake as she began to squirt pussy juice all over her face. Amanda spit the juice back onto her pussy and licked even more furiously, turned on that her body and couch were now covered in Maria's pussy juice. Carter began to fuck Maria's face even harder as he came dangerously close.

The Circle Ch. 51

group SteveWallace 2018-07-09

The decision that came hardest for Brad was that Nancy wanted to live at The Circle's house. True, they spent about three nights a week at The Circle house, and they were totally plugged into all the activities and meals, but Brad apparently found a streak in him where he wanted to protect his daughter from all the sex. While Wendy and William, Brad and Sandy's daughter and son, knew their parents lived part of the time with a larger intentional family, they'd had only limited interaction with The Circle. The week getting ready to move Nancy to Dillonville and into The Circle, enabled her half-siblings to have a unique experience and to get a feel of the love their parents enjoyed for the first time.


Suzy Lets me Join in

group Bakeboss 2018-07-09

Yet when my wife explained I was wearing her panties stained with the cum of her lover my face got even redder. I was instructed to remove her panties and as she showed off my cage to Joyce, she said that she was having problems keeping me locked as long as she desired because of my needing relief. Now wanting to give me the pleasure of looking at another woman's private place my wife blindfolded me with the dirty panties I had been wearing. The next night she brought her lover home, saying she had enjoyed the threesome with Joyce so much she wanted to try it with a man and me.

Glamping 2- later in te week

group Bonr717 2018-07-09

It was Summer, fully nude stroking my back, she guided my head back into Jan's snatch as she got down on the floor and took my hard cock into her mouth. She said "looks like Summer is having a good time, come on up on the bed and let me watch" We stood up, Summer smiled at her, and I laid down on the bed and Summer slid up my legs and took my cock in her mouth again. Summer slid away and came to the head of the bed and sat on my face. She got up and mounted my hard rod and Jan came back up to my face and started kissing me deeply.

Twice In A Lifetime Ch. 01

group Krraaazzzzyyyyy 2018-07-09

Mindy, seeing this, began to kiss my shoulders and neck, and let her hands slide around and she took my rock hard cock into her hand, through my cotton long johns, squeezing insistently. It quickly became a three way kiss, the only time in my life it ever worked like that so naturally, and the next thing I knew I had my cock pressed hard into Mindy's perfect ass, and her soft, medium size breasts were bare in my hands, which I'd boldly slid underneath her halter top. "MMM…" she said, climbing up onto me as I lay breathing hard, "my turn to cum." She took my cock in her hand and stroked it a few times, talking to it, saying, "and you too, huh big fella?