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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Unplanned 3 some with a huge cock FFM

group oddtastes 2018-07-09

Ken's cock began to rise when Kay crawled up on the bed and asked Debra kept looking at Ken's cock then down at mine. smiled and said that next time she would like Kay to hold her legs. Debra asked Kay how Ken's big cock felt and Kay told her to find out for I pulled out of Kay's dripping wet cunt and fed Debra my slick cock. Kay sat up and grabbed my cock, jerking me against Debra's tit. Kay jerked and Ken thrust, and soon Debra was moaning too. Ken groaned, spurting into Debra's slippery cunt, then pulling out to "Here it comes!" I said, Kay's hand pressing my cock against Debra's

Natural Curves

group clancy_packard2003 2018-07-09

“...your Vodka Martini’s and this Thai grass go together like hard cock and wet pussy.” She giggled softly and again flashed me that smile, God this woman was something else. Eventually I found what I was looking for and like I said I joined a couple of sites and bought some movies. Natural Curves was a dating site for big women and the men who love them. I relaxed on the couch, put on a Buttman big tit special [John Stagliano likes all natural girls too] and I masturbated for an hour or so. We talked about love, life and politics, finally we got onto the subject of Natural Curves and she explained that she had been a member for two years.


Miracles Website 3: Sleeping Booty

group Agony 2018-07-09

Small breasts, a nice little ass and a real cute face made Jim yearning for her taste and feel at all hours of the night. Amber was sent to live with him and Jim's other brother Carl two weeks later. After two minutes of fucking her mouth while she slept, Jim saw Carl come inside the room. Amber's pussy and Jim's mouth were getting quite loud at the other end and Carl's cock was getting deeper into Amber's throat. Jim was getting on his knees on the bed and his cock was positioned below Amber's vagina. "Open back up," Jim said, "holy fuck, I got some mooooooore." And more cum oozed to her tongue and into her mouth.

Mr. Lyndal

group platilove1 2018-07-09

The woman says from over his shoulder, "Just give them what they want, Ok." Reluctantly, Lyndal opens his mouth and slowly wraps his lips around this man's dick. Lyndal can feel the man lower himself behind him and can soon feel the head of his little dick poking at his asshole. Lyndal could feel the man's hot load ooze out of his ass as he finishes and pulls away. Lyndal opens his mouth, which is now dry and a little sore, and takes the head of this truly impressive dick inside. The man pushes hard into Lyndal as his body pushes him out and soon cums in his ass. The man fucking his ass pumps harder and harder into Lyndal as he closes in on cumming himself.


9 Stone Cum Queen at the Barbeque

group 9StoneCumQueen 2018-07-09

I was coming hard on her face whilst this guy took her ankles in each hand and forced her legs back high and wide so he could get his cock in right up to the hilt. She let him bend her over the toilet and pull her tight leather mini skirt up over her big fat ass and fuck her hard and rough. Fat Tits was laughing her head off, she said, 'this giant dong has made me come three times already!' As he got ready to bust his nut I had to get down underneath between both their legs to see this absolutely amazing piece of cock finally giving Fat Tits the fucking she'd always deserved.


Meeting a German Family

group leferret 2018-07-09

Giselle's mother, Hilde looked more like what a sister should be. I started to give Rene's breasts simmilar attention while Giselle had freed my rock hard dick from it confines and was sucking the tip enthusiastically. The sensation was exquisite and I didn't think I would last too long with this attention but she stopped and got Giselle and then Rene to take turns to perform the same. Giselle and Rene took turns sitting on my face while I lapped at their nicely trimmed pussies. Hilde climbed off and took my dick in her mouth to lick me clean of my cum and her own pussy juice. Rene started fondling my balls which was enough to put me over the top and I filled Giselle's pussy with cum.

An Interesting Night

group nueve4bbw 2018-07-09

She Nudges me to proceed, and I work my way over toward her sl**ping Girlfriend, Placing my hands on her Phat Ass, Fondling and Groping, Spreading Her Cheeks. I hop up and Grab her, Bend her over the bed with her face in girlfriends Dripping Wet Pussy, And Ram My Cock into her Tight Lesbian Pussy. I grab her by the hair and f***e her Back down, making her lick her girlfriend clean, While my cock Pulses in her tight, Wet Pussy. Moaning and Shivering, She cries "Please, Please Put it in me, Please." After Licking her pussy, and Tongue fucking her tight little Ass. I lay her on her back, and slowly slide my cock in her.

Olympits Ch. 01

group belab 2018-07-09

She grabbed his cock and let her lips slide over the head of it again until three or four inches of his solid meat was in her mouth, then she started sucking it hard, jerking him off with her hand. Gunther's massive prick was also erect but he was watching Sabine intently as she sucked my dick. I groaned as she continued to stroke the base of my prick while sucking on my cock, Sabine paused and looked at my thick meat then returned her mouth to the cock before her. Gunther was ramming his prick hard into her even as she licked and kissed the underside from the base of my cock to its head.

A Spanish Summer Evening

group fogmike 2018-07-09

I'm concentrating on my work, but you can see her face, which slowly changes from a smile to a long sigh, her eyes glazing over slightly as my hands start going lower, rubbing around her back and occasionally sliding underneath her bra strap. Leaning your head back on my shoulder you pant, "Mmm....damn I want should....oh god that feels good.....finish your task......and go....fuck!.....go undo Beth's things....uh.....don't you think?" Pausing only to kiss your neck while my hands continue to pleasure you, I stand and move behind your friend – you miss my attentions but are very keen to watch what's about to happen.


All She Really Wanted was Cum

group RedHairedandFriendly 2018-07-09

I sure the hell wasn't expecting one of daddy's lackeys to come by either," Rebecca hissed before pulling the joint out of Rob's hands. "Come on Becky, here's another cock for you," Brad said before pulling her by the hair and forcing her to drop Tim's dick from her mouth. With Brad's cum dripping down her face and the taste of all three men's semen rolling around on her tongue, Rebecca slid off Tim, spread her legs and waited for someone to fill her pussy with their cock. By the time the fuck fest was over Rebecca lay drenched in cum and the men were panting and stroking their cocks, still eager for another go at their boss's baby girl.

Uncaged Ch. 07

group theimperfetc 2018-07-09

"Fill her cunt until she makes me come!" Ben didn't need the direction, I wasn't going to stop yet, but I did continue eating Jade out. I turned my head sideways to complain, but before I got more than a word out, Jade interrupted roughly, "Shut up, he's not going to fuck you, just do what we tell you and you'll be fine." I wasn't so sure, but I trusted her and continued licking as I felt Ben settle into place. Ben piped up, "So...if we let you come, then you'll help by getting her wet and ready for me?" I was trying to touch myself at this point to push me over, but he was easily keeping my hands back while occasionally teasing my pussy himself.

My b*****rs treats mom like a slut

group 2018-07-09

When he tried to push Mom's legs apart, she playfully slapped his hand and said, "Michael, you are being naughty and should not let your friends see me totally naked. Mom looked at the guys and said, "I guess my son Michael is going to fuck me now while you watch us." The room was silent for a short time, then Mom said to Michael, "Honey, you have made me very happy by showing your friends how much you love me by using your cock. The last friend of Michael's pushed his cock in Mom's mouth then grabbed her head with both of his hands and began feverishly fucking her face. Michael kept taking video and replied, "Relax Dad. They were just friends of mine that wanted to watch Mom and Melissa have lesbian sex.

A Night in Miami

group Kahuna36 2018-07-09

Rach kisses behind your neck and as she nibbles you ear says "you're so sexy I want to eat you all up," pulling your top down, only briefly fiddling with your bra, she starts to make her way down to your breasts. As she slowly starts to circle your tits with her tongue her hand has already found its way under your dress and is massaging your pussy through your panties. The feeling is overwhelming for both of you and Rach is soon humping your hand as she probes your pussy, gliding over your clit, into your hole and circling your lips, smoothly, rhythmically just as you start to lose your self to this wonderful feeling she breaks off and before you fully open your eyes has her tongue between your lips.

Being a Good Neighbor

group azvalleyguy 2018-07-09

He must have known from the look on my face and said it wasn't like that, but a place he and his girlfriend went to where there were couples, single chicks and some single guys, but more girls than guys. He said, "I'm Tom and this is Mary my wife, come and join us, or if you want, you can just sit in the chair by the bed. Mary reached down and started stroking his briefs and Tom looked like he was pretty big. She moved a little and I looked up when I heard Tom moan and saw why, when she started licking the head of his huge hard dick. Like I said, I am extremely sensitive and I couldn't believe it when I started getting hard again.


A Titillating Tale Ch. 09

group MKvDeepSea 2018-07-09

As we walked home from our run and a visit to the college's art department my mind kept mulling over one thing Billie had said, which was, "One of Leigh's favorite fantasies are for her to be giving James a blowjob while you fuck her... Billie's eyes were still locked with mine as she mouthed, "He's going to cum..." she took James' chin in her hand and turned his head so she could kiss him. it was..." after several false starts, Billie took a deep breath and said, "While I was against the wall and James was finger fucking me all I could think of was getting a cock in me...


The Sweetest Sin Ch. 01-02

group swampjuice 2018-07-09

"I know but look at the chick going into the private area, and she has a friend, come on brah!" Tuck said requesting two private dances. "Not a snowballs chance in hell, Tuck, you don't have the right parts for those two" Jeremy said slapping his little brother in chest "Oh yeah, I think we just found our boy toys." Kenzie said, kissing Eowyn on the mouth. "Excuse me gentlemen, the ladies at the corner table sent these." the cocktail waitress said, putting two Coronas in front of Jeremy and Tucker. "I think your brother is enjoying himself." Eowyn said turning Tucker's face from them. Tucker and Jeremy sat staring as Eowyn trailed her hands over Kenzie's body, slipping them beneath her skirt.

Our First Threesome

group Buckiowa 2018-07-09

I drove it harder and told her that I would love to feel her pussy convulse just at the moment that another guy's hard stream of hot cum shot out onto her breasts and face. I pulled and pushed it in long slow strokes and she sucked my cock pausing only to reach under with her mouth and suck and nuzzle my swollen balls. Watching her response sent me over the edge as well and I pulled my cock back from her mouth and shot four hard streams onto her lips, chin and into her open mouth. The sight of Ed cumming on Joy sent me over the edge and I pulled from her and shot a hard stream up onto her clit and pussy.

The nearby Naturists/swingers

group nigeltallguy 2018-07-09

Before my next meeting I got an email telling me how much his wife had enjoyed my cock and she had started to ask him if he thought I wanted to fuck her. I arranged a meeting with them and the day before the meeting my xhamster contact messaged me to say that he had had his first meeting with them at their home a few weeks earlier (he had met them several times for drinks) and there had been no pretence as when he arrived they almost immediately went into the bedroom and he had fucked her bareback, cumming inside her.

The Wager

group 2018-07-09

Roger looked across the room at Jill and said the now Roger showed Jill to the master bedroom to change. viewing of my wife sucking his big cock was turning me Suck daddy's big cock," Roger moaned. "Wow, damn-it she can suck a fucking cock like no one turned slightly, placing one hand on Roger's naked ass leaned over and took Roger's cock into her mouth. I continued to lick and suck on Jill's sopping pussy "Betty pushed her entire hand inside of my pussy and his hard cock into me reaching deep inside of my cunt "Oh, Bobby you do pleasure me," Jill said as she less than ten minutes, Roger unloaded in Jill's mouth

College Cathouse Ch. 03

group DaviBlack 2018-07-09

Jess took more of his cock into her mouth, eliciting more groans from Brian. I watched a smirk grow on Stacy's face as Jess's lips stretched, and she forced them all the way to the base of Brian's cock. Jess smiled and licked the last bit of Brian's cum off her hand. As Brian got back into his clothes, Stacy took a wad of money from the last guy and ordered him to sit down on the couch. "I'm gonna tit-fuck you so good, you're gonna fail Spanish," Jess said smiling. When my cock finally let up, Stacy rolled the cum around and pooled it on her tongue for me to see, then she closed her mouth and swallowed.

My Wife’s Audition for TV Serial (very eroti

group 2018-07-09

“See, one of the main requirement when you shoot is whenever a scene gets cut and gets cut and continued, u should immediately come back and stand in your original position that u were when the scene was cut!” The director was almost shouting and my wife and Naren immediately hugged each other and returned to the original position. When the director had told that the scene had to be shot again itself, I saw a pleased smile in Naren’s face and this time he really gave a passionate hug. Even my wife dint mind being called Saali or being pinched in her naked ass cheeks and she too gave a relieved smile that the director was not shouting at her but instead joking at her.

Far Too Hot Ch. 03

group wendyhs9 2018-07-09

As I lay over the corner of the bed with my legs splayed, cum drooling out of my battered fanny and my chin still glistening with Kevin's massive deposit, my fucker flops down beside my head, his semi hard cock still slightly drooling its essences towards my sweat covered body. Oh yes, that feels so wonderful, it's like wanting to shit every time you pull all the way out, a little deeper, please, just a little more. I pump his wonderful, long, thick cock with my tiny hand and slurp up the pre-cum as it bubbles out the slit. Kevin is making me so hot, the relentless slapping of his balls on my pussy, his giant cock spearing my arse, his hands playing with a nipple and my ever sensitive clit.

The Christmas Ball

group Rugby307 2018-07-09

I asked Jim if he remembered Susanne, the commanding officers wife. I immediately kiss you hard on the mouth as jim pulls your panties down and massages your clit, standing next to you. I'm still kissing your mouth as Jim takes a nipple and sucks hard. He grabs your hips and pounds you hard as I fuck your face holding your hair to drive my cock into your throat. Jim lies down and you hungrily sit down hard on his cock. I grab your hair as I drive my cock in all the way hard. Jim grunts and grabs your chin before spunking hard on your beautiful elegant face. I grab your hair and add my hot cum to Jim's.

Old Friends

group bottomsatx 2018-07-09

Scott got out of bed and walked over to stand next to Cherie, his hard dick bobbing next to her face. Cherie pulled her mouth off of my dick, and took Scott's. Scott was stroking her hair while my balls drained, then pulled Cherie off of me and shoved his dick into her mouth. I felt movement on the bed while I did so...Scott had slid his dick into Cherie from behind and was fucking her. Cherie had gotten over the pain of Scott's dick in her ass and her eyes were almost glazing over in pleasure. Finally, Scott pulled his dick out of her ass, got on his knees and leaned over Cherie.