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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Penny's Night Out

group alonzo14 2018-07-09

Penny had been sitting on the couch, probing her pussy with the big black dildo that she keeps handy, but it just wasn't the same as a flesh-and-blood cock moving in-and-out of her. Those men were pushed away by the others and Penny was pulled down to the floor on top of a guy, who quickly inserted his cock into her soaking cunt. A couple of the men began using her clothes to soak up the cum and pussy juice that covered her. "How about some souvenirs of this night, boys?" they said and began handing out the fragments, each piece of fabric soaked with Penny's cunt juice and cum.

Jeremy, Jack and Liz

group ronmac 2018-07-09

Maybe it was the weed or maybe it was the excitement of knowing Liz had left him a surprise that made Jeremy hit the play button without thinking. Jack and Jeremy watched as the three people on the screen went through every imaginable combination of bi- sexual love. Jeremy shivered at the excitement of having another man sucking his dick and having Liz watch. Jeremy and Jack found themselves in a male 69, each sucking the others dick and balls and licking the others ass. Jeremy felt his friend’s dick begin to swell in his mouth and he knew Jack was about to cum. Jeremy turned around and kissed Jack on the mouth, mixing their two sperms and asses.

Wednesday Wander

group ck3891 2018-07-09

Andy gave a wide, dirty grin as he kept his eyes on the map, and Chris chuckled, partly at Mel's angelic smile. Cupping her breasts, she turned again, winked at her friends, then dropped her hands to her hips with a wide grin, revealing her small tits, topped with pink, hard nipples pointing straight at them. Knowing his part, Chris glanced sideways at the cock deep in Mel's face, before tugging Em's lacy knickers down, and away. "Good," beamed Mel, as Chris and Andy looked appreciatively at the beautiful naked women walking beside them. "Mel's dirty trick gave her enough of a head start, Em?" asked Andy, innocently, as his eyes ran over the naked girl at his feet.


The Rose Of Elizabeth Castle

group Alexandertg1955 2018-07-09

Never looking directly at him she brought her hands to her head and ran her fingers through her long red hair. "We are working on the final arrangements for our guests." Angelique replied smiling at Janice. "I have some work with the new exhibit in he barracks this morning and then a meeting with the Chief form the Bohemia this afternoon," Rose said. The thought of taking one of these two home with her and making love while her voyeuristic neighbor watched set her heart racing and her body tingling again. Angelique turned to look back to Rose as she walked away and smiled, "Try to keep your panties in place."


Pool fun pt 1

group vtevte 2018-07-09

"Maybe you're right, mom's way too reserved," Kevin said, stepping out of the hot tub. Like his twin b*****r, Henry was well endowed, and Karen felt her eyes linger a little too long on his member. To catch a glimpse of our hot mom." Again she blushed, but when she looked down at his swollen penis, which pointed out right at her, she felt her pussy get warmer, and knew she was getting wet again. Daphne and Kevin cheered but Henry said nothing, his eyes wide with surprise. "Let's suck one each," Daphne said, "and see who comes first." Karen grinned as Henry approached her, his dick bobbing in front of him as she sat up and receive it.

My first GB!

group lezdoggy 2018-07-09

Well one day after a 2 minute run we sat there in bed talking about different things until the subject of fantasies came into play. After a few minutes of him discussing his intentions I noticed how much wetter I was getting and the thought just running through my mind getting more and more vivid until he told me his requirements. I can't explain the gut feeling I had that moment, it was a feeling of fear, adrenaline, and excitement all at the same time, eventually I just said FUCK IT! I started with the first guy (who we found out is named Kevin). He worked it for a good 5 or so minutes while I tried every other guy that was present.


Two-On-One in Open Gym

group naughtyUSAguy 2018-07-09

Most girls have a hard time wrapping their fingers around it when it's hard and when they stroke it with both hands, they can suck on the head. While we were going to the girls locker room, Abbie mentioned she wanted to see if you had a big dick like they say about black people," Teresa explained, "I got thinking the same thing. She came up to me, got down on her knees, and started stroking it with her right hand while playing with my balls with her left. Then Abbie took my cock and showed me he could go halfway down it. At one point, I noticed Abbie stopped sucking me, but she had came up and started sucking on Teresa's nipples.

The Dilemma

group Dokhian 2018-07-09

I was starting to get really horny thinking about Sonia watching Tony's cock sliding in and out of my mouth and without thinking I turned around and asked her, "Are you sure you don't want some? Anyway, before Sonia had a chance to remember where she was and what she had said and done, I pushed her slowly off Tony and with a look of surprise and guilt on her face, I lowered my mouth to her red hot pussy and started licking it. I want to cum several times and I'm sorry Sonia, but I want to drink more of Tony's cum straight from his cock and I don't care what you think. "And one more thing Sonia..." she looked at me but said nothing."I know how Tony works and what he likes.

Candy and Kate's Fantasies Ch. 03

group brewster926 2018-07-09

The girls went and took a shower together then Candy went home to get dressed promising to "cuuuum back later." Kate made coffee and a snack for them to enjoy together and brought it in to where Bruce was, still in bed, propped up with pillows and looking very smug and self-satisfied. But at the end I want whoever has the bigger cock to be fucking me in the ass, Candy's pussy in my face and you in front of me blowing the guy with the smaller cock. Bruce and Candy watched as Leon took his pointer in hand and directed it at Kate's browneye. Everyone was quiet and still for a moment, then Kate waved her hand and gave a subdued but earnest "Hooray." Bruce smiled at her around the penis still throbbing in his mouth.

I Felt That, Did You? Ch. 2

group Dr. Fellowes 2018-07-09

When we got home Kathy Just wanted to go to bed but I talked her into staying up a little while longer. Kathy jumped in my arms, when my wife turned the massager up more. You Know it feels good to have you in my arms too." I said as I raised my hand to her breasts. I want answers and sis if you pinch your nipple one more time I am going to rip mine off and what the hell is that buzzing between my legs." Kathy screamed We decided that the only way we could have a sex life is if we got you to join us in bed." I said

Edie and the Elves

group LustyLee77 2018-07-09

"No, I don't want your money but I could always use the help; there is a girl that comes by twice a week to clean, you will like her, her name is Maria and I know she will be thrilled to meet Santa's elves." Ever since she tasted her own pussy juices on Santa's big cock she was curious about other women and she could not understand the new, strange, and carnal desire to taste another woman and to compound matters Maria was irresistible. I never met elves before, you guys are the cutest thing I ever did see." They continued drinking and when Hank noticed the women getting tipsy, he asked Edie, "Did you tell Maria about us" I sure hope you told her how good we are in bed!


The (C)hairman Ch. 1

group belab 2018-07-09

I have even stopped shaving my underarms for you" She put her hands into her hairy armpits and carried on "Look at this enormous fleece in my unshaven pits I have grown them for you yet you have no time for me why should I vote with you" I told her to give me time and I thought she was beautiful. I watched mesmerized as the scene continued, Sandra now totally absorbed with her task, alternately sucking and wanking, her sweet mouth, as she went down on his massive roaring engine, her lovely eyes, widening as she looked down on it before, once again stretching her mouth over it, her lovely hair falling over her face, as once again eager to taste, feel his velvet cock flesh as he plunged down with her mouth as far as her throat would allow.

A Magnificent Bastard Pt. 03

group scenester 2018-07-09

She nodded and an eager smile spread across her face in what looked like new anticipation as I pulled the tie from my collar and wound it around my hand. I didn't even post any photos from that weekend on social media because I didn't want him to see if I was having any fun, and I'm pretty sure Josh would've flipped out at pictures of me in a hot tub with Mal and Ian. Anyway, I came back from that trip all ready to dump him, but then he had done this really sweet welcome home package with, like, roses and champagne and he had done all of this thinking and he was ready to change and make a real go of everything.


Couple Hot Adventures Part 3

group altaff143 2018-07-09

Som and Pablo continued teasing her nipples for some time as Suman's excitement began to peak again indicating that soon she would be ready for another orgasm. Looking at me and the TV, Pablo continued to tease and pinch her nipple, as did Som. Suman could no longer control, her body and started to shake, thrashing her legs as she she came again, even harder this time. Pablo and Som continued to massage her nipples gently and lightly as Suman began to breathe normally as her body relaxed in the afterglow of a great climax. As Suman started to suck and bite Som s nipples, Pablo who had regained his composure, with his cock still leaking cum, took the camera and focused on them.

raised as a daughter III

group 1120scott 2018-07-09

My butt hole was numb after ten minutes of being fucked, and my jaw sore and my throat raw from Anns strap on. " you want to learn how to be fucked, I'm going to teach you how you little slut" Ann said. I was able to move my arms and relax my back some, but not much as Rebecca pushed her rubber dick farther down my throat. Ann said" relax or this is going to hurt", as she pushed something hard in my butt. Thinking it was Rebecca pushing her toy in, I opened my mouth and licked the tip. I sucked and licked him for five minutes then I felt it start to swell and then my reward for a good job.

Eating Good in the Neighborhood

group WerewolfatNight 2018-07-09

I pulled out the biggest dildo- a monstrous black thing shaped like an elongated bullet that had to be close to a foot long. I raised it up to my eyes, then inserted the head of the fake cock into my mouth and sucked, tasting the slightly tangy flavor of myself. She lifted if up and slipped the head in her mouth, her lips spreading to envelope the mushroom shaped knob as her eyes drilled straight into mine. She tilted her head up and almost casually took the whole thing into her mouth, swallowing it all the way down to the base. Within minutes I was groaning in pleasure as she did things with her throat and tongue that I knew I would never learn, no matter how many toy cocks I swallowed.

Santorini Paradiso Ch. 10

group lamoureuse 2018-07-09

Elena stifled a little yawn and turned her body toward Petros, snuggling into his embrace and tucking her face into his shoulder. "My destiny?" Elena didn't like the idea of fate - it went sharply against the fabric of what she believed - that people can choose their own path in life. Aphrodite was much taller, so she crooked a finger below Elena's chin causing her to look up into her mesmerizing eyes. Elena continued, her eyes searching those of the goddess: "I want to make them happy. "Elena, please talk to me." Petros gently tightened his grip in her hair, his beautiful eyes conveying a silent plea. "You are the one, Elena." He raised his head and looked down at her with eyes filled with wonder and awe.


Donovan's Coeds

group powelldonovan 2018-07-09

When she asked for more, I gave her a third finger and then a fourth, and finally curved my thumb under and in until I was fisting her, her pussy lips stretched wide to enclose my whole hand and half my forearm. I would hardly admit this even to myself, but the fact is, it was a pretty one, and into my mind's eye flashed the picture of me eating her pussy myself as I stuffed my fingers back up my own cunt and gave myself an orgasm just as Melissa was having one, my knees sagging against the wall as they became too weak to hold me up.

Jackie's Interracial Gangbang

group scuik 2018-07-09

The other guys crowd around Jackie's face and she switches back and forth between them; licking and sucking their big, black cocks as she gets fucked hard by Leroy. He gets into position and neither him nor Julius (the massively hung guy fucking her pussy) need to move as Jackie eagerly bounces herself down onto both dicks. she turns round to face Leroy and licks his long, rock hard dick from balls to tip, before deepthroating him further than she had thought possible. Julius slides into Jackie's ass and fucks her long and deep as she tries to deepthroat as much of Wesley's long dick as she can. Finally Julius moves in and fucks Jackie's ass deeply with his rock hard dick.

Getting to Know Ourselves Better Ch. 05

group noody2005 2018-07-09

"Ooooohhhh, don't stop" I begged looking into his eyes then followed his gaze down to our cocks and heard him say "your gorgeous cock is getting even harder and you must be so close to cumming but I want you hold on." He moved back slightly so that the domes of our engorged helmets were again pressing against each other and his fingers encircled mine squeezing hard. "Ahhhh, that's just right don't stop!" He moaned as he thrust his cock back into my mouth and I rolled my tongue over his head and sucked gently like I love Sue doing to me but soon he grunted "right I'm going fuck you" and his cock slipped between my lips as he pulled away.

The French Maid Ch. 12

group susan12346 2018-07-09

Peter's hands were holding my hips and he was moving me gently into a kneeling position onto the seat so he could thrust his long thin cock into me from a better angle. Finally I managed to slip the head of his long thin cock into my mouth and suckled on it like a baby on a breast. I suddenly noticed that Peter's head was thrown back, and before I realised what was going to happen great gushes of cum were pouring out of his cockhead and running over my swirling tongue, filling my mouth up. I opened my lips and let some of it slide out over his cock and down his shaft, running over his fingers were it started to drip off.

The Birthday Surprise

group jimmy_love_fl 2018-07-09

Some of the girls were walking around the room trying to attract attention, but Kelly could tell that none of them really did anything for him, cause he was spending more time looking at her and rubbing the back of her neck just the way he knows she likes it. The stripper looks over at Jimmy too and says, "Don't you want to feel how hard your girlfriend is making my nipples right now?" He jumps over to her in record time, and places his hand on her other breast. Jimmy looks over at Kelly and says, "I want to be inside of you!" He quickly drops to his knees behind her, pulls up her skirt, moves her panties to the side, and thrusts his cock into her.

Regina and the Hardcase Pt. 04

group GenghisKen 2018-07-09

"C'mon sugar I will take good care of you." Ruthie said as she reached for Hamilton's hand. Regina stopped pulling Ruthie around, slowly let go of her hair and both girls looked at each other, then the Hardcase, puzzled looks on their faces. Regina smiled first biting her lip playfully she reached up slowly and gently caressed Ruthie's face. Ruthie and Regina broke their embrace, smiling they eyed Hamilton's member trying to burst its way out of his pinstriped pants. Ruthie gently moved Regina's head up toward her lips kissing her passionately she climbed up the bed and slowly lowered herself onto Hamilton's swollen cock. Ruthie smiled at Regina, silently nodded an indication that Hamilton was close.

Young bl**d

group 2018-07-09

feeling a bit odd when I saw mom walking, a lone white fell in with a group of black guys headed by Dominic, Mom's hands stopped moving and she seemed to be frozen The blackness of Dominic's hands was Mom let go of her cleaning cloth and I saw her hands on only see the top half of Dominic's head from over mom's Dominic's right hand moved to the back of black meat, with my mom's white hand wrapped around the his face buried in her breasts, his hands, black as The white skin of her thighs came to rest on his black I saw his hands squeezing mom's ass, her face but I saw Dominic smiling lazily as she came