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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Law Firm with Very Special Rules Ch. 03

group walterio 2018-07-09

Sherry slipped underneath her and began to lap at her pussy as Mona moved behind Lori and started to rim her asshole. Sherry got down facing Lori and pushed the other head of the dildo into her own pussy. Sasha then untied the dress and took it off and handed it to Lori who continued to stare at her beautiful breasts. Sasha tried on all the dresses and as she took the last one off she turned to Lori and held up her tits to the woman, "Do you think my breasts are nice?" With a reluctant groan Sasha moved her body away from Lori and sat down on the chair in the dressing room.


By Request

group P40eBu5 2018-07-09

Three camera angles were showing the black cock in Lisa's mouth, Lisa from behind on her knees obscured by the marlboro man, and on the bed the redhead was licking her lips. Lisa looked down and could see the redheads eyes watching it all, one her hands massaging the back man's balls. The three of them changed positions, The cowboy lay back on the bed, Lisa sat on his cock and the redhead sat on his face. The black man sat down in a chair opposite the bed, and had taken it all in, touching his cock and slowly running his hand up and down it's length. The redhead pulled away for a moment and Lisa could see by the look on her face that the black man was inside of her.


Center of Attention Ch. 02

group Seethru57 2018-07-09

Debbie stepped up to him, and quickly pulled down his zipper as she looked back at her friend telling her, "Don't be bashful, Sis. Come give me a hand!" "Damn right girl, and it needs a good sucking," said Debbie as her hand stroked his ever hardening cock. His dick jumped as beautiful little Debbie soon began to slide her mouth up and down his cock, taking more of it into her throat on each stroke. "I'm almost ready to cum, damn she can suck a mean cock," said Jake as he pulled his lips off of Debbie's mounds. Debbie found that she loved older men, and combined with her constant horniness, she wanted more fun and decided to dress and take a walk.


The Enterprise crew

group JOHNFINASMITH 2018-07-09

Hoshi looked at Dr. Phlox and said, “I was on the bridge, the captain sent me down here because I have a bad headache. Phlox ignored her comment and gave her a shot from a hypospray and said, “That should help for a while, but I am ordering you to see Commander T’Pol. She will help you relax your mind with Vulcan Mind Massage.” T’Pol made the commander leave and the two women went back to the bed and lay down together, as Hoshi stroked T’Pol’s hair she said, “So what are the results of the experiment?” Hoshi stood up and got dressed, she looked at T’Pol and said, “I have to get back to the bridge, thank you for helping me with my headache.”

My First Time with Linda

group sandlicker 2018-07-09

I mentioned that I had seen Linda go up the stairs with other men several times, and told them I knew that she was doing her job, but, how many times were the customers allowed to fuck her when she took them up to a room. We stood (sat) there talking for a bit, all of us as naked as jaybirds, and Susan's friend whispered in her ear, to which Susan told him, "Ask him." The guy was standing there watching Linda and I fuck for quite a while, and was wanting to know if HE could take a turn with Linda. Satisfied with my answer, she told the guy, his name was Nigel, to come get on the bed, and did he want to eat her pussy first, or just fuck.

new years eve regret

group griffen1 2018-07-09

remember how she'd gotten home from the party the night What happened to me last night?" Laurie wailed Laurie could clearly remember Laurie cringed as she remembered her response to the remembered them leaving and the look on the wife's face Laurie couldn't remember how many men had fucked her remembered him saying, "Finally, I get to fuck you "Well, I guess I can kiss Brian goodbye," Laurie said of them had used her body like a fucking whore. like, "Man Laurie, you where smokin' last night!" Be he Laurie looked into Brian's eyes with a real sense of Laurie sat there and stared at Brian's happy face. remember how I got home last night." After making a date for Saturday with Brian, Laurie

Secret Lovers Ch. 02

group carbinemaster 2018-07-09

"If, afterward, you still want to leave, I won't try to stop you." Not looking away from her eyes, I released her and backed off slightly. Jesse smiled back a little uncertainly at Chrissie, looking furtively at me from the corner of his eye. Jesse was too startled to pull away, and Chrissie used the moment to deepen the kiss. The expression on Jess's face was hysterically funny -- I wanted to snap a photo with my cell phone, but that might have ruined the moment. Instead, I left some money on the table to take care of our drinks, then took Jess and Chrissie by the hand. Jess still had that delightfully pole-axed expression on his face, but Chrissie looked hungry.


I got the Job!!!

group loloishorny 2018-07-08

I took a hot shower, put on a cute mini skirt, pair of thong panties, a sheer bra and a snug to fit button down shirt, I grabbed a pair of flats and out the door I went. I finished the paper work and went to the floor where Kelli was stocking the shelves. I giggled and said like the day that my mom and daddy tried out the clothes. I bent over for daddy to put his dick in my pussy and I sucked on my b*****r's dick. His dick was already hard, I sucked on him for a bit, then got on top and slid my ass on his cock. I got another shower, got dressed for work and went on with my day.

Into The Realms Of The Unknown

group patuk54 2018-07-08

As if miles away now, Maggie was still making Julie scream out her name, that was exciting me also and when I finally stopped admiring George's erection I held it firmly with both hands and shutting my eyes took the hard head of him into my mouth and started to suck on it and quickly feeling George's encouragement made me enjoy doing it that much more. I wasn't sure what George wanted, still in his dominant position his hardness was now twitching violently deep inside my mouth and knowing that this was his climax held onto him tightly with my hands and at the last possible second felt his hands tighten around my face and to my surprise almost pushing me to the floor leaned over his wives breathless face and I watched as he emptied his love fluids over her as she tried to open her mouth around the tip of it.

The Park

group nemisis262 2018-07-08

By this point all of lads had their cocks out and was wanking at the sight of Nicci naked in front of them and not needing anymore encouragement one of them went over to her and fed his cock to her mouth which she greedily gobbled up, the next sucked on her huge tits while sticking two fingers up her sopping pussy, After a few minutes of this a third boy pulled her up turned her around and with one push shoved his cock up my girlfriend, Nicci gave a load scream of pleasure and shouted at him to fuck her harder, I had never seen Nicci this way and I was wanking my own cock to this young lads strokes, he was fucking her so hard he couldn't last long, he shouted he was going to cum and with that shot his young hot cum into my girlfriends hot box, he withdrew his softening cock and swapped places with the lad who she had been sucking off took his place at her now gaping cum soaked hole again she was fucked like crazy till he shot what seemed like a gallon of cum up her well fucked cunt, as he withdrew cum spilled out of her hole and ran down her leg in thick streams, god she was loving this, I could tell she had cum four or five times and was building up for more.

UK shared wife Hayley - the groups fuck slut.

group esum 2018-07-08

All 3 of them collapsed flat out on the floor, spent from their exertions, although it wasn't long before Karen moved over to Hayley and whispered “You are a good little fuck slut, but there’s still two cocks that need to use your holes and cum in you” Turning round to Gary she told him to lie on the floor and then instructed Hayley “Mount him, get that big cock deep into your pussy” As Gary lay there his stiff cock rearing up in the air, my cute little wife crawled on all fours over to him and lifting one leg straddled him.

The Beginning Part 2

group bardeen 2018-07-08

Selena would arrive and we would take turns fucking her arse whilst she sucked the others cock. A minute later my father and Selena`s Dad arrived at the boatshed and walked down the ramp. My father looked at us for a minute and turned to Selena`s father and said, Well that’s doesn’t sound like they are behaving badly does it. It was now almost 8 days since the Boat Shed incident and I had only seen Selena twice since then, both times in her fathers store working along side Rodger and Dana. This time Selena sensed it and slowed, holding the base of my cock hard then she took her other hand out of my arse and on to the end of my cock.

Oral Fixation Ch. 3

group BostonBeans 2018-07-08

I was obviously giving all the oral sex I desired and Bill didn't mind if I jerked myself off while sucking him, so that we sometimes came at almost the same time. Amy had her hand down Bills pants and I could see the very familiar outline of his growing cock through his shorts. Bill apparently agreed this time because, with Amy still stroking his cock, he sat up from the couch and called "Jeff, would you come out here please?" Amy moaned and rubbed her crotch against Bills thigh inches away from where my mouth was consuming his feverish cock.. My tongue snaked out and found her clitoris, eliciting more wetness and a load moan from Amy. Within seconds she was cumming intensely, loudly and violently.

My First Group Sex With Older Men

group SluttyBiMale 2018-07-08

"Sometimes, but like I said, I usually just sit in the sauna, or run a bit." I replied, and started to feel really sexy and horny with the both of them clearly watching me now. "Both of you use me how you want daddy," I said without thinking, but when I was nervous about that turning them off, they got even more wild and their cocks were throbbing hard. "I want every last drop," I said, and with that he pushed my head all the way down on his juicy cock, and shot his huge hot load down my throat while he twitched and thrusted inside me wildly grunting.

In For a Penny...

group Rod Hardwick 2018-07-08

Penny felt her pussy spasm at the word, "slut." She certainly felt like one, back up against a wall, pert breasts exposed, legs spread, skirt bunched around her waist, while she begged a man she met less than an hour ago to fuck her extremely wet pussy. Down on her knees in front of a complete stranger, Penny whined and darted her head and tongue this way and that, desperately trying to maneuver Drew's cock back in her mouth. "Your mouth feels really good, Penny, but I bet you can't wait to get my big hard cock buried in your cunt, can you, you little slut?" he asked with a lecherous grin.


Angie goes too far and could pay the price

group 2018-07-08

Mike sat on the bed and pulled the naked Angie to him and started caressing her shoulders and down her back, then gently rolling his palms over her nipples until they stood out stiff and the circle around them raised like a second mini breast. With Angie's head hanging over the side of the bed, Mike pulled her ankles onto his shoulders and starting ramming in and out so fast but making sure that every inch went in and out with each stroke. The depth of penetration and the stretching of her pussy by these monster cocks gave Angie feelings like she'd never experienced before and she was in a state of sexual shock as her body reacted in ways she never believed possible.

Homecoming Gift

group biswitch86 2018-07-08

Mia was anticipating the sweet feeling of Jack's cock sliding deep into her ass, and he gently started to push his way past the tight pucker of her forbidden hole. He thrust hard and fast into Mia with this encouragement, as Darren pushed his throbbing member into Beth's slick hot wanting cunt. With renewed vigour she lapped at both Jack's cock and Mia's soaking, hot cunt; tasting her friends ass and pussy juices mixing on her tongue. Suddenly he spurted into Beth's mouth and it was all she could do to hold it there so she could share it with Mia. She lost her fight with her orgasm and came so hard she massaged Darren's cock and milked him dry with her ass.

A Babe or Two

group Clittylicious 2018-07-08

Mona lifted her hand to Kirsty's shoulder and pushed gently downward and I watched entranced as Mona's towel was loosened from her body. I felt Kirsty's hand touching my shaft as I moved and broke eye contact with Mona to look at her. By this time she was almost completely horizontal and this was an angle that presented a lovely challenge to Kirsty who now positioned her pussy above Mona's face and slowly lowered herself downward. This time she was vigorous and desperate with my motions thrusting her face into her friend who had slid her hands between her legs and had spread her pussy for Kirsty to have better access.

The Letter Ch. 03

group Abelard7 2018-07-08

Nicole positioned herself flat on her back with her head over the end of the single bed, which had been positioned in the centre of the room to allow all-round camera access. Mo supported her head in both hands as he appeared to fuck her brightly lipsticked mouth, his black meat sliding up to his balls into this surrogate cunt, shining with saliva as it withdrew. I sat upright on him allowing his hands free reign over my swollen tits and pebble-hard nipples, then I lay forward on him to kiss him as his hands roamed my back, caressing then grinding my buttocks, his fingers straying into my cunt alongside his cock then, using my copious juice a lubricant, deep into my anus.


Pool Table Gang Bang

group canemont 2018-07-08

Another cowboy took his place and amazingly, Liz won that game too and this cowboy lost his shirt too. When Liz began to break for the third game one of the guys came up behind her and nudged her as she shot. The cowboy then quickly crawled up on the table and buried his face in her pussy. Liz suddenly froze but quickly relaxed as the pleasures of having her pussy eaten took over her body. One of the cowboys was standing next to the table and had his hard-on shoved into Liz's waiting mouth. Liz started really groaning loudly now and reached underneath with a free hand and played with her pussy.

My First Threesome

group bjgasm 2018-07-08

Lacey mentioned how she had jerked me off a few times and she loved my cock. After school the next day I was so horny thinking about what Lacey said. Watching them take turns jerking me off, giggling, saying how they loved how my dick felt, was such a wonderful time. Tina then jerked my slimey dick and I told her to give it a try too. In the last few moments of this threesome blowjob, I told them to take their side of my dick and suck at the same time. So Lacey grabbed my cock and jerked my slimey cock one last time as hard as she can with medium speed.

That Most Decadent Summer

group mandywilluk2000 2018-07-08

Well that's what we were told by the Account Directors, I have strong suspicions, however, that the real reason was that Kevin, who was then in his mid thirties, preferred young bits of stuff like Mandy and me to long-haired scruffy male writers. It wasn't sexy at first, but when Amanda suddenly sat up, the bedclothes fell away from her showing that the towel had also come unwrapped and we both saw her tits, bare and full, it started to become so. I began to think they were as Kevin was now rubbing his foot up and down my outer leg and Amanda had laid back on the pile of pillows, the sheet round her waist, her full breasts completely on view.


The Winner Is!

group racerXXXXXX 2018-07-08

It didn't take long before the first load of the evening was dumped into her pussy by Billy, then Tony took his place behind her while Jackson sat up on the edge of the hot tub with Jeff. Jackson scurried onto the bed, knelt between her legs and rubbed head of his massive cock up and down her slit to moisten his cock head and it took a few tries but he finally slid the huge black cock all the way in to her soaked pussy and she moaned, "oh yes, that thing feels great in me."

Fun on the Fourth Ch. 2

group LesbiansBrotherinlaw 2018-07-08

I watched her wipe a stray ribbon of come off her chin and lick it from her finger. "You've wanted to fuck her for years--now you get your chance." Brenda released my dick and guided Emily onto my lap. I watched intently as Emily slowly began moving up and down. "Fuck him," Brenda urged her friend. "Fuck him!" Emily took that advice to heart, increasing her speed and throwing her head back. "Fuck him!" Brenda was still chanting, and Emily took up the chant. As I returned to the world, Brenda's gasps as she finger-fucked herself captured my attention, and I watched as she brought herself closer to orgasm. "Did you like watching me fuck your best friend?"