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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Three of a Kind

group RedTrickster 2018-07-08

During the weekend, Bree would be the submissive partner and Greg could hand her to Troy to have him play with her as he watched or participated as he wished. Troy kissed her softly, letting his lips feel her for a moment then darting his tongue out and tasting her gently. She was just making her way back up the shaft when she felt Troy pull her head back and push his throbbing penis in her mouth. Greg moaned in her ear and cupped a breast with his free hand as Troy knelt down in front of her. She felt herself relax and enjoy the sensation as Greg leaned past her shoulder to kiss Troy again. She moaned louder as she felt Greg tease her anus with the head of his penis.

Boner and Bess

group Kary_M 2018-07-08

Boner looked over at me and smiled, “ It’s totally up to you Ken, but by the way I just saw the hungry look in your eyes I’m sure you’d like to throw Bess a bone. Boner clear his throat and said, “ I guess I should be honest with you Ken and we’ll understand if decide not to go along.” He paused and looked at me for a moment before he continued, “ Bess and I like to swing, we’re also both bisexual But we do respect other peoples views and limits. Just as I felt myself start to orgasm Boner showed his experience by pinching the base of my cock allowing just a drop of seed to seep up out of my shaft into his mouth.


Love For Her Dad

group Harrowborg 2018-07-08

James stared forward looking at Penny sitting on the toilet, her legs open slightly, her crotch in shadow but the sound and sight of pee flowing evident, the dark golden liquid flowing from between her legs, dressed only in a bra covering her young breasts, her knickers half way between the door and the toilet bowel. Penny, by James guidance, sat down on his legs, feeling like a little girl again, only this time there was a stiff piece of flesh pressing against her bare skin, and the realisation that the dampness in her knickers wasn't a result of a few drops of pee anymore, a much nicer, and quite alarming feeling developing.


European Co-operation

group Abelard7 2018-07-08

We did not get to the end, my own prick was acting as a tent pole under the bed sheet and before long, Wendy had it in her mouth. She peeled off the white towelling robe she had been wearing, revealing her own lovely curves, gave me a little kiss (Establishing ownership.) and said, When the ladies joined us, Wendy was still looking flushed, perhaps too long in the Sauna? As we stood to leave, Eva said to Wendy; I fancied Eva like crazy, but the thought of Wendy being pegged by two virile studs at the same time? We were led to a quite small, circular room, by a stunningly beautiful girl wearing a long, white sheath dress which was so sheer she might just have well been nude.


I'll Take The Uglier One

group FerdGerfel 2018-07-08

"Well, yeah," I said, "She's hot, and naked most of the time I'm around her, doing things I only ever used to see in pornos," I laughed, "But I'm quite happy to fuck you silly and let you and Alice do whatever you want." They climbed onto the bed and lay beside each other, Nicole with her leg draped over Alice's, and reached over with a hand to touch each other's pussies. "Yeah," Alice said, "Well, maybe because I wouldn't object to being coerced into lesbian acts, but the idea of the two of us ripping each other's clothes off and wrestling around, rubbing up against each other isn't unappealing to me." Alice and Nicole were watching from the table, and asked me to tell them what happened when I got back from the bathroom.


Excerpts From a Diary

group donutLover 2018-07-08

When it took effect she didn't shut up, talking shit about everything; told her life story, then flashed me and Johnny a look at her tits. Johnny said his cock was hard and he got it out and held it still whilst she did the line. She cut a line on my cock and after she had snorted it she licked it like she had Johnny's. I came first and sat back and took hits from the whisky as I watched her finish Johnny off in her mouth. We sat around and talked shit and left and got some food, the girls were with us and they came back to mine. Amber, the taller blond one, took Johnny's cock in her mouth, Jess, the brunette, started to suck mine.

toilet paper and then some

group 2018-07-08

Jeff came and asked if i needed the toilet paper now i said he said whats the rush lets get `aquantied` and as i got up i looked back at him as i walked away and said "i really must be going" i bumped into cameron who was standidng in the middle of the hallway he grabbed the tie on my shirt and untied it i wasnt wearing a bra.

A Memorable Memorial Day Party

group Grouchojim 2018-07-08

Jubal Harshaw, their host, and Carol's publisher, boss, welcomed them at the door of his plush penthouse on the twenty-fifth floor, over-looking Central Park just as Paul whipped his hand from Carol's ass, letting her dress, actually a silky black slip fall back to its normal position before their host caught them. Paul took Downey in, and with the skill professional writer's come to possess over time, concluded that Mr. Downey was a very wealthy man, and decided to leave Ms. Gonzalez alone, even if she came onto him, as Carol had warned him some of the women might. A moment later, Paul watched as Kayla laughed at something her husband said and then kissed Carol on the mouth.


The Motor Home Trip Ch. 06

group Liquor69 2018-07-08

I heard Connie yell from inside the coach that she didn't care, she wanted us to get straps like those. Tracy toyed with her body and she slid her hand into Connie's pussy while her husbands' cock slid in and out deliciously. "Girls, come with me, I've got a couple of things to show you, " Tracy said and headed into her coach. Jim lay there as Tracy straddled his shaft while Connie lowered her soft sweet lips onto his eager tongue. Oh yes Connie, flick my clit baby, suck it, wrap your hot lips around my clit, oh that feels so good, oh yes, fuck her tight pussy Mike, stab her hot ass Gary, oh fuck, yes this is so good.


Fiona's Gangbang Fundraiser

group HeyAll 2018-07-08

"Well you look like you're having a great day," Catherine said sarcastically, shutting the door and removing her heels. When Fiona went to the living room of their small apartment, she saw Catherine sitting on the floor, barefoot and bare legs, wearing only a large t-shirt. Fiona went to the living room and sat down on the floor to look at the books. There was a sincerity in Catherine's voice, and Fiona put the book down and scooted over on the floor, sitting next to her roommate. When Fiona went to the living room, she saw Catherine working on the floor again, in the same large tshirt and bare from the waist down. After breakfast, Fiona sat on the living room couch while Catherine went into business mode.


Double Teaming Brothers

group mikeman341 2018-07-08

Alex grunted loud and just as it looked like Tina was going to pull off him, he fixed his hands behind her head and held her there as he grunted and bucked his jizz into her mouth. Tina pushed hard back against me and bucked her orgasm as she gagged on Alex's cock and gasped at the same time. I got really turned on by watching Alex's cock disappear into Tina's slippery pussy and my own cock was hard once again. Oh, man, I'm gonna cum in her, my first college pussy," then louder for Tina to hear, "Oh yeah, girl, oh, holy shit, here it comes..." and with that Alex began snorting and clawing at my shoulders.

Vicki's Viewpoint Ch. 03

group odlum 2018-07-08

Therefore it was extremely hard for me to sit out on the veranda, enjoy the spring morning sun, sip wine and examine the scenery while Jim upgraded my website. "Now you head off and get ready, while I go to the bathroom." Jim grabbed the wine bottle and glasses, turned, and walked towards the bedroom. I was feeling particularly down and hurt since a playful nurse, who only the night before, had allowed me to kiss her and brush my fingers over her breast, told me bluntly, "...Get lost, bitch!" I quickly fled the bar in tears. Her taste was exquisite While I explored her pussy with my mouth, I glanced up to see Jasmine's head roll back as she let out a soft moan.


The Story of a Cyclist Ch. 02

group guy_on_the_train 2018-07-08

If she continued like this it wouldn't be long before a big wet spot would appear in my shorts as I felt the pre-cum already starting to ooze out and I quickly warned her, "You better stop or we will need to go back home to get me a change of clothes before we can pick up Suzan" Mandy turned to me and I felt her hand coming to rest on my thigh close to my semi hard cock, "You don't mind spending some more time with me do you?" She gave me a quick peck on my cheek before adding, "A nice dinner is the least I can do to thank you properly for everything you done for me this afternoon."


A Christmas Treat Ch. 3

group irishflea25 2018-07-08

Amy and Megan began cumming at the same time, digging their nails into their partner's chests. Amy and Mark sat out first, sitting on the couch and fondling each other as Megan began to suck Jack's huge. Jack could feel her pussy starting to clinch onto his cock and began to fuck her faster, wanting to cum with her. As they both began to calm down, Jack collapsed onto the floor next to her and began to suck on her lovely breasts as they watched Amy and Mark get started. Aaaaaaah!" Mark could feel Amy's pussy grasp his cock and nearly pull him in with each stroke. Suddenly the thought of seeing Megan and Amy lick each other's pussy came into his mind and he began to cum.

A Footballer's Slutty Wife

group TheDarkCloud 2018-07-08

The dressing room descended into a nervous laughter and just before slipping the big cock back into her mouth Louise said "Come on you lot I've got other holes as well you know." With one set of heavy, hairy balls slapping off her ass and another bouncing off her chin, Louise could barely make out the noise of the younger players cheering on their management team spit-roasting the hot, slut wife of their rival's star player. The manager leaned forward with his dick buried up to the hilt in Louise's welcoming arsehole and reached out and grabbed her long, cum-streaked hair and pressed her head further and further onto his assistants cock.

Threesome with slut

group 2018-07-08

Now we were ready to fuck so back on the bed we go and i let her ride him first and she fucked the shit out of him while i rubbed my pussy and squeezed my nipples watching them fuck right beside me had me so fucking horny that i came again and then i got on my hands and knees and told Joe to fuck me from behind so he did and Heather got in front of my so i could suck her nice round tits and they were perfect size and firm and round.

Office Party at Jan's

group mr_gent 2018-07-08

The place looks as good as new", Tom said with a wink, "and no thanks to you either old man." "I have a good bottle of wine from last Christmas if anyone wants to help with it", Jan said as she got up and stepped back out over Anita. "Oh hell, excuse me gang, but I can't stand this thing anymore." With that, Anita put the pillow down beside her, reached behind herself and up under her top, and in one swift movement was tugging her bra out from one sleeve. As the bra loosened, Jan put her hands up and held it in place, giving her hips one good gyration for effect.


group TJA 2018-07-08

I looked at Martin, gave each other a telling look and started taking our clothes off, as we did I saw that Dee and Crystal were splashing about together in the shallow end. Over Dee's shoulder I could see Martin had put his sexy wife over the side and was taking her from behind, Crystal panting hard with each long stroke. Dee climbed off me and went up behind Martin and started fondling his balls which made him come up his wife. He pulled out and sank back into the water I was shocked, but turned on, to see Dee start to lick at Crystals pussy as Martin's come dribbled out onto her face and the frothy water.

Island Fever 4: Paradise Ch. 13

group Jeremydcp 2018-07-08

Yes, Jeremy had one child each with Kristanna and Pamela, and another on the way with Amy (Dani Grace), but I was pregnant with our first baby, and I broke the news to him in a little photo booth at the mall that snapped pictures and captured our raw emotions and happiness on film forever. After I informed Jeremy on Monday afternoon that I was pregnant, he made a telephone call to Scarlett (who was working) and asked her to pull some nurse strings and see if she could get me in that very same day at the university hospital with an obstetrician or similar caregiver for what would be my first prenatal visit. I actually wanted a piece of Jeremy in the worst way possible, but how could I deny Lindsay as when she hopped down from his shoulders, she promptly came right over and began kissing me?


BBC Takes New White Slut

group sexxxySara 2018-07-08

They called for Lamar and he came out and was like “What the fuck is a Big titty white bitch like you doing here?” They all laughed and I said “well I got some news for you about Leonard” Lamar stopped laughing and was Like “Leo? “Shit Lamar you got the white bitch on her knees!” Doc pulled out his cock and started to stroke it. Lamar said “Damn this white bitch loves the black cock.” I started to rub my clit. You got to say it to get us to let you cum.” I pulled doc out and said “Let me cum all over that black dick please” Lamar laughed and said ‘that’s not it bitch!” I knew what he wanted me to say.

Dr. Sandra

group spattjack 2018-07-08

I stopped licking Sandra's hard little clit long enough to strip my wife of all or her clothes except for her sexy white satin bra. My wife got up and started rubbing her bra covered tits all over my face all the time cooing to us how much she enjoyed us all fucking together. I was not only fucking her cunt but also rubbing her hard juicy clit with one hand and her long hard nipples through her white satin cupped bra. I groaned and said an 'oh fuck' as my cock started spewing hot creamy cum into the cups of her white satin bra.

Hema - Vivacious Beauty Ch. 02

group shanti2010 2018-07-08

Hema looked into Suman's eyes and said, "I see." After a moment she added, "You are welcome to make any offer you like." Was it possible that she would use herself to close the deal and he decided to play out this possibility, Suman looked seriously at Hema and said, "It's possible that you can satisfy my needs, Hema and if you don't mind perhaps we could go to your home and discuss things further. She used both hands to open up her slick opening so that both men could see just how hot and juicy she was and as Suman watched the wonderful site he noticed that Hema was getting closer and closer and soon her slick opening hovered over his very hard cock but only for an instant.


NorthShore Park

group possum 2018-07-08

You tell him "I plan on watching her suck your cock after you are done fucking her wet little shaven cunt." He says to you, "watch and learn, little boy" as he thrusts that monster cock in my cunt over and over... He tells you "you better hold your bitch still, little boy" and continues to fuck me. You try to turn your head to see what's going on, but he grabs your hair and says "continue what you are doing little boy..." Your jeans are removed and you feel my hands on your ass... something big, something hard is against you now...He tells me "now, bitch" and you feel me thrust into your ass with the strap-on I got from the back of his car.

Erica's Downfall Ch. 03

group Lion24655 2018-07-08

However, as Mick Jagger started to sing, Erica closed her eyes and began to dance cautiously at first, then disappearing into a dream, her body moving, her arms beginning to move, suddenly turning on all the steps she used at the disco, the words whispering in her mind "You must make them want to fuck you..." Erica rested for a moment, then whispered in his ear: "Okay dad, I'm going to give you the fucking of your life." As she did so she began to rise and fall on his cock, George struggling to thrust up into her. Feels so good in my cunt." As she spoke so George felt his cock throbbing, twitching inside her, and within seconds he was crying out, pumping his cum deep inside her, the muscles of her pussy milking every drop of cum from his balls.