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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Mia Six Months Later

group fireman 2018-11-22

When we got to their room, Mia told me to have a seat in the chair.  When I sat down, the two of them started to give me a show.  They started kissing each other.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  I wondered if Tia would ever fool around with another woman.  I had a raging hard-on, watching these two sexy women kissing.  Than they started to undress each other.  They took turns sucking and nippling each other tits.  I didn't know if I could control myself.  Mia would look over to me and give me that fuck me look.  Than they were both naked.  Both were very beautiful and sexy.  I stood up, got naked and walked toward them.  Sandy saw me and dropped to her knees.  She took my cock into her mouth and gave a blow job.  I knew I wasn't going to last long because of the show I just saw.  At the same time, Mia gave me a big wet kiss, tongues exploring each other.  I soon exploded in Sandy mouth without warning.  She didn't stop and kept sucking.  Swallowing all my cum.  Than Mia grabbed Sandy head and started kissing her.  Damn what a sight.

The Landscapers Ch. 03

group DBarclay 2018-11-22

I had not put my panties back on after Sarah licked I lifted my dress to the waist and bent over the table, and the cable guy wasted no time in dropping his shorts behind me, and checking my pussy for wetness with his finger and pushing his cock slowly into me. I joined Polo on the sofa, Sarah joined Ricardo at the table, while Julio took Margarita up to the front compartment for a chat, we all smiled, when unknown to them, we could all hear them discussing all the action so far and comparing notes.

Black Princesses in Ottawa

group Samuelx 2018-11-22

Both of these sexy Black ladies were horny as hell and looking for some good dick. Monica and Sheila took me to the latter's apartment which wasn't too far from Saint Laurent Mall actually. Monica and Sheila hastily got on their knees and began sucking my dick like their lives depended on it. From Monica's big round ass and thick legs to Sheila's perky tits and lithe figure. I licked Sheila's pussy while Monica sucked my dick and fingered my asshole. I always wanted to fuck a big Black woman like her. I've always wanted to fuck a big Black woman in the ass. Meanwhile, Sheila shrieked in orgasmic delight as she finally came after all the pussy licking and fingering she got from our dear Monica.


One Lust Filled Night - Part7

group gubica 2018-11-22

I felt her mouth leave my clit only to feel her tongue again running in and out of my cum filled pussy. She lowered her body more, and I put my tongue between the lips of her pussy. She surprised me when she raised up again, then stood over me with her feet on each side of my head.  She moved her feet apart, held onto the head of the bed, bent her knees and brought her pussy to my lips. Remembering what it felt like when she licked me, I tried to duplicate what she did to make me feel so good. I felt her spread my lips with her fingers and as she held them apart, her tongue drove me mad with desire.

One Fifty One

group demonchick 2018-11-22

Steve starts rubbing her thighs as he does he looks at me and grabs her nice firm ass which makes her moan. I hear Erica gasp and look over and Steve has her shirt off and his mouth is tasting her breasts. I hear Erica moaning and the sound of Steve's cock going in and out of her pussy, matching the rhythm of Trent's cock going in and out of my mouth. Trent stops suddenly and pushes Steve aside as he enter my pussy with his hard throbbing cock. Erica starts moaning and lets her hands fall so I bring my now free hand to her other hard and now wet nipple and squeeze.

Fun For One

group wetemke 2018-11-22

I'm lying on my back, in a semi-public place, a total stranger eating my pussy and my hubby chatting to another total stranger explaining to him where to bring his throbbing cock to fuck me! He asked me how I want it and I answered, "Doggy style." Hubby handed Harry a condom, which he rolled onto a nice sized, circumcised cock and with hubby and Dick watching, beers in hand, Harry got in behind me on the mattress and slid is throbbing cock into my pussy and started pumping. I sat on the passenger seat with my legs outside the door and as he started to eat my pussy again, Harry said goodbye, fondled my breasts gently, and then hubby walked him to his car.

Best Friends

group tadgh64 2018-11-22

So now here you were, on your knees with your man's hard cock in your hands as your best friend watched with interest. Your man stand behind you wraps his arms around your hips and hugs you, the shaft of his hard cock pressed against your firm bum, the head just inches bellow your now drenched pussy. Your man rubs the head of his cock along your pussy lips, slowly parting them, until his cock slides up and over your clit sending shivers through your body. Your friend watches with renewed delight, having a beautiful view of both of you, your full lips, with his hard cock sliding in and out, his balls hanging below as he thrusts. Her tongue feels so wonderful against you, with your man's cock deep inside.

Friends and Bedposts

group DanielWilson 2018-11-22

I got up on my right arm with Amelia to my left, spread Cara’s pussy lips with my left hand, placed the tip of my cock at her pussy with my hips, and slowly sank into her. Amelia saw the muscles on my ass tighten as my cock fired off inside Cara, and placed her head close to our coupled crotches to observe the cum leaking out of my girlfriend. Cara released the hard, reddened nipple that she had been yanking on, and withdrew her fingers from the redhead’s body, laughing, “Well, you little redheaded slut, it looks like Daniel just fed you his special hair conditioner!”

A Hotwife's New Years Party

group KenLukin 2018-11-22

Then I gave the head of his dick a luscious lick, moistened my lips and slid his lovely manhood deep into my mouth. I absolutely love having a new cock in my mouth and I moved my head in and out rapidly, giving him the beginnings of an intense blow job. I took him fully down my throat, and used it like a velvet pussy to fuck his dick as it stroked through my lips, over my tongue and right through the back of my mouth. I clamped my lips just past the head of his cock, stroked the hard shaft with one hand and squeezed his balls with the other. “My husband likes me to be happy, and he knows how much I love sucking cocks.

Things get dirty

group Sammy099 2018-11-22

"Tim, and Jake can you make sure all of the doors are locked?" I ask them. "What the hell Sammy?" Jake says and Tim just looks at us in disbelief. "Fuck this!" Tim says with his massive cock in his hand. And we're going to fuck your god damn brains out." He has a glint in his eye and his brother Jake comes over. Jake starts to finger fuck my pussy at first, but adds tongue and then thats all I feel. Jake is finally finished and he lets tim in to coat the dildo, Jake obviously knows what Tim's intensions are. Tim wastes no time.He coats the dildo and removes it, not trying to make me orgasm again.


Taking Care of Business Chapter 4

group Cherism 2018-11-22

Despite this, he couldn’t stop thinking about the girls finger fucking his ass and the feel of Lewis’ cock against his while they fucked Marcy ’s face together. Gibson was getting hard again. He watched with intensity at the movements of Marcy’s ass as she plunged into Ava. He wanted to plunge into that sweet little love hole. You can suck your cum from the ass of the person in front of you.” Marcy got under Ava, licking Ava’s clit and pulling on those beautiful rock hard nipples. With a man on each side of her working a tit and fingering her clit, Marcy continued her assault of the cock on Ava. She fucked like this might be her last ever.

Dark Desires

group White68Black 2018-11-22

My fling with Neil and his flatmate Sally started me off on my adventures exploring my dark desires. Neil pulled me onto the bed and kissed his way down my body. He looked up into my eyes, I noticed, felt, that however amazing the sex between was going to be there was a darker suppressed side to Neil. I was pulled back to the reality of the situation as I felt the tip Neil's tongue on my clit, circling, teasing. As my orgasm started to fade I found Neil’s eyes, again I caught the look; even in a moment of intense shared pleasure he was fantasizing, contemplating other desires. “Lovely to meet you Sally, Neil didn’t say he had a flat mate.”

Allyson's First Time - Part Four

group Mysteria27 2018-11-22

While my friend and I were making out with each other, Travis was stroking his huge and very hard cock on the bed. Both Amy and I walked to the bed where Travis was stroking his cock. Travis got comfortable on the bed, and Amy stood up and then squatted over his face. Travis then took the condom off because he was going to be having sex with Amy now. “Allyson, you can lick my pussy and Travis will fuck your ass." Amy had a huge orgasm and I licked up her sweet juices that were pouring out of her wet bald cunt. Amy and I shared another deep and passionate kiss and we rubbed the come into each other’s breasts.

An alcohol filled graduation surprise

group kianalab 2018-11-22

Then I wrapped my lips around it, and slowly pulled out, covering his entire penis in my saliva, before I began to do a traditional blowjob, of sucking on his entire member, and rubbing the shaft that wasn't in my mouth, and his balls with my hands. Neil got on the other side of me on the sofa, but instead wanted to get a taste of my breasts, and started to suck on my nipples. Ashton got down under Lyns' legs, spreading my thighs once more, but he didn't go for the thighs like Neil had down, he brought his fingers over to my vagina, and with them covered in his own spit, started to rub his fingers around my vagina area, teasing it before eventually rubbing his fingers around my lips.

Brockton Bisexual House Party

group Samuelx 2018-11-22

My name is Wesner Jean-Baptiste and I'm a six-foot-tall, kind of muscular and good-looking, forty-something, caramel-skinned black man living in the west side of Brockton, Massachusetts. His housewife Joan is a plain-faced, but pleasantly plump woman with short blonde hair, drab gray eyes, sunburned alabaster skin and the biggest tits and ass I've seen on a white woman in ages. My wife Wilma is kneeling behind him, holding firmly onto his hips while slamming her strap-on dildo deep into his ass. Wilma stroked Alan's cock while fucking his ass. I took some lube from a can my wife Wilma tossed me and greased up both my cock and Joan's asshole. Alan drilled his cock into Wilma until he came, then she rolled off him and began stroking his engorged member.


My Short Career as a Male Stripper

group WayneGibbous 2018-11-22

Then Mary Jane called time and I moved over in front of Lissa who took my cock in her hand, wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the shaft and began jacking back and forth as she slid her lips over the crown and began sucking while her tongue ran around the glans making my heart rate soar. All too soon it seemed, Mary Jane called time and I reluctantly moved out of Lissa but then shifted eagerly in front of Emily, surely the hottest-looking of the four, as her pretty pink lips parted and surrounded my cock as she took me all the way in and sucked up and down, stopping when she pulled back to suck the tip for a minute then back and forth some more.

Strip Poker with a Twist

group kittylove 2018-11-22

Her white support bra wasn’t as cute as my hot pink lace, but all the men took a good look as Hank dealt out the next hand. Vicki’s full figure bulged a little above her tight jeans, but she looked much better when Dave pulled them down after the next hand. I noticed that Roger and Hank each had one hand moving quietly under the table as Dave dealt out the next game. Roger wore a distinct leer as he gathered up the cards, but the others were simply smiling a little dopily. I didn’t want to end up sprawled on the table for a gang-bang, so I spoke up. Dave started pounding my streaming pussy harder, and Peter grabbed my hand to press it against the hood of my clit.

Friday Night - Surely it's my turn now?

group DCUK 2018-11-22

His vision narrowed to the few square inches of Tia’s ass, obscured by my hand, as she continues to push and pull herself around on my rock hard cock. Taking hold around the tip of Lennie’s cock, I push him back, manipulating him away from Tia. Listening to him shuffling and then sighing as he loses contact with her pussy. It's easy to know I’ve hit the bull’s-eye, when Tia cry’s out, “Oh fuck,” and hisses,”Yesss.” I feed the first couple of inches into her, until my fist makes contact with her labia and, quite bizarrely, the base of my own cock buried motionless in her ass.

Susan's Hunger Games

group DarkSide 2018-11-22

Susan looked Helen in the eyes, she thrust her pussy to every forward stroke of Helen’s hand and soon, without much further prompting, she came on her fingers and hand. “No,” replied Susan, “I need a mouthful of cum first before I get to lick any pussy…then I become a fucking nymphomaniac you won‘t want to put down.” Susan walked up to Johnny and just started to stroke his cock with her hand. “I need you to do me a favour,” she started, “you see that woman over there, Helen, I want to lick her pussy so fucking badly that it really hurts. “Thanks,” she whispered, “my place later, I want you to get that cock right inside me,” and with that Susan turned and stared directly at Helen’s cunt.

Canadian Encounter

group sahebji 2018-11-22

I took in the beautiful scene for a few minutes before I asked, 'What has happened?' She said in an agitated voice, 'I don't know the water in the shower has suddenly stopped running'. As planned, the next night Sonia came to my room and we fucked as if there was no tomorrow till the small hours of the morning. Mona ran out of the room but was back in a jiffy with her vibrator and handing it to Sonia said, 'Little sister take this it can't replace the real thing but it comes mighty close to it. Mona got up and embraced Sonia and said, 'Thank you little sister I needed that.


The Poker Party

group swingsbothways42 2018-11-22

The other guys were a little intimidated, not knowing how this was all going to pan out, so I stepped up between Kim's legs, turned the vibrator off and moved it out of the way. I motioned the guys to come closer and as two of them stepped up to the table, I reached for Kim's hand and placed it on the hard cock of Roger, and she got really startled and began to pull back, but I took her other hand and placed it on Mike's cock, and replaced her other hand back on Roger and pushed my cock back into her at the same time.

Claudia Incarnata Part VIII

group Piquet 2018-11-22

Sabina carried little hand luggage so when their eyes met she almost sprinted through the gate and hugged Claudia; kissing her several times on the lips. Claudia and Julia had not relaxed their efforts and now took it in turns milking his shaft until he came; shooting ropes of thick white come into the air before Julia’s delighted face. As Carlo settled down to enjoy the sheer pleasure of having his cock inside Claudia, his mind never quite forgot the almost superstitious awe in which he held her – too look too long upon her face was surely to gaze upon the occult visage of a sorceress, to lose his heart to her was surely to compromise his immortal soul.

Fuck Buddies

group DrippingPussy 2018-11-22

James is groaning and I know by the way he's pressing against Ricky that he's cumming hard, cock sandwiched between his boyfriend's firm cheeks, face buried in his neck, sucking and leaving his mark. "Uuhhh yes love," James growls," come all over these dirty girls, let 'em feel it drip all over them." Janet's moaning louder now, squeezing her breasts, massaging Ricky's milk into them, I can feel spunk hitting my nipples, my neck, dripping down over my hot pussy lips, making me moan all the louder and clench my pussy tighter with pleasure, my juices gushing out around the dildo to mix with Janice's own and the hot semen dripping between us.

A Black Canadian Tale Ch. 02

group Samuelx 2018-11-22

During the church service, this hot-looking older Black woman named Maria was looking at me the way a hungry man looks at fast food. I smiled at Maria and asked her what she was doing in the men's room of the Multi Nations Full Gospel Church. I'm a Haitian guy in the basement of an African church in Canada getting my dick sucked by a sexy Black mama. I closed my eyes and leaned against the wall of the men's room as Maria sucked my dick with gusto. He was also bisexual and liked hot Black guys from the United States. Maria sucked my dick like her life depended on it. She reminds me why I like hooking up with sexy older Black women.