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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Enjoying Life

group silverfox_granny 2018-07-08

It was close to the end of the game when Sally a rather slim tiny lady turned to me and said "Tom and I would like you and Robert to join us for a drink after the game at our home." I looked at Rob and he smiled back at me and said "Now don't be a prude." I let that go and watched as Greg and Wilda swam toward us. Tom said "Sally and I would like you two to join us and enjoy the pool." Wilda had moved back and Robert was flat on his back as Sally licked the last of his cum from his wilting cock.


Three is Plenty Ch. 02

group Scorpio1144 2018-07-08

I sat my wine down and went to the other side of Pat from Carol and joined the hug. Carol used her hand and turned Pat's face to her and kissed her. When I stopped cumming Carol released me and turned to Pat, and they kissed. Pat looked up at me after their kiss ended and asked, "Would you fuck me?" She looked at Carol and said, "Can Nick please fuck me?" Carol's answer was to lean Pat back and start removing her tight. As I started kissing I suddenly realized that Carol had her right leg and Pat had her left. Sitting as they were on the couch Pat's and Carol's pussies didn't have a leg between them.

1st time in Germany (True Story)

group 2018-07-08

Deandre of course, started chatting up the much better looking blond, grey eyed well endowed woman who called herself Lotta. She grabbed on to his dick with both hands and started to blow making sloppy gurgling sounds with her head vigorously moving forward and backwards. Lotta had his dick in one hand and straddled him going down on his dick slowly, wriggling, and taking deep breaths as she took more and more of him into her. I went as deep as I could and took a deep breath and held it, moving my hands from her ass and reached forward and grabbed her breasts. I pulled out and took a step back lying down against Hannalore when Deandre came his last time for the night with a groan.

Heather & Lois & Me

group Hornyman69WithU 2018-07-08

Gary had told me about the one-and-only time he and Lois had got it on way back then when they were 15 and had commented that she occasionally, though very rarely, just decided she would have sex with someone, seemingly out of the blue, and that's how his own single encounter with her had happened when she had slept over at his and Heather's parent's house in the city where they all grew up. I squeezed her supple arms and tops of her hips and worked my fingers, one vertebra at a time from the bottom of her back all the way up to the top of her neck and then up through her soft, shoulder-length hair into her scalp, massaging it firmly with my large piano-playing hands. Lois then pushed both boobs with her hands from beneath them up toward her mouth, stuck out her long pink tongue, and licked between them, getting them really wet.



group needteachin 2018-07-08

I could feel George handing the leash to Anne and soon, she was gasping and moaning, pulling the leash tightly to her cunt, and forcing my lips tightly to her nether lips. Just about this time, George stood and pulled Cat from David's grasp and began kissing her as Anne took George's cock from Sue, handing over the leash and greedily started sucking his thick member. Paul, who'd been watching and wanking, came over and took the leash, continuing the kiss Sue had started. Paul, having watched George fuck my mouth took a special interest in my cock sucking abilities and moved in font of me quickly. I could see out of the corner of my eye, George was on the floor, finger fucking Sue's cunt as she sucked his balls into her mouth.

Hairy University Ch. 02

group motleymorgan 2018-07-08

"I hope you have good reason to interrupt my data collection of our newest group of Freshman women, Diana," Gladys said in a stern tone as she turned to face us. "The one who wrote 'The Hairy Pussy Manifesto', young man." Gladys explained as she rested her hands on her ample hips, once again drawing my gaze to her exposed lush thicket of wiry curls. "Diana, would you be a dear, gather the girls' pussy combs, and brush out their lower locks for them?" Gladys the Grey commanded. We're not to share secrets from class!" Shayna then turned to Gladys The Grey and asked, "Would it be alright if we all each just got a preview of his man cream?"


Sixth formers and me

group smallcock 2018-07-08

As we stood there he stroked my cheek with the back of his hand, I felt embarrassed, and quite turned on, then Luke grabbed my hand and put it on his cock, I pulled away and he said "You know you want to" as he looked me in the eye. I clenched my fist tighter around Luke's member and as I pulled his forskin right back he gasped as I slammed his cock into my mouth, not having a gag reflex I shoved him right down my throat, licking his japs eye in the meantime, after a few strokes he was groaning he was coming. I stood up and said "Which one of you two is going to suck me then", as they both looked horrified K gave me the cigarette packet pulled up his pants and him and Luke ran off.

My Wife's Boss

group jdbacfixer 2018-07-08

My wife, Emjay, came home from work on Wednesday and told me that Julie needed help with her car, it wouldn't start and Julie thought that the battery was bad. She went to grab my dick but I quickly closed my towel and sat back down just as Julie walked in the room saying my clothes were in the dryer and that she was headed to the shower. We heard the water for the shower come on and Emjay grabbed my towel, pulling it off my lap exposing my raging hard on and began to stroke my cock. I was slowly stroking my cock as it began to grow and get hard again, I could not keep from staring at Julie's body as she worked her moist pussy.

81% boss

Karen and Michelle’s Sad Story - Prologue

group 2018-07-08

She goes on to college, earns two degrees, and goes to work for the owners of a new biotech company called BIOGEN that is owned by a husband wife team of molecular geneticists Tom and Nancy Warren. She had just started her freshman year of college at University of Southern California a couple of months after she had given birth to a baby girl which she gave up immediately for adoption. What happened that you would leave your daughter behind in the clutches of those people?” Karen tried to start the story and tell it normally from her perspective, but each time she tried she broke down in tears as memories she had tried to forget came flooding back.

Strip Darts

group TxRad 2018-07-08

A couple of guys playing pool, a young couple at the bar, Mary was bartending, Marcie was at the dart board shooting against the owner, the head bartender and their boyfriends. Mary laughed and said, "I think he let his alligator mouth overload his hummingbird ass." She grinned at Marcie and added, "We need to strip him down to his birthday suit, don't you think?" Mary grinned and replied, "Exactly our plan." Looking over at Marcie she said, "Go get him girl, you're first this round.' "Damn, why is my hand shaking?" she looked at Mary and said, "Get us another beer apiece; topless darts is making me thirsty among other things.


Use Me Up!

group fiestyyredhead 2018-07-08

When Roy slid his dick inside of her tight pussy he had to push hard. She felt tears in her eyes from the pain of the cock sliding in and out of her ass, but she wouldn't let it stop. Jenna leaned over and began to lick both Emilia's clit, and Roy's cock as it slid in and out of Emilia's now soaked pussy. Roy groaned in both pain and pleasure as he felt Rick's dick inside of him. His own cock kept sliding deep and hard inside of the ever so tight and now drenched Emilia. Roy's cock went faster inside of Emilia's pussy. Roy's eyes closed in pain as the nine inch cock intruded his asshole.

Coming of Age

group 2018-07-08

'I dont like this Fay,'lamented Sharon, 'I thought it was only going to be us?' 'Seriously Sharon, how nieve can you be!' fay puffed becoming more annoyed.'Do you want real money or dont you!' Fay sat on the bed flanked by all ten guys and Sharon sat on the table. As soon as she got there one of the guys bend her over and ram his cock hard up her pussy, which began to pulsate and grab his cock. He rammed her hard without mercy and she moaned with pain and pleasure.Taking his cock out he f***ed it in her asshole and met with little resistance.Soon he was pounding her ass hard too.

A Journal of Truth Ch. 09

group Dlicious_49 2018-07-08

"Open, loving relationships are a good thing," Jill said, Jack nodding in agreement, "ours is such," she said, moving her legs at the same time so that they brushed mine. Turning to Jack as Jill sucked on my tits, I unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled out his cock. Finished with Jack for the moment, I lifted Jill from between my legs, driving my tongue deep into her mouth, tasting my own juices in her mouth, on her tongue. "It's like-minded' friends," Jill explained as she was licking Jack's shaft right after he finished fucking me for the second or third time. "Yeah, it's a date," I answered right before I kissed her, tasting Jack's cum and my juices on her mouth.


group TheJane 2018-07-08

"I see it has." She could not see Daxys but he must have gestured because Micah folded his hand in the front of his trousers, trying to hide any effect of the events taking place. "Do not use her like that." His breath caught as Helena let the cloak fall and stepped into him, Daxys moving with her. Like weaving a tapestry, she pulled the power together, tasting hints of Daxys and even Micah in it. She turned her head and took Daxys' mouth with hers, pulling power from him, sealing the bond. Daxys fell back, she slid from his lap and into Micah who caught her in his shaky arms and they laid slack on the steps half in the water.

Four Plus One 07: Clean Up

group ReefBeach 2018-07-08

Andrea was helping clear the overgrown front garden, Phoebe was cleaning the mouldy windows, Mel was stacking and sorting. Danny half-helped as she pulled the tee over his head, revealing his solid chest and strong arms. Atlantia watched as Danny gave no reaction to Phoebe's light fingers. Andrea was massaging his shoulders, his skin felt brushed and clean after Phoebe's wash and now Atlantia was arousing feelings he hadn't expected to come after the hard work outside. She watched Atlantia's fingers curled around the shaft, then her lips sucking and dribbling on the shiny head. Phoebe felt it too and gasped softly as his semen surged through him and into Atlantia's mouth. Atlantia looked at Andrea, then at Phoebe.

When We Played

group willemm 2018-07-08

Andy did a quick spin, showed his smooth pale bare ass, tight and firm looking, his now naked cheeks showing the curves and cuts of regular testing, and then back to the dark thicket of his pubic hair, the soft gnarled flesh of his dangling prick, his shaft slim and smooth, a slightly raised vein running along the middle of his stem, and his large looking tip, I knew I was staring, this was far from the first time I'd seen a guy naked, but I loved looking, and Andy looked good, his penis wasn't so big, normal sized I guess, but it was a nice one, his oval bulb covered with a soft layer of malleable skin, his thick rim large enough to show through, and the tight and wrinkled pouch of scrotum.


nude holiday 2

group 2018-07-08

well it was my last day of my nude holiday,so I got up early and headed for the nude beach.soon as I hit the beach I stripped off my clothes and felt the air around my nakeness.


Firenze Ch. 01

group jim313 2018-07-08

I was lost in pleasure from sucking Pat's sweet crotch and having Don's talented fingers teasing my throbbing erection when I heard my wife cry out in orgasm and I looked back to see Pat trailing her tongue over Doreen's mouth as she was in the throes of cumming. It didn't take long for both of us to get hard again and as soon as our organs were standing straight out and swaying back and forth, I asked Pat if she would like to feel my cock inside her delicious pussy as Don would love to fill Doreen's with his.


Christina's Big Surprise

group TX_Fun_Dr 2018-07-08

She began to cum hard as Doc fucked her ass with the anal plug. Using wetness from her pussy on her hand, she began to slowly and teasingly stroke his cock as her tongue zeroed in on his winking ass. As they snuggled and began to drift to sleep, she felt his hand slowly massaging the anal plug still in her ass. Her gasp was unexpected as she felt Doc suckle her right nipple into his mouth and his hand reach down to her wet pussy - his thumb circling her clit. As hard as she tried not to do so, she began to cum almost immediately, knowing her pussy was depositing her pent up nectar onto Doc's hand.


Pigtails and Packages

group English Lady 2018-07-08

As he touches me through the sodden cotton of my panties his lips slip down to my neck, he sucks hard and grinds his palm into my pubis, a long finger hooking in and pressing warm cotton between my lips, complimenting the heavenly pleasure on my clit. "After you." I hear my husband, a smile in his voice, and soon I feel my skirt lifted and folded up over my back, then the panties ripped down to rest, strained, across the bottom of my thighs." The sheer weight in the first slap to my buttocks shows me it's not Kev. The way the blows reign down on my rapidly warming bum and the feel of the rough, thick fingers all tell me what I need to know.

"Adventure in the school toilet"[ENG]

group GayStoriesPL 2018-07-08

Oscar, who previously stood at the door, pulled out his gun now and started banging the horse looking with a smile, as I deal with the machining of dick Bartkowi. When you put them all, he began to fuck me with it, and when he said that's enough, I pulled the dildo out of your ass and one swift movement entered me. Bartek Jebal me around, and I felt his huge cock penetrating my ass from the inside. Already staggering on his feet when he took his dick Bartek, Oskar pulled away, and he came up to me and told me to open my mouth. - Do not yell he said Bartek and wpierdolił my mouth his dick.

It Used to Be Just Thinking

group SheThinks2Much 2018-07-08

Still surprised that she would even allow him to fuck her here, within hearing range of their friends, he decides to give her exactly what she asked, even if she doesn't know it. Look how hard he's fucking her!" One of the women was thinking out loud, and the rest of the group seemed not to hear. She was, at the same time, soft and gentle, yet rough and I'm pretty sure she was the first person to ever grab my hair and use it to put me exactly where she wanted me. As I slipped a second finger inside of her wet pussy, after kissing her all over and rolling her soft nipples between my fingers, sucking them gently with my teeth occasionally biting just a bit harder than she expected...


From Sticky Period to Fulfilment

group Cumfusion 2018-07-08

"Do they make you take your pants down?" Grant is such a huge powerful guy he sort of overpowers me. "So what do you think they'll find up his bum unless they're worried about his getting fucked and I don't know what that has to do with this bunch of busy bodies." Jason insisted. I had wanted to suck his cock but as soon as Doug pulled out Jason drove his fuck pole deep into my bum hole. I can't quite recall what happened next as I almost chocked on cum which Eric and Sam delivered into my mouth while Jason seemed to be douching me inside like a power hose.


group d4david 2018-07-08

I could not see who owned the first male member to enter my mouth, but it was long thin and rock hard, it was pushed as far down my throat it could go till I gagged and it was withdrawn. Through tear stained eyes I saw the figure of males rubbing their penis with Vaseline and stroking them till erect, these were members of all the sports team primed and ready for action. Some one cautioned '...get ready David here I come...' I felt the bulbous head of a male member probe my anal opening and press strongly against my weakly restraining anal sphincter muscle ring.