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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Final Fantasy

group kumarie 2018-07-08

I wanted to rip that short skirt off her and suck her pussy till she cums in my mouth" Angela said. Angela spent a long, long, time slowly licking and sucking Shanna's pussy, paying particular attention to her hard clit. She enjoyed the feel, taste and sensation of licking, sucking, and tonguing Angela's sweet pussy. Angela's pussy gets very wet when she comes, and Shanna licked and sucked her sweet salty juices. Angela told her, "This long cock feels so good and it is massaging my hot pussy" "Angela, can you do me now?" "I want you to strap on the biggest cock and fuck and massage my pussy till I cum", Shanna told her.


The Christmas Party Photo

group SPEN STERLING 2018-07-08

The next time it was Heidi's turn to kiss Tess, she continued the kiss from the lips to the neck, and then down the chest, taking first one breast and then the other into her mouth as she leaned down to push her skirt off. Tess worked her way down Owen's body until she was kissing his lower stomach, and became mesmerized watching his cock moving in and out of Heidi. Owen would've preferred that their current position went on forever, but the feeling of Heidi on his cock and Tess on his mouth was pushing him over the edge, and he felt his orgasm coming like a train.


group naturist_couple 2018-07-08

I looked at her pussy and could see that her lips were still swollen and puffy, they gaped open and my cum combined with her juice was trickling out of her. Again I didn’t mention it to Becky and assumed that she was not aware of the fact that June had seen her impaled on my cock. She didn’t put on any knickers and I told her she would have to be careful because the dress wasn’t that long and if she bent over too far her pussy would be on show. It was a real turn-on watching Mike as he looked at Becky’s pussy down on the beach. When we got into our apartment, Becky, June and Mike went out and sat on the balcony.


Jenny's Confession

group tkinsc 2018-07-08

A few seconds later, Anita pulled Jenny close, gave her a kiss and reached around and unhooked her bra. As he leaned over Jenny to give Anita a kiss, Jenny could feel David's hard cock press into her ass. David switched tits as Anita continued bathing Jenny's pussy with her mouth. Jenny began kissing her way down Anita's stomach while David kept sucking on her big tit. Her tits were shaking in rhythm each time David slammed his hard cock into her hot pussy. Jenny was writhing on the bed in pure ecstasy over having her tits sucked and pussy fucked at the same time. Anita's suction on Jenny's nipple felt like a nice pulling pinch as her tits shook with each of David's thrusts.



group geronimo_appleby 2018-07-08

Lifting his hungry stare from the upper slopes of Charlotte's round breasts, Peter fixed his grey-blue eyes on her face. Charlotte blushed at the vivid picture; she saw Peter's assured smirk as he held himself above her submissive form, she felt her nipples tighten as, in her mind, his big cock nudged her opening ... Charlotte shuffled forward to accommodate Peter's insistent probe; she pushed her legs wider apart, and, at the same time, saw the driver observing the goings-on in his mirror. Her labia were spread, with Peter's thumbs Charlotte imagined, and then she groaned when the man's mouth touched her burning sex. Charlotte opened her eyes when Peter's hands closed around her body.


Old Hunger Sated Again

group StJamesThe Larger 2018-07-08

But all he has to do to make me hot is take hold of my shaft and rub it with his warm hands or go down and kiss my cockhead until I get very large and hard, then he takes my cock in his mouth and slurps and sucks with his hot lips and his mouth full of saliva. Suzie held out the hand that was inside her big pussy and it was still all wet and smelled of her sex. My tongue so easily goes into that open pussy---and as I hold it stiff and push inside her, Suzie moans and pulls my head into her even tighter.

Mouth and Pussy Fuckers Ch. 01

group MindFucker 2018-07-07

I lick Mike's neck up to his ear and take his earlobe into my wet mouth, sucking gently, while moving my hands over his sexy hard body. I give Tony a wink and lick my lips, so he takes his erect cock out of his pants and starts stroking it, I can see the pre-cum glistening on the tip. Mike grabs my hands and gets out of his seat, his cock still huge and dripping cum, he forces me over the arm of the chair, lifting my skirt up and pulling the tiny transparent thong to one side, as Tony is openly wanking now. I am watching him with growing excitement as Mike forces his cock into my tight little smooth slit; he starts to thrust deeply into my now gaping pussy, while I am moaning into the arm of the chair.

Life is Really Beautiful

group TexasFarmBoy 2018-07-07

By the time we left, Jeanne decided that we were going to sleep together that night. But I love my fantasy as she is." Several women said, "I wish that I was looked at that way by..." either their husband or boy friend. When Jeanne got home from work that night, I began to wonder if we had a problem. That night, Jeanne called and said she was going to be a little late because she was meeting our neighbor, Gwen, for a drink after work. She wouldn't tell what she and Gwen had talked about of course, but she did say that by tomorrow, her friend would know if her suggestion would work.


Interview Ch. 04

group Gregory_B 2018-07-07

Jessica sits transfixed by the stripper and how she uses her body, straddling her subject, caressing him with her tits, holding on to his neck and shoulders, rubbing her pussy against his crotch, pivoting and facing the other way, standing and bending over to give him a good peek from an inch away, straddling and grinding against his thigh, and leaning back against his chest and stretching her long body. Jessica is an A+ student, putting her whole body into the dance, caressing my face with her tits, lifting her skirt to straddle my thigh and give me a peek at her string thong underneath, swirling her hair around to engulf my head completely so it is almost like a curtain closing on our little world.

Friend's Pretty Mother

group magas911 2018-07-07

Give Bryan a little b*****r to play with!" Hear that, along with the feel of beautiful Mrs. Stevens cunt now squeezing at his sensitive cock, young Sam groaned with pleasure. Then what he heard sent him over the edge, hearing the beautiful Mrs. Stevens respond to him "Oh, yes, Josh ......fuck me .....give me a little baby ....ohhhhhh, I'm cummingggggg ....shoot it in me!" And Josh did just that, achieving his very first cum deep in a woman womb, adding his seed to her fertile womb. During her days at home, when young Tyler was asl**p, Natalie would go through the baby pictures that Tim, Sam, and Josh had dropped off for her to look at.


group jwpa17 2018-07-07

You were dimly aware of my kisses on your hand, your shoulder, of me saying "I love you, sweetheart," all the while feeling this unknown man's cock pushing you closer and closer to cumming. You felt his cock twitch, heard your lover groan, realized he had cum. "Let yourself cum, lover." I squeezed your hand and you realized I had stayed close, watching you pleasure the men I solicited to fuck you, that I liked watching you cum, no matter with whom. You surrendered again, this time to the wave of pleasure, the intense joy, the thick cock stretching you, the feel of him spurting inside you, my warm breath in your ear.

On the Beach with Army Guys

group MFE42 2018-07-07

"I guess that's good," Megan said, "because I don't know if I could ever change my ways!" With that, she took Jake's dick in her hand and started stroking him, getting him hard again almost immediately. The "Welcome Home, Troops!" banner was apparently quite serious, and Jake found himself surrounded by about a half-dozen Army guys in a circle around him and the blindfolded Megan. Licking soon turned to fingering, as Jake's fingers stretched Megan's pussy even further, intertwined with whoever's cock was working her now. Then, as quickly as they had come, the Army guys were off, leaving Jake stunned at what had just happened and Megan oozing jizz from various parts of her body— and still blindfolded.

Gang Bang Fantasy Fulfilled

group okayjack 2018-07-07

Amy had convinced her husband (reluctantly) to allow her to gang bang several of her old high school boyfriends including the guy who took her cherry. She did her best to provide a brief profile of each of the men including which ones were married, which ones had a temper, which ones she had a previous emotional attachment to and which ones she wanted to spend more time with (versus the other participants). We had told the men to come up no earlier than 11:00 PM so when we departed around 10:30 the participants knew it was time to dump their wives and head to the Presidential Suite.


I became my Aunt & Uncle's Sex Toy

group 2018-07-07

His swollen cock's head sat in the entrance of my cunt when he came, I was grinding on it as his warm semen flooded into me and my anus, this would be why aunty was reminding me, she meanwhile, was upstairs in the bathroom being fucked by none other than dear daddy, hence the swinger lable, and once mother found out about her s****rs sexual habits having no boundaries, she walked out of the sordid mess for good.

Girl Scout?

group neutrona 2018-07-07

Carly said "Yet Kyle was still asking a direct question. Kyle reached into his pocket and handed Jake his pack of cigarettes. Kyle pushed her away slightly and had her lean on Jake so he could kiss his way down to her breast. Jake wrapped his hands in her hair and kept it out of her face while he watched her lick and suck on his cock. Step by little step, they moved towards the bed and while Jake laid on it, Carly got on hands and knees so she could continue going down on Jake while Kyle pounded her pussy. Later, Kyle and Carly noticed that Jake wasn't participating in the conversation as much and realized that he had fallen asleep in his chair.


Janet's Perfect Pair Ch. 03

group sdsioux 2018-07-07

Since Janet was bringing the toppings (eight different) I thought my nice sterling silver server would be an appropriate way to introduce me to all of the lovely tits I was going to see. Janet signaled for Susan to come over and proceeded to put her titties on the silver serving platter and spooned a dark chocolate mix topped with nuts, whip cream, and a cherry on each breast. As I started to come I pulled my cock out and sprayed all of the titties making sure that each one got cum and there was a lot of it.

Iris, Matt and Kyle Ch. 01

group Irin 2018-07-07

Iris smiled at Kyle, a very attractive blond-haired man who stood just slightly shorter than Matt. Finally the three were naked and as she pulled Matt to her mouth for a kiss she felt Kyle's arms circling her from behind. She was grinding her cunt over Kyle's face; his tongue was darting in and our so quickly she felt like she was being fucked by a tiny but powerful dick. "Come on my tits, come for me baby." She licked the head one more time and took him swiftly into her mouth then pulled him out and continued the hand-job. Kyle wanted to have Iris' orgasm match Matt's so he really attacked her clit and shoved two fingers into her slit pushing in and pulling out quickly.

Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 13

group SteveWallace 2018-07-07

I think it works for the guys, but I've always thought the girls got the short end of the stick, so to speak, because we're one or two cocks short, and someone has to do without at various times during our lovemaking sessions." As Lyle said, 'I'm good for two for an evening, but Nancy or Gale want to go all night long with others. The winner of the event would get a surprise 'guaranteed to please.' Armed with that as the background, Gale passed out blindfolds to Fran, Ally, Sheila, Rita, and Nancy. Gale turned to Rita, who in turned said, "All right, in order, the men were Chip, Steve, Sean, Aidan and Lyle."


Tribe of Lost Women

group Rouge7575 2018-07-07

The priest who was riding his cock had a beautiful and slender feet in each of the stirrups her toes were arched upwards as pleasure coursed through her body her angelic face pointed skywards… He then noticed stirrups on each side of his hands, feet and head. The one who was sitting on his face moved down and deftly mounted his cock after applying some more oil on it, while the female licking his balls got up and sat on his face, while the head priest who had a look of absolute satisfaction on her face knelt down and starting licking his balls.

Gift Wrapped

group DeFlowered 2018-07-07

“Don’t worry about thing,” said Doug, as he pulled down the front of my teddy, causing my breasts to spill out of the top with a jiggle. Doug sucked hard on my swollen clit, and I felt his friend’s tongue slide deep into my anus. He was a tall black guy named Eddy who sometimes worked with Doug and Tim. He peeled my panties over my hips and pulled them down my shapely legs. Here I was cumming hard with a big, fat cock deep inside of my ass, and I looked down to see my glistening breasts with a purple, throbbing dick poking through my cleavage. I pressed my pussy to his mouth and felt his warm tongue slide into my squeaky clean slit.


Encore with Jack and Kate

group tedsgirl 2018-07-07

Kate undresses and gets on the bed with me, she starts to lick the cock, taking it in her mouth, slowly sucking it, I reach over and stroke her tits. " you tell me as I start to fuck her faster, feels so good sucking your hard cock baby. " I tell you as we both suck and lick his cock, we kiss in between licks, this is so fucking hot baby, I love sharing pussy and cock with you. I suck your balls in my mouth, stroking your cock feel you getting harder and harder, I lick all of the precum, love the taste baby. "Did you like that baby, watching me suck Jack's cock?" You ask as you rub the head of your cock over my pussy.


My Horny Boss 3 :Now Im a cumslut!

group fatpinky 2018-07-07

his old balls slapping on my brown thick thighs, Mr Hans uncut cock continuing to ooze precum into my tongue....I mustve looked pitiful like a ragdoll... Mr Han: "OoOOh, grunt, I think im gonna cum in your sweet mouth little slut....your saliva is so sweet and smells good on my smelly cock? was the sound my fat wet hairless pussy was making...Mr Han groaned hard: "ahhhhgg I cum, I ..cummmming in your sweet mouth little girl!!" Without much ado, Mr Chu got my ankles past my head , now i was folded totally as he inserted his cock in my sopping wet pussy and started humping like there was no tomorrow.

Poker Night

group ChatLuvver64 2018-07-07

Grind on his face." I hear Jessica start to moan and I can feel her thighs clenching on either side of my head. She immediately moans and I hear you from behind her, "oh, are such a naughty fucking that tongue you're sitting on going to make you cum?" Smack! His cock is so fucking hard right now he's deeper in my cunt than I've ever felt him and it's all because he's licking your sweet twat you dirty little fuck slut!" You are bouncing up and down on my cock, one hand pulling Jessica's hair. I lay my head back off over the edge of the bed again to see Tiffy, the big titted yoga instructor and Brenda, the girl you guys picked up in the bar, standing just inside the door to the bedroom.

horny mom

group chandan0707 2018-07-07

Then Shiva started to laugh loudly and said,"oh,you liked our fucking, don't you bitch?.mom replaid,"yes,i liked it very much. I didn't fucked like this in my life time".Then muthu said,"is it bitch. He don't have to go outside for sex, Then shibin said it is true, anyone in the world can't have a beautiful slut like her in their home, I didn't utter any word and started watching the gangbang sex of my mother. Then Shiva said"oh,we understand why your son theft this, you look's like u a sex bomb in this Johny said" your selection is super man, your mom look's like sex bomb in that undies, When Shiva came to our room, we were sitting there like we were afraid ,and nothing happens there.