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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sex Writer Symposium: 04

group PenningFreer 2018-07-07

In breath-breaks between our saliva-sampling, Elle and me lean back like curtains to unveil the stage so Beth can see the opening scene of the play in her pussy starring Jack. Well, when you do this piston suction thing long enough, feeling so good it makes you make animal noises you never knew you know, it sort of draws out, sucks out if you will, this nerve response in Jack's loins that sort of propels his little semen sperm cum reservoir like a fire hose directly toward Beth's back wall where lie strategically-spaced, various baby-making organs.


A Kitten's Tail Ch. 36

group wolfdragon76 2018-07-07

The slow pace Master was talking about would drive us all insane with arousal without getting us to climax quickly, and those damn vibrators would hold us right where our partner leaves us until our next turn. The anticipation would have us ready to climax as soon as our partner started, but other than Kiera and me, five minutes wasn't enough time to get to a second one. Ari was the only one showing so far, but Marian went into how sexy Kiera and Zara were going to look as they started to show and had Marcello whimpering by the time the buzzer went off. I was right, and it was less than a minute after Marcello started with Mandy that I heard that familiar moan as Marian climaxed.


Before It's Too Late Ch. 01

group SplendidSpunk 2018-07-07

So I took a photo of us I had stored on my computer and sent it under my personal e-mail and told Carol about Rick and I and our fantasy. His silver hair gave him a distinguished look and just seeing how stunning they both were gave me the feeling that the club would hold some very good looking opportunities, in fact I wondered if Carol's husband Jack might not sport one of the cocks that would find its way to me that night. I was sure I turned a bit red in the face as Rick said this but was a bit more stunned when Carol offered to help me select the proper dress for one's first time.


Wild Oats - More Florida Lobster

group twistedgraygoat 2018-07-07

My nipples were standing erect like small corks and he took them into his mouth one at a time - sucking, nibbling, and licking. The tight, slick feel of their cocks moving against each other inside me must have triggered something in the guys because they began thrusting together with a purpose and now I was able to join them. Once we had our limit for the day and headed back to the boat, the scuba guys were able to begin their lobster hunt. The interest of the scuba guys turned me on and as soon as we were on board and our catch on ice, I ask Jason and Nick if they would please fuck me before I went down for my nap on the bow.

A Favor for a Friend

group CarpellaRosi7 2018-07-07

"Do you have any plans for a going away party?" asked Lana, her hand sliding ever so slightly higher up his thigh. Lana sipped her beer and said "Join me on the couch, would you?" Picking up her glass she walked over to the plush, tan leather piece of furniture. "You're wife is quite the hostess." said Jason as Ethan grinned, sipping a cocktail and rubbing himself through his own dress pants. Lana leaned over, showing off her ample cleavage as she unbuttoned Jason's leather belt, unzipping his pants, and pulling them down his legs and discarding them near the coffee table. While Jason discarded his shirt as well Ethan said, "My wife would ask me to help unzip her dress before she bent over and blew me."


Tom Billionaire Ch. 04

group bluedragonauthor 2018-07-07

I needed to make introductions all around, so looking at my assistant, I gestured and said, "Cassandra, allow me to introduce Vivienne Bourgoin, visiting here on holiday. Though my longtime assistant was more than capable of getting us around Europe, Greece was still Evania's home, and as we moved from parking lot to highway to airport and eventually the private hangar, Cassandra let the native girl handle almost all the liaison work with the various Greek transit officials. But rather than talk openly in front of Vivienne and Evania, my assistant just looked at me with those expressive sky blue eyes, asking for privacy. Nodding, I looked across the table and said, "Vivienne, Evania, I will be expecting the two of you to help each other get adjusted to this new life.


Wild saturday night!!

group 2018-07-07

Kathy then laid my wife down and started eating her pussy as I sucked on her nipples and licked her neck and ear lobes, I again whispered to my wife and asked if she would like to watch me fuck Kathy doggy while she ate her. My wife then turned around and started licking Kathy's Pussy just inches from my cock as her tongue danced all over Kathy's pussy I couldn't help my self and pulled my cock out to rub Kathy's clit and I'll be damned if my wife didn't start sucking her juices off of me. I pounded her hard and with Kathy playing with her tits and watching us I took a little longer than expected.

Doing The Nine Sisters Ch. 05

group CalWriter 2018-07-07

"Elise didn't lie, you do have a great cock Joe!" With that she took it in her mouth and sucked away. Girls started pulling out cocks and sucking on them. Fuck!" Carol started crying with each thrust. One redhead with huge tits was being double-fucked by two of my pledge brothers. Carol screamed with one more orgasm as I filled her pussy with my semen. I kissed her and then went over to the big-titted redhead, offering her my cock. Some of the guys really want to see you shove your big cock up Denise's ass." It was the first time I had ever fucked with other people watching, and it was a tremendous turn on.

Fun and Games

group JohnyFuckBall 2018-07-07

Stacey took a few seconds longer than normal while looking for the new game, and the more I stared at that little heart shaped ass the more I felt the familiar tightness in my groin as my cock started to get hard. As we started our second race Stacey took a big pull on her drink, leaving her a little late off the line, however by the end of the race she had pulled ahead of both John and I. I don't think John cared as he slammed down his shot and then looked right at Stacey and said "Time to show off them tits sweetheart.

A Fantasy Fulfilled

group angel_grant 2018-07-07

If Ryan was around Kevin would find some way to draw attention to me, to my body, sometimes flat out remarking I looked sexy in whatever it was I was wearing at the time, asking Ryan if he agreed, and more than once he left the bedroom door open while we were having sex, knowing Ryan was home and could walk past at any moment. I heard Kevin gasp against my ear and then he pulled his hand away and pushed me up, off his lap and over the arm of the chair where I caught myself, teetering unsteadily for a second before I got my balance and looked up at Ryan.


Strange Question

group Adanaliyik 2018-07-07

She told me she was sure I knew her, the good looking girl with the dirty blonde hair. And I told her I only knew one good looking girl in our building, and that was my beautiful wife. Again, I told her I didn't know who she was talking about, because I hadn't seen any other good looking girls. Later that night, we were cuddled up on the couch watching a movie, when out of the blue my wife said she'd bet I wanted to fuck her. She said our upstairs neighbor, the girl I saw today, she'd bet that I wanted to fuck her. Yes, I'd been thinking about the girl, but not as fantasy material the way my wife thought.


Moe in the Adult Shop

group daniel337 2018-07-07

They have ripped her pretty dress, and later I will spank her for letting them do that; they are fondling her nice round titties and Moe is moaning, but no one can hear her because my cock is in her mouth, but I can feel her moans around my thick cockhead, and I cum a bit inside her mouth and she stops moaning to swallow. The other guys are not pleased, because they have his semen on their hands - they wipe it off on what's left of Moe's dress, but are now stroking their cocks harder, hoping to come over them, if they cannot fuck her first. He soon comes inside her and pukks out, and a second man takes his place and starts xxxing Moe's wet cunt, still oozing the semen of the salesclerk.

Weekend Overtime

group 2018-07-07

This new assault made Sue get excited all over again and as I finger fucked her hot cunt and tight little asshole I licked her stiff clit making her legs twitch and jump with pleasure. After a few minutes of driving my cock into Jane’s hot wet mouth Sue began to finger Janes pussy and pull on her stiff nipples. I pulled a finger from Jane’s hot twat and slowly pressed it up her tight pink anus making Jane moan with renewed pleasure. Sue was taking great delight in licking my sperm from Jane’s swollen pink pussy as Jane tongue fucked Sue’s hot slit and pressed a long finger up Sue’s hot tight asshole.

Linda Embraces Slutdom Ch. 09

group vespasion 2018-07-07

Linda looked up and smiled before opening her mouth and moving her moist lips over the head of his cock. Mark quickly positioned myself over her head and Linda could see his throbbing dick dangling by her mouth; it looked very large as he pressed into her wet mouth. "Ride me hard baby, pound me with your big cock, call me names, please fuck me any way you want to," Linda said as she lifted her head. Mark grabbed a handful of her hair beneath the wig and jerked her head back making her back arch obscenely and her ass rise up so he could push as deep and far as possible.


The Seduction of Sara Ch. 01

group GreyGoose 2018-07-07

It had been a lonely summer ever since my boyfriend and I split up, and Heather was insistent that I come spend my Saturday nights at the bar rather than sit at home sulking. "Hey Sara, did you check out the blond guy at the end of the bar?" Heather asked me as she set my drink on a coaster. In fact, I think I mentioned to Julie that night how attracted I was to both Heather and Sara (though I didn't really know their names before now). After several drinks, I was starting to feel pretty cozy, and the tension of meeting Julie's friends face-to-face dissipating. Julie and her friends seemed like night-owls, so I shared her surprise to find Lily yawning already.


Balls Deep in The Rockies

group UhlBWett 2018-07-07

Before I could ask her if she was sure she wanted to do this, her fingers had pushed back the wrinkled foreskin and her wet lips were pressed against the rapidly swelling head. She squirmed a little when I reached down and slid the tips of my fingers beneath the frazzled elastic waistband of her jade colored cotton panties, but she kept right on sucking. I reached inside her shirt and squeezed her left breast before I slid my right hand slowly down across her trembling belly and into the dark fuzzy region of her crotch. By that time her pussy felt kind of mushy, like a bar of soap that had been left in the water too long when I finally pulled my cramped honey coated fingers from between her soggy wet lips.


Business Pleasure & False Pretences Ch. 02

group Bazzza 2018-07-07

My attention was torn between watching Leah move up and down on my cock, and Kate who was kneeling beside me lifting her dress over her head. Then Kate jumped and pushed me away looking down to find Leah's head between her thighs. Her tongue didn't miss beat as it lapped Kate's pussy although she reached behind and placed her hand on my thigh ensuring I didn't get too vigorous. My cock was soon inside her moving in and out of her tight wet pussy; after awhile she opened her eyes and grinned, "That's two good orgasms in under a week, you're a real champ. Kate looked over at Leah who was grinning at us, "Hey, do you want to lick my pussy now?" she asked jokingly.


Manual Labour Ch. 02

group whoreatheart88 2018-07-07

From this angle she couldn't get a good grip on his cock, but she could tell Scott wasn't a small man. The sensation caused her eyes to roll back and for her hand to fall away from Scott's cock. The hands let go again, and she could see Scott's long tanned arms reach towards her waist and grab hold of her bunched up dress. She enjoyed him playing with her breasts, but now felt an overwhelming urge to have his cock inside her pussy. Careful not to pull her tits away from Scott, she turned her head to see Erik. The initial pain now passed, his cock inside her ass felt amazing. Erik bent his legs and moved closer to accommodate her new position, and began thrusting anew.

My first swinging bi/gay experience

group tvbiguy 2018-07-07

I don't recall exactly when it happened, but I did notice that somehow both Jim and Brittany moved from their respective corners to next to each other in the hot tub. I noticed that Jim began cupping Brittany's right breast with his hand when it went under the water. Eve got out of the hot tub stating that she needed to use the restroom, and I watched Jim cup Brittany's bikini clad breast as it raised slightly out of the water. As Eve and I rose to go to her bedroom I saw Jim and Brittany in the corner of the hot tub. I don't know how long I was asl**p, or what exactly brought about the conversation, but I remember asking Brittany if she wanted me to go upstairs and get Jim and Eve.

Itza, Girl Who Took It All Ch. 02

group sparky11point5 2018-07-07

"Oh fuck, Amy didn't lie," she breathed as her slender hand rubbed my cock head. "Oh, Brett, I love your huge cock, you are such a man, such a fucking stud," she gasped as her tongue found my piss slit, slick with precum, and pushed the head into her mouth. Sawing my prick back and forth, I coated it with her pussy cream, mashing into her clit, and causing Lisa to push her hips upward to grind harder into my swollen meat. Our eyes were locked together, as I pumped -- long, slow, powerful strokes -- pulling out to my rigid cock head was just gripped by her pussy to the final delicious push into the door to her womb.


The Cold Winter Ch. 02

group sexygirl76 2018-07-07

Henry moved his mouth from hers, turning his head to look at Michael who had sat down on the couch watching them. Michael was sitting on the couch, stroking his hard cock as he watched the big man fuck the shit out of his sister. Michael closed his eyes as he tangled his hand in Sarah's hair, pulling her hard against his cock as he thrust into her mouth. "Mmmmmmmph..." Sarah grunted as she suddenly had a mouthful of hard cock meat while her brother fucked her furiously from behind. Henry pulled out of her mouth as soon as he saw that Michael was cumming and Sarah hung her head.


To Have and to Hold and -- to Blow

group truamethyst 2018-07-07

While sensually rocking to the music, my hands start at my feet, tracing the taut calf muscles, lingering at the knees, which I bend outward, and open my legs further for your enjoyment. You move up over me and your long hard pole comes within reach of my mouth and I willingly suck away the pre-cum that has coated its head while enjoying your attention as you begin to lick away the signs of Brad from between my legs. Cock ring in place, you start to stroke yourself again and I push your hands away and give you the look that tells you not to touch again. Brad takes the cock ring off you and I bend down to your ear to say 'Come for me Josh, come for me'.

Friends and Lovers Ch. 03

group biggshow13 2018-07-07

Megan climbed into the camper, saw Mark on his knees, and my cock hanging out of my pants, and put two and two together. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on Melanie's big tits, and Jack looks to have a pretty big cock as well...they could be fun!" Mark and April joined us in the camper, and we quickly got their gear stowed away, and within an hour, we were on the road. Megan melted into my arms, and as I bent down to kiss her, I saw Mark and April making their way towards us. The second I entered the room, April wrapped her lips around my cock, and Mark and I stood shoulder to shoulder, getting blow jobs from the other's wife.

Taboo Orgy Part 2

group royby 2018-07-07

Kevin pulled his hands away from his erect cock and moved around to the front of Trish’s legs and said to Ann, ‘you don’t mind if I fuck her while you keep doing that do you. Sally came around the couch but to everyone’s amazement squatted straight down on Trish’s face and said, I hope you don’t mind Trish but tonight mum’s right cause I’m going to let you all do what ever the fuck you want to me and that includes you as well, mum. Ann started to relax and was trying to grind herself on my mouth when I heard Sally tell her mum to suck her cunt and to moan in there when she cums.