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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group ofloveandlust 2018-07-07

I mean, he wasn't going to object, but what Woody liked about the lifestyle was a pool full of naked people that all laughed at his stories and drank his booze. Another woman, someone new, I think her name was Julie or something like that, had broken herself free of her husband and moved up behind Woody. I like to let people think Woody talked me into it but when I really thought about it, I was the one that brought it up. As Woody retired to the bedroom with three women prepared to please him until he had used every last bit of energy, I sought out pat, pulling him away from another woman and took him to the living room ottoman.

Fucking my husband's friend and wanting his w

group Fridagirl 2018-07-07

Being nude under my robe was also another titillation, deep down I have always been an exhibitionist, a flash of thigh in a high hem skirt, or a look down at my tits in a low cut blouse, all accidentally done of course, had led to a masturbatory fantasy in the works toilet, with a bullet set with a gentle buzz, thinking what the men were doing after having seen some of my naked flesh. Of course I missed being groped, I had a sexually responsive body and liked to feel my tits being fondled and my pussy fingered, whilst denying penetration, (told you I was a cock teaser), so when he staggered to his feet, both his friend and I led him into our bedroom, and lay him on my bed, where I started to undress him, as his friend watched in stunned silence.

the tree surgion

group booty39 2018-07-07

Next morning I was making tea wearing just a dressing gown and he came down stairs started fondling me from behind my tits were soon hard and slipped down to my fanny, he turned me round onto a chair and entered me harder still we fucked for what seemed for ever, I didnt relise that my fella was sitting on the stairs watching us and wanking away, we carried on it turns me on knowing he is watching me then at last the surgeon must have been saving it up as he fucked a squirted his cum right up in side me mmmm lovely and warm.

Guess What I Saw? Ch. 04

group ErotickWriter 2018-07-07

Monica kept talking about how exciting it was to think of people watching while she had her first experience with a woman, and how sexy Kelly looked stretched out on her belly between her legs. "What do you think, Kelly," Monica continued in the baby talk voice, "should we take a little mercy on him?" Her hand moved from my thigh to my throbbing cock, brushing over it ever so lightly. "It sure is kind of fun to torture him, Mrs. Mac," Kelly said, leaning forward and breathing right in my ear. Monica kept licking and kissing my neck, and Kelly reached over the console and started to rub her hand over my chest and the strained fabric of my shorts.

My First Group Sex

group 2018-07-07

Further to my story "Sucking My First Cock" I can now tell what took place when this older man I had met, picked me up in his car one week later. Fuck, this was too much, me fingering a woman's cunt and her wanking my cock and two other men watching with their cocks in their hand. I wanted my cock sucked, I wanted to suck her cunt, I wanted to suck cock, I wanted to fuck this man's wife, I wanted to cum real big time. When I pulled out my cock she screamed for her husband to come and suck my cum from her cunt.

Winter Camping

group Snowfish 2018-07-07

Lori waited inside the Hummer while Randy and I pulled the equipment out and loaded up our packs. She smiled and gave him a hard glare that said; "Don't push it asshole, it wasn't my idea to come here." He looked away, searching for something in the back of the Hummer. I pulled my hips back until the head of my cock rested against the soaked outer lips of her pussy and lunged forward suddenly, feigning a night spasm. Lori moved forward and began to frantically kiss Randy. Lori finally reached over and pushed on Randy's shoulder, urging him to turn onto his back. We lay still for a long time before Lori reached back and unceremoniously removed my slowly softening cock from her ass.

Guy Time, with a Girl Ch. 5

group Blue Rose 2018-07-07

Peter tightened his asshole around Rob’s cock like Shelly had and heard Rob moan in pleasure. Rob quickly pulled his spent cock from Peter’s ass and rolled clear so that Peter could move. Shelly moaned and shuddered, and if it hadn’t been for Peter’s hands on her hips and Rob’s on her breasts, she wouldn’t have been able to maintain her balance above Peter. When Shelly began to cum, her pussy spasmed around Peter’s cock and her asshole clenched around Rob’s. Rob finally pulled his softening cock from her ass, and sat back on his heels between their legs to watch the cum leaking out of her asshole and dribbling down on her’s and Peter’s joined genitals.

A Fantasy Adventure Ch. 2

group hotjavaguy 2018-07-07

I heard what I thought was Bambi begin to tell me that "Jennifer likes her men very smooth," as what could only be a straight razor that slid behind my balls and down my thighs, I realized that all of my hair was about to be removed and decided to open myself up to new possibilities. The Veronica took me from there (it was almost more that I could take and I know if I hadn't enjoyed a full massage earlier I would have lost it nearly immediately) as my rigid cock quickly moved in and out of her lovely red lips, her talented tongue moving over my shaft like it had memorized exactly what to do to please me, by some past lover of mine telling her my deepest secrets.

Stag Night

group bigdav 2018-07-07

She rolled over onto her back legs spread wide and began to ram the vibrator into her pussy using both hands, her moans rising to a little wail as she climaxed right there on the floor. Precious dropped to her knees as the first man approached her and took his hard cock in her mouth. A man lay on the floor and pulled Precious on top so that she was impaled on his cock facing his head. A third man then approached and after lubricating his cock with some spit he eased it into her puckered little ass hole. Precious appeared from the back of the club dressed once more in jeans and t-shirt and I handed her the money.

Co-eds on Vacation Ch. 03

group bigcanuck 2018-07-07

She reached out and grabbed hold of both cocks, then leaned forward and started to suck Cam's as she stroked Aaron's. "What a dirty little slut!" Katie reached down and rubbed her clit as she sucked Aaron's cock and got fucked by Cam. As Aaron started to fuck Katie, Marissa came out of the bathroom and sat on the other bed to watch. "It feels amazing!" Katie replied as Cam pulled out of her mouth and started rubbing his cock all over her face. "I love cock!" After a few more minutes of this, Cam got on his back and pulled Katie away from Aaron. "I want your cum so fucking bad!" She leaned forward and opened her mouth, holding the head of his cock on the tip of her tongue.

Basketball Diaries Ch. 05

group Kellog 2018-07-07

As she walked deeper into the store, Kaci's thoughts wandered, thinking back to how she had watched from around the corner as Joey had pulled her shiny silver dildo from her backpack in the gym locker room, then used it to stimulate herself in front of a roomful of boys. Candy looked over at Gary's inward smile, and then down at his growing bulge illuminated by the lights of the glass case, and couldn't help acknowledging what she knew him to be thinking. But all thoughts of jealousy on her brother's behalf were quickly replaced with the smoldering embers of passion, as she watched Joey begin fingering her snatch, promising to add another finger deep inside her twat for each basket the Coach made.


Emily's Submission Ch. 02

group Hindenberg 2018-07-07

Each thrust produced an additional slight gagging sound, the only sound that could be heard in the locker room except for the soft buzzing of the vibrator in Emily's pussy, making her dying to be fucked. Had she had full ability to articulate words, she would have let them all know she was going to cum, but they couldn't tell, so the black receiver put his dick into her mouth and began fucking it. The throbbing of his shaft inside of her pushed her near another orgasm, right in time for the receiver fucking her mouth to shoot his cum down her throat in what felt to her like an endless stream.


Helping Turn Her Loose

group HitchHikerJay 2018-07-07

Dee works his pants open and frees his cock, her hand moving up and down its entire length, a bit of pre-cum on its tip. One of the guys that have been standing close by, watching all the action, quickly moves to take my place in front of Dee. His very thick cock is inches away from her beautiful face. One of them moves right next to the guy Dee is sucking, takes hold of one of her hands and brings it to his cock. The other husband is busy watching his wife, her mouth and pussy filled with cocks, her hands pulling and stroking two more.


The Road to a Gang Bang Ch. 04

group snowbunny1978 2018-07-07

I found heather's G-spot when I heard, "Yes, there, there, oh yes." I then used my tongue on her clit which elicited, "Oh Karen, you eating me this way is so gooooooood, Oh god." Heather recovered first, flipped around, looked me in the eyes and said, "I think girl induced cums are better than guys because we know our needs and can give." Heather did as I asked and she let out a nice moan as I ran my tongue over her clit picking up the lubrication she had spread around with her finger. I was turned on by the aroma and I said, "Lie on your back Ann and let me clean you up with my tongue." I was sure she did not know she had sprayed a little.


Shopping Leads to Fun

group dirtyfuckingwhitewhore 2018-07-07

Walking to my car, I carried the 2 small bags of groceries while Ramdickman and Big Balls played with my ass, tits and pussy. My body was shaking all over and I was working on my second orgasm as I said, "Oh yea, High Score, I'll suck shit and cum off your cock, I'll suck your ass baby, just keep finger fucking me, please keep going." "Fuck no," said Ramdickman, "call some of your friends down if you want, and all you white boys can see what Lois will do for big black cocks." With that, they all laughed as they finished getting me into the back of my car. I rode High Score's black cock, filling my pussy, and Gunner pounded my bare ass with his hands.


Katies Warehouse Fun

group julesteve 2018-07-07

Katie knew that Rich would cum soon as he pounded his cock into her pussy at a frantic rate, slamming her back and forth on the boxes, she lay back taking the hard fucking, breath hissed between his teeth and soon he went ridged as his cock exploded, his warm seed splashing deep inside her as he came, long and hard, the slimy mixture of their juices coating her leg as he pulled out his spent cock, flopping it on her thigh.



group DionysusAuthor 2018-07-07

Steve and his roommate for the trip, Bob, had come over to Matt's room to see what happening and walked in to find Matt, Barb, Yvette, Cherie and a bunch of the other 18-year-old seniors gathered around watching the movie. Watching porn in a crowd was not Steve's idea of fun, so he quickly left the others, including Bob, to it, but he'd thought it about often afterward and wondered if the movie had excited Cherie and Yvette as much as him. Yvette pulled her hands off of Steve's body and said with excitement, "Alright, Stevie, since you let us take your shirt off, it's time to take our shirts off.


Daddy's Little Girl

group IchLiebeDichSwei 2018-07-07

I shivered a little and planted soft kisses at his neck, moaning softly. "Shhh...Its alright, precious." I heard David whisper in my ear, which immediately calmed me. She loves cock, and needs some training." David said to the man or men, I didnt know. Sounds of agreeing men met my ears, and I trembled softly, feeling a droplet of my cum drip down my creamy pale leg. Then I heard the words "Beautiful whore" and "Such a slut," but the phrase that caught my attention was "Can I fuck her?" My heart felt like it stopped in my chest, when really, it was going about a hundred beats a second. Now lets go home, hmm?" He whispered to me, and gently pulled on my collar.


Porn Shoot Ch. 3

group greek goddess 2018-07-07

The blonde quickly detached her face from Veronica's cunt, and sucked Anita's slick digits into her mouth, her eyes locking on the pornstar's. Anita sucked me deep one more time, then sensing my urge, slid her lips from my dick so I could shift my cock closer to Lisa's glistening face. After she washed my cock with her mouth, I flopped back on the couch exhausted, watching as Veronica pulled the whore's face back to her cunt. I revelled in the sight before me: Anita slouched back in a chair, her large firm tits sloping off the side of her thrusting chest, her legs spread wide enabling the call-girl we had got for the night to suck her cunt while my cock was buried in the woman’s ass.


Wild Girls In House On The Hill

group Hornyman69WithU 2018-07-07

Being the music-master, I had moved to the chair next to the stereo, facing her and Jack on the couch, and each time she leaned forward to tap the ashes from her cigarette into the tray on the coffee table between us, the weight of the smooth heavy locket would slide down from between her buttery soft cleavage and hang on the third shirt button, pulling the flannel down to expose both pendulous breasts swaying gently. They finally broke the kiss and looked back at us men, extending their hands toward us with Lauri saying, "It's time for you boys to undress and join us in here." The next room, right there by the radiator, was Eileen's, and she proceeded to open the French door so that the five of us could enter.


I Am Number Eight Ch. 02

group Paris Waterman 2018-07-07

Tugging my pajama bottoms down enough to reveal most of my twat to her, Rosalie sent four fingers clawing down my bared midriff as I swayed precariously above her as she dipped two fingers, (at least I think it was two) into my slick folds, and as I watched, brought them ever so slowly to her mouth and sucked my juice from them. Rosalie slapped sharply me across the face then brought her mouth down to mine and we kissed, sucking one another's lips, licking noses, kissing eyelids and all the while her fingers prodded and probed at my vaginal entrance, not venturing more than a half inch inside, as if waiting permission to delve further.


All-inclusive with Benefits Ch. 02

group dutchpantyraider 2018-07-07

First all the girls were asked to parade on the stage in their bikinis. The men revolved along the row of girls so we all had plenty of time to criticize the merchandise. From our advantage sitting point we had plenty of time to admire the pussy galore as it paraded past our eyes. For the fourth round the girls had to sit down on ottomans which were put on the edge of the stage. "The winners of the categories will not only receive their title, miss Terrific Tits, miss Perfect Pussy, miss Blissful Butt and mister Cock, but they will also be fitted with their very personal clothing. "Miss Perfect Pussy will be provided with a tight fitting hot pants which is open at the crotch.

My Steam Room Fantasy

group stephanie_webster 2018-07-07

I turned the steam on and started walking to the locker room. The woman turned to me, "I think my husband is enjoying looking at your sexy body. I'm not sure if I was aroused from seeing her husband fat cock or from watching the porno, but there was no doubt that I needed to get off. I could feel my orgasm starting to build, granted I've been aroused all day and now, I was going to cum on the strangers face. I loved the fact that her husband was watching and the rush knowing that at any moment someone might walk in. Eat my wet pussy you slut while your husband watches. She looked so sexy taking her husband hard cock into her mouth.

Outback Fantasy Ch. 02

group IT1250 2018-07-07

The river were Richard's Land Cruiser was stuck had come down in flood last night, judging by the debris on the side of the road, it looks like it had risen a good two metres, his car would have disappeared had we not come along. Continuing to finger fuck my ass, she returns her mouth to my cock, she increases her pace, her head bobbing fanatically whilst her pussy writhes on my face, and I can feel her orgasm building just as quickly as mine. "Morning Trish," says Richard with a big smile on his face as he sees she is naked. "Take over" she says, and we start to work engorged members as she sits back, gently massaging our balls, rubbing her hands up and down our legs, she turns to me and smiles.