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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group Joshua Barron 2018-07-07

She looked at me upside-down, took a long, slow lick of her girlfriend’s clit, smiled and said “Hi!” Her girlfriend moaned with the lick and then turned her head and also said “Hi!” I then got my second shock in as many seconds – her “girlfriend” was her sister Kellie! I’m a little bigger than average, but the dildo was huge, so Nellie had no problem getting 2 fingers in each side of Kellie’s gaping hole and pulled it open. I was told that they fucked him dry and that Nellie discovered her taste for cum when Kellie kissed her after taking a load in the mouth from this guy. Nellie opened her mouth wide and Kellie started “shitting” my cum into Nellie’s mouth.

Poker Night Ch. 01

group jt123 2018-07-07

Lynn had been feeling a little down at the time and during the conversation she told Traci she'd love to find someone as hot and nice as Jim. Later that same night, after a few more drinks, their conversation again turned to guys and they started evaluating which guys were "do-able". While he was fucking Traci or licking her pussy Jim would say things like, "Imagine she is sucking on your nipples," or, "She's leaning over you and her hard nipples are dragging back and forth across your lips." Sometimes he talked about another guy being there so she could suck his cock while Jim fucked her.


Canceled Visit

group DreamerKitty 2018-07-07

I pulled up and stopped at the top of the hill to watch you for a bit - fidgeting, looking at your watch, tuning the radio, fluffing your hair. She allowed me the pleasure of selecting a bottle of wine while she got out the glasses. As I turned to her for approval, she stepped closer and adjusted the neckline a bit. While she turned again for the next one, I peeled the soft pink knit up over my hard-nippled breasts and waited, half naked for her next selection for me. In no way was I being left out, as you each massaged a breast, pulling and twisting a nipple as she fingered me like you were moments ago.

Hollywood Nights

group brethard 2018-07-07

Even if she wanted to, Anne didn't really have time to date Ramiro or anyone else; "Hollywood Nights" produced new episodes daily, and they both worked tirelessly to make the show the most successful online entertainment program in the United States. Morris and Ramiro kissed every square inch of Anne's pale, nude, freckled body, licking her creamy breasts and hairy pussy, caressing her flowing, silky, strawberry-blonde hair, kissing her long ivory neck and soft beautiful shoulders. It wasn't long before Anne was DP'ed for the very first time, Morris's shiny black cock sliding in and out of her pussy, Ramiro's thick Spanish cock pleasing her virgin asshole.

When I Had to Service Ten of My So Called Friends.

group d4david 2018-07-07

My so called friends begin to paw me all over my body, no matter how hard I tried to knock their hands away some one would grab hold of my buttock or pinch one of my nipples. They guy holding me pushed me against the building and begin to grind his penis into my buttcrack saying '...yeah we got pride, that';s why we all are going to fuck you, so shut up and be the little bitch you are. His penis was now pressing against my little bung hole, I tried to clinch my buttocks together and keep him from pressing against my bung hole. He returned to his assault, his steel hard young penis probed my buttocks till it found the right path.

The Three Graces Ch. 02

group Nicola_Italia1 2018-07-07

Though she wasn't as pretty as her older sisters, she moved her hips in a purely feminine way and he knew she would accept a man into her body and bear many children just like any other mujer. Not realizing she was only wearing her long white nightgown she walked into Cruz's room and closed the door behind her. Cruz had regretted his words to the little Maria. Cruz wondered if she too would lift her nightgown up over her long legs and let him see her hairy snatch before his cock claimed it as his. Maggie swung her hips in invitation as she walked around Cruz's room. She eased herself slowly onto his cock and closed her eyes tightly as he filled her small little cunt to the brim.

Sharing Lily with Louis

group damooseg 2018-07-07

I gazed darkly as she righted herself and looked up at Louis, before leaning in and kissing him on the lips, her hanging tits brushing his cock head as her hand moved towards it, his dick now standing straight and almost covered in precum. Starting at my balls, she licked my whole shaft and lingered on my cock-head, keeping her eyes fixed on Louis, before pulling off again and taking a hold of my dick in her right hand. Frowning, Lily looked up at him, "aww, here," she said, and pulled him closer, taking his dick in her mouth, barely reaching halfway before she gagged and pulled off, leaving a trail of saliva hanging from her bottom lip to his cockhead, still staring up at him with her big eyes.


My Girlfriend

group badsplayhouse 2018-07-07

She always wraps her hands onto my head and pulls me into her, fucking my mouth with her pussy, telling me how good it feels and how much she loves seeing me eating her pussy. Knowing she loves it when I go deep and grind, my cock head rubs her g spot, making her pussy squeeze & clench all around the entire length of my dick. She said thank you & like a good little fuck toy, started sucking him deeper and harder, gagging on his dick, with spit dripping from her chin. Seeing her sucking his cock while she pushed back on my dick, had me so hard, I could see her pussy getting creamy wet.

Jessica's First Day Ch. 02

group jakkinmd 2018-07-07

"Nice get up," she said, "I almost didn't come to the party but Janice really insisted there would be a great surprise. "Sally!" Janice shrieked from behind me, "I'm so glad you could come!" She grabbed Sally's hand and pulled her in the door. I've got the feeling this is going to be a great party," Sally said. A couple guys craned their necks trying to look under Jessica's short skirt as she came down the stairs. I felt two pairs of hands start to pull apart my ass cheeks. "Now I'm going to fuck your ass silly," Janice said.


Woman's Best Friend

group The Duke 2018-07-07

Brittany sat between me and Alissa, and the more drunk she got the more touchy feely she got with her best friend. When she left my girlfriend asked, “ Do you think Alissa is pretty?” Not knowing what to say I danced around the question and answered with the universal she’s O.K. “Would you fuck her?” she asked. Brittany then got up and went to Alissa’s room telling me she was going to help her with the inflatable bed. Then it happened, my girlfriend walked over to Alissa, fully nude, and began making out with her right in front of me. Brittany told Alissa to sit down; on my dick but to face her while she ate her pussy.

The Trapeze Club

group StevenCin 2018-07-07

"Hello Holly," I said smiling looking at her. Thank would be nice." This time she smiled at me and looked into my eyes for a couple seconds before looking at the back of the bar. I occasionally looked over at Holly but I could not catch her eye during the rest of the rehearsal. All the way to the club Holly kissed my neck and put her hands between my legs teasing my crotch and causing my cock to expand in my slacks. I asked Holly if she was having a good time and she responded by taking a mouthful of Champagne, kissing me and exchanging the bubbling liquid between our two mouths.


Bi Time with Wife and Eric

group u24me2 2018-07-07

I was hoping you wouldn't stop so I could walk in on something like this." I took his cock out of my throat long enough to say, "I told you she loves to watch." With that, she lay on the bed off to the side for a moment playing with her pussy watching us go at it. I got between her legs, handed Eric a tube of lube and told him to fuck my ass while I ate Grace's pussy. All the excitement of the evening and having my ass get a real good fucking I couldn't hold out long and was soon pumping my load deep inside my wife's pussy.

Fun at a Pioneer Camp

group naughtyrusguy 2018-07-07

From time to time slight moans of pleasure reached me and I was sure as hell that they came out of Olga's mouth while Mike was giving pleasure to my shy girlfriend with his tongue. When I heard it, I opened my eyes and saw that Mike raised Olga up easily with one arm so that the girl's face was turned to me. I felt so good when my cock slid down her clutching throat and the girl made slurping sounds as Olga watched it with the blurred eyes. Like a good slut, she just opened her mouth and my cock slid inside as Olga let out a long moan. I didn't see but I was sure that Sveta was finger-fucking the girl's ass while her boyfriend's tongue was lapping Olga's pussy.


A Girl And Her Sexcapades

group SexySweetKitten 2018-07-07

As if by magic, the door opened and the whole class was treated to a view of Mia on the floor on her hands and knees, getting fucked from both ends like a pig in a spit. Mia felt a pocket of air from what remained of the semen inside her puff out as Tyrese's grotesquely bountiful cock prodded her womb. Tyrese made way for their homeroom teacher, and when he began to gently slide his cock up Mia's ass, she stayed still and let her dutiful Teach finish inserting his 8 inch long pecker. Mia did not discriminate; she fucked anyone as long as they had a cock: black and white, old and young, Asian and Indian, married and single...

The Contest

group Jake_Knight 2018-07-07

I didn't know when had it happened, but Emma had been ogling Jorge's cock going in and out of her friend as he fucked Mindy harshly and Emma said out loud, "damn, can I get some of that?" "Oh, shit," the realization that she was about to get fucked by the hunky silver-haired guy sent Emma over the edge and screamed as she came, setting her boyfriend off, and in response, Mindy made get husband cum as she gasped in ecstasy, adding another orgasm to the countless ones she'd had. "Sideways, facing the others," Roy suddenly said, "Jorge, man, I want you to watch as I fuck your wife good." and Roy himself holding Mindy almost lovingly as he delivered his cum inside of her, his collar marking him as Emma's tight around his muscular frame, his eyes closed.

House Party

group Brav0tm 2018-07-06

This is so hot to watch and I just sit down on the other couch and Stacy comes over to me and she starts to kiss me and run her hand up and down my cock through my pants. Soon I can feel the pressure rise and I pull my cock out and I cum all over your face and Mark moans loudly and fills your pussy with his man juice! You flip around and mount my hard cock then you start to lick the juices off my face and we kiss passionately and soon I am fucking you good and hard from underneath and your body goes stiff again and you fall down onto my chest as you cum again!

Summer House Fun Ch. 01

group Coquin102 2018-07-06

And anyway she's bringing a friend, and in Jenny's own words Kay is 'a big-titted cock loving cum-slut', so I think we're definitely going to have fun!" "Well I liked the guy right, so I flirted a bit, you know, bending over so he could see my tits a bit, or my legs, and then one day we were waiting for the lift, and I turned to him and said 'I bet I have made you cum by the time we leave the lift'. The guys looked at each other in stunned silence for a second or two not knowing what to do, before Steve, who was about a foot away from where Kay was kneeling stood up, dropped his shorts, and offered his hardening cock to her open mouth.

The Waterfall

group KitKatKaboom 2018-07-06

Thomas set Andrea down and moved our way, and before I knew what was happening, he had reached under the water, put his hands around my sides, and pulled me up out of Matthew' grip to sit on the side of the lagoon in plain sight of the three of them. "He really likes to be touched here, JoJo, you should try it." I don't know how he knew that - I don't think I want to know - but I slowly reached my hands up and rested them on top of Thomas' hands for a moment before he pulled his hands away and I was touching Matthew's chest while he was slowly loving me.

Spa Therapy

group blndEE 2018-07-06

As he worked the oil onto my thighs he was moving his hands higher and higher and I actually felt his hand touch my lips. He told me it was time for me to roll over and he would be helping Miguel to massage the front of my body. Miguel placed a finger inside of me and began to work my clit with his tongue. As my pussy started to loosen up Miguel took it as his chance and he slammed his whole dick inside of me. I started to thrust myself onto Miguel while I took Brian as deep into my throat as he could go. When he pulled his dick out of my ass I felt his hot cum running out.

Chrissy: Homecoming

group Azuldrgon 2018-07-06

I started playing with her kids as Chrissy and her mom talked for a little while. The difference was that while husband was in Chicago, best friend was spending the weekend screwing dutiful wife. I heard James say something about taking a shower before Chrissy looked at me. I need your cock!" Chrissy screamed as James kept pounding her pussy. I jumped out of my shorts and climbed on the bed where I watched James' cock inside his wife's pussy. Chrissy started taking me deep in her mouth, her eyes closed as if she was savoring the feeling of my cock in her mouth while she was getting fucked. James saw me slide off and smiled before we both walked out of the room and let Chrissy rest.


Caught in the Crossfire Ch. 08

group dresbach 2018-07-06

What started out as a long, gentle pressing of the lips, soon turned into something more, as Kim slipped her tongue into Brittany's mouth. Kissing and caressing soon leads to sucking, as Kim scoots forward, pressing a breast to Brittany's waiting mouth. Jack, slightly irritated by their mirthfulness, placed a firm hand on the back of Kim's neck and gently pushed her head down, pressing her mouth and his cock into Brittany. "Yes sir," they giggled in unison, before they attended to his cock with lustful fury, taking hard sucking bites and long, slavering licks rapidly along his shaft; Brittany running her mouth in one direction, Kim in the other.



group Lady_Noir 2018-07-06

How it would feel to lick and suck her pink grasp her beautiful hair in my hands as I delve my tongue deep in her mouth... "God, I'd love to watch you go down on her." You stop and bring me close, tangling your fingers in my hair with your free hand and kissing me passionately. I bring my mouth close to your ear and whisper, "...I want your cock deep inside me while I lick her cunt..." Your grip immediately tightens and you drag my head to the side... She pulls me reluctantly off your cock and her mouth is on mine, your cum spilling onto her tongue in our very wet kiss...

Busty Jessica's Amazing Weekend

group Dragonlipz 2018-07-06

She took another sip of the martini and watched the antics of those wild gals on the dance floor: they were kickin' it like a pack of wild dogs but she could see that they were also looking the place over and picking different women to join them. Jessica was daydreaming about Mona's tongue teasing and tasting her clit during the upcoming weekend when she realized that one of the women from the 'unhooked table' was giving her some serious 'eye'. Jessica gave her a smile and a 'Let's see whatcha got' look, tossed back the rest of her drink, handed her purse to the bartender and danced her way over to meet the black girl in the middle of the dance floor.

Busted Ch. 01

group psymonkros 2018-07-06

I had to move so close that my cock pressed against their hips to reach both cunts, but I soon had a rhythm going, and both girls began to grunt and moan as they began to heat. Eve was a little harder to get to, since she was shorter than Allie, and her sweet slit was out of reach unless I held my head up off the floor, which I knew I couldn't do for long. The thought of mounting Allie like a stallion and slamming my cock into her from behind was in my mind, but it wasn't helping things while Eve was riding me. Eve sat up and watched the show intently as I withdrew and thrust again, a little faster this time, like a steam locomotive starting up.