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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Tipsey Wife, Happy Life

group UnexploredYearnings 2018-07-06

Jen crawled up to me, out lips met in a passionate kiss, our tongues wrestled for control, I reached under her to tweak her nipples, while her friends sent electric waves of pleasure throughout my body with her mouth. I felt Jenny's pussy clamp around my cock, "OHH FUCK!" It almost sent me over the edge as her orgasm ripped through her, but I was able to keep myself from shooting my load. She slowly pulled her head up my length, releasing my cock, a strand of saliva clung to her lower lip as she spoke, "I knew you wouldn't stay soft for long, now get behind me and fuck my pussy like there's no tomorrow!"

The First Time is Always a Bitch Ch. 04

group peeder_exposed 2018-07-06

I think it's broadminded and fantastic for my man to be sucking cock, or like tonight, getting blown by one of our men friends. Wanting it to look like the action in a porno movie, I withdrew and jacked his cock with rapid strokes, aiming it directly at my face mere inches away. She brushed her naked body against mine, grasped the head of my cock and shook it like shaking hands, repeating the very same words she had first uttered to me the first time we met so many years ago: "Welcome to the Chalet Lounge. On the other side of the room, Yvonne looked up from her marathon male-pleasing conversation just long enough to see her husband's cock in another man's mouth, and gave a quick, startled laugh.

Gym Submission pt.2 - His gym workout gets more e

group germanboi4bbc 2018-07-06

Gordon had just pulled his cock from my mouth and you could see strands of saliva and pre-cum dripping from the shaft. "You see, Slut, Lisa was one of Gordon's early finds." He turned to her and ran a finger lightly along her glistening slit making her thrust her hips forward and moan while shifting her legs farther apart to allow better access. "You two are insatiable!" He said watching Lisa finger her pussy and my cock slowly hardening. I think it's the perfect thing for a little cum-slut like her." She immediately swung her leg over my head and planted her still drooling pussy on my mouth once again.

Better Not Pout Ch. 7

group Bob Peale 2018-07-06

Then she settled onto the rug in front of Santa's chair and spread her pussy wide with her fingers, offering it to Stacy like a sacrifice. Stacy was drawn to it like a moth to a flame, dropping to her knees and licking Lana's pussy, her nipples hardening painfully as her tongue entered familiar territory. Lana sucked on Stacy protruding clit, biting it and sucking it and Stacy felt that monster cock bury further in her ass. Lana bit down hard on Stacy's clit and Stacy's orgasm started, causing her to squeeze Keith's cock in her ass. Keith suddenly grabbed her hips, pulled her down on his cock hard enough to knock the wind out of her, and unloaded deep in her ass.

How One Evening Changed My Life Ch. 02

group mdiver 2018-07-06

I looked up enough to see Joan was also present and she was fondling Vickie's tits and kissing her hard nipples. Without missing a beat, I reached my hand back and put it on Cindy's pussy and continued my licking on Vickie's clit. Between Joan's nipple play and my licking, Vickie was close to her orgasm. Vickie had her hands busy with Cindy's tits while Joan held my balls and I had a finger deep in her cunt. I was fingering Joan's cunt, and could feel her fondle my balls and cock. This time Joan's bald and equally beautiful pussy was in my face, Cindy was all over her tits, and my finger was in Vickie's cunt while she played with my balls and cock.

A Conference Affair

group jcleland21 2018-07-06

I could feel it coming up from his nut sack, up the shaft, so I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth and suctioned the head, as I stroked the shaft, and squeezed his balls, and he blew a sweet and salty load. Pierre pulled his cock out of my pussy then and held it tight as he aimed it at me and sprayed my dress, my blouse, and my face with a thinner gruel that just kept coming as he rubbed the head of his hard-on and groaned. I climbed on to the bed, laid the open Kama Sutra down, and assumed the child's position, kneeling, my torso bent over resting on my thighs, head on the bed, ass raised, hands and arms free by my sides.


Valentine Anniversary Weekend

group Dirt Man 2018-07-06

And too, the scent of Jess's pussy wafting up to my nostrils all day long also had me wondering what it would be like to have both her, and one of her sorority sisters at the same time. The hard part wasn't going to be asking Ozzie to join us, it was figuring out when would be the perfect special time for Jess, and me to do it with him. "I love Chinese food," Ozzie replied, gently knocking the snow off his feet, and that's when we both turned to the clickity clack sound of high heels on hard wood flooring as Jess came out of our bedroom.


Fantasy Vacation Ch. 09

group Silverfox0551 2018-07-06

With his load building he felt Carol withdrawal his cock from between her lips and with her hand gently gripping his cock at the base that she now offered its swollen head to Terri, who was overjoyed at the idea of sharing her husband's tool for the first time with another woman. Terri's lips now replaced Carol's, taking her husbands cock deep into her mouth and sucking hard. Carol was once more sucking Mike's cock and Terri reached between his legs, squeezing his heavy balls, rolling them gently between her soft fingers. Completely satisfied with their work, both girls looked at each other and smiled then Terri moved closer to Carol and their lips met in a passionate kiss, sharing the remainder of Mike’s cum between them.

What's 'Spanish'?

group 2018-07-06

A beautiful, short blonde with great tits met me at the door, and ushered me into the room, which was a typical massage parlour room, including dim lights, a table, sink, oils, and new-age music playing. The blonde started to protest, but Suki smiled and stripped quickly, revealing a smoking hot body. After what seemed a very short half hour, the blonde climbed off and asked me to turn over. The masseusse was up to the point of the massage when it was my cock's turn for attention, and she was doing a fantastic job of that, with the weapon of choice changing from breasts to pussy.

Devil's Triangle

group Lillian2Yung 2018-07-06

When she turned away, Harry gazed at her long legs and full, half-exposed breasts thrusting out beneath the one-piece black suit, completely bare on the sides except for four thin black ribbons on each side securing the front and back. Anna and Harry now turned on their stomachs to watch as Sam brought me again to hardness, her hair tossing as her lips slid along my full length. "Man I hope for Harry's sake that Anna's the same mood, which is very likely," I thought as Sam took the full length of my cock into her sweet mouth, sucking it with the passion she had displayed earlier that evening.


Coed Blowjob Buddies 1 by loyalsock

group loyalsock 2018-07-06

They're getting a work-out tonight!" Allison finished reading the question, looked at Bethany and asked, "A or B?" "Wait, you'll let a guy fuck you up the ass, but you've never given a blow-job?" Wendy asked, trying to make sense of the redhead's answer. "I used to give random guys I met at work hand-jobs in the parking lot." Bethany had known Allison since orientation week. Even in here." Looking past Bethany, Allison gave Keith a big smile and waved him over. Bethany couldn't see Allison grabbing the front of his jeans but she saw how Keith's smile dropped when his eyes went wide with surprise. "Are we sure that's okay with Bethany?" Keith asked wide-eyed girl with the curly red hair sitting across from him.

Teenage Fundraising

group Technodunce 2018-07-06

Steve has got a massive cock here by the feel of this, this is not going to be that easy.” Belinda pulled away from me, pulling her tit out of my mouth, and moved so that she was kneeling opposite Joanne on the floor. “I want to try and suck it, ok Belinda?” Joanne said, “but I don’t know how much I will be able to get in my mouth, if any.” Belinda nodded, and removed her mouth from my cock, pushing the head towards Joanne’s mouth. Joanne began to move her mouth faster over the head of my cock, sucking harder and taking more of my cock into her small mouth; and Belinda to press harder against the soft underside of my cock with her mouth and move her mouth faster up and down the entire length of my shaft, until her mouth pushed against Joanne’s.

A Better Understanding Ch. 3

group GeorgeT 2018-07-06

The bathrobe fell away, showing he had a rigid cock and Alice didn't hesitate to work it until he placed his hand on top of hers. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Alice had slipped down and had Jim's cock in her hand whilst licking the tip. Her hand gripped my cock and she masturbated me as I felt his tongue on me, running around the head, making me rigid before he took all of me in his mouth. Jim finally moved and lay behind Alice with his head on her shoulder and his hand across her to touch me we were as one and it was a good feeling.

Birthday Hot Tub Party Ch. 03

group alwaysupforu2004 2018-07-06

Sandy didn't miss a beat, and with Beth watching closely, pulled Woody's thick cock deep into her mouth. Slowly, Sandy began to kiss and lick inside Linda's thighs, her tongue sliding between her puffy lips, flicking over her hard little nub. "Yes baby, take that load in your sexy mouth!" Woody's cock grew even larger, finally spasming as a heavy load of cum landed on Sandy's tongue, splashing up on her lips and cheek. As they broke the kiss, Beth immediately moved to Linda's lips and the two younger girls kissed each other while Sandy watched, leaning back for leverage. Beth too leaned back on her hands, giving the young girl room and enjoying the view of her licking and sucking on Sandy's heavy chest.

The Wedding Party

group ladyelireaivy 2018-07-06

While I was in the bathroom helping the bride, Mark and Christy were making out, hands on each other's faces and tongues peeking through open mouths only stopping as the bride and I re-entered the room, hoping they wouldn't get caught. A couple moments of silence passed as sexual tension began to mount between Mark and Christy, who were slowly caressing each other's arms and chests through the covers we all shared. Christy was rubbing his hard member with me and there were soft moans coming from her lips as Marks hand slipped under her pajama bottoms and began to rub her moistened pussy.

First Time Threesome

group mick52 2018-07-06

"Like I told you at the restaurant, we have talked about going to a nudist resort, so naked bodies don't offend us, and I am sure yours won't offend Mark in the least" Another look from Mark to Cathy. The women stood and Mark saw their nipples erect, and watched as they stepped up and over the edge of the spa, their thighs parted to reveal pussy lips that sure looked delicious. "Oh yes" and Jen knelt between her thighs and began to slowly kiss her legs starting at the knee and traveling up, then sliding her tongue past the folds of Cathy's pussy and back down the other leg.

Club MiXXXer Ch. 02

group tv46 2018-07-06

"Let's get this over with," Edie said, taking Judy by the hand. "That feels so good," Judy said, when Edie squeezed her tits and tugged on her hard nipples. Edie pulled out the butt plug and inserted the next size up, and then found Judy's hard little button. Edie pulled Judy to her feet and swapped out the butt plug, easily inserting the largest one in her ass. "Bend over," Judy said, "I've got to see this." She stepped back and admired Edie's fuzzy black tail. "Hey girl," Judy said, and laid on the bed next to Edie. "Pretty fucking sexy," Judy said, "Edie's in the red outfit." Edie had her tongue deep inside Judy when the bell rang ending round two.


Fantasy Sex Cruise 08

group mountaincat4 2018-07-06

I fully intended for you to feel that kiss all the way down to that sweet pussy of yours and you can think about this if you really insist on continuing to think: Your pussy is going to be the next thing I kiss like that." She gets these nagging feelings that sex with her husband has become a routine like taking out the trash twice a week. Then she starts thinking about what would happen if her husband finds somebody else that made sex exciting again for him and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her." "Linda, there's nothing wrong with wanting to experience sex with another woman.


Pissed off by two hot women 2

group 2018-07-06

Tanya and I went to our room, we said goodbye to Sarah, and we both gave her a kiss, with my girlfriend rather a passionate kiss on her lips expressed, however, I am a friendly kiss on the cheek. Tanya slid down to me, she covered my body while kissing, she knelt before me, looked at me from below, took my spear and shoved their thick plump lips over my swollen red bubble, burst the tight glans.She sucked and sucked and with the hand she massaged my hard testicles, which are now filled to bursting with hot semen. Now my tongue disappeared into her hot cunt, while I now turned my hand a little, so I managed with the index and middle fingers on her asshole.

Coming In From The Cold

group starrkers 2018-07-06

It is getting hot in here," Amy breathed into Tim's ear, her fingers now creeping under the elastic edge of his boxers and sliding them down to stroke the now fully awake part. This added sensation took Tim over the brink too and Amy could feel her climax building, higher and higher, impossibly high until it burst and she collapsed onto Tim's chest, moaning and sobbing as the wave crashed over her, making her body shake and wiping her mind of everything. As she came back to the world, Amy felt Mike leave her body and the bed. She snuggled against Tim's chest and let her eyes wander across to Mike's magnificent back view as he once again fussed with the kettle, really making tea this time.

Callie and Rebecca Ch. 01

group Chaingun 2018-07-06

Callie talked about how much time she spent at work and how it was a good way to take her mind off of her stupid ex-husband and the fact that he had custody of the girls. I sat on the bed and put a CD on to pass the time, wondering if I would even get a chance at a second date with her after the embarrassment of having young girls making fun of her age. The window stayed dark, the other car's owner was nowhere in site, and Rebecca mischievously asked, "What is that smell?" While I was trying to figure out what smell she was talking about, she reached up into the leg of my shorts, grabbed my cock, and accused, "Hmmm, it smells like sex.


A Talk With the Wife Ch. 01

group doverKink37058 2018-07-06

I notice that he is starting to breath harder now, so I increase the tempo some but I reach down and lick his balls gently at first then I pull one into my mouth then the other, then I stop stroking him and start to lick the base of his cock and work my way up it slowly looking up into his eyes letting him know that I want him to enjoy this. I continue this and gradually increase the tempo, till suddenly he shouts, "I'm going to come and I can't hold it back..." I give it one last pull with my mouth and start licking down towards his base stroking his base with my hand and I feel his come hit the side of my face and go down my back while he grabs my other shoulder.

The Traveling Worker Ch. 07

group TimWLy 2018-07-06

Then before I even realize what is happening, Isabel rolls Stephanie to her side, so they can face each other, and the tension in the room is palpable, and you can feel the heat between them, and there was no way I was going to be a third wheel, so I continued massaging Stephanie, trying to keep her comfortable, figuring that Isabel had a reason for going toward her, and the next thing you know they were locked in a kiss of passion, searching for a connection they didn't know was there.


The Fishing Trip Ch. 02

group marleywasone 2018-07-06

"It will be dark in a few minutes and then I am going to suck your cock and make you cum in my mouth," I say rubbing Bobby's cock through his sweats. "It has been three hundred and fifty-eight days since I swallowed your load and I am going to eat your cum at least twenty-five times in the next week." I say as I slide my hand inside his sweats and grab his hardening cock. "You know I love to fuck Christy, but having you suck my cock is a whole different pleasure and I have waited almost a year to feel your mouth on me, so quit jabbering and start sucking," I say as I slide the seat back further to give Bobby better access.