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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Baby-Sitter

group Redrosesx 2018-07-06

He removed his hands from my body and walked around the table till he was at the bottom looking up towards me, he took my legs and with one quick yank pulled me close him, my legs spreading around his waist and his cock probing at me, he lowered his head and placed kisses my tummy and I in return sat up and ran my fingers through his hair, his tongue ran up my body and towards my neck, our mouths meeting and kissing with such passion, his cock still probing at me, trying so desperately to get into the warmth of my wet pussy.


Dos Mexicanos

group janders 2018-07-06

The first one said, "Senorita, maybe you'd like to go up to your room and rest until you feel better?" I looked up and read his name, Hector, on his hotel polo shirt. Sensing that Hector was becoming impatient with just a hand job, I stopped sucking Carlos's cock, pulled off my bikini and maneuvered onto my hands and knees on the edge of the bed, with my butt sticking out towards the two of them. I took Hector's cock in my mouth and began to stroke his balls with one hand, as Carlos pounded away at my cunt with gusto, his balls slapping against my ass.


An Anonymous Relationship VII

group mooremike 2018-07-06

You know I still love him more than any man I have ever known.” Melanie said as she too began to cry. Mom moved her mouth to Melanie’s neck and ear as her hands cupped the sexy red heads ass. I need your big cock!” She said as she lowered her face back into my Mom’s pussy. “Heather!” Mom said as she tried to cover herself while Melanie just sat with her mouth open as Dad grabbed for his discarded shirt to cover his now limp cock. Not about Melanie being your s****r and that does not bother me but I think there is another solution other than moving away.” I said as I smiled and a plan slowly formed in my mind.

Farmer's Daughter Ch. 1

group AhMyGoddess 2018-07-06

My plans for getting Brett's cock in my pussy may have been interrupted but I'd discovered that my cousin Wendell had a big delicious cock of his own. And what the hell, if I was gonna give it up to Brett I might as well let Wendell get some too, especially since his cock was so damn big. I agreed and Mama and Aunt Peggy packed us up a lunch while Wendell and Brett helped me with my chores and then we started off on the long walk to the waterhole. Led by Brett I straddled Wendell and Wendell pushed his long hard cock up into my pussy. I rode those two hard cocks and finally my pussy released a bucket of cum and started spasming out of control.

Full Moon Beach Party Ch. 02

group i_would 2018-07-06

Michael said to Ashley, "Well, Rose, it was nice talking to you, I hope to run into you later in the game!" Ashley looked around, and saw one of the girls had lost her top already, and that a man was taking his time feeling up her body. This chase ended before it started, as suddenly she felt an arm coming around her, a hand grabbed her breast, and she was pulled back against a man's chest. Feeling thirsty Ashley realised it is time for a break, so with her hands over her head she walked back to the stand for some water. Ashley was being chased around the beach by a string of men, but time and again they did not have a match for the numbers on her clothing.


Reliving Their College Days

group MrsCanyon 2018-07-06

In college Norm and I had once been involved with Greg and Connie in a passionate night of sex, but it had been some time, and we had no way of knowing if they were interested in a repeat performance. Connie's panties were in a ball on the floor, and Norm and Greg had their hands up her dress, caressing her ass and feeling the edges of her pussy. Connie's long, slender fingers spread my ass, and one dipped deep inside, preparing me for her husband's cock, then withdrew. When I came to my senses, Greg had gone to wash up and Connie was rolling me over and kissing my waist and thighs, dragging her long dark hair around the inside of my legs and stomach.

Island Fever Ch. 09

group Jeremydcp 2018-07-06

Amy and Camille were huddled close, their luscious bodies pressed tightly together, as they both openly kissed and licked a humongous hand-held dildo between their probing lips and tongues. Pamela's eyes were wide as she looked at Camille, who continued to giggle and sneer while thrusting the thick, 12-inch dildo into her willing mouth. Pamela moaned and squirmed about in sheer arousal as Camille snickered, "Better yet, I think Pammy needs TWO strap-ons." She leaned over and offered Amy a quick kiss before adding, "Think we should double-fuck her?" "Would you like us to double-fuck you?" Camille said to Pamela in a demeaning tone, while still thrusting several fingers hard and fast into her pussy within the whirlpool.


Three New Friends

group eroticblueeyes 2018-07-06

He stared in awe at the gorgeous woman over him now; his hands moved down to her hips for a moment, and then returned to fondle the large breasts that slowly descended as she leaned over to feel his lips on her waiting nipples. I hated to hear that, partly because I truly believe that things need fixing right now and partly because every time I hear that my concerns and passions are outdated, I feel very, very lonely." She paused for a moment and looked at Charlie and Lisa. "And I must admit that watching you guys really turns me on." She slowly undid a few buttons on her pajama top and slid a hand in to massage her breasts, her eyes never leaving Lisa and Charlie.


La Playa Ch. 17

group Fog43 2018-07-06

I'm sure Johnny boy wants to get your meat between his cheeks, and then Carolyn and I can see how your little slave is at eating pussy." David, Lisa, and John shared a chuckle as the two women who were sucking cock continued their ministrations. "Marc has the most luscious cock, you really should give him a try tonight," said Julie as she reached up and caressed Lisa's exposed, painted breast. Add the constant flow of girl juice Marc's cock was pumping out of Julie onto Lisa's nose and she felt like she was in heaven. Julie gave her lips a rest from Lisa's cunt and said "Boss, why don't you fuck this fantastic ass, if she'll let you?


Wife Swapping Combinations Ch. 01

group Bodington 2018-07-06

In any case I felt comfortable enough in my own mind to feel neither woman would have cause to regret if they were having sex with me instead of with Clarence, at any particulart time during our swinging sex episodes. Octavia proved to be an expert cock sucker as no part of my sperm escaped her mouth she was able to swallow all even though I felt I had expelled a bucket full. Without missing a beat in her fucking action with Clarence, Leah was able to commence giving me a superb blow job. Thus, as Clarence started spurting his cum into Leah's cunt simultaneously while Leah had reached her climax, I was able to ejaculate for the third time into Leah's mouth.

The Houseboat Incident Ch. 02

group heatherheathen 2018-07-06

"You want some of this tight pussy bro?" Cody said, placing yet another loud smack against my sister ass. You want to feel my fat cock deep in your little cunt?" Mark asked pulling my sister head up slightly to make eye contact. You trained this bitch well dude," Mark responded looking at Cody who still hadn't broken stride as he continued to fuck my sister from behind. Cody looked back up at me as he placed both of his on my sister head and began to face fuck her mouth. "Good, cause I'm gonna shoot it down your throat while your sister watches" He said, as he lifted one hand off her head and forced his cock in deep.

His Daddy was behind

group 2018-07-06

I sat on his lap and there was an unmistakable feeling nestling between my cheeks, I knew what it was, but it felt exciting, even though I was meant to be ignorant about such matters, the feelings were too powerful, and the waves of erotic thoughts, swept though my immature mind, as powerful as the spasmodic urges emanating form my crotch, I could feel my own heat and wetness in response to his erection, lying several layers of clothing, away from my own, I squirmed and ground down on it, I knew he felt me do it, I looked at him pleadingly, my eyes saying what my mouth could not, 'I want it', and my prolonged stare, screaming 'Fuck me'.

Encounter in the pub

group trannylover49 2018-07-06

As we sat sipping our drinks I noticed on old guy seated watching the widescreen tv take the occasional glance over towards us, I looked at Linda and noticed her legs were in plain view of him and he would have a good view of her legs and possibly her stockings too if her skirt slid up a little. Linda left her skirt in mid thigh as Bob continued to look at her shapely legs.I watched as he looked at my wife and she was sitting there with his arm round her exposing her stockings !, I found the voyeur in me become more than a bit aroused.

Not Shy Anymore

group Jinxskunk 2018-07-06

My hips bucked and I looked down to see that the man's wife had returned and she had flicked her tongue over my exposed pussy. I could not control myself, between the soft, reassuring pressure of the man's hands on my nipples, and the sharp sting of his wife's tongue my body began to shake, and I began to orgasm. "I want to fuck her," the man groaned as I swallowed and released his cock, swirling my tongue around his head until I tasted pre-cum and then burying it deep within my throat, "If her throat feels this good then her pussy has got to be heaven."

The Chair Ch. 25

group Rickd_1960 2018-07-06

To take her mind off the mountain, he placed his hand between her legs and began rubbing her pussy through the tight black ski pants. He told her that he never leaves a job half finished and that if she didn't climax before they got off the lift, he would pull her to the snow and finish her off right there at the lift exit where everyone could watch her. The alcohol was apparently having an aphrodisiac like effect on the redhead as she leaned forward and began kissing her guy. Francis had to have tied the redhead to the bed and stuffed her panties into her mouth before leaving the note for him.


Poker Night Pt. 03

group lordroxbury 2018-07-06

Heather and her two friends, Chloe and Mieko, were in her room and the conversations was about what you would expect from three college bound young women. No girls had arrived with any of Tony's usual players so that could only mean that the sex was happening between these older guys and the young women upstairs in her daughter's bedroom. "Our mutual friend and new player here just so happens to be willing to wager her virginity against the next hand." At this announcement the guys pounded the table with their fists, chugged beers and puffed on their cigars all the harder and more than one hand went into their laps, reaching for their dicks in the hope that they were going to come out ahead.


A Flame in the Night Ch. 10

group dawei 2018-07-06

Amy tells me how a spoonful of cum makes a great lube for her taut ass. You try stretching out to finger her pussy, but Amy thinks it better to re-align her body under you, for you to enjoy sixty-nine. The nibbling sensation in your nookie is getting too intense; however, before you have a chance to come on her mouth--I cram my big fucking cock in your ass! I'm thinking this can't get any better, but then I notice Amy spitting the cum from her mouth and catching it with her soft, petite hands. You shout with confusing excitement and wonderment about how deep Amy's tiny hands might probe inside you. That backdoor hole gets stuffed with the hand-me-down cum when you finger-fuck her passage.


Wedding Tales - Bachelor Party Fiasco

group TxRad 2018-07-06

"Shut up Terry," Jane said sharply and turned back to her sister. Not letting Jane's comment phase her, Terry said, "If Jack was fucking someone else just two nights ago, wouldn't that hurt her and the chances of their marriage working?" Terry looked at Kimmie and asked, "How long have you known about your brother's big dick?" "I don't think there'll be a need for tequila," Kimmie said with a grin as Jill led her sister away. "I know my brother sure keeps his mouth shut," Kimmie said with a wink. "Why don't you see if you have the energy to go wash Kimmie's back," Jill said as she walked over to give Terry a hand getting to her feet.

Gina Ch. 10

group Tommy1982 2018-07-06

I grabbed the dildo sticking out of Susan's ass and pushed it in and out of her asshole as I started moving my dick. This caused her cum again as Gina licked her clit and I kept fucking her ass with the dildo. She pushed the dildo right inside Gina's pussy in one hard, fast thrust, and I could feel the fake cock through the wall between her ass and pussy. Gina pushed us away even before her orgasm subsided and told me it was time to fuck Susan's ass. I pushed my cock inside Susan's ass and started fucking her ass from behind as I squeezed her tits.

Desert Heat - Pt 5

group jdwhitings 2018-07-06

Her face turned red and she said she wasn’t going to but when she saw Olga was topless, she knew that I really wanted her take her top off also so she did it more for me than for anything else. Then she told them that the only reason she got naked because it was so dark and we were just far enough away from each other that they couldn’t see her, but when they showed up and she was sitting on me, that she was shocked, embarrassed and not sure what to do. The girls wanted to know how we could tell and I said that Ginger’s breast was a little firmer and I know the feel of her nipple quite well.

High Rise Kinky Sex

group t_sucker 2018-07-06

She kept sucking and licking Brian’s big cock and balls, and he said he was ready to fuck her. As I ate her, Holly said “Jeez, if you wanted to taste Brian’s cum, you should’ve just given him a blowjob!” I turned to Brian and said that maybe I would suck him after fucking his wife. After giving Holly a solid fucking and shooting my load in her now stretched pussy, I turned to Brian and grabbed his cock, which was growing from watching me drill his wife. Holly crawled under me and started sucking my cock as Brian fucked my virgin ass. Holly’s ability to give head was amazing, though Brian did a good job of fingering my asshole while Holly sucked my cock.

Le Train Bleu

group rocketbob 2018-07-06

The place was irrelevant, the bodies on board, the slithering, writhing entanglement of moist flesh, that mattered, that was a necessary pleasure. A tender mouth reached out and enveloped his flaccid penis, sucking and dribbling over his cock the mouth persisted until the limp gland became piston hard. The female gasped, with mouth full and cunt full of cock she lapped up the filling pleasure. The black vaginal cock owner could feel the other penis moving next to his, with this he thrust hard and withdrew. The cock was pulled and eventually spurted hot, sticky spunk over the female's eager face. He licked at the females tits, sucking his own sperm off the woman's body.

Once Upon A Time

group millieteases 2018-07-06

The picture made Melissa squirm a little when she thought about what it would be like to be with Clare. And then Melissa wiped her hand on her thigh and blushed a little because she was surprised and a little embarrassed that just looking at a picture and thinking about a letter had gotten her excited. Three long days later an e-mail came from Clare and Jim. It said that they had thought long and hard about it, and wanted to meet Melissa. Melissa told Clare and Jim about where she had grown up and the kind of work she did and what college was like and what is was like to be in a new city.


Fun times

group happy_manwhore 2018-07-06

You were dressed up real sexy, I was sure you were going to have an fun time with guys in the bars hitting on you all night long. It did not take long for the other guys to get up close to you and start touching you all over while you were sucking hard on the cock in your mouth. Meanwhile, one of the other guys that you had made cum with your mouth, got behind you with his now stiff cock and attempted to enter your pussy doggy style. The guy with the big cock sat back and looked at your sucking his cock at the same time as you got stuffed with more cock.