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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Voyeur Deceased

group Bazzza 2018-07-06

I slipped one of the tapes into the VCR and turned the TV on, and we soon found ourselves watching a young couple making love on the bed. I eventually encouraged Jimmy to return to work, although I'm sure he would have been quite comfortable to stay there all day and watch the tapes. The day after the find, a hard looking woman bearing some resemblance to Jimmy turned up at the office wanting to talk to me. They both laughed loudly and then sat quietly as they watched for awhile, then Rae asked to see the second tape. Both women watched my reaction as Jude's hand slipped through Rae's thighs from behind, her fingers sliding back and forth between her pink lips.



group shayexhibits 2018-07-06

With that, I took my hand from her mouth and pulled at the hem of her dress, at first she held it down and then released it, both of us watching Andy stop. Andy could take no more I guess, I saw him step up to her, naked as we were and she took his cock into her mouth and sucked him hard, I could see him shoving all the way in and he wasn't a short guy at all, maybe 7, but most likely 8 inches. I felt Andy's cock head start to expand he started to pull out, I reached behind me and tried and hold him in, shoving my ass into him at the same time.


Colorado River Ch. 4

group Bettybod10 2018-07-06

David glanced our way and stood next to Kevin and alternated sucking their cocks though he never took his eyes off Katie and Lisa.. The girls came over to me and started kissing me and fondling my boobs then licking me all over cleaning the remnants of cum from body. Lisa sat up and Katie giggled at the globs of cum that had oozed from my pussy and ass to her pretty face. After five or six rotations I heard Lisa squeal as Kevin slid his cock into her tight ass, just as Rick was slipping his into my own freshly fucked ass. David moaned that he was ready to cum and Katie spun around, Lisa and I followed suit putting our faces close together to catch his spurting load.

I fucked two teachers for first time

group big_joe4 2018-07-06

Any way, she is 42 years old , she is stocky and a bit plump, she has big C cups boobs that never.lrt my dick down she has a big fat ass that always kept me horny. This day she was wearing a tight pullover which made her boobs standing out as hell and blue pants which where wide legged but very tight at her thighs which made her ass sway beautifully making me as horny as hell. Suddenly we found the door open wide and babs entering, she seemed shocked but I felt she was horny by the way she looked at my dick she reprimended mahi who jumped of the table and her pussy was dripping on the floor.

Sexy Week of Swinging Fun!

group EBSFGNCU 2018-07-06

Our sexy friends Angel and Kevin have been the center of our swinging fun as of late and I certainly am loving it. He dropped his shorts to the ground as I stripped off mine and in no time Kevin had me bent over and was sliding his hard cock into my dripping pussy. I lay between Kevin's open legs working his hard cock into my mouth. Jason pounded Angel's pussy for a good long while sending Angel into fits of orgasm; a release that she desperately needed. Burying my fingers deep in her waiting pussy and my tongue flicking at her clit sent this sexy vixen into fits of pleasure, but not the ultimate release. Angel proceeded to finger her engorged clit as she fucked Kevin's hard cock.

Poker Night

group adventureous127 2018-07-06

Cindy had been teasing the guys all evening so when she bent low over Paul as she refilled his drink, her breasts practically spilling out onto his beer, Randy figured the time was right. "You know Paul, when I told Cindy you guys were coming over tonight her pussy got really wet. "You bet," Randy said, "and I'm sure Cindy would like to suck everyone's cock too, wouldn't you baby?" Hank pushed hard into her cunt and pushed her ass back onto Paul who spread her cheeks and plunged into her tight little hole. Randy came in an explosion of cum all over Cindy's face and chest as he watched his friends fuck her like a cheap whore.

Ecstasy, Alcohol, And Exhibitionism

group Over Stimulated 2018-07-06

I finally saw Tamara sitting at a table to my right, almost next to me, with two guys who were leaning towards her, as she leaned towards them, wearing her schoolgirl outfit, a button-down white shirt with all but one button undone, her cleavage shining through the opening, her hair in two ponytails across her shoulders, her face with light make-up, fading out her freckles, black eye-liner and light blue-eye shadow bringing out the blue of her eyes, light red lipstick and liner making her lips moist.


The Divorce Chronicles Ch. 03

group cuninglinguist61 2018-07-06

"OK, if you're done with this, it's my turn", Dee said as she moved Cindy out of the way and started sucking and licking my cock. Well, with Dee's ass sticking out like that, I got behind her, held on to her hips, and still slick with Cindy's juices, slid my cock into her pussy from behind. I knew that I had to fuck Dee soon, before I came, so I pulled out of Cindy, climbed behind Dee, and slid my cock into her wet hole. Fuck me!" As I was sliding my cock into her tight asshole, I felt Cindy slide a finger into Dee's pussy, and she kept licking and sucking on Dee's clit.


Sexy Young Scientists

group lancelot 2018-07-05

Belinda, my better half, was a beautiful lady, admired by the students, especially the girls, for they saw her as a role model. Belinda had shiny black medium long hair, bright brown eyes, full lips and a figure that would set anyone's heart on fire, as well as bringing a swelling to any man's cock. Alberta and Colleen had Jennie spread-eagled on the bed and they were obviously enjoying eating her cunt and sucking her tits. Colleen, already nude was told to lie on the bed where Belinda played with her clit and made sure that she was all juiced up. For good measure, Belinda made sure that Jennie's cunt was clean by getting a taste of her sweet, young pussy.

Double Date

group bb_peaks 2018-07-05

He licked her hard and fast one more time and just before her pussy clinched in climax, he kissed toward her ass and stuck his tongue right as she came. Dottie followed Dom's orders and took Shane's dick into her mouth. "OHMYGODOHMYGOD OOOOOO MMMMMYYYYY GGGGGOOOODDDD," she said as her mouth clamped down on Shane's dick and her ass bucked back and forth against Dom's finger and face. When Dom thought Dottie had had enough he stopped moving and just stuck his tongue deep in her, feeling the walls of her pussy swell. Dottie couldn't do anything but enjoy the ride as she first felt Shane's dick deep inside her pussy and then felt Dom's go in and out of her ass.


Domination Island ch 1

group slave1981 2018-07-05

`Three,' Serena said, pulling him against her and trying to push the persistent Lavina away. Janine grinned, slapping her friend's back then helped Serena to lever the protesting and angered Lavina away from her vice-like grip on their catch. As Serena and Janine manhandled him across the baking sand he noticed the other women disbanding disappointedly. `Look at that mouth,' Serena chuckled mischievously, running her finger around his lips. `Open I said!' Serena barked impatiently, strongly holding his head and forcing his lips against her penis. `Dis is the tightest mouth I ever had,' Serena complained, trying to ram her member in deeper to go down his throat.

After The Party Ch. 02

group minxx66 2018-07-05

I gently stroked Lynne's pussy lips with my finger. Tony sat on the floor behind me; I could feel his hard prick against my back. Lynne stroked and caressed her pussy and clit with the bullet. He pulled her ass to the edge of the settee and slowly slipped his prick into her hot pussy. Long and slow strokes, both of them moaning with the sensation of prick pussy and vibrating bullet. Lynne removed the bullet but continued stroking it across her pussy. The combination of his words and his fucking me, Nick stroking my clit and me having Nick's prick in my mouth bought me to an orgasm at the same time that Tony pumped me full of his cum.


Chesterbury Tales Pt. 15

group sarahloveitt 2018-07-05

For the morning story of the fourth day, The Stockbroker's Tale showed how two resourceful women turned the tables on their partners who were trying to deceive them, whilst the Aristocrat's tale was about a sexual orgy, incest and murder in the stately home. After the enactment of Enid's fantasy of a gang bang in the harem of a Sultan, and the story about the stately home orgy, Julie persuaded Enid to end her special day of sexual excess by showing the guests her party trick. Julie placed a large cut-glass bowl in the centre of the coffee table, inviting the guests to arrange themselves round it.


What Friends Are For

group Antinony 2018-07-05

This night Sam comes to bed in just panties which I quickly remove and lie holding her, feeling the hardness of her nipples against me and the triangle of hair between her legs mingling with mine. The sight of Sam open mouth kissing Bob with tongues intertwining brings my excitement to a fever pitch. Beginning the movements of love as old as time itself produces sounds of wetness, and gasps of, "FUCK ME YOU HORNY BASTARD--FUCK ME DEEP," along with, "CUM IN MY CUNT--GIVE IT TO ME NOW." Her ass is rising to meet my thrusts! Bob's dick begins to throb in Sam's mouth as the throes of dry orgasm fills his senses while he licks and sucks our woman clean and dry.

The Sarah Saga Ch. 01

group DapperestDan 2018-07-05

The amount of skin on display made it clear that Ashley wasn't wearing a bra, and Sarah couldn't figure out how her nipples weren't visible. "Shh." Ashley put a finger to Sarah's lips and then reached down for her friend's right hand. The space where just an hour ago Sarah had been dancing was now taken up by what looked like some sort of cocksucking competition involving three girls and six guys. You can stop anytime you want, got it?" Sarah looked Ashley in the eyes and nodded. Sarah could feel Ashley tugging on the zipper at the back of her dress, and she briefly gave up her hold on Richard's cock so the garment could fall off her shoulders and pool around her waist.


Kathy Seduces the Boys

group suzie3w 2018-07-05

"Kathy," Tom said, softly and very near to my ear, "We're not really boys, you know." He placed his hand lightly on my side, just above my waist, and I didn't object. He did, and I pulled him down, now kneeling before me in place of Tom. He stared at this up close look at my pussy before he reached out to touch it. My pussy felt more full than I ever could remember - I thought Tom's cock must be even bigger than it had looked. Each time he thrust into me his fingers went upward, pinching and pulling my nipples, stretching my breasts up, hurting them so much it felt wonderful.


Island Fever Ch. 26

group Jeremydcp 2018-07-05

Not only would the newfound direction and guidance enliven her final two weeks on the island and most likely make them much more enjoyable, but I honestly felt as if becoming the authority figure that Amy so desperately wanted was the only possible way I could get her to seek medical help. "I almost fainted and had a heart attack in the voyeur room when you made Amy stand in the corner, her body quivering and her emotions on edge, only to then slip that note into her hand and basically DEMAND that she gets the help that she needs." Devon blushed and giggled, "I almost creamed myself!"



group chandan0707 2018-07-05

One guy was fucking mom with f***e and her body was jerking as per his thrusts making her breast jiggle right left and her head was also bobbing on the other guy’s cock. They began fucking her merrily……… three cocks in three holes…… The guy above and below found rhythm in banging her, both pulling away at same time and banging in her at the same time……..making mom a sex sandwich… Mom was in seventh heaven enjoying this savage fuck……….. Our dog came out following Babu and seeing mom nude sniffed mom’s pussy mound. Nowadays I am confused sometimes I think why I didn’t approach mom for sex at that time when I saw her fucking the four guys.

Birthday Treat: My Own Wench

group LucyCanyon 2018-07-05

Her wenches blouse was left wide open, and the erect flesh was pushing at the silky black confines of her bra as the other customers enjoyed the sights, but only Trudy and I could give her orders. As Trudy began to move her hips a little, Vanessa slipped a second and almost immediately a third finger into the wet, spreading pussy lips in front of her, settling down on her knees to her work. With that I had her stand up and Trudy and I watched as the candle slowly eased its way out of her cunt, leaving her groaning now, empty and wanting more of that hard invader.

Wild Oats - The Painters

group twistedgraygoat 2018-07-05

I was standing in front of the dresser in my bra and panties when I saw in the mirror that one of the guys was painting the outside trim of my bedroom window. One of the guys continued pleasuring my pussy while the other guy slid his hand inside my shirt, across my flat stomach, and began tracing the areola of my breast with a finger. He raised up long enough to kiss me with my love juice on his face, pull off his shirt, drop his shorts, and tease my pussy by rubbing his cock up and down my slit. As if on cue, the guys trade places and I have a different cock in my pussy and one dripping with my love secretions in my mouth.

Cowboy Monopoly

group wetwordmixer 2018-07-05

Right?" Rather than waiting for an answer, Rick took his right hand, shoved it between my thighs and pulled my bikini to the side so my pussy was exposed. "When I'm taking the pictures, I want you to think of a stranger fucking you on the beach." As these words pierced through to my brain, he pulled the thong aside to shove a finger up into me. While Rick clicked away, my fingers grew bold, pushed aside my thong and started to play with my pussy. I was hoping the contact would be enough to drop me over the edge, because I needed relief, but inside I pictured myself getting fucked at the beach while Rick captured my fantasy on film.



group madddog1945 2018-07-05

I suppose you want to know what these girls looked like and how they were going to sit on me the whole way, but then another girl came back to girls sitting said something like, "No more room." The girl sitting on my chest, I guess she must have been Diane, looked slid up on my chest where she was just sitting and then the last girl sat like to sit in the back seat of a school bus - the kind where the back few could swear I could sometimes smell Diane's pussy odor in my hair from time A moment later, two more returned -- Diane and the black girl. the black girl slid onto my head.

Bi-curious Ch. 06

group KY ridgerunner 2018-07-05

I'm going to start things off by giving my wife her first annual royal birthday fuck with the help of our new friend." He led Sharon and Ursula out to the orgy bed and climbed up in the middle. Sharon started going down on Ursula and Tom brought his cock to her pussy. Watching everyone fucking and his wife being eaten right in front of everyone was more than Jason could take and he shot in my mouth long before Dave came in my pussy. I wasn't at all surprised when after looking over all the guys she said, "I want Dave fucking me while I take Jason in my mouth."


Hot Japanese Summer Ch. 04

group SaraSensei 2018-07-05

And, of course, I was wearing my lucky black silk thong panties (every time I wear those panties to a club, I never go home alone!) I was feeling pretty hot and felt ready to give those Japanese girls a run for their money at the club. I shifted slightly in my seat, feeling my wet silk panties starting to slip between my pussy lips, before turning back to the guys. I closed my eyes, feeling my ass pressing up against John as we danced, when I suddenly felt something brush against my tits. Sayaka and I got bolder and bolder, pressing our pussies against each other's legs and grinding harder, running our fingers through each other's hair and letting fingertips trail over each other's exposed skin.